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Think tank mobile phone research: men choose millet, women like OV, middle-aged and old-aged Huawei

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Recently, Tencent's Penguin think tank released the "2019 Chinese Internet users smartphone user portrait analysis" report. The report shows,Among the smart phone brands that Internet users change their priorities, Huawei ranks first, and Xiaomi and Apple are second and third.. In terms of user loyalty, the top three are Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi.

In addition, the net name buys intelligenceMobile phoneThe most common range is 2001-3000 yuan, 3001-5000 yuan. When replacing smartphones, 69.4% of netizens most want to improve battery life, while operating experience, hardware performance and pre-installed less "garbage" software have received more attention.

According to a report released by China's Xintong Institute on the 16th, in the first quarter of 2019, the total domestic mobile phone market shipments decreased by 11.9% year-on-year to 76.931 million units. However, the total share of TOP5 manufacturers' shipments in the domestic mobile phone market rose to 88.6% in the quarter, up 9.2 percentage points from the previous year.


Source: China Communications Institute

In the context of declining shipments, the concentration of the domestic mobile phone market continued to increase. According to public data, the top five manufacturers in China's smart phone market are Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and Apple. In the competitive environment at the beginning of 2019, the Penguin think tank survey of the above-mentioned first-line brands found:

In terms of the characteristics of the city where the user is located, Apple's mobile phone users in the first-tier cities accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 31.4%; Xiaomi ranked second, with users accounting for 25.4%; Huawei ranked third with 22.6% of users. In contrast, the OPPO's first-tier cities accounted for 12.9%, while the vivo data was the lowest, only 11.2%.

In the proportion of users in first- and second-tier cities, the data of apples and millet exceeded 50%, while the users of OPPO and vivo in the third- and fourth-tier cities accounted for nearly 65%. Huawei's third- and fourth-tier cities are slightly higher than first- and second-tier cities. It can be seen that Xiaomi has reached the high point of its respective users in the second-tier cities and Huawei in the third-tier cities.

In addition, in the gender comparison of the above-mentioned first-line brand stock users, the proportion of women in OPPO and vivo is about 60%, while the proportion of male users in Xiaomi reaches 61.8%, each reaching the highest. The proportion of men and women on Huawei mobile phones is basically the same, and the proportion of women in apples is slightly higher than that of men.


In terms of user age, Huawei's mobile phone users account for the highest proportion of users, and users over 40 years old account for more than 33%. Apple and millet have more young and middle-aged users, and users between the ages of 20 and 39 account for a large percentage. The most users of OPPO and vivo are between 20 and 29 years old.

In terms of education, Apple has a higher proportion of users above the university, accounting for 16.2%. Huawei and Xiaomi's highly educated users are slightly lower than Apple's, with 14.2% and 13.5% respectively. On the other hand, OPPO and Vivo have a percentage of users above 5%, and both of them have more than 60% of junior high school and below.

At the income level, Apple's monthly revenue of more than 8,000 yuan accounted for the highest proportion, at 15.7%. The data of Xiaomi and Huawei are both over 10%. In addition, all three vendors have reached their respective highs in the proportion of 3001-8000 users. Among users with monthly income of less than 3,000 yuan, OPPO accounted for 59.7%, and vivo accounted for 58.4%. Both reached a high point in the proportion of users of 1001-3000 yuan.

The following is a first-line mobile phone brand user portrait based on the results of the data survey: Penguin think tank:

Huawei user portrait: The middle-aged and old users accounted for the highest proportion, with users over 30 years old accounting for 60.9%, and users over 40 years old accounting for 33%. In addition, the user's gender ratio, income, and academic qualifications are relatively balanced. The proportion of users in first- and second-tier cities is lower than that in Xiaomi, and the proportion of users in third- and fourth-tier cities is higher than that in Xiaomi.


Apple user portrait: high education and monthly income 3001-8000 yuan users accounted for the highest proportion of major brands, female users slightly more than male. In addition, young and middle-aged users account for nearly seven layers, with the highest proportion of users in first-tier cities and the decreasing proportion of users in second- and fourth-tier cities.


Xiaomi user portrait: The proportion of users in first- and second-tier cities reached 51.5%, second only to Apple's 58.9%. Most male users accounted for the highest 61.8%. User income and education level are roughly equivalent to those of Huawei. The average age distribution, the proportion of young and middle-aged users aged 20 to 39 is outstanding.


OV user portrait: The two brand user portraits are very close: the female users account for about 60%; the main users are distributed in the third- and fourth-tier cities, accounting for nearly 65%. In addition, junior high school and below users account for about 65%, mostly young users aged 20 to 29, and users with income of less than 3,000 yuan account for about 60%.



It is worth noting that the Penguin think tank conducted a survey of netizens in January 2019 and released the above report on April 9. The report received a total of 1863 screen names, of which 47% and 53% were males and females, and 15%, 38%, 22% and 25% of the first, second, third and fourth-tier cities respectively.

The report mentioned that data research and analysis does not represent the position of any business. However, given the limited sampling data, the results are for reference only.

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