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"Association succumbs to Huawei" for the rumor of the rumor: extreme speculation is too emotional

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"Lenovo disconnectedHuaweiThe "creator" "grey machine" resumed the incident. He said that what he and several other witnesses did not do was to confirm the source of each other and wait patiently and calmly, and directly in the blood. Under the influence of irrational emotions, they respectively answered the extreme content of emotionalization in the corresponding knowledge, and vowed to increase the credibility of their answers with the words “real hammer”, “conclusive evidence” and “confirmed”.

The following is "Lenovo confessed to HuaweiThe rumor "grey machine" resumption event passed:

Well, emotional complaints and jealousy have passed, and so-called official instructions have come out.

To make a simple explanation and a re-issue, it is also a confession for the audience:

This Saturday (May 18th) from noon to afternoon, many friends including me who are concerned about the digital zone news have received rumors that "Huawei employees can't buy Lenovo computers", and we all pass our own acquaintances/classmates. Other channels tried to verify the news.

This time is very sensitive. When Huawei was blocked by the United States, we (the witness) naturally entered a logic: [Lenovo was shut down for Huawei computers because of the US blockade], and some friends confirmed the rumors, "This Friday." At some point during the 48 hours on Saturday (May 17-18), some Huawei employees (that is, the first-time publishers and the people we verified) could not buy Lenovo computers. After that, we (seekers) When they exchanged news, they made an exaggerated judgment: [Lenovo was shut down for Huawei computers because of the US blockade].

At that time, what I and several other witnesses did not do was to confirm the source of each other and wait patiently and calmly, and directly responded to the irrational emotions under the influence of irrational emotions. Emotional extreme content, and vowed to increase the credibility of their answers with the words "real hammer", "conclusive evidence" and "confirmed".

After many of my answers, the answers were passed to Weibo, some of our witnesses realized that they should calm down and verify the source. At this time (8 pm to 9 pm on May 18) we Only after discovering that their respective verification channels are very similar and only one party, that is, the broke/confirmer is one of the few Huawei employees. We did not get the reply and confirmation from Lenovo from beginning to end. And we have verified the news that some of the 48 hours of this Friday to Saturday (May 17-18), some Huawei employees can not purchase Lenovo computers (PC orserver"), and can not fully and reasonably prove that "Lenovo has been discontinued for Huawei because of the US blockade" mentioned in the answer.

After the Lenovo Group issued an announcement late at night on May 18, it was reported that some Huawei employees had recovered (or never lost) the channels for purchasing Lenovo computers. This is indeed a “face-to-face” for those of us who have answered the Lenovo-related questions with extreme vocabulary. To some extent, we are too full of confidence and emotional answers.

After I personally reflected, I decided to delete the original answer because I can confirm that the message channel is single and prone. Even if I modify the answer later, I can't save the emotionalization of the content that was initially screened, including the word "confirmed". The side effects of output in network propagation. Such a content that is not rigorous enough and objective is even more naive after the announcement of Lenovo's announcement, so I deleted the original answer and posted the announcement of Lenovo Group.

The comments under the original answer are deleted because they do not want other commentators who are affected by my initial answer to be harassed by others after the announcement is posted. They are also affected people and should not be accused too much.

There are other claimants/respondents who still insist on the original opinion and believe that the news/evidence they have received is sufficient to support the original argument. I respect their choices. Perhaps they get more news than I have, and the source is more extensive.

If you are wrong, you must recognize it and be assaulted.

I did come up with an exaggerated use of misleading conclusions because of a single channel, and there is propensity to use the evidence. Because the initial extremes of the future and the modified answers are spread to other social platforms, it leads to more serious consequence.

Here, on behalf of me personally, I apologize to Lenovo Group and apologize to all netizens who have been affected by my extreme speculation and emotional output. In the future, I will definitely be more rigorous and think twice before writing.

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