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iPhone XR shooting skills sharing

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Tip 1: Let iPhone XR automatically focus and meter for you

The new generation of iPhone, whether it's iPhoneXS, XS Max or iPhone XR, has very powerful auto-photometry and infinity auto-focusing capabilities, and the new Smart HDR (doesn't need to be set up. The system is turned on by default) so that you can easily press the shutter in complex light conditions to get a photo with a very good balance of highlights and shadows without excessive HDR traces. The color and details of the photo remain more natural. So, in the past, when you turned on the camera, clicked on the focus and adjusted the exposure compensation, you don't need to use it in many cases, and you don't need to use it, so that iPhoneXR can do it automatically for you to get a better result. All you have to do is focus on the screen composition itself and press the shutter to capture the perfect image in your mind. Note: if the object being shot is very close (such as a macro), you need to manually click on the screen focus, normally when the subject is one meter or more away from the photographer itself. IPhone can achieve "infinite" auto focus.

Tip 2: Use natural light to shoot portraits

Light is especially important for cell phone photography, mastering the best moments of natural light in the day or finding an interesting combination of light and shadow, using iPhone XR to take stunning photos of the environment. Before and after sunrise and before sunset are golden moments in traditional photography, AppStore also offers software to find out exactly where sunrise and sunset are, but sometimes the weather may be less sunny, a little foggy and sunlit. The light, however, was surprisingly soft, more natural than the traditional golden moment, and overbalanced in color. At the same time, after finding the right background, we can use the real-time depth of field preview function provided by iOS12.1 to view the relationship between the subject and the background, and find the best aperture value. A practical tip is to pre-select more contrasting clothes based on the location of the shoot, so that iPhone XR can more easily and accurately identify the person being photographed, or vice versa, depending on what the person was wearing at the time. To find the perfect background. Master the relationship between natural light and the subject, and use iPhone XR to take high-quality images of people with different senses and different atmosphere under any weather conditions.

Tip 3: Stunning portrait capture

This is a surprise that iPhone XR can do when I am actually shooting. The best part of the picture is that the person being photographed is naturally unprepared for the shot (except for commercial photography). But it has been difficult for mobile phones to capture clear images of people in natural motion because of speed and shutter speed, but the iPhone XR can do it this time. Turn on the iPhone XR camera and adjust to portrait mode, where the photographer stays close to the subject and allows the person to move freely. All you have to do is point the iPhone at the person's face and press the shutter. There is a very high chance of success in capturing a clear and natural moment without worrying about the complexity of the light environment, Smart HDR will take care of for you.


Tip 4: Clever use of ambient light to capture amazing night portraits

For portrait shooting under low / dark light condition, even the top professional digital camera can not easily get high quality photos, but also need reliable light source to obtain satisfactory results. What we have to do is look for such light sources in cities, such as neon signboards, window displays, street lamps, and even LED billboards, all of which can be used as relatively large, softer light sources. By keeping the right distance and angle between your subject and the light source, you can use these ambient light to take a really cool night portrait. IPhone XR with only one lens. That is, the main lens with a 26mm aperture of 1.8 has even better background neutralization and low light quality than iPhone XS and XS Max, while the wide angle image mode of 26mm can obtain more background images.


Tip 5: Make good use of Live Photo long exposure function and say goodbye to tourists


When we travel to hot spots, it's always hard to get a clean or unusual picture because there are too many people! How can we easily get a different picture from someone else's tourist when we have only one iPhone, and don't want to carry additional tripods and other tools? in fact, it's easy to open the Live Photo, on the iPhone XR screen. As usual, compose and take a picture (keep your hands as steady as possible in the moment of shooting), then slide up your photo, with different effects options below, slide to the far right of the long exposure, Click to get a unique "tourist photo", which may not be able to erase the entire image of the sea of people, but for handheld easy to take, you can get a more artistic picture.


Tip 6: What? Can the iPhone XR also emit panning follow-up photography?




What are you waiting for, take the iPhone XR and find a suitable intersection to try it out.


Six core features of the iPhone XR

1. The iPhone XR comes with a wide-angle 12 million pixel fr.1.8 aperture camera, like the iPhone XS, with a completely new sensor, which can focus more quickly. Larger, deeper pixels improve image fidelity and shoot photos and videos in low light better than ever before. Now, the smart HDR defaults to the open state, helping iPhone simulate the best light to help you make a big shot.

2. New depth of field control allows users to adjust depth of field control in live preview and after photo shooting. You can adjust the aperture without affecting the exposure. This function can't even be done with SLR. If you want to adjust the depth of field after the photo is taken, click "Edit" in the upper right corner of the photo to operate. The latest original deep-sensing camera system supports portrait mode and portrait light effects for stunning selfies.


3. Like the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR also comes with the original deep camera and supports the face ID. Thanks to iOS12's algorithm optimization and faster security partitions, the recognition speed of face ID has been further improved. When unlocking, the iPhone not only uses 2D data, but also collects accurate depth information on the user's face, making the face ID the most rigorous face verification system in the current smartphone.

4. Apple's A12 Bionic is a very smart and powerful chip that uses a groundbreaking 7-nanometer chip that allows it to handle energy efficiency and performance whether it's processing games, taking photos, editing videos, or running a powerful image. Outstanding performance. The new generation of neural network engines is built for advanced machine learning in areas such as photography and augmented reality. It features a new eight-core design that can perform five trillion operations per second.

5. When watching a movie on your mobile phone or enjoying music, the iPhone XR gives you a cinema-like experience. The left and right channels of the sound are automatically balanced during playback, and the crosstalk cancellation function also used in the iPhone XS makes the viewing and music experience even more exciting.

6. Not yet playing Animoji?Memoji (imitating my face) has come! The production process is no different from Ainmoji, and more detailed modification features to allow Memoji to mimic my expression with your charm oh!?

Photographer background

Eric Zhang/Zhang Yu, mobile phone photographer, has worked in the UK and Europe for many years as an architect and creative person, and currently works with many international brands and is active all over the world. The photos taken were selected for Apple #Shot on iPhone 7 global outdoor advertising and used at Apple's October 2016 global launch event. His architectural photographs have been published on internationally renowned architectural and design websites such as Archdaily, Designboom and Dezeen. He has also been selected into major domestic journals and magazines and selected for the 2017 Beijing International Photography Week Special Exhibition. In 2017, it was selected as the top ten mobile phone photographer of the year by Sina Weibo.

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