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Dialog Lenovo's regular journey: Z5 mobile phone loses money to sell, doing blockchain is serious

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Tencent "first line" author Wang Pan

On the afternoon of June 5, Lenovo officially released new products such as Lenovo Z5, Lenovo K5 Note, Lenovo A5, Lenovo Watch X, and particle cloud.

In this conference, Lenovo pushed the Lenovo Z5 flagship machine, using Xiaolong 636 eight-core processor, which has 90% of the screen share, ultra-narrow frame, double-sided 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass, Aurora color backplane , as well as mainstream configurations such as 6GB+64GB start and 3300mAh power, starting at RMB 1299.

This is the first press conference after the Lenovo Mobile Business Group (MBG) China business joined Lenovo China. At the press conference, Lenovo’s Executive Vice President and President of China Liu Jun announced that from the date of release of the Lenovo Z5 mobile phone, Lenovo’s mobile phones will "Conscience excellent product national mobile phone" as the core concept, start again!

It should be pointed out that Lenovo's mobile phone brand was once abandoned by Lenovo Group. It once only made the MOTO brand mobile phone. This time, it re-released the Lenovo mobile phone, which means the brand's return.

Lenovo Group Vice President and Head of MBG China Operations, Chang Cheng, said in an interview with Tencent’s “First Line” and other media that the current pricing of the Z5 handset is a loss of sales.

Talking about the return of Lenovo mobile phones, Chang Cheng said that Lenovo mobile phones are still very challenging. They don’t know whether they live or die for the team. But like he said at the press conference, they have the support of family and fans, and Lenovo’s mobile phones. I am confident that I will try my best when I have the hardest time. When I have a hard time, it will pass and I will definitely replace the mobile phone in your hand with Lenovo.

Chang Cheng also said that Lenovo's blockchain is also serious, but it is certainly not Lenovo's goal. Lenovo considers using this technology to change anything.


The following are some of the actual recordings interviewed by Tencent’s “First Line” and other media.

Question: The base price of Z5 is 1299 yuan. Everyone feels amazing. Is this pricing a loss?

Chang Cheng: It is indeed a loss. There are certain strategic appeals behind each stage of our pricing strategy.

Question: Is the low price of Lenovo mobile phones a long-term strategy? What are the challenges of rebirth in personnel and other aspects?

Chang Cheng: Using the Internet's more popular words "price" & rdquo;, this screen is really expensive, using an LCD to make this phone so extreme, no one can do, a big reason depends on our election A particularly good and particularly expensive machine, including the use of (Corning) glass, we can count how much these things together, so we are the upper machine.

Regarding the team, Lenovo’s most unique interior is that we have those passionate mobile phone users who stayed. We are sentimental about Lenovo and have feelings for fans and products. This year, Lenovo decided that it was better to have a product than a product.

Question: The positioning of Lenovo is a national flagship. Does it mean that this machine is a special product for the Chinese market, because Lenovo is also an international company. Will it be listed in other parts of the world in the future?

Chang Cheng: If it is a good product, overseas users also like it, we will definitely go out and meet the needs of users is the most important and highest purpose, regardless of Chinese or foreigners.

Question: Now that the mobile phone industry has entered a period of saturation, how can it survive in this fiercely competitive era and expand its sales? What are the very killer methods in the future?

Chang Cheng: Many things are the same. For example, ten nanometers sounds great, but when you take this thing down, when you go to 500 Hz per 500 Hz, you will find problems. The market is also the same. Everyone today said that it is very difficult to grab the market. We call the T-shaped structure, Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple account for 80% or even 90% of the market, and the other 10% of the market, but if you slicing the user, there are many Human needs have not been met. This is from the perspective of demand.

From the technical point of view, Liu Haiping may not like many people this year, but Liu Haiping’s pursuit of the greatest proportion of people who can bring it to the screen today is generally unable to do this. After the Z5 has been used for a long time, let me get it now. A traditional machine, I have no use, so some trends are changing.

Perhaps only 3 people like my product today. There will be 30 people like my product tomorrow. But for the time, this is a point. Maybe we still have a chance after three or five years.

Question: After this re-adjustment, can you sort out the Lenovo mobile phone product line? In addition, what are the development plans for MOTO modular phones? After you returned home that you just mentioned, you got a lot of resources you didn’t get. What are the resources?

Chang Cheng: The product line we are very clear, Z is the flagship, perhaps we will bring another one at the end of the year, Z this product line is definitely based on technology; S product line is more fashionable and photographed; The K product line may be more youthful and entertaining, so we used a big screen for entertainment. The V series is more defined as people who have special needs for standby, and there are people who are overseas users with higher demand.

Moto's modularity we will do, and perhaps soon we will send a product, including mobile phones, modules.

Resources have returned to China. I have just given an example. For example, this time we had a 618 promotion. We have already tied up with the PC and talked about a lot of business, including the binding of suppliers' resources and the amount of PCs, such as the amount of memory and mobile phones. The amount of people may not think that many, but the PC is shipped in tens of millions of countries around the world.

There is also the most important use of Lenovo's internal people and technical capabilities. We have a larger platform, including the blockchain problem that we are talking about today. In the future, Lenovo may do more technology and products around it.

Channels will also immediately cooperate with new retailers for mobile phones and smart products, including Lenovo’s offline channels, and we will all work together. Again, back to Lenovo, resources are much more than we were outside.

Question: What does Lenovo think about the blockchain? Is it complementary to mobile phones and PCs? Or do you make the corresponding development in the blockchain?

Chang Cheng: The blockchain technology itself, our understanding is that it may change many things in the future. Everyone is saying that the various bits are better than all kinds of currencies. It is just an example. Using this thing to do something is burning it. But it is definitely not our goal. We are considering what it can change with this technology.

First of all, we joined the blockchain Kaiyuan organization. We attach great importance to this issue, and we will also contribute more to our own intellectual property rights. Secondly, perhaps we will focus on what the blockchain phone really is at the following conference. From our understanding, we think that there will be other requirements on the hardware, so you will see the block at a later conference. The full picture of the chain, from products to blockchain related products, blockchain technology, even to blockchain application scenarios. We also take the blockchain seriously.

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