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Tencent location service launches "indoor communication" to enhance indoor navigation experience

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In order to open up indoor map data islands and enhance indoor navigation experience, Tencent's location service recently launched indoor navigation service products “Tencent Indoor Communication”, based on powerful indoor map data update capability and positioning capability, providing services for retail, transportation, medical and other industries. The best quality indoor solution. While improving the user's indoor travel experience, the company has opened a closed loop of on-site and online passenger flow management to help digital industries transform their businesses, enhance user stickiness, and help operational decisions and improve marketing effectiveness.

Six major functions hit users and merchants need pain points

How to improve the indoor navigation experience? How to sell online offline airlines? How do you run a small program to run a passenger flow? For a long time, in the world of maps, a building is like an island of information in the vast ocean. The map data of the interior is just like the black box, which brings many problems to the marketing and service of all walks of life. In this regard, Tencent location service launched Tencent indoor communication, with indoor and outdoor integrated navigation, indoor navigation and store details, reverse car search, location sharing, marketing maps and indoor thermal six functions, direct users and businesses demand pain points .

Indoor and outdoor integrated navigation breaks the current situation of indoor and outdoor separation, allowing indoor and outdoor to seamlessly connect. Users can enter any point (whether indoors or outdoors) as the starting point, combined with bus, driving, walking and other programs, can smoothly navigate to the destination, to achieve one-click direct, accurate to the store, which is convenient for users, but also beneficial Merchants attract more people to the store to consume.

The indoor guide and store details are used to guide the indoor location information through the navigation functions of multiple scenes (shopping malls, hospitals, transportation hubs), and provide POI depth details to facilitate users to quickly find the target location. The aspect is also a platform for the merchant to reach the user, and can display various types of information that the merchant wants the user to see.

Presumably, the little friends of the car have the experience of not finding their own car in the parking lot of Nuoda? Tencent Indoor Express has launched a reverse car search function specifically for this pain point: when the user gets off the vehicle, the parking position is marked by a small program. When the vehicle position needs to be found, the reverse search function can be used to navigate to the vehicle with one button. The problem of the car is difficult.

Location sharing is for indoor social problems —— After the user selects the indoor location, you can click on WeChat “Send Location” to share the current indoor location to WeChat friends. After receiving the message, the friend can click on the information. The key initiates navigation, and it is not necessary to find someone from this room.

The marketing map displays the marketing information directly on the map, and combines the location of the business to make the user's perception more intuitive, and display the marketing details in the form of a page card, and the marketing information is more diverse. Users can collect interesting offers and view offers anytime, anywhere. In addition, users can also share offers to friends or post them in a circle of friends, so that more people can understand the merchant offers and effectively increase the store rate. At the same time, Tencent Indoor Communication also provides an operating platform for the mall, configuring various activities and preferential information; and providing two ways of displaying lists and maps to help businesses improve their exposure and operational efficiency.

The indoor heat can visually display the distribution of people in the current area, help the operation and management personnel to quickly grasp the flow of people's heat, on the one hand, it can promptly guide the crowd and do a good job of safety management; on the other hand, it also conducts big data analysis, planning for indoor venues, and even Marketing activities provide the basis for decision making.

Three solutions to help transform digital services in the industry

Based on the above six basic functions, Tencent Indoor has launched three professional solutions for retail, medical and transportation to help shopping malls, hospitals and railway stations improve marketing efficiency, enhance service experience and enhance security.

Among them, retail solutions help commercial real estate create new smart retail from the perspective of experience and operation. First of all, with the functions of indoor and outdoor integrated navigation, location sharing, reverse car search and other functions to help customers solve the problem of finding a store, finding a person, finding a car, and improving the customer's store experience; secondly, the indoor classified tour solves the digitalization of brand information and Efficient sub-floor organization to show problems, help users quickly find the brand, enhance brand exposure; Finally, use marketing maps to help the mall to open the operation of the back-end and map offers, and to achieve preferential sharing, collection and rapid generation of shopping routes Etc., to help improve merchant exposure and user shopping efficiency. At present, the program has been applied to large-scale shopping malls such as Shenzhen China Resources Vientiane World and Changsha Bubu Gaomeixi Xintiandi, effectively improving the customer's arrival experience and the store's arrival.

The medical solution has been applied to Beijing Cancer Hospital, Guangxi Women and Children Hospital, etc., starting from the patient visit process, opening up the whole process of registration, payment, medical treatment, medicine taking, and leaving the hospital, providing medical information display and guidance, floor guide And location query and integrated navigation services, greatly eased the pressure of medical guidance, but also save labor costs for the hospital. At the same time, improve the patient experience, create a good reputation, and promote a good relationship between doctors and patients.

In addition, the indoor heat map can help the hospital quickly grasp the heat of the people and promptly guide the crowd. The hospital can also arrange personnel and medical equipment according to the real-time flow of each department to provide better services and facilities for patients.

The transportation solution is mainly used to grasp the dynamics of indoor passenger flow. On the one hand, it provides passengers with accurate indoor positioning and full navigation guidance to help passengers solve the problem of rapid transfer of transportation hubs such as airports, railway stations and subway stations. Displaying detailed location information such as shopping, helping passengers to quickly locate the location of service facilities such as water dispensers and restrooms; on the other hand, indoor thermal maps help transportation hub managers quickly grasp the flow of people and timely implement measures to ease the crowd. Do a good job in safety management. In the transportation field, Tencent Indoor Communication has already cooperated with several transportation hubs including Harbin Railway Station.

Four advantages make indoor navigation services more efficient and convenient

At the same time of launching six major functions and three major solutions, Tencent Indoor Communication has established a smooth product experience, professional mapping capabilities, rich map display and flexible editing platform for various industries through continuous optimization of products. Provide more efficient and convenient indoor navigation services to enhance the user experience.

Tencent Indoor Connect uses the native map rendering SDK and positioning SDK built into the WeChat applet, which is faster and more smooth than other H5 solutions: compared to the H5 form, the applet access can be opened in 1 second without waiting for a long time. . At present, only the Tencent location service in the industry has truly realized the indoor and outdoor integration capabilities under the WeChat applet.

Not only that, Tencent Indoor Communication can produce indoor maps through the indoor CAD drawings provided by customers. It can also be combined with Tencent's powerful outdoor maps to complete indoor and outdoor integrated data production, stationed in professional map collectors for on-site collection, and will return after data collection. Transfer to the data production center for standardized mapping.

In terms of map display, Tencent indoor communication supports indoor map 2D/3D switching, accurately displaying the size, shape, and surrounding details of the indoor building, zooming in and out of the map scale, supporting 360° rotation, and screening floor display through floor controls;

In the aspect of map data update, it provides customers with flexible map data editing platform, which can realize real-time update and release of map data, and it can be launched at the same time, and supports one-time access and multi-platform synchronization, which can be displayed in APP and small programs at the same time.

In addition, Tencent's product solutions also support SDK, small program plug-ins and Tencent indoor small programs. Developers who are interested in cooperation and customers in retail, hospital, transportation and other industries can get in touch through Tencent's location service official website, or they can go to Tencent's location service at the Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference held in Kunming from May 21st to 23rd. The booth is open to face, exchange and experience.

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