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How does Baidu use ABC IoT to support the big dream of intelligent logistics?

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Consumption upgrades encounter logistics bottlenecks

The upgrading of every traditional industry is based on weight bearing, especially in the logistics industry.

Since its birth, logistics has been a labor-intensive industry. It is very heavy. Large organizations and complex circulation links have brought many uncontrollable factors, which lead to many painful points, such as asymmetric information, insufficient resources integration, low efficiency of scheduling and so on.


At the same time, logistics is also a trillion market, attracting players from all walks of life.

Statistics show that in 2009, the total social logistics cost accounted for 18.1% of GDP in China. By 2016, this proportion has dropped to 15.5%, but there is still a big gap compared to 10% in developed countries. This means that China's logistics industry still has much room for efficiency improvement.

The Internet giants and start-ups are aiming at this opportunity to use the Internet of things and artificial intelligence to help the logistics industry to complete the transformation and upgrade, and the logistics enterprises are also actively seeking self change. But Rome was not built in a day. The upgrading and upgrading of the logistics industry can not be accomplished overnight, and must be implemented in stages. How can we ensure that the process is carried out step by step and orderly? At this time, we need to build a good top-level design.

The idea put forward by Baidu is ABC(Artificial intelligence, BigdataCloud computing, IoT.

ABC IoT enabling Intelligent Logistics

May 31, sponsored by Baidu Yun

Baidu divides the digitalization of logistics industry into 1 stages, namely, 2, 3 and 3 stages.

The 1 stage is accompanied by the rise of Internet technology, which is characterized by the online logistics business.The Internet provides a new marketing channel for all industries. At the same time, the logistics enterprises have gradually transferred the order and settlement business to the line. The logistics industry has completed the initial digitalization.

In the 2 stage, the logistics industry has become ecological, and resources have begun to pool under the line and offline.With the integration of the Internet and logistics industry, more and more resources have been brought into the Internet channel and gradually formed a resource pool. How to integrate and manage resources effectively is the main proposition at this stage. The product form of cloud storage and vehicle matching is also born.

Shen Zhonggang, the architect of Baidu's Intelligent Cloud Internet of things, said the 2 stage is a great opportunity for Baidu to cut into digital logistics. The Baidu cloud provides soil for building an open and shared pool of resilient resources; Baidu's Internet of things technology plays the role of connecting channels, ensuring that data can be accessed effectively from any location at any time.

In the 3 stage, the logistics industry has entered into the intellectualization and digitally driven innovation.After resource pooling, data is accumulated and the dimension is wider and wider. It is necessary to set up a platform to integrate and mine these data.

There are two aspects of the value of data mining:

First, search for correlations among different factors in massive data and integrate them.One of the most typical examples is the one that's just being played by you.

Two is based on big data analysis and prediction, and then according to the forecast results reverse arrangement of circulation plan.The most typical example is the application of the front warehouse. In the past, consumers had to place orders from the central warehouse after the order was placed on the electronic business platform, and then they could be allocated to the consumers in three or four days. Today, the e-commerce platform has been able to predict the sales of all kinds of goods in various places based on historical data. The goods can be deployed in the near preposition in advance, and the consumer will be able to deliver goods to home for a few hours after the order.

Shen Zhonggang introduced,In the process of intelligent logistics industry, Baidu cloud will focus on three aspects:

One is the intelligentization of interaction.Baidu has mature technologies such as voice interaction and image recognition, and has been encapsulated as an interface for commercial applications for direct access by vendors. These technologies can simplify the interaction in workflow, and accurately acquire interactive data, so that the breadth of data is unlimited.

The two is the intelligentization of the tools.Compared with manpower, unmanned shelves, unmanned silos and unmanned vehicles can implement the resource allocation optimization plan more accurately, and automatically collect the state data during the implementation of the plan. They are more direct and clean than artificial data.

Three is the use of intelligent algorithms to mine the value of dataFor example, the prediction mentioned earlier. The Baidu cloud has opened a deep learning application development platform and optimization algorithm on the platform, and developers and vendors can train their own algorithms directly on the platform and do algorithm tuning.

In fact, Baidu built a PaaS middleware based on the general cloud platform and combined with the characteristics of the logistics industry. Then, combined with Baidu's technology resources, data resources and ecological resources, the top-level design framework of intelligent logistics is customized.

The goal of Baidu is to make use of its own IoT technology and the edge computing power of Baidu sky cloud platform, access the data of each scene and node, and build an online logistics network mapped with the offline logistics network, and classify, connect and integrate the data with the rule engine. Then the data is mined by intelligent algorithm, and the result is visualized, and each scene and node can be reorganized to form a perfect closed loop.

It must be pointed out that the thinking and ability of Baidu cloud has been verified in business practice.

Propelled middle tripod cloud platform

In June 2016, Baidu cloud and Taiyuan Railway Bureau signed a contract to announce the construction of China Ding intelligent logistics cloud platform. The Taiyuan railway bureau uses the Baidu cloud IoT technology to digitize the full elements of logistics in the logistics park. It brings about 200 million of the supply chain financial services in three months, which promotes the integration of the financial industry and the logistics industry, and promotes the intelligent evolution of the logistics ecosystem.

Bing Shen, general manager of Jinyun Modern Logistics Co., Ltd., responsible for the development and promotion of China Ding intelligent logistics cloud platform, also attended the digital logistics special field as a guest. He introduced, after introducing the advanced technology of Baidu,Zhong Ding intelligent logistics cloud platform has been promoted in two ways:

One is a new marketing channel.After the first phase of the construction, the "Zhong Ding Liu Liu Yun platform" has fully realized the electricity supplier, laying the foundation for the comprehensive digitalization of the next business.

Two is intelligent large data processing capability.Through diversified business models, the cloud platform of the middle tripod has integrated more logistics ecological resources. Through the effective operation of digital assets, the optimization allocation and efficiency promotion of various production factors of logistics are brought.

The success of China's Ding Yuan Liu Yun platform enables us to see the hope of the new technology empowerment logistics industry. However, we must face up to the fact that the digitalization of the logistics industry still has a long way to go. The complex circulation and various business models of logistics have brought great challenges to the data integration and integration, which requires Baidu and other cloud service providers and the whole logistics industry to face and solve them.

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