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Fujian people reshape the Internet

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Editor's note: This article is from WeChat public account & ldquo; Chinese business strategy & rdquo; (ID: hstl8888), author Chen Pharmacist.

Fujian people are in control of your fingertips life.


From the data of 2018:

More than 100 million people use vibrato to record their lives and entertain themselves; more than 200 million people use Meituan takeaways to feed themselves.

Behind this is the Fujian people.

In addition, Ruixun Coffee has expanded frantically in just over a year, sweeping through Shenzhou, and now has 2,000 stores.

Behind it, it is also a Fujianese. Moreover, this Fujianese also founded Shenzhou Car Rental & mdash; — Asia's largest car chain leasing company.

Rivers and lakes spread, as long as BAT dyes your business, you basically have no chance. However, the Fujian people tore a crack in the foot of the powerful BAT, and formed a unique and powerful force in the Internet field.

They are referred to O2O, group purchases, short videos, blockchains.

Not only did they stand in the air, but they also created a vent.

Fujian merchants are known as “闽商闽”, China’s largest business group. They dare to take risks, dare to go out to sea, and dare to challenge the existing business landscape.

In the Internet field, Fujian merchants' styles are simple and straightforward: catching the wind, frantic financing, burning a lot of money, growing rapidly, and even seeking IPOs at the fastest speed.

Today, several Fujianese who stand at the peak of the Internet have become the founders and rulers of the 100 billion empire. ——

The Shenzhou special car founded by Fujianese Lu Zhengyao is currently valued at US$3.55 billion;

The byte hopping initiated by Zhang Yiming of Fujian Province is currently valued at $75 billion;

U.S. group founded by Fujianese Wang Xing, UBS generously gave a valuation of up to 109.4 billion US dollars.

Fujian people are reshaping the Internet.


Smart and daring to take risks, probably the commonality of Fujian businessmen.

There are many hills and less cultivated land in Fujian. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that “eight mountains, one water and one field”. Luo Yonghao once said: Fujian is a saline-alkali land, can you do it without doing business?

In fact, Fujian is rich in tea, and going out to sell tea is an important business for Fujian people in their early years. Today, the pronunciation of “Tea” in English is derived from the “tea” of Minnan dialect.

Therefore, you can't live without risk.

Adventure has become the survival rule of Fujian people, but the adventure is not reckless, but step by step, deliberate.

In the Swordsman River, the Fujianese Lin Pingzhi, in order to revenge, forbearing for many years, did not hesitate to hang on the cliff to listen to Master's conversation, and finally to tears 斩 "Hui Gen", risking the loss of my love forever.

Lu Zhengyao, Wang Xing, and Zhang Yiming all have more than three times of entrepreneurial history, and stability has never been their pursuit.

Inamori Kazuo’s two ventures have been successful, even if he is convinced when he learns that China has a continuous entrepreneurial idea: continuous entrepreneurship? What do you want to do?

Do something earth-shattering.

More than 20 years ago, Lu Zhengyao left the government with this ideal and went to sea to do business. At that time, Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech revolves around the beam, Lu Zhengyao can’t “stay safely”.

In 1995, Lu Zhengyao founded a communications company. Ten years later, the company had taken over more than half of China Telecom's business in Beijing. But he didn't want to do it because he felt that he was only an agent and was controlled by people. He was quite uncomfortable. He had to control every joint of an industry from beginning to end.

“It’s okay to make money, but the business is not big. & rdquo; Lu Zhengyao does not care about small goals, he has big dreams.


In 2005, Ctrip went public, and Lu Zhengyao was greatly touched. He decided to graft the Ctrip model into the automotive field.

The mode is simple: if the member's car is broken, just call or make an appointment online, someone will help you repair within 15 minutes.

Investor Liu Erhai is very fond of this model. He and Lu Zhengyao probably met at the Peking University International Development Institute. They did not study together, but met at the alumni association.

Liu Erhai is keen on investing in automobile projects and has invested in Yiche.com and Youxin used cars. He also invested in Lu Zhengyao's United Auto Club (UAA). The club has grown rapidly, with 2 million users in two years. However, there is no way to make money.

Although Lu Zhengyao is keen on taking risks, it is impossible to make money.

In 2007, he founded the China Car Rental.

Lu Zhengyao, who is adventurous but particularly shrewd, said that he wanted to understand a problem: the so-called business logic is to make the accounts clear.

After the reinstatement, it is the rapid development. After the birth of Shenzhou, Lu Zhengyao, who has always liked the big hand, is keen to face the consumers and has said: "The most reliable business model is the B2C model. ”

However, if you stick to a concept and don't know how to work, it is definitely not the character of the Fujian people.

In 2015, Lu Zhengyao launched the Shenzhou Special Car in more than 60 cities across the country and completed the company's platform operation. It doesn't matter what the model looks like. For Lu Zhengyao, it is important to make money.

He believes that the future of China is to become a comprehensive platform for users to provide one-stop services from car rental, car to car, car maintenance and insurance.

Therefore, when companies such as Didi, Biao, etc. fell into a subsidy war, the Shenzhou special car was not in dispute with the world, and it became rich and sullen, because in Lu Zhengyao’s view, the business model maintained by subsidies was extremely unstable. For taxi drivers, Who will give me more money?

In 2018, China’s total car rental revenue exceeded 6.4 billion yuan and its net profit exceeded 600 million yuan. And Didi, uber and listed network car Lyft is not facing losses or the stock price plunged.

At the same time, UCAR, the operating company of Shenzhou Special Vehicle, which was listed on the New Third Board, also achieved a profit of 270 million yuan.

Market share is not as good as the drop, but Fujian people make money.


Just a year after Lu Zhengyao founded Shenzhou to rent a car, Wang Xing and Zhang Yiming "break up".

The meeting time between Wang Xing and Zhang Yiming is actually very short. After 2007, Wang Xing founded the social platform Fanfan and Hainet. Zhang Yiming is a technology partner.

They are also Fujianese.

At that time, Zhang Yiming once asked Wang Xing: Has anyone founded two Fortune 500 companies? Wang Xing said: Yes, Inamori Kazuo.

Later, the meal was closed and Zhang Yiming left. Someone wants to buy rice, Wang Xing said, I have no interest in rice, I feel that group buying is more fun.

In 2010, some of the old ones of the meal were gathered together. They drank the Dahongpao and started to establish the US group.

Ten days later, the Wowo Group was established; then, more than 5,000 group buying websites appeared in the country, and the famous 1000-group battle in the history of Chinese Internet opened.

In the "Breakthrough and Opening of the US Mission", Liang Ning believes that the Thousand Regiment Battle is a typical slogan blown by VC. Groupon has achieved the IPO story in the United States in a short period of time, allowing Chinese investors to collectively produce with entrepreneurs. "Do not pay attention to the money, just the expansion of the illusion."

And the illusion, there is always a sober and cruel moment.

Wang Xing was very awake. He warned the team that the US group should put the consumer first, the business second, and the US group third.


Wang Xing worshipped Jobs. Shortly after Apple introduced its smartphone, he realized that the era of mobile has arrived. Therefore, in 2012, when many group buying websites were still working on the personal computer side, the US group began to do mobile products.

This year, it is a crucial year for many users to transfer from computers to Apple and Android platforms.

In the same year, the Meituan film became an independent app, which was later a cat-eye movie, and soon defeated the same-choice online movie product Guevara.

In 2015, it was the year of mergers and acquisitions. Ctrip acquisition where to go, Didi acquisition express, 58 and old rivals to catch the network.

The giants are standing, but the giants did not expect that their opponents are actually the US group.

In fact, as early as 2013, the US Mission became a hotel distributor giant, and its market share jumped to third place.

At that time, the headquarters of Qunar.com even posted a slogan against the US group, "Anti-American war, Jedi counterattack, and then set off!" ”

Can be unsuccessful.

By 2018, the group's hotel online bookings exceeded Ctrip and became the first.

Wang Xing said: "We are pulling the hotel business by eating. ”

Eat, just need it. Many users downloaded the US group in order to figure out what to eat, and then were transferred to other businesses.

The contest behind the appearance is more intense.

As early as 2011, Alibaba led the US B round of financing, which also opened the prelude to the BAT segmentation market. Since then, O2O, network car or shared bicycle have followed this model.

In 2014, Wang Xing had the idea of ​​getting rid of Ali and he wanted a more free environment.

On the first day of the National Day 2015, the US Mission and the public comment completed the merger. Three months later, under the lead of Tencent, the new company received $3.3 billion in financing.

Wang Xing said that he "do the fourth pole of the Internet".


Wang Xing's success is probably because he is not superstitious about the power of the giants, nor is he superstitious that there is no new opportunity in the seemingly iron-clad market. There are also thousands of battles and winners. The key is to have a long-term vision and dare to take risks.

When Zhang Yiming founded the headlines, not many people believed that he would succeed, because the news platform seemed to have no chance.

Zhang Yiming is doing a media platform, but he does not have the feelings, ideals, and ambitions that the media people are used to. The logic behind the headline is simple: algorithm and information distribution, what the user wants to see, just show him what.

After leaving the meal, Zhang Yiming went around and participated in several entrepreneurial projects until the headline was born, and he settled down.


During the Spring Festival of 2012, Beijing was cold, and Zhang Yiming wrapped up a coat in a coffee shop to show investors the picture of today's headlines, and then got a $5 million investment.

But it is not enough. He went to find a well-known investor Zhu Xiaohu.

Zhu Xiaohu refused. Because Sina, Sohu and other clients had already split the market, Zhu Xiaohu asked him directly: What do I use to make money?

But Zhang Yiming believes that the news content of the mobile side should be different from the traditional way, that is, users are more free.

After the success of today's headlines, Zhu Xiaohu once lamented that “the mobile side cannot be underestimated. Many things are very small on the PC side, and it is a big thing on the mobile side. & rdquo; This is the biggest lesson he summed up after missing the headlines today.

Today's headlines don't have their own editing team. The core employees are engineers. They have a relatively accurate algorithm. What do you like, what information you often read, and what they push.

In the words of Xu Zhiyuan, the headline is a “information boudoir”.

And this "information mortuary" really has a market.

Two years after the establishment of the bytebeat in March 2012, its offline products expanded to 120 million users today, and this data has been growing. Today's headlines have been created so far, and the speed of financing from the A round to the C round is almost one round per year, and the scale has increased from millions of dollars to 100 million US dollars. At the end of 2016, today's headlines completed the D round of $1 billion financing, and since then there has been a news of a new round of financing.

Like the fellow Wang Xing, Zhang Yiming also has an independent spirit. Even though Wang Xing later formed an alliance with the giants, Zhang Yiming continued to insist on independence.

Wu Xiaobo said that BAT and their allies have a large number of territories. Zhang Yiming became the leader of a self-contained kingdom in the territory.

In 2017, in the well-known Internet industry Wuzhen dinner, Zhang Yiming, Wang Xing and Di Di's Cheng Wei sat together, they were able to compete with BAT and become a new force called TMD (headline, beauty group, drop drop).

Of course, the headline has also encountered a crisis, but Zhang Yiming's thinking is very clear, in order to be able to compete with the giants, he initiated the layout expansion.

In terms of short video, the benchmark fast-handed, hatched a small video of the original life small video community volcano; in September 2016, the music short video community vibrated online. Today's headlines are also looking overseas for opportunities. In February 2017, it acquired a wholly-owned US short video application Flipagram. In November 2017, the music short video platform Musical.ly was acquired with a valuation of US$1 billion.

On the social side, today's headlines are highly hopeful of the micro-headlines and the Goku question and answer. At the 2017 Headline Creator Conference, today's headline announced that it will support 1,000 accounts with one million fans in the coming year, and will provide 40 billion traffic to help high-quality micro-headlines users enjoy the flow guarantee in the early cold start; in addition, last year invested 1 billion yuan, subsidized and encouraged for knowledge sharing.

If you are big, you may not fall. This may be the concept that Zhang Yiming believes in, and it is also the law followed by contemporary merchants.


Lu Zhengyao is very obsessed with this law. In addition to Shenzhou, he is also involved in the coffee industry, but also is a big step.

Qian Zhiya is a big apprentice of Lu Zhengyao, a big butler of China, and the founder of Ruixing Coffee.

Just in April, Rui Xing Coffee announced that it has received a total of $150 million in new investments, of which $125 million comes from Starbucks' largest active investor, BlackRock. Since the completion of the Angel Wheel financing in 2018, Ruirui Coffee has been valued at US$2.9 billion for more than a year.

After eight years of founding the US group, Wang Xing wrote on his own meal: "Do you have chickens or eggs first?" This is probably no longer an empty question. Putting it in the Internet industry can be understood as whether demand creates supply or supply creates demand. ”

Ruixing Coffee is also verifying this statement.

The first is the continuous increase in sales volume: 10 million, 30 million, 100 million cups … … In 2018, Rui Xing constantly threw out a staggering number of digital shells in the market, which is eye-catching.

Ruixun Coffee also has innovations, making full use of the latest technology to change the coffee industry. The entire Ruixing Coffee has realized the smart single, smart ordering, intelligent quality control and personalized push through the marketing data platform.

But the controversy has always existed, especially the big money that spares no effort.

By July 2018, Ruixun Coffee subsidized more than RMB 1 billion for users, and the cost of a cup of Ruixun Coffee was 22 yuan. Consumers can drink it for only 10 yuan, sometimes without spending money.

As a result, Ruisheng Coffee lost more than RMB 800 million in 2018.

Lu Zhengyao urged Qian Zhiya not to worry, slowly come (burning money). Qian Zhiya is not in a hurry, she said: "We are not in a hurry to make a profit, we need the number of users. ”

But is Lu Zhengyao really not in a hurry? We don't know.

At least he was focusing on profit when he was in the market.

Lu Zhengyao is an angel investor of Ruixing Coffee and a Bole of Qian Zhiya.


As early as 2004, Qian Zhiya was the most trusted subordinate of Lu Zhengyao. After more than ten years, Qian Zhiya became the COO of the excellent car in China.

Lu Zhengyao said that as a big butler with more than 100,000 employees in more than 1,000 stores in more than 1,000 stores in 300 cities across the country, he went out to see the partners and went away, and the specific details were all responsible for Qian Zhiya.

In 2017, Qian Zhiya decided to leave the business, Lu Zhengyao did not retain, no resentment but full support. In addition to investing in Qian Zhiya, the first store of Ruixun Coffee was also opened in the office building of his old club.

The CMO Yang Fei of Ruixing Coffee is also from Shenzhou.

Investors of Ruixun Coffee, including Daxie Capital, Joy Capital and Junlian Capital, are all from the “Friends Circle” of UCAR, and Qian Zhiya said that this is why she invited Lu Zhengyao to be the non-executive chairman of the company:

“I am not good at capital. Lu is the chairman of the board and can help us with the strategy and capital. The company is running very fast now, so that I can focus more on business and operations. ”

In 2019, if there is no accident, Ruixun Coffee will surpass Starbucks to become China's largest coffee chain brand.

Lu Zhengyao is spared no effort for this goal.

Some people are worried about whether Ruixing Coffee will be a bubble. But investors are willing to do this gambling.

“If I tell you, give me $10 billion, I can make another Starbucks, someone will believe it. Investors are betting on this. “The first asset chief investment officer, Lv Xiaoyu, commented on Ruixun Coffee.

Just as Zhang Yiming can dig out the virgin land distributed from the seemingly iron-clad consulting field, Lu Zhengyao also firmly believes that it is possible to build a new brand beyond Starbucks.

When Wang Xing exerted his strength on the mobile side, many people still did not understand that they should start from the PC side first.

It’s definitely not the way Fujian people buy and sell.

They believe that love will win.

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