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Design, Photo, Sustainable Surprise Continuously Lenovo Z6 Pro Evaluation

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A kind ofMainstream but Individual Designs

Lenovo Z6 Pro rear cover design let me see bright, common left camera alignment may feel common, but this product's color matching black faint red, vertical four lenses are a change of light through the red line, the unique design of lens decoration circle and red line echo, more integrated. The addition of overall red and black color matching makes Z6 Pro find a good balance between monotony and promotion.

Lenovo Z6 Pro uses a 6.39-inch Samsung AM frontally.OLEDScreen, resolution 2340 × 1080. The top, left and right sides of the screen are almost equal in width, and even a slightly wider chin doesn't look too visual.

Lenovo Z6 Pro Screen Effect

Lenovo Z6 Pro Bottom Border Close-up

A kind ofDesign Comparison of Lenovo Z6 Promillet9 Details show:

Lenovo Z6 Pro, as a flagship product with similar price and location to millet 9, is 100 yuan cheaper than millet 9. I believe that we will also be very interested in the difference between the two products. Lenovo Z6 Pro and Xiaomi 9 have their own styles in back design, millet is more concise, Lenovo is more personalized.

Lenovo Z6 Pro and Xiaomi 9

Posterior lens contrast

Screen Top Details Contrast

Both products have similar screen border widths, but Lenovo's screen bottom border widths are much wider than Millet 9's.

Frame comparison

Bottom border contrast

Lenovo Z6 Pro fuselage is 8.65 mm thick, 4000 mAh battery; millet 9 7.61 mm thick, 3300 mAh battery. Although the difference is only 1 mm, because of the special curve of the millet 9 fuselage, the millet 9 in the hand feel is obviously thinner. Of course, the thickness of 1 mm also enables Lenovo Z6 Pro to gain 700 mAh capacity support. Nevertheless, in the sense of holding hands, individuals tend to associate with Z6 Pro, which is a kind of mid-frame arc-closing design. The pressure on fingers is much less when holding hands (just look at it for your own opinions).

Fuselage thickness comparison

A kind ofThe addition of HDR 10 makes the screen perform better

At present, Tencent videos and IQI specific movies have supported HDR 10 display on the screen (most of which require open members to open). When using Lenovo Z6 Pro to watch Tencent's video power game, we can open the HDR color horizon mode. In this mode, we can find that the picture's expressive power has been greatly improved.

When using the default 1080P mode, the overall picture is brighter, and it can be found that the display effect of characters and scenes will be better biased white. When HDR mode is enabled, the skin color of the task is more delicate and the picture saturation is higher and the color is richer. Everyone may feel that the HDR mode screen darkened after looking at the contrast, but after the contrast, we can find that the light and shade contrast is more natural, and the improvement of the picture expression also makes it look more "three-dimensional".

A kind ofNightscape photography is a surprise

The Lenovo Z6 Pro uses a back-up four-lens design, with 48 million pixels of main lens and 16 million pixels of 125 °wide-angle lens, supporting 2.39cm macro shot. 8 million pixels support a double-variable long focal lens and a 2 million-pixel 2.9 μ m night shot. The combination of long focus and wide angle has been adopted by a lot of products, and Lenovo Z6 Pro has specially added a night shot on this basis, which makes people look forward to the performance of its night scene. (this time, we use Xiaomi 9, which has excellent performance in photographing at the same price, for a comparative test.)

Lenovo Z6 Pro has better control over the highlight of the light box than millet 9 when taking night photos in automatic mode, but at the same time, it can also see that the overall brightness of the picture is slightly worse.

Automatic mode

A kind ofNightscape resolution/color restoration:

In the case of direct lighting, Z6 Pro in automatic mode will give priority to suppressing exposure. After turning on the night mode, it can suppress lighting well, and at the same time, it can improve the brightness of the surrounding environment. The following group of Zhang Xiaomi 9's nightscape model is very good, the lighting is properly suppressed, and the brightness of the surrounding environment is also excellent. At first glance, the overall picture is definitely better for the night scene model of millet 9, but don't worry about it.

By enlarging the leaves on the right side of the street lamp and looking at the details, we can see that Lenovo Z6 Pro has much better details and blade layers than Millet 9 although the brightness of the picture is lower.

Two Nightscape Models for Complex ScenesMobile phoneThe distant light boxes have been treated to suppress the over-explosion. The picture of millet 9 is brighter and brighter, but after enlargement, it can be found that the leaves of millet 9 are smeared distinctly. The leaf texture of Lenovo Z6 Pro is clearer.

Night Mode

Through the comparison of several groups of samples, we can find that the color perception of millet side is really better, closer to the color performance of the real scene, and the color of Lenovo side is darker than the real scene. Contrastive details are also more abundant in Lenovo's side, while Millet 9 has insufficient resolution and overflowing colors.

Automatic mode

The following group of flower samples because of two mobile phone color restoration problems, so add a Samsung S10 Zhang sample as a reference. Lenovo Z6 Pro color partial orange, millet 9 partial powder, S10 color closer to the real scene. Details are similar to those of millet. Samsung S10 retains the best details.

Lenovo Z6 Pro, millet 9, Samsung S10 in automatic mode

A kind ofNight zoom/48 megapixel resolution:

Both phones have twice the optical zoom capability, and both are 48-megapixel super-clear main cameras. Comparisons show that the Sony IMX586 of Millet has stronger analytical power in the future. At the same time, the performance of double optical zoom of the two mobile phones also has a certain gap.

To put it aside, if you have requirements for zoom details, we recommend that you choose optical zoom mode first instead of the so-called 48 megapixel super-clear mode. The effect is as follows, the gap is very obvious.

A kind ofDay performance:

In daytime performance, Lenovo Z6 Pro is lighter in color than the human eye can see, while Millet 9 is more colorful. Whether hair color tendencies are better or brighter depends on your preferences.

A kind ofAnalytical power:

After opening the 48-megapixel mode, Lenovo Z6 Pro has a certain gap with Xiaomi 9 in the resolving power even in the daytime scene.

A kind ofWide-angle mode display:

A kind ofMicroscopic sample sheet:

This time Lenovo Z6 Pro's micro performance is really unexpected. The two sample photos taken at the latest focusing distance are very surprising in detail. After experiencing it, I found that it must be one of my favorite features of this mobile phone.

A kind ofPerformance:

First, let's look at the running scores of Antu Rabbit and Geek Bench. Antu Rabbit scored 362851, GeekBench scored 3452 in single nucleus and 10993 in multi-nucleus. They all belong to the normal level of a Miaolong 855 flagship.

A kind ofGame performance:

The quality of King's Glory and Jedi Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield is tuned to the ultimate mode that can be reached at present. The frame rate of King's Glory is still acceptable in the game, but there have been several inexplicable fluctuations, and the lowest one falls to 50 frames in the absence of group warfare. After running for a period of time, the number of frames is basically stable at the full frame rate. Stimulating the battlefield can not display the frame rate in real time, and the actual experience will be a layer of psychological factors, the overall performance of the game is very smooth without noticing the obvious frame drop problem.

A kind ofContinuity test:

In the endurance part, we adopt our laboratory standard mode. The total running time is three hours, without card insertion, WiFi connection, 50% volume and 50% brightness. One hour 1080P online video broadcasting, half an hour microblog browsing, half an hour tremble broadcasting, half an hour King's glory, half an hour to stimulate the battlefield.

Lenovo Z6 Pro uses 4000 mAh batteries, the results compared with millet 9 (3300 mAh) are as follows. It can be found that Lenovo Z6 Pro with large batteries has more advantages in power consumption in game projects.

A kind ofGame fever performance:

After a 30-minute game test of < honor="" of="" kings="" /> and < pubg:="" stimulating="" battlefield="" />, the temperature data on the back of the fuselage are as follows. The highest heating temperature is located in the middle of the right side of the camera, and the highest temperature is 40.4 °. In view of the increase in environmental temperature, it is possible to do so.

A kind ofConclusion:

Lenovo Z6 Pro is a mobile phone which brings me many surprises. I believe that everyone who has seen this evaluation will feel the same. Let's review the highlights of this product: Lenovo Z6 Pro has its own unique design language in design, and it is a very confident performance that it does not follow the majority of manufacturers to play gradient matching. Compared with Lenovo Z6 Pro, the flagship of Friends and Merchants, it has larger batteries, and the same powerful Miaolong 855 processor. It also has excellent performance in endurance and heat dissipation.

In the photography process, Lenovo Z6 Pro has a high priority in controlling high light in the night scene mode, and also handles it well. Lenovo Z6 Pro also keeps environmental details in good condition while controlling exposure and improving brightness, which is a bit unexpected to me. The image style is closer to the real color. The effect of micro-distance is absolutely a plus. Of course, there are also gaps, such as the analytical power of photography and the performance of night scene brightness, there are still gaps.

Unfortunately, this product lacks the functions of NFC and wireless charging, which I personally think are more important. It also leads to the limitation of the two scenarios: mobile bus card and office charging. Two products with a difference of 100 yuan will definitely recommend Lenovo Z6 Pro as the first product for users who will often play games with higher demand for durability, performance and heat dissipation, but the specific function depends on whether you can cut off NFC and wireless charging and lighter hand feel.

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