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T-Mobile merged Sprint for 5G, and the second half of the Internet gradually turned to reality.

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Trump's team is trying to expand its influence. In addition to launching a trade war ban on HUAWEI, the two largest telecom operators in the United States have announced a merger under their support.

The merger of the two major telecom operators, T-Mobile and Sprint, is a landmark event for the development of the global telecommunications industry and is the goal of developing 5G. This is the result of Trump's deliberate revision of the "open Internet decree" since he took office.

This is one of the changes in the rules of world economic operation. Trump is planning a new era of technology in accordance with his blueprint.

The changes made by Trump since the presidency have changed the rules of Internet operation completely, kicking off the trend of virtual economic package business, so US technology stocks have plunged, causing global stock market turmoil.

And in the context of 5G leadership competition,

T-Mobile and Sprint merged for 5G, and Sun Zhengyi finally smiled.

In the May 1 holiday, the US T-Mobile company announced the acquisition of Sprint, which will be converted by stock swap, so it can also be regarded as a merger.

The merged company will have about 130 million users, retain the T-Mobile brand, and Sprint actual controller Sun Zhengyi will become the new company director. Tom Holt Gus, chairman of the holding company behind T-Mobile, will be chairman of the new company's board of directors, which was supposed to be Sun Zhengyi. T-Mobile John Leger (John Legere) will be the chief executive of the new company, and Mike Mike will become the chief operating officer of the new company.

According to the binding agreement signed by both sides, Sprint shares will be traded on the 0.10256 shares of T-Mobile company. The purchase price of the two sides will reach US $26 billion 500 million.

The merger of T-Mobile and Sprint has been going on for nearly five years, during which the story can be described as a wave of three, affecting the development of 4GG 5G in the United States and even around the world. Sprint, which should have dominated the merger, was T-Mobile

In 2013, when Sun Zhengyi bought $22 billion for Sprint, it was ready to take advantage of the low valley of the US telecom market to promote the merger of two second rate telecom operators of T-Mobile and Sprint and quickly become the first line Telecom brand in the United States.


Before that, Sun Zhengyi bought the telecom operator Vodafone into Softbank in the Japanese market, and by massive subsidies it made Softbank a top three telecom operators in Japan, and successfully built a perfect telecom market model. Sun Zhengyi copied the successful mode in the us through Sprint.

Unfortunately, the purchase case was blocked by the Obama administration.

In 2014, when the merger was uncertain, T-Mobile first copied the successful marketing plan of Japan's Softbank, and offered a large amount of subsidies to attract customers. Sprint failed to react until the merger failed. In 2015, it began to take advantage of the T-Mobile discount mode.

In the end, the vicious competition between Sprint and T-Mobile, coupled with the heavy burden of 4G network construction, brought Sun Zhengyi $100 billion in debt. It can be said that the current Sprint has been difficult to follow.

After the merger, the cost of repeated base stations will be saved. At the same time, the user experience can be further improved and the 5G upgrade will be carried out quickly. T-Mobile also announced that it will invest $40 billion in 5G business in the first three years after the completion of the takeover transaction.

Previously, Sun Zhengyi promised Trump that he would invest 50 billion dollars for the United States. Sun Zhengyi finally found out the direction of US policy.

Although the transaction is still in the stage of censorship of the US government, Trump has opened the way, and 5G has been built as a guarantee. This is also the actual action of Trump's thorough cleaning of the Internet mode pushed by the Obama era. The virtual economy of the Internet has begun to build the real economy, which is located in the telecommunications service.

At the same time, the worldwide 5G battle has already started.

A comprehensive display of Trump's will, the United States opens the way for 5G.

The merger of T-Mobile and Sprint seems to be a trivial matter, but it is not the case. Behind it is a dispute over market rules. That's what it takes for Trump, FCCChairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ariel.

The merged Sprint is the assets controlled by the investment legend Sun Zhengyi, and when Sun Zhengyi bought Sprint in 2013, the purpose was to quickly merge T-Mobile and Sprint, and then collect a large number of data and track the industry changes with the telecom operators as a window to quickly tap the American Internet Industry.

In Japan, computer technology is classified as information science. Sun Zhengyi's investment myths in the past depend on this routine. Softbank also represents an old business model. That is to say, through all means, we can discover the technology of new and high technology, and then foster its rapid development to achieve business success.

Unfortunately, such a perfect plan met Obama's "open Internet act". The merger of T-Mobile and Sprint has gone through several struggles and ended in abortion.


During the Obama years, son went from being the richest man to the first, and from one shot to the next, the biggest of which was Sprint, with a $1000 million loss. Former president and chief operating officer of Sprint

Not only is Softbank Sun Zhengyi, even Intel led the WiMax 3G standard, also encountered the policy market direct attack, has become the abortion object. The reason is that after the telecommunications industry has become the basic service facilities, there is no profit to speak of, and then the development of telecommunications equipment is equivalent to jumping into the fire pit itself.

WiMax fell down, and Intel's dream of promoting PC by WiMax also died. That's what makes Apple's smartphone a big Mac today.

Internet start-ups are famous for making big cakes, paying attention to users' light business models. To put it plainly, more money printed in the world requires a more widely distributed way of dividing money.

Now , from Mr . Trump ' s actions , he is throwing away the business model of the Internet ' s big cake , rolling up his sleeves and making the business model of the entire market back to the state before 2009 . So Mr . Trump is appointed Ariel .

Sun Zhengyi waited for the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint.

Take off virtual reality, change the world market to

Not only is Trump wielding a big stick to get rid of reality, but China has been proposing it since 2016.

China and the United States are leading the world in the implementation of tight monetary policy, watching the printing of less money, the world's enterprises are shouting

Since the 2008 financial crisis, in order to rescue the market economy, the world has entered a period of currency development. People all over the world are busy with infrastructure construction. With so much money, leaders are worried about where to find so many basic industries and how to improve the efficiency of money utilization.

The fast, efficient and efficient Internet provided a perfect solution. A 4G infrastructure loosens hundreds of billions of dollars, and hundreds of billions of dollars in a hundred regiment are sent to millions of people. This is the fundamental reason for the rapid development of VC venture capital in the past ten years.

In those days, Obama came up with the "open Internet act", which incorporated the entire telecommunications industry into the infrastructure service industry, and opened the bottomless pit of infrastructure. It also guarantees the crazy myth of Google and Facebook. After ten years of experience, we have become accustomed to investment institutions to spend tens of millions of dollars on the money position, no longer think this is an anomaly.

It's a pity that all this must end. If the money goes on like this, the house will not be able to afford it, and you will not be able to afford to eat.

Broadly speaking, the dividends of the Internet and the mobile Internet have been wiped dry. Neither the demographic dividend nor the industry dividend has found any room to rise, the so-called

The war of consumption is a delicious food for the one or two giant enterprises, but to the national economy, it is not a struggle to make a contribution to the new market.

Unable to write Facebook legendary Twitter, SNAP, from the side to talk about the ceiling of the Internet market.

Of course, a large number of people who are good at Internet models believe that this is a retrogression in history. The science and technology community also said that Trump, unlike Obama, was able to understand the technology market as deep as Obama, and the Silicon Valley big men were stare at Trump's high - talk photos and spread around the world.

But Obama was also criticized for not using touch phones, often appearing as a BlackBerry believer.


More realistically, Obama regards telecom operators as an outdated basic service facility, which has deviated from the development of the market. 5G telecom technology is launching a new round of industrial innovation in the global semiconductor market as a whole. This is a rapid development industry, not the definition of the backwardness of the sunset industry in Obama's thinking, the telecommunications industry has a profound impact on the future economy, and it is likely to become a new industrial revolution.

In contrast, the value-added service business model of the Internet software industry is facing extremely serious supervision problems, which is far less convenient than the standardized management and control of the telecommunications equipment. The strict supervision of the Internet industry in the future will fundamentally threaten the business model of value-added services on which it depends.

Therefore, it is the right choice to shift the vision from the Internet, release restrictions and pay more attention to the telecom market, and use all capital strength to develop 5G.

Of course, Internet gangs can also be involved in 5G construction through various means. The field and input scale of the 5G construction are all astronomical figures. At the same time, the system of virtual operators is mature, and the Internet enterprises can find the suitable field for large-scale investment. But a programmer's history of leaping into unicorns by developing a APP is gone forever.

The radical Internet era of Pratt & Whitney has ended. The big pie will go into history.

(titanium media Author: new technology, Wen / Shui Shangyan)

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