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Boudoir Duanniang: What has changed Baidu search?

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Wen/Ba Jiuling (Wechat Public: Wu Xiaobo Channel)

Who died of Baidu Search?

So, what does this blockbuster really say?

The minibus boils it down to two phenomena, one conclusion.

The phenomenon is:

1. Nowadays, users search through Baidu, and the search results appear, especially on the first page of users'high-frequency reading range, full of content from Baidu Encyclopedia and Baijia Numbers.

2. These contents often come from suspicious sources, some of them are vulgar, and even many of them are false news.

The conclusion is that Baidu today has become a tool for searching Baidu's own content on the site, and Baidu, as a search engine, has long been dead.


Indeed, when we open Baidu's App, it is not difficult to find its changes.

The first column is still the search bar, but there are a lot of headlines and attractive news information below. The others are good-looking videos (short videos, interface design is similar to fast hand), the middle one is the voice search assistant representing AI ability, and the last one is the small game.


So, what exactly changed Du Niang?

Living force?


With the advent of the mobile Internet era, things have changed.

In the past, Du Niang's living environment was that people were sitting at home, and many guests came. The revenue brought by keyword advertisements to Baidu was considerable. Baidu surpassed Sina's advertising revenue in 2007 and became the top advertising revenue player in China's Internet companies.

Nowadays, Wulin League has changed its position and the entrance has become a smartphone.

Whether you are a Physiological App or a Social App, although not the same product, they are also competing for each other, because it is the user's time that everyone ultimately grabs.

Her latest target is the headline.

Comparing with a single App product: Baidu's number of customers, users and daily life are higher than today's headlines. The only thing that is not as good as today's headlines is the user's use time. Baidu has more than 45 minutes, and today's headlines are 76 minutes.


So what Baidu needs to do is to import the traffic of information search into Baijia, Baidu Dynamics and good-looking videos, so as to increase the user's use time in an all-round way.

What's the result?

1. Baidu's use of good-looking videos has been increasing since last year's acquisition, and this trend is continuing.

2, Baidu's information flow revenue is half of today's headlines, but the total income is three times that of today's headlines.

3. Last year, Baidu's revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan, becoming the third company to enter the 100 billion mark besides Ali and Tencent.

This means that Du Niang, by actively weakening the functions of external search engines, has turned to self-directed content diversion, increasing user retention time, gradually stepping out of the trough and embarking on a high-speed development path.

Closed Era

Let Du Niang abandon the search engine, and this closed mobile Internet era which has been unable to accurately search.

In the PC era, data is open to each other, and portal is the most important.

Therefore, Du Niang at that time, want to know what, easy as the back of her hand.

In the era of mobile internet, the world has become a separatist force. Du Niang wanted to know the world, but she found that the door was closed and few people responded.

Moreover, blockades have become increasingly frequent.

A while ago, three social apps came out, which were suspected of challenging Wechat's status. However, on the day of its release, Wechat blocked all forwarding links and download entries related to them.

Earlier, more than 30 platforms, such as Fast Hand, Tremble, Pear Video, Video Picturer, Second Shot, Watermelon and so on, had been unable to spread in Wechat.


Therefore, in such a situation, Baidu has been very difficult to easily receive data from all parties. Looking at it, the platform effect of several major mobile Internet giants is becoming stronger and stronger. The platforms with the largest traffic, such as Weixin and Weibo, are not open to Baidu.

For example, users need to find information from four channels of ABCD, and then screen to find what they want, but in fact Baidu can only find information from two channels of AB, which in fact results in incomplete information. The best channel of AB is probably not the best one in the whole channel, especially when the information quality of the two channels of AB is poor.

Therefore, Baidu's search engine attributes have been weakened by the environment long before the content internalization became the site search.

The consciousness of industry

Fang Kecheng sent another article after "Baidu is dead", explaining the original intention of writing the article in detail:

In other words, Baidu's voice has always been bigger than others.

Therefore, knowing this, we still haven't checked our content properly, which is probably the most criticized place for Baidu all the time.

However, the responsibility of content auditing itself does not change as a search engine or as a search engine on the site.


Search engines may die, but the conscience of the industry responsible for users is dead. Even if it produces the world's first artificial intelligence and automatic driving, it may not be reassuring.

(Note: The above viewpoints also refer to the interviews of all the leaders.)

Big head theory


Liu Guohua

School of International Management, Shanghai Foreign Studies University

associate professor

1. At present, in China's Internet industry, closure and secession have indeed become a trend. The main reason behind this trend is the short-term commercial liquidity pressure. But in any case, whether in the real world or the Internet, opening up should be an ultimate goal.


Blogbus COO

Tianqi Amiba Fund Management Partner

Columnist of Science and Technology

As far as China is concerned, the overall content level of telling the truth is not high, the titles of Party fake information are everywhere, and the distribution of flow is actually poor soil. Especially after the rise of content entrepreneurship, the overall level of content has declined, and Baidu's traffic distribution model is facing great challenges.


Ding Dao Shi

Senior Internet Observer

Dean of Academy of Speedway

For example, we default that Wechat is a closed product, but it does connect many new retail enterprises; we default that Ali is a closed company, but there are countless enterprises and institutions in different fields in the country using Aliyun.


Zong Ning

Famous Self-media

The Author of "Pattern Backlash"

Closure is a feature of mobile Internet. Content platforms and Apps are closed. Headlines, Phoenix, Point, Sohu and so on, all import traffic into the original content of the platform, and all are closed traffic. Weibo and Friendship Circle are a little better, but Friendship Circle is also limited: Video content can not be shared, and the external links of websites are often blocked.

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