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New Year's Eve marketing, Internet giants have told us what?

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Spring Festival has always been a must-have business "Golden Week", this period from the initial preparation warm-up to the Spring Festival holiday and even the Lantern Festival. In this traditional means of reunion days, each has released a big move, the dissemination of the effect is also geometrically enlarged with the festival.

On the one hand, the Spring Festival comes with hot spots, all people enter the holidays, more leisure time allows users to raise awareness of various activities; the other hand, family reunification, different age groups of users interact again makes the Spring Festival has become One of the best ways to sink Internet product channels, with the help of the Spring Festival, Internet companies can push products to a wider audience.

Spring Festival for a business, in fact, a deeper meaning. In fact, after a busy year, it is necessary to stop the pace of the past year backtracking. What many enterprises achieved in the past year often shows to the public at this time. For example, just past the Spring Festival Evening, Baidu will drive its own unmanned aerial vehicle onto the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and showcased its technology in the face of global concern to constantly remind everyone of the unmanned progress achieved by Baidu in the past year .

As the end of the year-end and New Year's beginnings, the Spring Festival is the starting point for the planning of the development plan for the coming year. Enterprises will display the most important products or strategies to the public in the coming year in order to gain more attention. For example, in addition to Alipay Fukuyama continue to pay on the red envelope, Taobao has just launched the affection account also played an important role in the Spring Festival Red envelopes, and this clearly revealed Ali's plan for the coming year, I hope consumers to family units Taobao using mobile phones, which will be e-commerce and new retail to a greater impact.

New Year's Eve, the meaning of the Spring Festival is here. This shows that the Internet giants attach importance to the Spring Festival, but also expressed their expectations for the coming year, the overall competitive Internet has opened a new scene.

Spring Festival marketing giant is still the protagonist, but the layout behind each have their own focus.

Spring Festival this year, BAT + TMD has become the protagonist of no doubt, whether it is unmanned debut the evening of Baidu, or the third consecutive year as the Spring Festival Evening Standard King, or even rockets sent off under the WeChat online send blessings, which are reflected Out of the Internet companies on the Spring Festival marketing attention. But specifically, the major Internet giants are different again.

Baidu: UAV debut Spring Festival usher in a new Baidu

February 13 afternoon news, Baidu official released a group of New Year pictures, Li Yanhong and her daughter Brenda frame, two people dressed in red, full of flavor. Highlights video revealed that in addition to this group of New Year pictures, Li also with her daughter shot a Lunar New Year video, will be released on the New Year's Eve, but one of the most important keywords is: the new Baidu.

The new meaning of a lot of new Baidu, which means behind that Baidu is no longer just a search engine company, the flow of information will become a new growth point of Baidu; also indicates that today's Baidu has gone through the accumulation of AI technology stage, DuerOS and Apollo two platforms led by the formation of a new AI ecosystem. Of course, the more important point is that the new upgrade of Baidu's business model is to use artificial intelligence to match the demand and supply so as to make the online service experience far beyond offline.


Baidu Apollo unmanned vehicle fleet opened in Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge this spring and evening, it is a new interpretation of the best of Baidu. When Baidu Apollo unmanned vehicles led more than a hundred vehicles around the bridge in Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge, no one driving position, the steering wheel rotation screen appears on the television, I believe even those who know nothing about driverless pride Feel spontaneously!

Unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned boats as China's artificial intelligence, industrial manufacturing representatives, known as the 7th wonder of the modern world, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to show the world the wisdom of China's power. Although spring and night in recent years there will be links to display scientific and technological achievements, but this year it is rare to take the lead in the global focus of science and technology "show muscle".

Autopilot and many robotic products debut let more ordinary people realize the value and significance of artificial intelligence, Baidu Apollo do not spend a penny, just rely on scientific and technological strength can make the people in the "robin on the ring" after, Once again familiar with the UAV, which also became a hot spring in the entire Spring Festival a clean stream.

Ali: Red Packet Marketing Launches New Retail Curtain

Although Alipay set Faka red envelopes controversial over the past few years, the red envelope on the social relations of the drive has not achieved the desired results, but in the micro-channel and on-line payment to start the most intense competition in the moment, the Spring Festival Red envelopes have become Alipay Can not be lost battlefield.


In the strong grab the 2018 Spring Festival Evening main sponsor, Ali grabbed the Spring Festival Evening for the third consecutive year "Standard King", and with the CCTV as Spring Festival Gala organizers reached a strategic partnership, and mobile Taobao also this Spring Festival has become the protagonist, permeability is less than half of the national Taobao, apparently hope to have a more accessible channel to reach more users.

Since 2016, Ma proposed "new retail" before and after this concept, Ali began a series of offline retail equity investment actions: Suning cloud business stake, cultivate Sanjiang shopping and other projects. In 2017, Ali has also heavily invested in Intime, Lianhua Supermarket, Xinhuadu, and Gaoxin Retail, and will also export Box Xian Fresh Operation System as a new retail solution to the traditional retail industry.

Ali now has a retail version of the e-commerce, technology, logistics, supermarkets. According to Alibaba Cloud CEO Hu Xiaoming, Taobao, Lynx, rookie, Ali cloud, Ali mother, box horse freshman has integrated a complete new retail Ali ring.

With the end of the era of mobile Internet staking, Ali is also seeking new growth points, the trophy has become the theme of Ali over the past year, "New Retail" even more fire across the river north and south, so this Ali It is not surprising that the focus of the Spring Festival's publicity is on the hands of paying and serving as an important vehicle for new retail.

Tencent: shaken fortune mapping the ambition

Last year Zhang Xiaolong announced no longer participate in the Spring Festival after the red envelopes war, QQ has been taking on the main position of Tencent in this red enveloped war, this time it is the main concept of health "lucky red envelope" hope to get more attention, QQ to walk this kind of exercise as a trigger mechanism for the rights of red envelopes to encourage friends and relatives to move a lot during the Spring Festival.


Although this year's WeChat claimed that it did not join the Red envelopes, it launched a "Shake" campaign during the Spring Festival. Together with more than 100 brands, more than 60,000 merchants launched WeChat to shake the red envelopes. Users can not only grab red envelopes online and friends and family, offline can also be WeChat New Year red envelopes in various consumer scenarios, while compared to the then "Pearl of Attack" is now Tencent apparently want to return to the line.

As we all know, Tencent's core strength lies in social networking. After Tencent became an oligarch in the Chinese game and social media market, there is not much potential for both games and advertising to be tapped. However, the e-commerce market Tencent has always wanted to deploy There is great potential. So Tencent layout of the new retail is largely in order to seek new ways of realization of the game and advertising.

However, social start-up Tencent, due to innate lack of "retail gene", can not be short-term through "self-built" rapid completion of territory expansion, "empowerment + investment" became the main play Tencent, The core of Tencent's new retail strategy is to strengthen the linkage between social platforms and offline retail. So whether it is Jingdong, Yonghui, or Carrefour in January this year, Hailan home investment, Tencent have followed the "high-quality flow for high-quality equity" strategy.

Of course, Tencent also has the weapon to determine the outcome, that is, the use of small programs to integrate all business resources to counter Ali's new retail. Small programs can give Tencent Ali new retail dispute variables, largely based on social relations "fission-based communication", which will bring huge traffic bonus business. With the increasing number of small businesses, the small number of e-commerce can also achieve the integration of online and offline, small program e-commerce will be able to rebuild a Lynx and Taobao within the WeChat system.

Lucky lucky red envelope indicates that Tencent accelerate the pace of the line to go offline, and WeChat shake is to further popularize the applet scene, Tencent want to do something online has been very clear ambitions. In 2018, Tencent and Ali may have just opened the new retail wars.

TMD: Gradually becoming the protagonist behind the border breakthrough

After BAT, China Mobile Internet was born a new Big Three TMD (today's headlines, the US regiment and the drop). This year's Spring Festival, they are no longer just spectators, but also gradually began to become the protagonist.


As the end of the year a new player in cash red envelopes, today headlines are also frequently moves this year, on the one hand is similar to Alipay's Set Fu activities launched the zodiac of the cash red envelope activities, though slightly less creative, but also marks the move Internet upstart for the first time in the Spring Festival marketing battlefield. On the other hand, the headline is still on "Million Heroes" and hopes to use this game mode, which is suitable for many people participating offline, to attract more traffic during the Spring Festival.

The ecological content of today's headlines is based on traffic and its core is to efficiently distribute information to users through algorithms. Although headliners can produce vast amounts of content daily, headlines themselves do not generate content. And this leaves the headlines with a lack of content barriers, no social relationships, and headlines that run the risk of becoming a tool. So today's headline Spring Festival marketing activities are very clear purpose, hope that through the red envelopes and games to activate social relations chain.


During the Spring Festival because of the contradiction between supply and demand are always easy to be Tucao user drops during the Spring Festival also played a warmhearted card for the Chinese people, the Chinese New Year is a ritual flu, which is from the annual Spring Festival will be It is not hard to realize that it seems as if in the world it is hard to find another human migration campaign like the Chinese Spring Festival.

What brought behind such a big migration is the contradiction between supply and demand of urban services. Most of wandering tourists will choose to return to their hometown at this time, regardless of the level of jobs, work and income, Theme of. When the crowds receded, the urban service industry that would otherwise have to be bigger than the original one would have been more prone to conflict.

Therefore, the drops of hope to rely on the warmth of the micro-movie to arouse the user's respect for the Spring Festival is still working in the field of drip drivers. Didi also voted 1 billion yuan should be difficult to hit the Spring Festival taxi, this move is not as attractive as red envelopes, but it is indeed a real solution to a great deal of practical problems.


Of course, for the Chinese New Year, ultimately, eat and eat, the United States Mission is not in the absence of marketing, homeopathic introduced the annual map and related marketing, the user recommended around the year gourmet cuisine. Apart from eating, the U.S. delegation covering eating, drinking, eating and drinking are still exploring its borders. From tourism products to the travel platform, it seems that the operation of the new mission of the United States Mission has not stopped due to the arrival of the Spring Festival.

In January last year, the United States Mission announced the formation of a troika with catering, wine tours and comprehensive services (local lifestyle services other than catering) in the form of internal letters. After the three major businesses were confirmed, the groping around the United States Mission basically revolves around three Big business started. In fact, the US delegation continued to try new business reviews, online travel, online shopping, sharing rechargeable treasure, fresh electricity providers, but life-related services have become its attempt to enter the field.

2018 US delegation, is usher in a turning point in the year, how to break through its own boundaries will be Wang Xing next biggest challenge.

Welcome to the old and new, the Spring Festival also became a new battlefield of the arms race.

The previous Spring Festival, the major Internet giants are between the red envelopes, Zheng Chun night advertising superstars, by the flow of stars with heat, but this year's Spring Festival seems that they began to pay more attention to the future pattern. Both BAT and the emerging power of mobile Internet age TMD, are in different forms of marketing muscle show in the Spring Festival, or hug users, the amount of advertising may also be able to see the market itself is expected for the development of the new year.

In the past year, the Internet has become more and more permeated with daily life. Sharing the new things like cycling, unmanned convenience stores, new retail and even old-fashioned take-away are quickly changing people's lives. In 2018, the Internet will undoubtedly usher in a new atmosphere.

The new retail wars that Tencent and Ali have extended from online to offline have also taken shape with their layout. The centralization group of Ali and Tencent's decentralized alliance will be able to transform retail offline. Baidu will continue to accelerate the layout in the field of artificial intelligence, led by Lu Qi and Robin Li, the new Baidu will show us what kind of new weather? As for whether TMD can break through the existing information distribution, mobile travel and local living services boundaries, and among the billion-dollar valuation giants will also have a preliminary answer.

It now appears that obviously everyone is looking forward to 2018.

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