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Chinese AI scientists were charged with academic fraud, and former Google employees were exposed to violence.

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Source: Xin Zhi Yuan

The assistant professor of University of Southern California, director of the visual and graphic laboratory, Li Hao, who was referred to the former employee as an academic falsification, submitted a forged image to the computer graphics conference SIGGRAPH and called the result of automatic computer generation. The employee was also dismissed and beaten after a confrontation with Li Hao. However, Li Hao denied falsification and shooting. What is the truth of the event?

Apple had accused Chinese engineers of stealing Technical Secrets (the latter pleaded innocence and bailed).

A former Google employee sued his Chinese boss for not only academic fraud, but also artificial tampering with papers received by SIGGRAPH Asia 2017, as well as wilful concealment of technical achievements.

The accused Chinese boss, named Li Hao (Hao Li), has a full resume.

Now, the case is under way, and Li Hao denies all charges.

According to our last name,

Today, academic fraud, original technology and American companies' secrecy policies, as well as the tense atmosphere in the United States against Chinese and Chinese scientists have made the lawsuit more representative.

And SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 received a paper that turned out to be

Now the two sides insist on each other, and new wisdom yuan combs the whole situation on the basis of the indictment submitted to the court and the public information on the Internet.

The Register18 reported that the employee was called Iman Sadeghi, who was submitting a court file to the high court of Losangeles County, USA., his former employer, Pinscreen, submitted fake images and results to the computer graphics conference SIGGRAPH, and was in a confrontation with the company's CEO and referred to its technology. Sadeghi was unlawfully fired and beaten.

In addition to technical counterfeiting, Iman Sadeghi also said that Pinscreen deceived Softbank Venture Korea investors and said their manually drawn heads were automatically generated by artificial intelligence, eventually making the company valued at $100 million.

Iman Sadeghi revelations Pinscreen CEO, nickname

Sadeghi accused Li Hao of being an assistant professor at the University of Southern California and director of the university's vision and graphics laboratory. Because you keep one.


University of Southern California's official website photo does not seem to kill Matt.


However, Li Hao's resume does not kill Matt at all.

According to public information, Li Hao was born in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1981 and his parents are immigrants from Taiwan. He received a master's degree in computer science from carlour University of technology in 2006 and a Ph. D. in computer science from the Federal Institute of technology in Zurich, Switzerland in 2010. In the 2011-2012 year, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University and Columbia University.

He used to be a famous Hollywood producer, George.

Li Hao was involved in developing the first unmarked performance driven facial animation recognition system when he was read at 2009, and was awarded the best paper award for ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation in the year. In 2013, it was selected as the 35 scientific and technological innovator in 35 in 2013 by MIT science and Technology Review Magazine, and the Google Institute Research Award in 2015.

In 2015, Li Hao founded Pinscreen company, focusing on augmented reality, 3D face recognition and capture technology.


Pinscreen official network

Pinscreen was one of the most computer vision companies at first, and until 2016, when Trump ran for the president of the United States, Pinscreen made a series of Trump - based GIF diagrams that were becoming more and more famous.


They have also spoof Hilary.


Along the way, Li Hao can be said to be unique, young and promising, and without accident, it will realize the dream of wealth creation, valuation and listing on a regular basis.

But I didn't expect to meet Sadeghi.

A case of hair caused by a cluster of hair

Sadeghi is also a technical bull.

He was a Ph.D. in UCSD. He won the award for graphic computation during his college years, and later worked in Disney to produce animated characters. In August 2011, Sadeghi joined Google as a software engineer. With its rich software system architecture, extensible distributed systems, deep convolution neural networks, he had a number of patents with Google and Disney, respectively.

In the early October 2016, during the scientific conference in Amsterdam, Holland, Li Hao, co - founder and CEO of Pinscreen, contacted Sadeghi and invited him to join his own company.

On January 22, 2017, before Sadeghi signed the contract to join Pinscreen, Li Hao sent him two examples of allegedly automatically generated virtual images in writing through Facebook messages. Sadeghi specifically asked if the image had been generated automatically, and Li Hao answered clearly


However, according to Sadeghi in court documents of the Los Angeles County High Court in the United States, Lai Hao claimed that the portrait and hair presented were automatically generated.

A screenshot provided by Sadeghi to the court shows that Lai Hao discussed


According to the trial documents, Li Hao forced the data to be falsified, he said.



Another evidence provided by Sadeghi comes from SIGGRAPH.

On January 16, 2017, before Sadeghi employment, the

July 23, 2017


However, the quality improvement in submission is so important that the meeting reviewers asked Pinscreen for an explanation

Pinscreen's official reply said


The following is from the prosecution document, which is the contribution of Sadeghi technology to the Pinscreen digital animal character hairstyle.


As mentioned in the court documents, in Skype's transcript, Li Hao once said,

Crucially, it is difficult for developers who say Pinscreen in court documents to write effective code to produce the correct eye color for these photo-generated cartoon heads, while the company submitted a paper saying

Pinscreen claims that the input of human snapshots to their convolution neural network can generate realistic cartoon heads.

Li Hao is accused of deception of soft silver, disrespectful of scholars

In addition to accusing Li Hao of technical fraud, Sadeghi was also accused of deceiving investors.

In November 8, 2016 and December 26, 2016, Li Hao wrote that the valuation of Pinscreen was US $30 million. But the subsequent valuation figures are growing fast.

A lawyer for Pinscreen told Sadeghi in a telephone conversation on February 21, 2017, that the company was valued at $57.5 million. Shortly afterwards, on June 17, 2017, Lai Hao said that he was working with Softbank Venture Korea (

In court filings, the company said its hand-drawn avatar was automatically generated by artificial intelligence, and in a screenshot of another conversation between Pinscreen employees, Li Hao allegedly wrote:

Besides being accused of deceiving investors, Li Hao was also accused of being disrespectful to scholars.

After joining Pinscreen, Sadeghi gradually realized that although Li Hao was an assistant professor, he did not respect scholars and participated in data fraud and various academic misconduct.


Li Hao modifies the technical ability of Pinscreen in the submission of scientific research, and then uses the pressure of cut-off date to overwork the staff to make him exaggerate, and if the employee fails, he will order them to forge deliverables.



Sadeghi asked for one-on-one talks with Li Hao after the 2017 SIGGRAPH presentation

At the meeting, Sadeghi received a letter of resignation and was asked to return to his laptop. Sadeghi said he had to retrieve some personal data from his notebook before returning it. Then get up and leave Pinscreen's office.

The trial documents said that just as Sadeghi was about to leave,

Sadeghi claimed that his eyes were injured and his shoulder was dislocated.

In an email to Register this week, Mr Lai said,

Li Hao also said that Sadeghi was due to

Is the Sadeghi's accusation a fake??

The dispute between Sadeghi and Li Hao has aroused the attention of all parties.

It ' s known to be a self - proclaimed Mr . Li Hao , who is going to be in Pinscreen .


At present, Sadeghi has not yet made a comment.

Reference links:

Related reports:Https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/07/18/pinscreen_fraud_claims/

Court hearing documents:Http://sadeghi.com/Dr-Iman-Sadeghi-v-Pinscreen-Inc-et-al.pdf

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