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[photo live broadcast]iPhone Xr/Xs/Xs Max and Apple Watch Series 4 officially released.

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Cook thanked all the people who watched the live broadcast. This conference ended here. Thank you for watching it day and night.

Cook re-staged, and he seems to be reminding us of the existence of HomePod. HomePod and tvOS 12 (Atoms update) will be launched next Monday (September 17th), macOS Mojave will be officially launched on September 24th

The iPhone XR starts at $749, 64GB/128GB/256GB, and is pre-ordered on October 19 and shipped on October 26. The iPhone Xs has a total of three capacities of 64, 256 and 512GB, starting at $999. On September 21st and 28th, two waves were launched in most countries and regions around the world. The iPhone 7 is still on sale and the price is lowered to $499. iPhone 8 starts at $599. iOS 12 will be officially launched next week (September 17th).

Jony Ive video time, a brief summary is: TrueDepth camera, advanced Face ID, 1080p @ 60fps video recording (anti-shake), wide stereo speakers (stereo recording), support for LTE-A, improved wireless charging, dual SIM, Bluetooth 5.0, 6 color matching, aviation aluminum, IP67 waterproof and dustproof, the most durable screen glass to date

The same can achieve background blur, iPhone Xr also supports the modification of depth of field in the later stage. The battery life is 90 minutes longer than the iPhone 8 Plus. It can be said that the XS is an XR with a 3D Touch, plus a dual camera and OLED screen.


The iPhone Xr is also an A12 Bionic chip, the same bangs sensor array as the iPhone X, but the rear is a single-shot, 12MP wide-angle lens (this part is consistent with Xs)

Phil re-launched and brought a new iPhone - iPhone Xr with a variety of colors, 7000 series space-grade aluminum and more durable glass, all in white, black, blue, coal ash and yellow, in addition to special red version.


Apple GiveBack Project - Apple pays or reclaims old devices for free if they are no longer available.

At the same time, the use of plastics is reduced. The speakers are now made of 35% post-consumer recycled plastic. The glass frame is made of 32% bio-based plastic. For example, the speaker package unit is now recycled plastic.

She hopes: "I hope that one day we can eliminate the need to mine new materials from the earth. To achieve this, we need to do three things - to responsibly source materials, to produce products for as long as possible, and to ensure that they get Properly recycled.” The new iPhone uses recycled solder, a change that will save 10,000 tons of tin ore in the coming year to produce products that will last longer and not be scrapped.

Lisa Jackson, vice president of Apple's environment, took over and hosted, Apple is now 100% powered by clean energy, Apple Park is full of solar panels, and data center facilities use clean energy.


Gigabit LTE Modem, the best choice for global roaming. In addition to the physical SIM card, it also supports electronic (eSIM) cards, supports virtual SIM cards, and requires local carrier support.

The iPhone Xs has 30 hours longer than the iPhone X. Xs Max has the largest iPhone battery ever, and the XS Max is 90 minutes longer than the iPhone X.

a new era of image captureFor YouTube video bloggers, the ability to record stereo iPhone Xs will make them even more handy. The sensor speed is as fast as 2 times.

Automatic tone mapping and shadow detail in video recording

Intelligent HDR analysis of four frames of photos makes it easy to take good photos. The “Face Mark” calculation can better eliminate red-eye and perform better in portrait mode. On-site display proofs show that the new image processing system is also in place for high-speed dynamic processing, and the performance of portrait details is clearly beyond generation. The improvement of the portrait mode is particularly noticeable, and the quality of the depth of field effect is improved by the naked eye.The newly introduced editing slider makes it easy for the user to adjust the aperture depth of field.




Image signal built into A12 BionicprocessorThe ability to quickly process content from the camera, the neural engine has become part of the processing picture work chain. Every photo you take, the system will silently process teraflops, and the neural engine is now an important part of image processing.

The Xs is equipped with an extraordinary new camera system 12MP wide angle + 12MP telephoto, and the True Tone flash has also been improved. Proactively 7MP @ f/2.2 aperture, the sensor speed is also faster, proactively 7MP @ f/2.2 aperture, the sensor speed is also faster

Phil returned to the stage and talked about the camera. Time Magazine has many covers directly taken by iPhone cameras, and the iPhone is the most popular camera device in the world.



Directive Games CEO Atli Mar took the stage to introduce the third AR--Galaga AR. Against this empty table, a group of people can play a few plays. The 2D "Little Bee" on the red and white machine is now a 3D fly.

Next, the Core ML camera app is explained by David Lee and Steve Nash of Nex Team. Homecourt can help you learn your shooting skills in AR. The A12 chip allows players to track their shooting training in real time. Homecourt uses machine learning techniques to identify and then present detailed data analysis.



The familiar B agency director Todd Howard took the stage to demonstrate the new "The Elder Scrolls" mobile game on the iPhone Xs. The new work is called Elder Scrolls Blades, which will land on the iPhone this fall.




A12 calculates CoreML 9 times faster than before, using only one-tenth of the energy consumption. By the way, the AR function can be used to identify 200 marine life with a kitchen app. ARKit2 enhances object and surface inspection capabilities, supports multi-user, new measurement applications

A12 Bionic specializes in the introduction: it can speed up the daily speed of the application, in short, the A12 bionic chip will upgrade the performance to a new level in all aspects.

The A11 nerve engine can handle 600 billion operations per second, while the A12 is 5 trillion operations per second. And as previously revealed, the iPhone XS/XS Max has a 512GB capacity model. A12 will make "a new experience that was previously impossible" possible, as well as the previous leak.

Note that the next big thing: the industry's first 7nm chip - A12. Integrated 6.9 billion transistors, 6-core CPU, 4 core GPU, Neural Engine, 2 high-performance CPU cores, GPU increased by 50% compared with the previous generation. This chip is developed by Apple itself, based on Fusion architecture, performance core increased by 15% The power consumption is reduced by 40%, and the overall performance is 15% higher than that of A11.

The nerve engine is also composed of eight cores, with independent machine learning systems and intelligent computing systems.

The external speakers of the Xs series have a wider frequency, and the contrast of the two Super Retina screens has reached 1 million:1. Liu Hai still exists, but the content is more abundant. There are eight members in total. Face ID recognition of Xs models is faster.

The 6.5-inch model is named iPhone Xs Max, the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus, with a display area of ​​6.5 inches, 120Hz touch frequency, 3D Touch retention, touch wake-up features, True Tone screen, wide color gamut management , high color and high color gamut, a lot.

Phil Schiller took the stage to introduce this undoubtedly the most popular item for Apple this year. It is made of "surgical grade" stainless steel, with gold paint on the front and back, and the screen is covered with the most durable new glass to date.

Today we will take the iPhone X to a new height and introduce you to the most advanced iPhone we have built so far.

The fourth generation of Apple Watch is over, and Cook returns to the end of the stage video, followed by the time of the iPhone. Cook said: "iPhone X redefines the future of smart phones"

Jeff returns to the stage and introduces a new shell: stainless steel and gold-tone stainless steel. The GPS model is priced at $399 and the cellular version is priced at $499. The GPS model will be available in 26 markets at the time of release, the cellular version will be launched in 16 markets, supported by 34 operators, and watchOS 5 will be officially launched on September 17.

Summarize the features of the Apple Watch Series 4, new design, larger screen, new UI, touch crown, faster S4 chip, louder speakers, fall detection, ECG features, support for cellular mobile communications, built-in GPS and Altimeter, waterproof, Bluetooth 5.0 and optical heart sensor.

The four-generation industrial design video of Apple Watch, which is familiar with the accent by Jony Ive, the bigger new screen in the video looks amazing, and the crown looks very refined.



Apple tests show that customers can continue to use for 18 hours and outdoor exercise for 6 hours. The four generations of Apple Watch are also very thorough in the manufacturing process and in their own harmlessness.

The following is a talk about the new features of Apple Watch in terms of privacy, specification upgrades, Apple Watch Series 4 supports Bluetooth 5.0, the new endurance ability can adhere to a full day of use


Jeff Williams returned to the stage and continued to introduce the Apple Watch Series 4. He said that the health features of the Apple Watch have also been recognized by the FDA, which can be said to be a quasi-medical device.

Jeff invited Professor Ivor Benjamin, President of the American Heart Association, to take the stage. Ivor is encouraged by the life-saving technology. He said: "My experience is that people often report symptoms that are difficult to reproduce at the time of the visit."


This makes the Apple Watch look more like a precise medical device. Now you can perform an electrocardiogram check anytime, anywhere - open the app and place your finger on the digital crown, with electrodes on the digital crown and back, built-in electrodes on the back, crown to detect heartbeat electrical impulses, and Send to the S4 chip. After 30 seconds, the analysis results can be obtained. All ECG read records are stored in health applications

The apple adds an electrode to the back of the watch, and the user can use the crown to collect the electrocardiogram.

Similar warnings and alarms are also made when a problem occurs in the user's heart. It can be seen that in the near future, we can see a lot of people who have been rescued because of Apple Watch's health problems.

In order to prevent users from accidentally falling and being injured, Apple Watch Series 4 has newly added this test, and pops up the SOS window to facilitate timely call for help. If there is no answer, it will be automatically dialed unless the user cancels. “It looks like you have experienced a serious fall.” When the heart rate is too low, an alarm will be issued.

Completely redesigned in engineering, the new mechanical structure provides tactile feedback and the speakers have been redesigned for louder sound. When asked to Siri, it can reduce noise interference. Because the microphone has also been moved to the side.

The interior is even more powerful. The four-generation Watch introduces the S4 chip, which is a 64-bit dual-core chip. The built-in S4 chip is equally impressive. And the chip also introduces a new GPU, which brings twice the graphics performance. Accelerometers and gyroscopes provide power tracking and swim recognition for all-weather activities.

The digital crown has also been re-engineered and includes tactile feedback. We saw a small red ring, black ceramic and sapphire glass on the digital crown, allowing radio waves to penetrate easily and improve the quality of the call.

"Breath app" also has a dial interface, lifts the wrist and exhales it... The electro-optic color dial looks very cool, and the new dynamic dial provides interactive effects such as fire, water and steam.


In terms of content, it supports more photos, maps, and calendars. The edges of the rounded OLED screen look softer and fit nicely with the watch's features and UI design. We are no longer making small changes in appearance, it has a larger display area and looks slimmer.

Play the video live, show the four generations of Apple Watch Series 4 with more powerful functions and shapes. The renderings of the live show are exactly the same as the leaks. The border is narrower and the screen ratio is higher! The edge of the screen has a curved surface for a better fit. The 40mm and 44mm screens are 35% and 32% higher than the previous generation.

Jeff Williams appeared on stage to introduce the new Apple Watch product. He said: "We are humble and inspiring about how Apple Watch has become such an important part of people's lives in three major areas. Sports and health are an important part of the Apple Watch user experience, so let's push it to a New height."

Today, we will bring you two new consumer products. The Apple Watch, which turned out to be the world's first watch. Please note that it is the world's first watch, not the first smart watch.

The number of visitors to the Apple Store has exceeded 500 million per year. Cook started the day with a good introduction to the retail store, and the number of visitors to the global Apple retail store has exceeded 500 million. We also want to put our customers at the center of everything, and that's iOS is not just the most advanced mobile operating system, but also a personality. Cook said: "iOS has changed our way of life, from our learning to the way we work."

Cook said: "Good morning, old iron, welcome to Steve Jobs. We want to share our latest innovations with us. The purpose of Apple was to make computers more personal... We created several pairs of Technology that has a profound impact on people's lives."


This "female agent" seems to be sending a mysterious suitcase, only the Cook's slide remote control is installed in the suitcase... With the opening video of the "Mission Impossible" style, the video is seamlessly transferred to reality. The opening of Zhong Keke.

The music stopped, and the 2018 Apple Fall Special Event officially began at the Steve Theater. I started the video about Apple Park in a section. The opening video focused on Apple's headquarters for about 2:30. First come to the "Mission Impossible" style BGM


Jony Ive is on the right side of the front row, wearing a cool shirt + seemingly expensive sunglasses


Today's stage seems a bit different from the past. The familiar demos of Mac have disappeared, and there is only a mysterious black square on the right side of the stage. It is currently playing Single's OneRepublic's "Connection", which seems to be one of Cook's favorite bands.



There are still 20 minutes from the official opening, and many Apple executives such as Cook can be seen in the front row. You can see that Crag Federighi is talking to Ivy and so on. You can see that there is a black box on the stage of the speech. I don't know what exciting new product is after opening the curtain.

The conference was held at the Jobs Theatre. The local weather was very good from the photos taken by foreign media.

Three iPhones six color combinations

It is reported that Apple will launch three screen size iPhones this year: 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.5 inches. The 6.1-inch iPhone uses an LCD display with a single camera, and the new 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhones feature an OLED display with dual cameras. However, because the cost of the 6.1-inch iPhone is lower than that of the other two iPhones, the price is relatively "cheap", commonly known as the "cheap version" iPhone.


More interesting is the naming of these three iPhones. There are many namings in the rumors, among which the iPhone XS (5.8 inches), iPhone XS Max (6.5 inches) and iPhone XC (6.1 inches) are more recognized. In terms of selling price, it will be roughly like this.


iPhone XS Max - 1049 EUR / 999 USD

iPhone XS - 939 Euro / 899 USD

iPhone XC - 739 EUR / 699 USD


iPhone XS Max - 1199 EUR / 1149 USD

iPhone XS - 1099 EUR / 1049 USD

iPhone XC - 889 Euro / 849 USD


iPhone XS Max - 1349 EUR / $1299

iPhone XS - 1249 EUR / $1199

In addition, according to the news shared by Weibo users @科技吃土豪, this year's three iPhones will have six colors for consumers to choose from, white, gold, deep gray, red, fragrant orange and cobalt blue. inner packagingAccessoriesAspects include an EarPods headset with an Apple Lightning Connector, a lightning-to-USB-C cable, and an 18W USB-C charger.

In terms of screen resolution, previous rumors have shown that the 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max has a screen resolution of 2688x1242 pixels, the 5.8-inch iPhone Xs resolution remains the same as the iPhone X's 2436x1125 pixels, and another iPhone with a 6.1-inch LCD screen. 9 resolution is 1792x828 pixels. Among them, the 6.5-inch model is large enough due to the resolution, it is rumored that the model will supportiPadThe landscape mode is used.

New Apple Watch

Although Apple still refuses to release Apple Watch sales data, it is no secret that the device has become very popular in recent years. The most exciting aspect of the next generation of Apple Watch is that it has ushered in the most important device redesign since its inception. Specifically, the next-generation Apple Watch will have a significantly smaller border, which in turn will have a larger, almost no-edge display without the need for a larger enclosure.

About two weeks ago, the upcoming Apple Watch 4 marketing image was leaked online, giving us a very vivid understanding of the look of the next generation of Apple Watch. You can notice a significant reduction in the size of the border, providing extra screen space and an increase in the amount of information on the display. In addition, Apple has cleverly got rid of the terrible red dot. This red dot represents the Apple Watch model that supports LTE, and replaces it with a more subtle and elegant round red ring on the digital watch.

According to another message, the next-generation Apple Watch design may use solid-state buttons, which further improves the overall waterproof performance of the device. Even more interesting is that such a design can free up some internal space, thus allowing Apple to add a slightly larger battery during this process.

Before the launch of the conference, Apple Hub, a well-known foreign Twitter account, shared the information maps of the three iPhones and announced the process arrangement of the conference.


▲ three modelsiPhoneMain specifications and price information


▲ Live time schedules around the world, China is 1 am on September 13


▲ Flowchart of this conference

The conference will last for about 2 hours, and will introduce Apple Watch 4, followed by three iPhones, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. In addition, the new AirPods and AirPower will be released at the end of the conference.

The following are products that are less likely to appear. Although there are news out there, we may have to wait longer:

The NewMacBook

Apple analysts Guo Minghao and Bloomberg predicted earlier this year that Apple will release a new entry-level laptop later this year, and it is rumored that Apple will launch its flagship.educationThe market's cheap MacBook Air, the MacBook Air will be the first MacBook Air with a retina display. Research firm TrendForce believes that Apple will release the new MacBook Air in September or October.

According to DigiTimes' latest report, Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta will complete Apple's new "cheap notebook" order in the fourth quarter of 2018. It's unclear whether the new laptop will be named MacBook, MacBook Air or something else. DigiTimes has previously reported that this product is a 13-inch Retina display, but this has not been confirmed. Bloomberg expects the notebook to start at $999 or less.

It is widely rumored that this notebook may be the first MacBook Air with Retina display, and may also join the MacBook product line, but the current 12-inch MacBook starts at $1,299, so the MacBook Air is more likely.

New iPad Pro:

Mr. Guo expects that the main upgrade of the new iPad Pro includes the replacement of the USB-C connector to replace the new 18W charger with Lightning and the optional integrated design (cancel the replaceable plug) (2H18 new iPhone is still Lightning connector and comes with the current 5W transformer) ). We believe this change is beneficial to improve the speed of charging and data transmission. The main supplier of accessories and the power supply chip supplier Cypress are expected to benefit.

According to rumors, the 2018 iPad Pro will be significantly different from previous generations, including the removal of the home button and the ultra-narrow bezel design. Of course, these borders are much wider than the iPhone X's border, but the advantage is that you can hide the "bangs".

Removing the Home button means that the new iPad Pro will use Face ID unlocking and biometrics, as well as the 3.5mm headphone jack. The speaker grille is set at each corner, and the power button is still in the upper right corner.

The volume button is on the right side, but there is one more button in the middle of the right side. The specific function is unknown. The Smart Connector is moved to the back near the bottom, suggesting that the Smart Keyboard will also be redesigned. It is rumored that the face ID of the new iPad Pro does not support horizontal recognition, which may be one reason why the Smart Connector moves from the side to the front.


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