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Social tools are still hurting people? -- College students addicted to online game survey

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Xinhua News Agency, Changsha, May 16th: Social tools are still hurting people? ——College students indulge in online game survey

Xinhua News Agency reporter Shuai Cai, Yao Yu

Some online games are full of violent and pornographic content, and many commercial Internet addiction treatment institutions are mixed and mixed. How to help young people to become healthy online has become a worldwide public health problem.

"AB face" of Internet addiction students: it is difficult for parents to smile for the brothers in the game.

This network addiction survey of the Institute of Mental Health of the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University has long tracked more than 3,000 college students from many universities. According to the survey results, 20.6% of college students have Internet addiction risk, and the average number of college students interviewed is used every day.Mobile phoneFrom 7 to 9 hours, the average person uses the mobile phone 118 times a day. The use of mobile phones by college students is mainly used for playing games, watching movies, playing live games and shopping.

Some interviewed students said that online games are not only entertainment tools, but also social tools, but it is this network tool that is hoped to expand social and find comfort, but it has become a weapon to hurt the physical and mental health and interpersonal relationship of college students.

One-third of the more than 3,000 students surveyed suffered mental or physical damage due to prolonged use of mobile phones and computers. One in five college students missed important interpersonal relationships because they were addicted to online games. Relationships, nearly 15% of college students often clash with their families because of indulging in the network, and some college students are irritated by indulging in the network, fighting with classmates...

"We found that not only undergraduates, but also many master students and doctoral students who are addicted to the Internet, there are master students who are obsessed with online games after they are frustrated, and finally do not look for a job." An investigator revealed. .

One of the members of the investigation team, Wang Xuyu, an associate professor of the Institute of Mental Health of the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, received a lot of students who were obsessed with indulging in online games. He said: "What impressed me the most is that a student has taken one. The well-known colleges and universities have been dropped out of school due to indulging in online games. Later, he was admitted to a college in Hunan, or because he was absent from the game, he was forcibly taken to the hospital by the teacher."

What is worrying is that some students have formed a "game personality" and see the playmates in online games more than their parents. They often have two faces. The A side is passionate in the game. "Let's talk about loyalty, the two brothers in the game are knives." "B face" is in real life, not only indulging in academics and socializing, even Relatively indifferent to parents, even a smile is hard to see.

"Electronic thrombosis" invades Internet addiction teenagers, commercial treatment institutions are not good

Zhou Xuhui, director of the Department of Psychiatry, Hunan Provincial Brain Hospital, said that in recent years, there have been more and more patients with Internet addictions who have been clinically admitted. Many parents not only hate the children for indulging in the Internet, but also feel helpless.

The survey found that some students had cardiovascular problems during the night and night, and doctoral students were injured by motor vehicles while crossing the road and indulging in mobile phones while riding bicycles. In recent years, the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University has admitted some students suffering from venous thrombosis, and most of them are online game lovers who often play games.

Chai Xiangping, deputy director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, said that the thrombosis caused by indulging in video games is called "electronic thrombosis". Some students are playing online games all night long, and some people continue to play online games for a few nights. Venous embolism of the lower extremity occurred, and later developed into a pulmonary embolism, which was sent to the hospital for rescue.

Indulging in the network has a greater impact on the mental health of students. Wang Xuyu said that college students' internet addiction is related to negative emotions. The higher the degree of addiction, the higher the negative emotions such as loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress. The Internet addiction is significantly negatively correlated with the level of self-esteem. The lower the self-esteem level of adolescents The weaker the interpersonal skills, the easier it is to become addicted to the Internet.

The reporter's investigation found that the current Internet addiction treatment institutions are uneven, many institutions lack professional mental health doctors, and some even hire security guards and martial arts coaches to compulsory management of Internet addiction teenagers, seriously affecting the mental health of young people, and will also cause them to "revenge" The reversal of the rebound.

"Isolation, taking medicine, breaking WIFI, I don't want to obey the electric baton... I was treated in an internet addiction treatment center for 15 days, and spent more than 8,000 yuan. After coming out, it would be uncomfortable if I didn't go online. It didn't play any role." A university student who was "healing" at the commercial internet addiction treatment center told reporters.

Anti-Internet addiction mechanism needs to be established, guidance and love are indispensable

Experts pointed out that in recent years, in order to prevent young people from indulging in the Internet, the government, schools and all walks of life have taken corresponding measures. Some game manufacturers have adopted real-name registration and launched anti-addiction systems, but there are still some online game companies who are slanting and generating students. The negative impact, even the students because of the lack of ability to distinguish between right and wrong, blindly imitate, embarked on the road of crime.

Wang Xuyu suggested that the government, schools, medical institutions, etc. should form a linkage mechanism of “anti-network addiction”. Relevant departments should strengthen the supervision of the online game industry, strictly control the content and values ​​of online games, and prevent illegitimate values. Oriented online games have a negative impact on adolescents; medical institutions and schools work together to provide standardized psychotherapy for severely addicted students, and to provide medication and counseling to patients who have developed symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Zhou Xuhui pointed out that schools and families should pay attention to students' mental health, organize activities of associations, help students improve their social skills, better integrate into school life, and make necessary restrictions on students' use of mobile phones and computers, and guide students to develop a good network. usage habit.

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