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Indulge in playing mobile phones before going to bed "After the 95s" college students are "the most lacking generation"?

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Text / Wang Peilian Feng Nan

Just one month after school, Li Hui, who was a sophomore at a college in Jinan, invited 3 times “sick leave”. The teacher thought that Li Hui’s health was not good, but he did not know that his real “disease” was that he could not stay up late.

Li Hui stayed up late until two or three in the morning to sleep, but he was not alone and mdash; — because the roommates are all staying up late.

After the bedroom was turned off at 11 o'clock in the evening, Li Hui and his roommates lit up their mobile phones in the dark, and started their most enjoyable time of the day: watching star news, brushing short videos, playing games … …


Freed from the tension and busyness of high school, the free atmosphere of the university allowed Li Hui to arbitrarily immerse himself in the pleasure of playing mobile phones before going to bed.

Compared with Li Hui’s sleep time of about 6 hours a day, Zhao Yuting, a sophomore in Hohhot, has less sleep time. She only sleeps 4 hours a day, sometimes even less. “It’s a waste of time to sleep too early”, becoming the mantra of Zhao Yuting. After the bedroom is turned off, she habitually turns on the mobile phone “Post drama”, especially the idol drama, the dreamy and not brain-burning story. She feels very relaxed.

Every night, Zhao Yuting and her roommates stayed up late, not disturbing each other, playing their own mobile phones. In their view, ending the day's classes and busy, night is a rare time to spend time with yourself, playing mobile phones can relax and release stress.

In March of this year, the "2019 China Sleep Index Report" was released in Shenzhen. The report showed that after 70, I loved to read books before going to bed. After 80, I loved to sleep, and I slept late 90. The sleep conditions between different generations are also different. The younger the sleep, the more disordered. The older the sleep, the more regular.

The relevant data in the "2018 China Post-90s Young People's Sleep Index Study" can also prove that —— 90 after sleep time averaged 7.5 hours, lower than healthy sleep time, more than 60% felt that sleep time is insufficient.

As a generation of college students after the 95s, it has become the main force of the lack of consciousness.

“Don't stay up all night, always stay up all night and keep cool”” “The night is too beautiful, even though it is dangerous again, there are always black eyes staring at the night”, which has become a self-adjustment of college students.

Unlike Li Hui and Zhao Yuting's "active", staying up all night, Zhang Hai, who has been living in the past three years, is "successful and helpless".

Zhang Hai, who went to college in Changchun, has consistently ranked among the best. In the eyes of classmates, Zhang Hai's self-discipline is very strong. Despite this, he is still difficult to stay up all night "temptation". Unlike the people around you playing around the clock, Zhang Hai chooses to turn off the lights after reading the lights in the bedroom to read books or write community materials, “extend the effective time of the day and enrich yourself”.

In high school, Zhang Hai raised a good schedule of work: get up at 4:30 in the morning to walk, study, and go to sleep before 10 pm. When he first went to college, his habit of going to bed early and getting up early was not very close to his roommates. In order not to affect each other's rest, he also began to try to stay up late.

Initially staying up late was forced to reconcile with the roommates, and then he took the initiative to sleep late, now Zhang Hai has been used to falling asleep at night or two, "I can't sleep early".

Li Xing, a counselor at the School of Political Science and Law of Northeast Normal University, has conducted research on students. “More than 70% of students sleep less than 7 hours”. He learned that there are two main reasons: some students stay up late because of their work and community work; while more students turn off their lights and use their mobile phones or tablets to scan Weibo, watch short videos, chat online or play mobile games.

Among the 20 college students interviewed by reporters, staying up late has become the lifestyle of “mainstream” among them and their classmates.

Knowing that staying up late is not good, but it is difficult to change. The college students staying up all night "always between the joy of staying up late and the sense of guilt during the day".

“It’s very cool, I regret it when I finish.” & rdquo; At first day and night caused the class to be sleepy during the day, Li Hui is very guilty, but for a long time, he is used to it, & ldquo; everyone is staying up late, very normal. ”

“The second day after staying up late, there will be no spirit. & rdquo; Once, Zhang Hai wrote the community materials until 3:30 in the morning. The next morning was too sleepy. In the modern Chinese class, which was difficult to understand, he was tortured inside. “The feeling is still fresh.”

The three-year accumulation of the university's day and night, Zhang Hai continued to send a warning signal to the sub-healthy body. At the graduation ceremony last year, Zhang Hai was appointed to recite the Teacher's Morals Convention on the spot. Unexpectedly, after three rehearsals, he was in the heat, and then he developed acute gastroenteritis. The body has not recovered, and it is close to the final exam. Zhang Hai still chooses to review overnight. Due to low immunity, he was again beaten by the virus, fever and pneumonia.

Lin Lele, a first-year university student in Luoyang, is 18 years old this year. At the beginning of the semester, Lin Lele did a physical fitness test at the gym near the school with a score of 61. She did not expect that after half a year, the physical test results showed that her body age has reached 24 years old.

During the day, classes are sleepy, the skin is getting worse, the dark circles are long, the hair is lost, and the body is weakened. Many problems appear in many college students staying up late.

In the winter flu season last year, Li Xun found that many of his students had a cold. He thought that the students were wearing less, and when they asked, they often stayed up late and caused the body's immunity to deteriorate.

Zhang Hai’s parents are Chinese medicine practitioners and often remind him to go to bed early. When he was a freshman, he often wanted to resume the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and also designed a schedule. Later, he found that many community work and college activities were temporarily sent to him at night, and they needed to be completed as soon as possible, and finally stayed up late. Now he rarely has the idea of ​​changing his schedule, because “do not do it at all”.

Can not change the habit of staying up late, the more important reason is that "self-control is not strong". Li Hui said frankly that he often made up his mind not to stay up late, but ultimately lost to lack of self-control.

Staying up late for many days, when there is a headache during the day, Zhao Yuting will sleep after turning off the lights at night. Once you get back to health, you will stay up late with your roommate. “I am not self-controlling.” After many days and nights, Zhao Yuting will wake up at 12 o'clock at noon on weekends.

There are also a lot of post-90 college students who tried to force themselves not to stay up late, and tried various methods: setting the mobile phone to a timed shutdown, not easily accessible under the bed, and roommates supervising each other.

“There are many ways to change the habit of staying up late, but it’s hard to stick to it. & rdquo; This is the general helplessness of college students staying up late. Despite the poor physical condition, many college students will not choose to take the initiative because “no time” or “difficult to stick to”.

In order to urge college students to “go down the network, walk out of the dormitory, and go to the playground”, many colleges and universities carry out early-running or campus-running activities all the year round, and students from various departments are on the mobile sports app.

For mandatory campus runs, the views of college students are divided into positive and negative. Supporters believe that schools are not mandatory, students are difficult to adhere to exercise, it is worth promoting; those who oppose do not want to exercise, mandatory is useless, students will want to escape from various methods.

Lin Lele’s school uses a mobile running app. Each student needs to run 96 kilometers per semester. At least 1.5 kilometers and 2 kilometers per day are required. Lin Lele said that she will continue to exercise and do another physical test at the end of the semester.

Unlike Lin Lele, Wang Zhen, who is in the second year of college in Guangzhou, does not like campus running. His university also uses a mobile running software. Although this software requires that students continue to use their seniors and count on their grades, Wang Zhen refuses to use them. In his opinion, "the software is not easy to use, the positioning is not accurate, and the route design is not good".

Wang Zhen, who does not like the mandatory campus run, did not deliberately find other ways to exercise. He often carries photographic equipment to take pictures outdoors. In his opinion, this is an exercise.

There are still many college students who think that they can walk about 10,000 steps between the dormitory, the cafeteria, the classroom and the library every day, “to achieve the effect of daily exercise and exercise”.

It is worth mentioning that some college students are aware of the adverse effects of long-term staying up late on the body and begin to exercise regularly.

At the beginning of the new semester, in addition to insisting on the morning run on campus, Lin Lele also set up a fitness card, going to the gym three times a week for two hours each time.

Now Li Hui, in addition to physical education classes and training in the college basketball team, will play basketball three times a week. Long staying up late, Li Hui's body has been in a sub-health state. “I can't change the habit of staying up late, but at least I can increase my physical activity and enhance my physical fitness. & rdquo; Li Hui said.

(According to the requirements of the interviewee, the students in the text are all pseudonyms.)

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