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CCTV Spring Festival Evening advertising revenue how much? Taobao dig this year, 3 million

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After the Spring Festival Evening, what are the most concerned about during the Spring Festival each year?

What is the annual income of CCTV Spring Festival Evening? What is the cost? What kind of advertising can be on the Spring Festival Evening?

Suction gold event

CCTV Spring Festival Evening advertising revenue increased year by year.

2002 200 million yuan

In 2006 nearly 400 million yuan

In 2009, it has nearly 500 million yuan

Reached 650 million in 2010 ......

And, every year in the Spring Festival Evening CCTV bidding price, CCTV will be based on the previous year's selling price increase bidding.

This spring and evening, Taobao and CCTV reach exclusive cooperation. According to informed sources, Taobao got the Spring Festival Evening Ads "superstar."

According to Alibaba's investment in AI Financial News reported that Taobao this year to dig 3 million to CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the rights acquired include: Spring Festival Evening TV screen Taobao interactive tips logo exposed, the host broadcast, subtitles at the bottom of the screen tips, multi-screen interaction Other advertising resources.

In addition, Taobao will also release 600 million physical prizes during the Spring Festival Gala broadcast in four interactive sessions with a total value of 170 million yuan.

However, the detailed income of Spring Festival Gala has always been a secret. All along, CCTV Spring Festival always adhere to the mysterious attitude, involved in the creation of people will "sign a confidentiality agreement", even if the final exit will refuse to disclose the Spring Festival Evening bit.

China News Agency is through train reporter access to public information, at the current 2010 Spring Festival Evening's revenue to the outside world revealed the most information.

Take CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2010 as an example. Spring Festival Evening "zero strike time" by the United States and the Group bid to 52,010,000 yuan, more than 800 million more than the bid end; another show on the Spring Festival Evening "2010" My Favorite Spring Festival Gala "contest" exclusive title Langjiu won 110 million yuan, more than the reserve price more than 4000 million.

Statistics show that from 2003 to the present day, almost every year Spring Festival Evening "zero strike right" have been the United States competing. In 2005, the price of CCTV Spring Festival evening zero countdown ads taken by the US group reached 6.8 million yuan and reached 52.01 million yuan in 2010, an increase of 7.6 times in six years. Converted, 10 seconds of "zero ads" per second reached 5.2 million yuan, equivalent to about 2600 units per second CCTV wall air conditioners.

More than that, in 2010 by the advertising agency advertising the Spring Festival Evening on the day before and after the ads are sold, the price is billions of dollars.

In addition, 2010 Spring Festival Evening also frequently implanted in the show soft advertising. Only Zhao Benshan Pieces "donation" was implanted in "Sohuvideo"," Sogou "," National cellar 1573 "," Sanya Tourism "and other ads, this piece of work to impose advertising CCTV million, of which 5 million yuan contribution to the site, the brewery 4 million yuan, the city PR implantation About 300 million.

In the Spring Festival Gala, the other shows also feature pieces of "Fifty Dollars" cast apron "Lu Hua" trademark; sketch "home graduates" implanted "Yanghe blue classic" 4 seconds close-up; song and dance "pat Shoot "implanted Canon camera close-up; Liu Qian's magic implanted Huiyuan juice ads. It is reported that these implanted ads have brought 120 million yuan revenue for CCTV.

Japan CTR China Market Research Department data show that in 2010 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Revenue reached 650 million yuan.

Jidin, a television director who participated in the creation of the Spring Festival Gala for many times, once told "Sanlian Life Weekly" and "News Network" that before the start of the Spring Festival Evening, only the ads for this period could feed a small local station for one year.

"To make a party by means of a planned economy and sell a party by means of a market economy, production and sales of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala belong to two different economic modes. This fragmentation has produced enormous economic value."

Low cost

And hundreds of millions of advertising costs compared to do a CCTV Spring Festival night's spending seems to be shabby.

Spring Festival Gala is indeed a spending less but time-consuming effort, but returns an amazing party.

Spring 2008 Director Chen Linchun had told Sanlian Life Weekly that "the direct production cost of the Spring Festival Gala is only about 10 million yuan, not including the peripheral production, such as the transformation of the entire studio, but that part of the money is not very high, I can be deployed Not more than 10 million yuan. "Chen Linchun said," The money is allocated in Taitai. The money in Taiwan is dead. The budget for Spring Festival Gala has not changed in many years. For many years, the status quo has been maintained and the growth of advertising revenue has not. relationship."

It is understood that the cost of CCTV Spring Festival Evening mainly includes two aspects: the cost of performing arts actors and studios into the cost.

Studio hall costs, there are projections that the annual Spring Festival Gala spend about 30 million yuan, of which the largest sum of spending LED display.

Media reports said the 2009 CCTV spring and night stage of the LED totaling about 2,000 square meters, if the floor screen of each 12-14 million calculation, spent 12.5 million yuan; 2012 is the use of 8,000 square meters of LED display, estimated Spent 1.3-1.5 billion yuan on the LED screen.

However, with the joint notification issued by many ministries in 2014, it is required to save the party. Spring Festival Evening only to transform the old stage equipment, CCTV Hall renovation project turnover of only 9.69 million yuan.

In terms of the cost of performing arts actors and actresses, CCTV Spring Festival Evening can be basically ignored.

Most of the actors above the Spring Festival Evening "face" proud, not to mention do not give the cost, that is, the paste can also be vandalized badly beaten. CCTV Spring Festival never there is no "appearance fee" that, but called "labor costs", and in the actor labor costs and benefits, CCTV truly "fair", big names and ordinary actors basically the same standards.

A lot of first-line celebrity film pay millions, appearance fee is millions. Starred in the Spring Festival Gala, labor costs also symbolic to thousands of dollars. It is reported that Andy Lau and others cost only 5,000 yuan performance, and Zhao Benshan, Huang Hong, etc. only 3,000 yuan, the other not to mention.

The cost of star and actress costumes are generally borne by the stars themselves, Spring Festival Gala "New Year's Eve" from the rehearsal to the show, from big stars to small performers, is said to be uniform 15 yuan lunch served, printed with "CCTV specifically for" The words, but also only one per person.

To give another example, the media reported that by the end of 2015, Jilin Song and Dance Troupe intends to list the new third board. This company has participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and Lantern Festival evening performances and performances for 18 consecutive years. Jilin local media said Jilin Song and Dance Troupe has become the only one to participate in the Spring Festival Evening does not need to review the free trial team, often bear the song and dance more than 60%.

The team received CNY 820,000 and RMB 870,000 from CCTV in 2014 and from January to September 2015 respectively. In the major contracts involving more than 200,000, there is no appearance of CCTV. Therefore, no matter the Spring Festival Gala or the Lantern Festival Gala, the cost of a single party song and dance will not exceed 400,000.

Spring Festival Gala is not only rich in CCTV, or a stellar star stage.

Spring 2009 Evening Pieces "not bad money" so that a small Shenyang slaughtered, earn a few hundred million; there are magic artist Liu Qian, his "today" can be said to be Spring Festival Evening, Liu Qian appearance fee before the Spring Festival in 5000 Yuan or so, after the Spring Festival Evening broke the news that its appearance fee reached 600,000.

"This is definitely a very good platform, I have been very grateful Lang Kun director to find me on the Spring Festival Gala, otherwise there will not be so many people like magic, like me." Liu Qian outspoken gratitude CCTV Spring Festival Evening.

Money can be on?

Although advertising costs hundreds of millions, but for businesses, to be an advertisement in the CCTV Spring Festival Evening, is still very cost-effective.

"CCTV Spring Festival Evening ads by input and output than the most cost-effective." Mengniu Dairy co-founder Sun Xianghong said in an interview, businesses often value the spread of CCTV Spring Festival Gala and ratings, "in the Spring Festival Evening Advertising is to create a brand, establish a good opportunity for corporate image. "

However, advertising in CCTV Spring Festival Evening does not mean that businesses can afford it.

According to informed sources, Internet finance products to give more money, will not be "show appearance". In addition to price, CCTV Spring Festival Gala also valued sponsor brand tonality is the theme of Spring Festival Evening.

2018 Spring Festival Evening Alibaba has been reelected CCTV Spring Festival Evening Standard King, before the earlierTencent. In 2016, Alipay used the 269 million yuan to regain the rights to the Spring Festival Evening from Tencent. AI Financial Services reported that this is a WeChat take it lightly, that before the experience, program innovation is not enough.

Of course, CCTV is also very hard.

In order to attract advertising sponsors, CCTV from the director of the election in August each year, until February next year, through clever agenda settings, continue to create hot spots and increase exposure. Also opened the "I want on the Spring Festival Evening" and a series of standard spring evening interactive variety show.

CCTV Suofu Shui data show that from 2001 to 2017, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala total rating of the country has been more than 30%, which means that at least 700 million people watch CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Some time ago, the Internet has sold Spring Festival Tickets, asking prices up to tens of thousands of dollars, the CCTV staff responded that the Spring Festival Gala tickets and rehearsal scene has never been authorized to sell abroad, I hope the public not to be deceived.

In fact, CCTV Spring Festival Evening audience is also a choice, according to reports, the Spring Festival Evening tickets are mainly distributed to advertising sponsors, national model figures and other public figures representing the positive energy.

Although CCTV advertising can be rich, but for these God of Wealth, CCTV also not neglect. Media reports, the higher the amount of corporate sponsorship, you can get more seat votes, seats are more front. The ones who got out of money, but in smaller amounts, generally sit in the back row and have no chance of showing up.

In the 2009 Spring Festival Gala, Baidu CEO Robin Li appeared as an audience in the screen appears eight times. According to "Beijing Times" reported that Baidu's ad appeared in the same year Spring Festival Evening appeared three times before, and even in Jiang Kun's comic implant "Baidu look" slogan.

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