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"Queen of Marketing" has a big move Dong Mingzhu is going to break the original marketing system of Gree

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Original title: "The Queen of Marketing" has a big move Dong Mingzhu is going to break the original marketing system of Gree

Our reporter Jia Li

Dong Mingzhu, who is called “Queen of Marketing” by the industry, once again, this time he wants to bring Gree into a new era of marketing.

In fact, as early as the end of last year, Dong Mingzhu began to change the marketing model and reformed the Gree marketing system.

Last year, Dong Mingzhu announced that Gree sales management should be completely changed. In February of this year, Dong Mingzhu gave an order, and Gree's 80,000 employees opened the “all-sales sales” model.

“I opened a micro store. If you are interested in our Gree products, please go to my micro store. ” On the representative channel of this year's national "two sessions", Dong Mingzhu's "small ads" once again sparked heated discussion.

In the past few years, the Gree marketing system has undergone several changes, most of which were completed during the tenure of Dong Mingzhu, and most of the changes in these models are closely related to the changes in the dealer system. In the pattern of Gree Electric's 100 billion yuan, the independent dealer system construction is an important layout. However, with the rise of e-commerce and the changes in retail formats, and the expansion of Gree's channel and industry layout, it is in urgent need of a new round of changes in the marketing model.

The industry believes that, looking at the development status and marketing changes of Gree Electric Appliances, it is found that “Dong Mingzhu’s store” is another time for the marketing queen’s “big” reform. In the Gree, the traditional store model and dealer system, which have been implemented for more than ten years, have also quietly changed in the change of Dong Mingzhu’s personal practice.

Transformation and upgrading

Dong Mingzhu personally changed the sword

For the main reason for promoting the reform of Gree marketing, Dong Mingzhu said, “Gree must create a professional model of integration of R&D, production and sales. & rdquo; She hopes that Gree will grow into a full-industrial chain and highly specialized industrial group on the basis of adhering to technological innovation and promoting change.

Gree insiders said that Gree's technological leadership and strict quality management brought about by independent innovation have laid a solid foundation for market sales. At present, Gree has applied for 51,162 patents, and technology has become a major brand feature of Gree. In terms of manufacturing, Gree has 14 production bases at home and abroad. Gree's smart equipment industry is growing rapidly.

In March last year, Dong Mingzhu revealed that Gree has taken steps toward the goal of “no one is producing”. Among them, the automation rate of the Changsha base has reached 62%, and the production efficiency has increased by more than 35%. “ Gree Manufacturing & rdquo; has been upgraded to & ldquo; Gree made rdquo;.

Dong Mingzhu believes that a good sales model is crucial for business development: “Marketing is like a human stomach. A good product is a good food. Only the stomach works well. The nutrition of food can be delivered to us and extend our life. ”

In fact, the Iron Maiden, who was born in the market, decided to make a major change in Gree's sales management system in 2018. At that time, she did not disclose too much detail.

This year, Gree's transformation in the marketing system has obviously accelerated. In the face of the sales target of 600 billion yuan in 2023, the “all-sales sales” model was launched. Since then, Dong Mingzhu revealed that the marketing of all employees she uses is to let employees open their own stores; currently, 90,000 employees of Gree Group have already opened micro stores. And Dong Mingzhu said that he opened a micro store, the store name is "Dong Mingzhu's shop", and revealed that the store's monthly turnover was about 2 million yuan.

Breaking the dealer model

Dong Mingzhu wants to create a new model

“Marketing” is the key word for Dong Mingzhu’s career. The Gree marketing change under the leadership of Dong Mingzhu is also closely related to the changes of dealers.

In the industry, Dong Mingzhu has a number of titles such as “The Iron Maid of Business”, “The Queen of Marketing” and “The Queen of Marketing”. Dong Mingzhu, who was born in marketing, made good use of Dong-style marketing in the fierce commercial wars, helping Gree to become a multinational group from an air-conditioner factory and become a representative of “Made in China”. Since then, Dong Mingzhu has led Gree to carry out several changes in the marketing system.

Nowadays, with the rise of e-commerce and the change of retail formats, a single product and channel has limited Gree's scale expansion to a certain extent. Gree has accelerated the goal of small household appliances, white electricity, chips, etc. while proposing the goal of 600 billion yuan. Diversification. Dong Mingzhu began to personally fight another large-scale reform of Gree, and wanted to establish a new model.

Marketing strategy expert Hong Shibin believes: "Dong Mingzhu led Gree's marketing change, has its historical background and necessity, the rapid development of e-commerce and Gree's scale expansion goal, so that it must bring marketing reform to the first place, as soon as possible Expansion in scale and revenue. At the same time, events such as the Gree dealers' road running also initially exposed the drawbacks that began to appear. This change will break the original Gree supplier marketing system, gradually weaken the Gree electrical store sales system, subvert the original model, and further standardize Gree's marketing system. ”

At present, the Internet has fully infiltrated into people's daily lives. From shopping to shopping malls, the consumption pattern has quietly changed with the development of the network. However, in the process of changing consumption patterns, the field of household appliances has developed relatively slowly. Consumers are increasingly demanding high-end, fine, and quality products, and their requirements are getting higher and higher. The home appliance market is in desperate need of a comprehensive and thorough integration of high-quality brands and emerging channels. In the changes in the consumer market, Dong Mingzhu wants to take consumers into the “Dong Mingzhu’s shop” with a brand new marketing reform, and enter the new era of marketing.

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