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150 minutes of interviews, complete recording and decryption of Ren Zhengfei under the US ban

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"We sacrificed individuals and families to get to the highest point. At the highest point, we have conflicts with the United States, but in the end we have to contribute to humanity together."

The night before, Xu Zhijun called me at two or three in the middle of the night to report the situation of American suppliers trying to stock up. I was crying and felt "to help, helpless, and helpless." Today, American companies are still communicating with the US government to approve this. thing.

"Last night, Xu Zhijun called me at two or three in the middle of the night to report the situation of American suppliers striving to stock up. I was crying and felt "helpful, helpless, and helpless." Today, American companies are still communicating with the US government. this matter."

On May 21st, Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei accepted a 150-minute interview with Chinese media such as NetEase Technology at the headquarters of Huawei in Shenzhen, responding to hot topics such as the US ban, 5G, and intellectual property rights.

The following is a 150-minute interview with Ren Zhengfei:

Ren Zhengfei accepts interviews with Chinese media

May 21, 2019

1Reporter: First of all, I am a reporter who is doing live broadcasts. You are a soldier and strictly control the time. I also strictly control the time. Time flies so fast. It was the same place four months ago. We had a visit. When I interviewed you, it was generally believed that Huawei had entered a low point. Everyone was very concerned and only faced you. A series of interviews with domestic and foreign journalists. Unexpectedly, four months later, the situation facing Huawei today is more complicated and even more difficult than four months ago. Just now, a reporter collaborated to take out a photo of a "bad plane". I also got it. This photo is also very popular. It is a scarred photo.

Ren Zhengfei:I saw this photo on the "Wolk Q&A" website. I feel like the situation of our company and send it to everyone. Operator BG thinks that he is the plane, and they broadcast it on their own. Later, it was found out that the operator BG had no major problems, because there were more than ten years of preparation. Our current situation is to fly while repairing the plane, and strive to fly back.

reporter:The reason why the plane was able to fly back was because the vital parts were not damaged, such as the fuel tank and the engine, but the non-critical parts of the wing were damaged. Is it possible to attack the critical parts when flying? How do you fly back?

Ren Zhengfei:I am telling two stories, Germany and Japan during World War II. Because Germany did not surrender, it was finally blown up, and the rest of the place was completely blown up to the ground except for the Yalta meeting. Japan has also been bombarded. If it does not surrender, the US military will also be completely flattened. In the end, Japan adopted a compromise approach, retaining the emperor, surrendering Japan, and not being completely destroyed, but a large industrial base was destroyed. At that time, there was a famous slogan "Nothing is gone. As long as people are still there, they can rebuild their glory." Germany has been revived for many years, and all houses have been restored as they have in the past. Japan’s economy is also recovering quickly, thanks to their talents and their benefits.educationThanks to their foundation, this is the most important. Everything that has been lost and cannot be lost is "human beings". The quality of people, the skills of people, and the confidence of people are very important.

reporter:Yesterday in the US time, a 90-day delay ban on Huawei was issued. In other words, Huawei has a 90-day temporary license. What do you think? What can I do in 90 days? If the news is true, how do you treat this repetition if you cancel in 90 days?

Ren Zhengfei:First of all, 90 days doesn't mean much to us, we are ready. The most important thing for us is to do what we can do. What the US government does is not something we can do. Let me take this opportunity to talk about it. We still have to be very grateful to the American company. In the past 30 years, American companies have made a lot of contributions along with the growth of our company and taught us how to walk. As we all know, most of Huawei's consulting companies are American companies, typically IBM, Accenture, etc. There are dozens.

Second, a large number of parts and components manufacturers in the United States have given us great support over the years. Especially in the recent crisis moments, it reflects the justice and conscience of American companies. The night before, Xu Zhijun called me at two or three in the middle of the night to report the situation of American suppliers trying to stock up. I was crying and felt "to help, helpless, and helpless." Today, American companies are still communicating with the US government to approve this. thing.

We are included in the list of entities, and US companies must give approval to sell products to Huawei. The United States is a legal state. American companies cannot fail to comply with the law. The real economy must abide by the law. The media should not be arrogant about American companies. Everyone speaks for American companies. I feel that sometimes I am indifferent, and I am playing short people in the past. In fact, tall people can't beat. The media should understand that American companies and us share a common destiny, and we are all the mainstay of the market economy.

American politicians doing this work may underestimate our strength. I won't say much, because He Tingbo's employee letter is very clear, and foreign and domestic mainstream media have been published. Just now, when it comes to bad airplanes, we have some marginal products that do not have "prepared tires". These products will be eliminated sooner or later. These have an impact. But in the most advanced areas, there will be no impact, at least 5G will not affect, not only will not affect, others will not catch up with us in two or three years.

2Reporter: I want to ask a question about the chip. I noticed that you said in an interview with the Japanese media on the 18th that "Huawei does not need US chips, Huawei has no problem." A letter from Huawei to employees was screened, saying that the company is confident and prepared. Where does Huawei's enthusiasm come from and what preparations have it made?

Ren Zhengfei:First, we always need American chips. The US company is now fulfilling its responsibilities to go to Washington for approval. If the approval is passed, we still have to buy it or sell it (not only buy but also sell it to make it more advanced). Therefore, we will not reject the United States, grow up in a narrow manner, or grow together. If there is a situation where supply is not available, we have no difficulty. Because all the high-end chips we can make ourselves. In peacetime, we have always been a "1+1" policy, half buying chips from American companies and half using their own chips. Although the cost of my own chip is much lower, I still buy American chips at a high price because we cannot be isolated from the world and should be integrated into the world. The friendship between us and American companies has been formed for decades, and it can be destroyed without a piece of paper. We will still buy American devices on a large scale in the future, as long as it can win approval from Washington. Now the time is very hasty, and it will be estimated that it will be inaccurate for a while. If they can get approval, we will still maintain normal trade with American companies and build a human information society together, instead of being alone and building an information society.

When the Japanese media sorted out the manuscript, there was a bit of extremeity. We can do the same chip as the US, which does not mean that we will not buy it.

3Reporter: You said that Huawei does not want to be a lone ranger and needs cooperation. It is now mentioned that you can prepare for both hands. Can I understand that the current US trade protectionism, in accordance with the ban, will actually interrupt the global supply chain, making the entire market feel confused? Second, for some time in the past, the US has questioned Huawei's corporate governance and financial issues. What do you think is the main reason for Huawei's voice against Huawei? Why should we target Huawei?

Ren Zhengfei:I really don't know what the politicians think. I don't think we can beat because we are ahead of the US, because 5G is not an atomic bomb, but a benefit to human society.

The capacity of 5G is 20 times that of 4G, which is 10,000 times that of 2G; each bit of power consumption is 10 times lower than that of 4G; the volume is reduced to 1/3, which is 70% lower. The 5G base station is only a little bit bigger, 20 kilograms, just like a suitcase with documents. It doesn't need an iron tower. It can be mounted on a pole and hung on the wall. We also have corrosion-resistant materials that won't last for decades. Corrosion, 5G can be installed in the sewer. This kind of convenience is most suitable for Europe. Europe has a very old city and cannot install a big tower like China. Of course, China's big tower is not wasted, and 5G base stations can be hung on it. But there is no need to build a new tower. Each station does not require a crane, etc., and can also reduce 10,000 euros in Europe in terms of engineering costs. Not only the tower, the former base station needs a crane, and the crane needs to be closed. Now we are going to go up with the 5G base station, so it is very simple. Second, the energy of 5G bandwidth is very large, can provide a lot of HD content, spread 8KTVVery simple. Propaganda said that the cost has dropped by 10 times, in fact, it can be reduced by 100 times, so that ordinary people can watch HDTV, and the culture will increase rapidly. National development depends on culture, philosophy, and education. This is the foundation for the development of the country. Therefore, 5G changes a society, it has a very short delay and can be used for many things in industry.

Teacher Dong is concerned that the engine is not destroyed? We are the wings of the edge, there may be holes, but the core part is completely self-centered, and it is really leading the world. The higher the end, the more "prepared tires".

reporter:Do you think that the international market order has been disrupted?

Ren Zhengfei:will not. Europe will not follow it, and most American companies communicate with us very closely.

4,reporter:Just now, when I talked about the impact on Huawei, after seeing this letter from Haisi, it was very bloody from the reaction of public opinion. Practitioners in the chip industry view domestic chips in a more objective manner, including the gap between domestic core components and US and foreign companies. What do you think Huawei's independent products and R&D are going? Including the letter mentioned in the letter, to ensure the continued uninterrupted supply in the future? Is there a tipping point, where is it?

Ren Zhengfei:Why not wash a "cold bath"? I think that our most important thing is to be calm and calm. The blood is boiling, the slogan is flying all over the sky, and it is useless when the last fight is over. It is really true that you can win if you can win.

We must first affirm that the depth and breadth of the United States in science and technology are worth learning. We still have a lot of shortcomings, especially the products of some small companies in the United States are super-precision. We are only focusing on our own industry, and we are now leading, not at the national level in the United States. As far as our company and individual companies are concerned, we believe that there is not much difference; but the gap between our country as a whole and the United States is still very large. This has a lot to do with the economic bubble in our years. P2P, the Internet, finance, real estate, cottage goods, etc., have made people's academic thoughts bubble. It takes decades for a basic theory to form. If you don't seriously do the theory, you should shout slogans. We will not be stronger after decades. Therefore, we still have to learn in a down-to-earth manner.

5Reporter: The question about the chip. After seeing the open letter from Mr. He, he was very encouraged. I see the information Haisi was established in 2004. After so many years of development, it has its own chips in many aspects. How did you deduct it at the time, how did you personally or Huawei decide to make a self-developed chip? Including He’s hypothesis of “extreme survival”, deducting so far, you have been interviewed by the media two days ago and said, “We don’t need American chips anymore.” Can this process be described? Was the original deduction to the present result consistent with the original idea? If the US chip is completely unavailable, what is the ability to provide services to customers?

Ren Zhengfei:In fact, we sacrificed individuals, families, and sacrificed parents... These are all for an ideal - to reach the highest point in the world. Today, everyone can’t stop, and they scream the exit number, and they want to “race the world” and “the world’s first”. We were not allowed to shout before. For this ideal, we have a conflict with the United States sooner or later. In order to avoid this conflict, we were very hesitant at the beginning of 2000. Can we wear a "denim hat"? We used to sell Huawei to a US company for 10 billion US dollars. The contract was signed and all the formalities were completed. Wait for the approval of the other board All negotiators bought flower clothes at the hotel, raced on the beach, table tennis, and waited for approval. In this process, the board of directors of the US company changed, the new chairman was short-sighted, and the acquisition was rejected. The acquisition was not completed. At that time, I was going to sell it to American companies. Our idea was that a group of Chinese people wore a US "toe cap" to fight the world. After this idea was not realized, our senior leaders voted and sold it. The younger people voted unanimously, "I don't sell," and I can't go against it. I told them that sooner or later we will meet the United States, then we must prepare to confront the United States on the "mountain top" and make all the preparations. From then on, we will consider the issue of the United States and our encounter at the "top of the mountain". Made some preparations. But in the end, we still have to hug on the top of the mountain and contribute to the human society.

reporter:Including other Huawei management also released the message “The ability to continue to serve customers”. Will we respond to the big customers and the business because of the US incident? How do we respond?

Ren Zhengfei:We are sure to continue to serve our customers. Our mass production capacity is still very large. It is not affected by the list of entities listed in the US. Our global bidding is still moving forward. Growth will slow down, but not as slow as you might think. Our first-quarter sales revenue increased by 39% year-on-year, and fell to 25% in April. It is expected to decline some at the end of this year, but it will not cause negative growth for our company or damage to industrial development.

6Reporter: If the United States broke the supply, what kind of impact will this industry have? Two days ago, I saw Fang Zhouzi sent a Weibo. "If the spare tire is easy to use, why wait until the baby breaks and use it again?" What do you think of this point of view?

Ren Zhengfei:If you use the "prepared tires", it is what you call "independent innovation". The main purpose of independent innovation is to be a loner, we want friends all over the world. Therefore, there is no such thing as “the spare tire is easy to use, how to use it”. He does not understand our strategic thinking. We are not willing to hurt our friends, we must help them to have good financial statements, even if we have adjustments, we must help.

As I mentioned earlier, we have not indicated to American companies that they do not need them, but we hope that US companies will continue to supply us and we will serve humanity together. In the early days, we also told the other side of the development of the chip, and even the research results, we do not produce ourselves, handed over to the other side of production, or else the world's suppliers are so good to us. "The spare tire is easy to use, why not?" Spare tires, spare tires, tires are not bad, why use?

Reporter: In the unlikely event of a breach of supply, what impact will it have on the industry?

Ren Zhengfei:For our company, there will be no extreme outages, and we are ready. At the beginning of the year, I decided that this incident might be two years later. Because the United States and our lawsuits must wait for the judgment, the United States will attack us. Regardless of the conclusion, (the United States) will strike against us. So we have two years to prepare. As Meng Zhouzhou was arrested, he pushed the "fire" time forward.

Everyone knows that we are working overtime during the Spring Festival, and I am also welcoming employees during the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival overtime, there are only security guards, cleaners, restaurant waiters... There are 5,000 service personnel in the country who supply our “warriors”, they can get multiple wages, and the price of the company’s food purchases doubles. Give the waiter some tips. Many of our employees don't return home during the Spring Festival, and they have to fight for time. The same is true of May Day. Many people do not go home.

7Reporter: When it comes to the spare tire program, how much has Huawei invested in implementing the spare tire program over the years? If the spare tire program has not been activated, will it always invest money in this spare tire program?

Ren Zhengfei:It is too much, I can't say clearly. The budget and manpower establishment of “positive tires” and “prepared tires” were allocated to them together. The previous budget allocation was based on “positive tires”, and now the “prepared tires” are the main ones. I don’t know exactly how much it is. Every time I report it is a full page of paper. I won’t ask every part, just over the big concept. Falling into the plan below, there are a few key links in this part, which are a little bit. How else would there be eight or ninety thousand R&D engineers?

8Reporter: After the US regulation, Huawei's enterprises in Japan, Europe, and Taiwan are expected to help Huawei a lot. If the US government fails to control, will the next step put pressure on TSMC? After all, Huawei is a chip company and does not have the capabilities of the entire industry chain.

Ren Zhengfei:If there are more people who don't give in outside, there will be more people who will not give in. We don't worry too much about it. After all, it didn't happen.

Zhang Lachi: Google event, users in Europe are worried, future HuaweiMobile phoneCan't use the latest Android system. In this regard, how to deal with it?

Ren Zhengfei:Google is a good company and a highly responsible company that is also convincing the US government to solve this problem. We are also discussing the alternative relief program, the experts are still doing this, and now I can't answer you completely.

9Reporter: Do you think this grim situation will last for several years now? Will this be a turning point for Huawei's development history?

Ren Zhengfei:You should ask Trump and ask me if I am wrong. I believe that this matter has two sides. On the one hand, we will be affected. On the other hand, it will stimulate China to systematically and systematically develop the electronics industry. The country's development of industry, the past policy is to save money, but the money does not work. Our country has built bridges, built roads, and repaired houses... It has become accustomed to just paying for it. But the chip can't afford money, it's got mathematicians, physicists, chemists... But how many of us are studying hard? How many doctoral thesis knows? Under such circumstances, it is difficult to succeed because it relies entirely on China's independent innovation. Why not transnational innovation? Innovation bases can be established in many countries. Wherever there is power, where to go, we can build a research institute in the local area.

Of course, China is now back with a lot of talent, which is very important. However, China's personal income tax is much higher than that of foreign countries. If you come to China and pay more taxes, the spirit of "Lei Feng" is unsustainable. Lei Feng is dedicated to the country and to the party. However, after all, these top experts are returning to China from foreign countries, not only without preferential treatment, but also with much higher taxes. Recently I heard that Dawan District can be reduced to 15%. What are the implementation measures? Is there a hukou in Dawan District, do you have to work in Dawan District? It doesn't work for another place. What is the use of this policy? Scientists are mobile. They only work here for eight hours. Are they scientists? We have to create some roads for foreign scientists to return to China.

The first transfer of world talents was the transfer of three million Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel, and Israel became a high-tech land. The second big talent transfer has come again. The United States is excluded, and a large number of talents cannot enter confidential research. The famous American media wrote an article asking the United States "If China invents cancer-causing drugs, it also endangers national security?" The American Cancer Center has dismissed three Chinese scientists. The Chinese-invented cancer drugs also harm national security. ? He asked the United States. Many scientists have lost their work confidence in the United States. Why not embrace them? They asked, "How come in? Children are difficult to go to school, they can't buy a car without an account, and they have to pay a high tax." We should adjust our policies and embrace the world. The United States was a barren land for Indians two hundred years ago. It is the right policy. Today is the world hegemon. Our country has 5,000 years of civilization and has such a good foundation. We should come up with policies to embrace the world's talents to start businesses in China.

Everyone wants to think that Eastern European countries are relatively poor, but a large number of American leaders, scientists, financiers... are Eastern Europeans. Why don't we attract Eastern Europeans to China on a large scale or establish various research bases in Eastern Europe? Therefore, it is more difficult to establish a theoretical base centered on China to break through the United States. This is difficult because China is not basic enough, and these years are better. I once talked about the importance of mathematics at the National Science Conference. I heard that mathematics graduates are now better allocated. How many of us are willing to learn? I am not studying mathematics. I used to say that after I retire, I want to find a good university and learn mathematics. The principal asked me what to do mathematics? I said that I want to study the second law of thermodynamics. He asked, what is the research used for? I said, I want to study the origin of the universe. He said, I welcome you! But I still can't retire until now, and I can't go. We were engineering students at that time, and we studied advanced mathematics and the shallowest mathematics. China has to work hard to change in mathematics, physics, chemistry, neurology, brain science... we can stand up in this world.

The past philosophical system of China is metaphysics. Even if there is Buddhism, it is also Sanskrit. Tang Yan should be translated into Chinese, but it has not been turned. The West promoted metaphysics and mechanical materialism, which produced physics, chemistry, mathematics, geometry, and so on. So the industry was developed, the industrial society was established, and the world was occupied. Nowadays, metaphysics has not said that it is useless. In the virtual world, China's game industry is developing rapidly, and many production methods of human society may also be virtualized. About 50% of human scientists in artificial intelligence are Chinese. If they are excluded and embrace them in China, they will innovate on the underlying platform and provide us with a foundation.

I believe that if we can bring in excellent talents, it is good for our reform. If you still emphasize independent innovation, you will waste a lot of precious time.

10,reporter:Is the Hongmeng system used within a small area of ​​Huawei?

Ren Zhengfei:I am sorry that this question cannot be answered today. We can do the operating system, but it is not necessarily a substitute for others, because we also need it in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Everything, but I am not very clear about what is used and what is useless.

reporter:Many articles are now "Huawei shocked", and Huawei shocked the world.

Ren Zhengfei:Our company employees are stupid, and none of them are scared. We feel very ordinary. Online articles are generally exaggerated, just like online saying that Infineon does not supply us, how can this be the case? This is someone who has compiled it. So, if you really want to know about Huawei, please see our community of voices. In the community of the heart, even the post of the company will not be blocked. Instead, the human resources department will go to see how he is doing. If it is right, start investigating and look at his performance in the previous three years. If the performance is also very good, it will be transferred to the company secretariat to help deal with some specific problems, train him, train him, that is, give him a chance to "bath" to the general staff, and put him down after half a year. These seeds will be leaders sooner or later. Always saying that we are good people, but we are paralyzing us because there is no content. The heartfelt community 骂 our content is very specific, we have to analyze the specific. Without self-criticism, we cannot live to this day.

11,reporter:Now everyone is very concerned about Huawei's "prepared tires" program. You have been talking about the impact of the international situation on Huawei's more worried consciousness ten years ago.

Ren Zhengfei:For the speech of the "prepared tires" plan, the president's office mails are all open. When I started to talk about it, I don't remember it, but repeatedly said that it is only the society that does not pay attention. Now the United States is calling us, and the word "prepared tires" has been taken seriously.

reporter:So many years of worry-aware strategic trends and specific business continuity, the combination of macro and micro levels. I have been thinking about this for so many years. When the anticipation becomes a reality, and the blow is more serious than you think, do you have any new ideas? We have already seen too much about the impact of Sino-US trade friction on Huawei. When the real challenge comes, are there any new ideas?

Ren Zhengfei:First, business continuity and "prepared tires" are consistent. The spare tire is to ensure that when the car breaks down, a tire can be opened. Continuity is also achieved step by step, in fact, many things have been put into production. When it is put into production, it is not exclusive, and the outside goods are ordered half. I once had an article saying that at least 50 million sets of Qualcomm chips were bought every year, so we never rejected and resisted.

The world's largest spare tire is the atomic bomb. What is the use of the atomic bomb? I have never used it since World War II. However, officials who have been promoted in China basically have two backgrounds. One is to have the ability to do two bombs, and the other is to be loyal to the cause of the country. The technology is reliable and capable, and it is a minister or governor. We are the governor around the age of 40, and we are very envious. We are still looking for a job at the age of 40. "Spare tires" are now a new term and it is normal behavior in our company. He Tingbo was also smashed, and she was unable to stop the night when the US ban was issued. She has been very uncomfortable these years, and she can't keep her head up for so many years.

reporter:In other words, do you think that the spare tire has been there, and it is hard to say that the spare tire is not used?

Ren Zhengfei:Spare tires must be useful because they are designed with our solutions in mind, not out of solution. It was not used until it was available, and it was used.

12Reporter: Now everyone has a very clear sentiment towards Huawei: First, very clear patriotism, raising Huawei’s support to support patriotism; second, Huawei kidnapped the patriotic sentiment of the whole society, if not It’s not patriotic. The mood is getting worse now.

Ren Zhengfei:Then my child uses apples, is it not love China? Can't say that. I often say this, Yu Chengdong is very angry, think that the boss always promotes for others, not for himself. I am telling the truth. I can't say that I am patriotic with Huawei products. I don't need to be patriotic. Huawei products are just commodities. If you like them, you don't like them. Don't use them. After all, Huawei is a commercial company. We have never said "high glory for the country" on billboards. It’s just that the recent swearing-in-chief meeting sometimes shouts a few words, but we will immediately issue documents to stop them from shouting slogans. Everyone has a good time to celebrate the commemorative meeting and the medals. It’s okay to say two words after dinner, but you can’t pick it up. The populist style.

I often give some examples. In fact, I want to splash Huahua as the company's cold water. I can't use populism. This is harmful to the country. Because the future of the country is "open". After the Sino-US talks ended, CCTV said that "we must open up and reform," I am so happy. In fact, we are still open late, and the reform is late. The WTO has a commitment to others, and we will honor it when we get the benefits. If you go to cash early and make some contributions, you can unite more friends. China has too much money. Why is it only for the United States? Does it not exist in Europe, Russia, Africa...all countries? If they say that they are not paying back, they are mortgaged by the national credit. If they don’t pay back this year, after one hundred years, can’t they? China is not in a hurry, so it spreads the risk. For agricultural products, why not buy one? If you can buy Ukrainian agricultural products, Ukraine will not be so difficult. Ukraine is a "granary" of heavy weapons in Russia. When buying food and food, can you buy heavy weapons "food"? Do we have to be self-reliant in our heavy weapons? No need to win. You can take a look at the report of the commander-in-chief of Shoygu. The short report is very well written.

13Reporter: I just talked about how to make chips without relying on money, and talked about the need for physicists and mathematicians. As a commercial company, Huawei has talked about “basic research and basic education” on several occasions, whether it is Huawei or you, including some advertisements. What specific actions does Huawei have for basic research and basic education? What kind of support will this provide for Huawei's future development?

Ren Zhengfei:We have 26 R&D competence centers around the world, more than 700 in-house mathematicians, more than 800 physicists, and more than 120 chemists. We also have a strategic research institute that holds a lot of money and “sprinkles peppers” to famous professors from famous universities around the world. We don’t have the concept of return on investment for this money, but we use the US “Baidu Act” principle. That is to say, the benefit is the university. In this way, more scientists are extending from our "trumpet".

Today, everyone is talking about how powerful the 5G standard is to human society. How come you think that the 5G standard is a mathematical paper originated from Professor Arikan of Turkey more than ten years ago? Two months after Professor Arikan published this paper, we discovered it. We began to study various patents centered on this paper, and stepped down the disintegration, and invested thousands of people. In ten years, we turned the teaching of mathematics in Turkey into technology and standards. Our 5G basic patents account for about 27% of the world's total number of patents. The Turkish professor is not Huawei's staff, but we are taking money to support his lab. He can recruit more doctoral students and we can help doctoral students. We support a university professor in Japan. All of his four doctoral students come to work in our company. The working place is in his office, and he can recruit four more doctoral students, which is equivalent to eight doctors helping him to do research. All papers and so on belong to him and do not belong to us. If we want to use his things, we need commercial transactions. This is the principle of the US “Baidu Act”. We are extending more scientists through such “trumpets”.

Last week we held the World Scientists Conference. I didn't go to the scene and broadcasted it to my conference room. A group of scientific youths have given me technical translations, all of which are doctors. They are very powerful. They explain to me what these papers mean for future human society. We continue to have this kind of worldwide communication. We absorb energy ourselves. They also absorb our needs and continue to spread.

Western companies are far behind in terms of talent competition. If you find that you are a talent, you will go to their company for an internship and someone to train you. This is not the concept of our university graduate job hunting. We have expanded our window of opportunity to compete for talent with US companies, but our strength is not enough. For outstanding college students from all over the world, we will give them an offer from the beginning of our sophomore year. These children are super smart. For example, the University of Novosibirsk has won the world computer competition champion and runner-up for six consecutive years, but all champions and runners-ups have been robbed by Google with five or six times the salary. From this year, we will open Going higher than Google’s salary to dig them up, innovating on Russian soil, we have to compete with Google for talent. We support the innovation of scientists, and they do not require scientists to pursue success. Failure is also a success because they cultivate talents. Only in this way can we continue to advance.

14Reporter: I went to visit Huawei Labs. There are many new inventions, such as anti-corrosion equipment, heat conduction... I found the principles of high school chemistry, but it is very magical to use. Is this a form of basic science and basic education in your eyes, and how much accumulation of basic science can help the company at the current key nodes?

Ren Zhengfei:In fact, the nuclear reaction chain equation of the atomic bomb has been learned by junior high school students, but it is not so easy to make an atomic bomb. Basic science seems to be simple and difficult to implement. Therefore, something in a foreign country may seem to be a small invention, but invented in the invention, and then invented, thousands of patents, tens of thousands of patents support a small part.

15Reporter: Now talk about strengthening the investment in mathematics and basic subjects. What level do you think Huawei's investment is now in the world? What kind of opportunity do you have to recognize the importance of investing in basic disciplines? What are your goals and expectations for your future investment?

Ren Zhengfei:As an example, the camera of the P30 phone is mathematics. The current image is not taken out, it is calculated mathematically. Because the human eye is equivalent to 100 million lenses, the camera is a lens. The photosensitive point that our mobile phone enters through a lens is mathematically decomposed into tens of millions of visual lenses and then restored. The slogan of our company mathematician is "It is better to make the mobile phone than the human eye." I also criticized the company speech. I don't think it is necessary, but they are stubborn and have no way. They said that "the mobile phone shines on the moon, it can take a thousand kilometers", which may be true, because it is mathematics, and the weak signal may be restored.

I went to the Nice Institute in France to see them and said, "The sea of ​​Nice is blue, the sky is blue, and the mathematician's formula is also blue?" The original image was blue and the tone seemed to be corrected now. The reason why mobile phones have improved so quickly is that we have benefited from our strategy of “prepared tires”. Because the strategic tires established by our network are useless, they are assigned to the terminal. The terminal is like a duck, and every three months is replaced by a generation, mainly mathematicians. The contribution, of course, is also the triciter's three-color sensor that makes light.

Therefore, if the electronics industry is still stuck in buying other parts to assemble, it is impossible. Of course, they also have mathematics, but mathematics is done by other companies, and they are added to the parts and sold to them. In this respect, we should be leading the world and standing at the forefront of the world.

16Reporter: For some time, the United States has not only suppressed Huawei itself, but also squashed European allies to pressure Huawei and blockade Huawei. If the United States continues toughly demand that European allies close the door to Huawei, will you personally go to No. 10 Downing Street, England? France's Essori Palace, etc., in a more direct and effective way to open the door to threats to close Huawei?

Ren Zhengfei:No. 10, Downing Street, I used to go to afternoon tea. They asked me how to learn to be in line with international standards? I said, afternoon tea. Therefore, in order to receive me, they had afternoon tea at Downing Street. We have communication with leaders of all countries. Each country has its own interests. The United States will not have such a powerful force to call everyone to follow it.

17Reporter: Last year, I have been concerned about the support of mobile phone companies for accessibility. The advancement of science and technology has greatly helped people with disabilities. Huawei is an ideal company. Last week, May 16th, Global Accessibility Day, Huawei, as a leading technology company, has made efforts in accessibility. What plans are there after that?

Ren Zhengfei:I once tried to wear our company's glasses in Japan. I can see the operation of the employees thousands of kilometers away and give guidance on his operation. Or after wearing glasses, all the drawings on the glasses have instructions for the right and wrong. It is already possible. I have not entered the market, I don't know.

Support for people with disabilities is theoretically available in the future. I don’t know what stage I am going to do now. I asked them to call and ask. In theory, this can be done by stimulating the brain nerves. I wear wireless glasses and can see the work carried out by employees thousands of kilometers away. Of course, what I am talking about now is not because I am looking at the demonstration project that the scientist gave me, not a commodity.

18,reporter:Apple has always paid more attention to basic education and has done a good job. a lot ofiPad,iPhoneIt is very helpful for children to learn. Huawei attaches great importance to basic education, including basic subjects. What efforts has Huawei made? I can't just say no, I want to know what I think about education.

Ren Zhengfei:Improving the cultural quality of the whole nation is the basic responsibility of the country. No single enterprise can assume the responsibility of improving the quality of a nation. It cannot be said that education is going to be an education.

China will compete with the United States in the future. There is no other way to improve education. The commodity of education means another thing. I think that the most important thing is to pay attention to the teacher. After the teacher is respected, everyone wants to be a teacher. Shenzhen teachers have been respected, Shenzhen teachers earn more money, and 253 people compete for a teacher position. We helped Tsinghua High School to build Qingyishan Middle School. The principal said that it will be the first school in China in the future because of the high fees. Qingshan Mountain only recruits more than 2,000 students and is open to the whole society. Huawei employees are rushing to send their children in. They can't send them to me. I said that I can't manage you.

Only when the political status of teachers is improved and economic treatment is improved, I believe that education can be greatly developed. Why do I personally feel deeply? My parents are rural teachers. I work in rural education in the most remote ethnic minority areas of Guizhou. Parents’ education as a teacher’s experience in children’s life is a phrase, “This teacher is not allowed to be a teacher in this life.” If the teacher does not let himself When the child is a teacher, the country is no one else. I personally experienced the dilemma of low political status, discrimination, and poor economic treatment. We followed them and experienced this bitterness, so we did not choose to be a teacher.

19,reporter:I have two questions: First, in the company's planning, the current consumer business is the largest, followed by operator business, corporate business. In your mind, what kind of revenue will be achieved by the three businesses in the future, such as five or ten years later? Second, regarding the positioning of Hess, in the current situation, how do you design the future positioning of HiSilicon in the Huawei system?

Ren Zhengfei:Haisi is a help team of Huawei. It is like this. It is like the fuel truck, the bridge machine and the stretcher team in the tank team. It is such a position. The three sectors, not the ones that earn more money, have a high status. Only the network connection department can dominate the world. The United States is playing this department. The "bad aircraft" is also the department. Now combing it down, I found that this department has fewer difficulties, because the preparation time is long, but other departments have more difficulties. In the field of 5G, optical transmission, core network, etc., it will not be hit, and will lead the world for many years.

20Reporter: Recently, Haisi has assembled and swiped the screen, constantly recruiting global employees. When will Haisi be independent in the future?

Ren Zhengfei:Will never be independent, it is the "fueling car", "stretcher team", "bridge team" in the main battle unit, not the main battle unit, how can it be independent? The network connection department is the main battle department, and the sales volume is not necessarily the highest in the future, because "Mount Everest" may not be able to accommodate so much output value, but "Mount Everest" is of great significance to the world and is a strategic highland. The United States is fighting for strategic highlands and can’t compete for it. So how can we see the money and give up this strategic highland by using administrative means? We will not take the lead.

twenty oneReporter: Although Huawei has preparations for continuous operation management, it faces oneserverThere are too many components involved in the base station. Where is your optimism coming from?

Ren Zhengfei:Sort out the problem and solve every problem.

twenty twoReporter: Asking a question about R&D, Huawei is investing heavily in R&D. What are the key directions for Huawei in R&D in the future? What technical reserves are there?

Ren Zhengfei:For the past 30 years, we have been charging against the same “wall of the city wall”. Dozens and hundreds of people are facing this “wall of the city wall”. Tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people still attack this “wall of the city wall”. This "wall wall" attacked. Moreover, the amount of ammunition that we shelled this "wall wall" is now 20 billion U.S. dollars per year. There is no listed company in the world who dares to invest so much bombardment on the same "wall" as we do.

We only work hard to "groom information flow". The terminal is a "water tap". CNBG is a "pipe". The more we do, the more likely we are to lead the world, the easier it is to have a reasonable position in the world, and the amount of shelling. It will grow bigger and bigger. If our finances suffer a little setback, it will not affect the investment in technology, because employees are not greedy, and living expenses are enough. Many researchers' wives save money, I still criticize; some people ask me, who is your Huawei company Lei Feng? You go to the luxury store to see, buy a few bags to leave, ask her husband where? Huawei's. Going down to find the job number, that is Lei Feng, no need to comment. Husband makes more money, his wife does not spend, how does her husband have the motivation to make money? We continue to move forward in the same field and will not change tracks.

Outside the net we pass the car, we will not do it. Because our car network is basically the supplier of the world's most important car companies, in the future, we will focus on in-vehicle computing and in-vehicle electronics. Cooperate with others and realize unmanned driving. People send us a car. The Huawei mark is printed on the car. It does not mean that Huawei wants to build a car. This is just a legend, we will not change the track.

twenty threeReporter: You attach great importance to basic education. Is it possible to participate in basic education in some form in the future?

Ren Zhengfei:Basic education is the responsibility of the state, and enterprises must do well in the enterprise itself. We are the main combat troops. When the "tank army" is moving forward, dragging a few children and holding a few literacy books, it is impossible to rush to "Shangganling." Building such a huge network for human beings is our greatest social responsibility. The world's 3 billion people are connected by us. Especially in the African region, because we do not make money, the Western countries do not go, we are connected. If Huawei does not exist, it is a threat to the world.

We are not going to educate ourselves, because our main battle forces are going to have to shrink, cut down some minor organizations, turn them into militia organizations, privatize them, and follow us. Like the Huaihai Campaign, migrant workers pushed wheelbarrows to deliver food, but they had to pay for it. During the Spring Festival this year, more than 5,000 employees worked overtime to provide services, that is, militia organizations. The Spring Festival not only doubled the price of buying things, but also gave some rewards to service personnel to cash in time.

Twenty-fourReporter: In our view, Huawei's management philosophy and thought are Ren's general management philosophy and thought. What do you think is the essence of Huawei's management philosophy and thought? International management philosophy has long been dominated by the West. Do you think it's time for China to export its management philosophy and ideas to the world? There are a large number of books on the market written by Huawei Secret Books. Is there any Secret Books of Huawei? Can Huawei model be replicated?

Ren Zhengfei:Huawei has no philosophy. I have not studied philosophy personally, nor have I read philosophical books seriously. I haven't seen any books outside. I don't know them. Maybe they were made up by him. The philosophy of Huawei circulated outside is what everybody casually says. There is nothing special about it. In my opinion, if Huawei has a philosophy, it is a bit "customer-centered, create value for customers". Because the money is in the pocket of the customer, there are three ways to get it. First, rob it. This is a crime. Second, steal it. You can't let it out until you stay at the police station for two or three days. Third, if the customer is willing to give you the money, you must provide good goods and services he needs. So that's the secret.

Look, the small one in our park.CoffeeThe halls are doing very well. Why? Don't fake, do it conscientiously and steadfastly. In the past, five or six Huawei employees with high salaries and stocks made coffee there and lost money. I said you start your own business. You can make 7.8 million yuan by starting a business one by one. Some people in our organs say that they want to find out "what kind of hall did you make money when you didn't make money before, but now you make money?" I said, go to check once, just lay off a person, why? You have too many people to do business. As long as he pays the rent, water and electricity, the hygiene quality is good, and the employees like to consume, what do you do with so many idle things? Therefore, our logistics organization has been compressed very small, with only 703 logistical support personnel for 170 countries and 180,000 employees worldwide.

Twenty-fiveReporter: Recently, I saw a speech you made at the Employee Stock Ownership Meeting. Huawei passed the governance charter document. You call it a milestone progress. At the same time, there is also a discussion about the governance structure of Huawei. What is the direction of Huawei's governance?

Ren Zhengfei:In fact, our governance structure and regulations have been published online. The election of the board of directors has lasted for more than a year. More than 90,000 people have participated in the election. They are constantly learning and spreading, but the media are not very interested. I can't explain this question to you completely today. It's a system.

Reporter:What kind of enterprise or direction does Huawei want to develop in the future?

Ren Zhengfei:Everything else can be discussed except that capital is not allowed in.

Twenty-sixReporter: There is a very strong feeling that Ren always has a very strong sense of safety and danger. The chip has a spare tire plan more than ten years ago. I'm particularly curious about where this crisis consciousness originated.

Ren Zhengfei:Always being beaten makes you feel in danger.

Twenty-sevenReporter: Just now, you asked a lot of questions, saying that Huawei has a spare tire plan and is optimistic about the current situation. What's your biggest concern at this stage? This incident involves your family. Is there any impact on your decision-making in the process of daily communication with your family?

Ren Zhengfei:Grabbing my family is to influence my will, and my family's inspiration is to inspire my will. My daughter wrote me a letter saying that she would be prepared for a long time and she was optimistic, so I was relieved and relieved a lot of pressure. I want to think about the world beyond individuals, families and Huawei, otherwise I will not be objective.

I communicate with foreign journalists. They are very straightforward. The Ministry of Public Relations has printed the full text into a book, which is sent to you today. Why so much communication? From a narrow point of view, we are confronted with the Western media, and perhaps with you. I should go beyond my own point of view to communicate and discuss issues equally.

Most of the senior leaders of Huawei Company do not consider their own interests and corporate interests. We are worldwide. There are many friends in the world who accept us and support us.

Twenty-eightReporter: I pay special attention to the issue of independent intellectual property rights and independent innovation. Many people think that independent intellectual property rights and independent innovation are the way forward for us. Just now, you said that Haise as a spare tire survives for a long time, that is, it has independent innovation as the basis, but you also said that the "aircraft" should give up where it is not important. Don't waste time and energy. Why is there such a big difference?

Ren Zhengfei:Independent innovation as a spirit is worth encouraging. Innovation on the basis of human civilization is correct. All scientists are independent innovators. Why? They do some puzzling questions that nobody can understand. But we should see that technological innovation needs to stand on the shoulders of our predecessors. For example, Haisi has not started independent innovation from the source, but also paid a lot of intellectual property fees to others. Some have signed cross-licensing agreements, some agreements are permanently authorized, some of you have me, some of you have formed our own innovation on the basis of others.

We agree to encourage independent innovation, but we need to clarify the definition. You can't use the same thing if you make it yourself. You should also pay people for the original. This is the law. Who should apply for it first? Radio was first invented by Popov, but Russia suppressed the publication of this thing in order to keep it secret; Marconi of Italy applied first, so the right to invent radio belonged to Marconi. The inventors of airplanes are not the Wright brothers. They just finished flying. In fact, the real inventor is Rukowski. His hydrodynamic formula deduces how to make wings rise and establishes lift hydrodynamics. Our jet engines are not up to date, but who invented them? Chinese? When Deng Xiaoping came to Britain to import Spay engines, Spay agreed to sell them to us. Deng Xiaoping asked whether military engines could be sold or not. The British answered that they were selling. Actually, China wants to buy civil engines, mainly for spare parts of civil aircraft. Later, British military engines were also sold, that is, the engines used in bomber 6. Deng Xiaoping stood up to pay tribute to the British scientists. The British scientists were frightened. They quickly stood up and saluted, saying, "Thank you for the great invention of Chinese scientists". Deng Xiaoping came back to find out who invented it. It was Wu Zhonghua. Where was this man? After checking the man who raised pigs in Hubei, he was transferred back to Beijing to be the director of the Institute of Thermophysics. Why don't we go deep step by step through Wu Zhonghua's research, and why can't we make theoretical breakthroughs in jet engines? Now aircraft engine design is called experimental science, not theoretical science, but aircraft must be theoretical science. Look at Shaugu's speech on airplanes. American airplanes are very sophisticated. The airplane time is 4000-5000 hours. Russian airplanes are not so developed. They can only fly 1000 hours. Shaugu asked, "Can airplanes fly 1000 hours in wartime?" Most of them were knocked out in less than 1000 hours. Why do they need 4000-5000 hours? It's still so expensive. So the principle of designing aircraft was determined from the actual needs. He said that when the aircraft did not fly fast and the metal surface was uneven, Russia formed a laminar film on its wings, which solved the lubrication of high-speed air, so that Russian aircraft could fly very fast. The invisibility principle of the F22 stealth aircraft was also invented by Russian mathematicians in the 1950s. Russian mathematicians said that the diamond cut surface has the invisibility function. After half a day's research in Russia, they found it useless. Why? Because it is impossible and meaningless to do so, the paper is approved for publication. When Americans read it, they took 20 years to make the F22 stealth plane. Now, of course, our meter wave radar has seen the F22 again.

In fact, there are many original scientists in China in 50s, but now they are all rough, frothy style of study. How can this style of study lay the competitiveness of our country's basic research? Therefore, we should reform the style of study.

Reporter:What is the definition of independent innovation? What do you oppose is closed and repetitive independent innovation?

Ren Zhengfei:If self-innovation is a spirit, I support it; if it is an action, I oppose it.

Reporter:If you define it in this way, you will definitely take Haise out to refute you?

Ren Zhengfei:Hess is also an innovation standing on the shoulders of others.

Reporter:Independent innovation is not equal to self-innovation. The most important thing for innovation is to master the core part of a system, not to repeat the "wheel" that many others have built, which is meaningless. Ren always emphasizes mathematics. The core of mathematics is to solve the problem of "knowing what it is" and "knowing why it is". For example, you can easily make a hoe, but do you understand the principles behind the hoe? What shape is the best? All of these things, you can do experiments, but what is the principle behind the experiments? How to prove the difference between your experiment and your theory? What is the limit? It all depends on theory.

Reporter: I want to refute you. In the automotive industry, some people say that Li Shufu is a very good person in China's automotive industry. He can use funds to pry Volvo. Others say that he is a short-legged giant. Because he does not master the engine, the engine is mastered by the vast majority of automotive companies in the world, and we do not master it. In this case, is not independent innovation key and important?

Ren Zhengfei:I have no objection to Li Shufu, but shock absorber shrapnel steel rings, tires... Is it self-innovation? Let's talk about how Germany builds cars. Once I went to Stuttgart, Germany, and the dean of Engineering took me to visit the first-year students for a few weeks. Everyone sends a sheet of iron and drawings of a gear. Everyone has to use a file to make the gear. The gear can't be scored yet. They have to take the gearbox to run, and only after running can they score. This is the basis of German automobiles. What's the difference between European and Chinese cars? Why are they so expensive? It's high reliability. Everyone can build a car, but not the best car. A great deal of human scientific and technological civilization is used in car building, and it is not a concept of independent innovation.

Reporter:Independent innovation is not to do it all over again, but to find out where your strengths are. The so-called neck jams are all mending boards. The question is where are your long boards?

Ren Zhengfei:Short board to buy other people on the line, why do you need to make their own short board?

Reporter:If you don't own it, you want to buy someone else but can't buy it, can't you?

Ren Zhengfei:Not everyone will encounter such extreme situations as ours. Most people do not need to follow this path, but should advance with the help of human civilization. If we say independent innovation, where do steel plate materials come from? It's someone else's innovation, not your own.

Twenty-nineReporter: Is your current situation an occasional case, or is it that Chinese enterprises will be a regular occurrence in the future?

Ren Zhengfei:I have never studied the specific social problems of our country, and now I am forced by public relations to use me as a shield to "block the gun" everywhere. I will go to the battlefield. I am old enough to kill, but I don't care. Therefore, my main energy is to study the internal problems of the company and focus on the relevant areas of technology in the world, to determine what our strategy is wrong. I can't deal with my family. I don't have much contact with my children and my wife. She said, "You care about your company, not your family." If I care about society, maybe my family will be gone. Therefore, I can not evaluate the society, and I have no energy to study other domestic enterprises.

ThirtyReporter:Is there any way to alleviate the spectrum concerns raised by the U.S. Department of Defense?

Ren Zhengfei:Am I not lifting it?

Thirty-oneReporter:I received a brochure that you had interviewed outside before. I read it carefully and saw some questions that were asked outside. It's amazing for us. In fact, we can see that there are some problems of mutual understanding and ideology between countries. How do you think we can improve them? Will Huawei change its posture and communication abroad in the future? Or what improvements will be made in globalization?

Ren Zhengfei:We will not solve our image through communication or by providing high-quality services to our customers. We are already very advanced, customers will know how powerful they are when they use it. For example, the chairman of Korean LG asked me to open 300 Mbp LTE. At that time, I objected. He brought two translators to convince me that 100 Mbp was enough, 300 Mbp was unnecessary, and he still insisted on 300 Mbp. We'll sell him 300 megabytes of equipment. It wasn't long before Pope Paul visited South Korea. On 1.3 square miles of land, 300,000 people were gathered in South Korea. Everyone raised his mobile phone and used 300 megabytes to shoot pictures to the outside world. The Internet was paralysed. The second example is Haji Guarantee. Every operator has been paralyzed before. Haji Guarantee hasn't been paralyzed once since we took over. Four or five million Muslims turn off their cell phones at the moment before praying. After praying, all of them turn on their cell phones at the same time. Our network is not paralyzed, and it goes smoothly. These are all examples of our image in the world, and will not change our image through media dissemination.

As for investment abroad, it's because we need it. For example, we are investing in optical chip factories in the UK, mainly to use the UK as an export center for these chips in the future. We have such factories in Germany and Japan. It is not for purely illustrating what image we need to determine according to our needs. We don't need image, just order.

Thirty-twoReporter: Yesterday we visited the exhibition hall of Huawei's ownership structure. We had two feelings and two problems. First, Huawei's ownership structure has embarked on a completely different path from that of the major technology companies in East Asia, such as Samsung Electronics and TSMC. Foreign institutions and foreigners account for more than 50% of the shares. The ownership structure of Samsung Electronics and TSMC enables Western capital to obtain capital gains from the top technology companies in East Asia. How do you view differences and capitalism? Benefits? Secondly, Huawei's ownership structure is that Huawei explores a suitable structure model for Huawei's road, and Huawei has communicated with Western media in the past few years. Yesterday, I heard that many Western media have misunderstood that it is not a nationwide shareholding, but a nationwide salary incentive scheme. This reflects the two sides of the West. On the one hand, Western technology companies attach great importance to talent and technology, and have a respectable side. On the other hand, different models from their own will have a great misunderstanding or misunderstanding. What do you think is the root of the misunderstanding in the West?

Ren Zhengfei:We are not interested in capital, so there is no research. If the western media are willing, they can do research. Anyway, we will not let outside capital enter the company. The problem of the company is to make too much money now, because we can't lower the price. After lowering the price, we will squeeze all the following companies out and become the "overlord of Xichu" and eventually will die out, so we can't do this in the industry. Apple is an example, always be a big "umbrella", so that the following small manufacturers can live. If apples sell carrots and cabbage, there will be no other mobile phones in the world. We have a lot of money and put part of our strategy into it, but if we don't expand horizontally, we will give support to universities and scientists. It's also a miracle that we can invite so many top scientists from all over the world.

Therefore, we do not need capital to come in, and the nature of capital greed will undermine the realization of our ideals.

Reporter:What is the root of the misunderstanding of Huawei's ownership structure in the West?

Ren Zhengfei:It is not only today that the West has begun to misunderstand China, which has been misunderstood for decades. As long as we are legally compliant in China.

Thirty-threeReporter: Whether it was the last time Meng was detained in Canada or the current US export control, the apparent reason for the US is the case of the Ministry of Justice against Iran. In order to solve the dilemma facing Huawei, will Huawei be willing to talk with the US government, the Department of Commerce and the Department of Justice?

Ren Zhengfei:Haven't we sued the U.S. government? It is also required to produce evidence when talking to it in court through a lawyer.

Reporter:So you won't talk in private?

Ren Zhengfei:I don't have a private pipeline either. Can you give me a call to Trump?

Thirty-fourReporter: I want to ask a more relaxed question. Last year, you took a family photo with your youngest daughter, Yao Anna, and mother Yao Ling, which surprised the outside world. As a father or a husband, how many points do you give yourself? How much time do you usually spend with your family? Your daughter is studying at Harvard University. What kind of job do you want her to do in the future?

Ren Zhengfei:In fact, I am very sorry for the children in my life. My two elder children, when they were young, I went to the army and could only return home once in 11 months. When I came home, they went to school during the day, did their homework at night, then went to bed, and went to school the next morning. Actually, we don't have much communication, and we don't have any feelings. The youngest daughter was also very difficult, because at that time our company was still dying. I spent more than a dozen hours in the company, or on business, and did not go home for several months. At that time, in order to open up the international market and prove that we did not succeed in corruption in China, when we stayed abroad for several months, the children basically had little contact and owed them a lot. In fact, children rely on their own efforts, their own requirements are very high.

When the little girl was in high school, she danced 15 hours a week. She could not do her homework until she came back from dancing. She could not rest until more than one o'clock in the evening. After college, I usually do my homework till more than two o'clock in the evening. Sometimes I do my algorithm at four or five o'clock. The child loved literature and art very much. When she was invited to attend the celebrity meeting, she discussed with her parents that she would attend. At that time, my attitude was supportive. Because if we hit this time, the rest of her life will not go smoothly in the future, we will say that her parents blocked the road, we might as well stand up and support her, what she wants to do. I am the first to express my firm support and publish my family's happiness. My wife thought I was going to dodge it. I think if I want to support my children, I'm sorry for them. I don't want to support her yet. She studies hard and controls her own destiny.

Reporter:Can you talk about your wife?

Ren Zhengfei:I have two marriages and three children in my life. My ex-wife had a strong personality. She was a political commissar of Chongqing's 300,000 Red Guards during the cultural revolution. She was a great man. I am not even the Red Guard can not participate in the liberal school, graduated from college without a girlfriend, others introduced to us, she can see me, I really do not understand, she is flying in the sky, "white swan", I am on the ground.“SmallToad". At that time, besides studying well, the family environment was not good. My father was still in the cowshed. Why did she look up to me? We walked together for more than twenty years and then separated. Now the wife is very gentle, very capable, with more than 20 years of dedication to the cultivation of children, very successful. Yao Ling and I have marriage certificates, which are all helped by our ex-wife, and the child's household registration is also helped by our ex-wife. My ex-wife and my present wife are also on good terms.

Thirty-fiveReporter: Huawei has made a statement about the discontinuation of Google's cooperation. I would like to ask you to comment again on the impact of the operating system on Huawei.

Ren Zhengfei:It should be influential. Google is a very good company, and Google is trying to find ways, and we are also trying to find ways, and we are discussing remedies.

Thirty-sixReporter: I see that Haise has been sending all kinds of recruitment information, including public numbers and Wechat. Now Chinese enterprises are facing such a problem. Alibaba and Tencent need more high-end talents, including international talents, to join the innovation industry. I don't know what Huawei can do to attract more high-end talents to supplement such a team. Are there any specific criteria for salary treatment?

Ren Zhengfei:Sense of mission. Material treatment will certainly have specific measures, mainly to give them a sense of mission, have the opportunity to do things, let scientists play their freedom.

Reporter: I went to various branches of Huawei in Europe a few months ago. I saw many foreign employees understand Huawei's culture very well. I am also reading some books of Huawei myself. I am curious about what kind of force made a Chinese private enterprise with such obvious characteristics grow into an international enterprise with international common corporate culture.

Ren Zhengfei:Most of the books you see outside are untrue because they are compiled on the basis of online materials. But we have no objection, because they also want to survive. You can see Huawei's voice community, which is more real. As for foreign employees, there is no essential difference with us, because foreign employees also need to serve customers. We also serve customers. How are the values different?

Reporter: Now the outside world is talking about China, including "996" during this period. There are many conflicts between Chinese corporate culture and western work values. It is curious how Huawei unifies and coordinates itself.

Ren Zhengfei:Work values, we still abide by the labor laws of these countries to protect their reasonable time. But after all, they have a sense of mission, no sense of mission, they can not achieve results. Our foreign scientists are actually more desperate than Chinese scientists, many of whom are still unmarried in their thirties.

Thirty-sevenReporter: You mentioned just now that Huawei is becoming more and more capable as a war force. What do you think of layoffs as a commercial company? The issue of layoffs is more sensitive in the Chinese market, but in fact many companies in the ICT industry are ready to lay off or have entered layoffs. Huawei has not laid off large-scale staff since 1987.

Ren Zhengfei:Actually, Huawei employees who have left outside are more than those who are in service. How do you get out? To go out voluntarily is to go out. Any business does not do well, is the responsibility of the chief executive, not the responsibility of employees, employees in the process of moving forward also have a lot of skills, when we lay off the Department to give employees a way out. For example, recently praised the industry's soft sector, they proposed that 10,000 people should go to the red carpet, I approved, and then thousands of people went to the red carpet. In 2017, we discussed and decided to reduce the soft field of industry at the Shanghai Strategic Retreat Conference, but failed to achieve results. When they were laid off, I was also worried about problems. I quietly told human resources to raise their wages a little before leaving. They did not make any achievements. Their ranks were too low and they would lose money in other departments. When I visited two years later, I found that many people went to the new battlefield without waiting for their salaries to rise. The success of terminals and clouds is closely related to the more than 10,000 employees who were laid off. They rushed to the strategic opportunity point, not only promoted, but also found the opportunity to fight. In the past two years, there has been no voice in the society, no complaint in the company, and more than 10,000 people have been transferred. Now many departments are also cutting down, and then transferring most of the surplus personnel to the main strategic main force, a small amount of mediocrity will persuade them to withdraw. Now it's such a structural adjustment that laying off departments is not laying off employees.

Thirty-eightReporter: Yu Chengdong said that before Ren Zemin, he used the iphone. Now he uses Huahua as his high-end mobile phone. Do you personally use the P30?

Ren Zhengfei:That's too advanced. I use backward mobile phones every time. Advanced mobile phones need to be relearned and wasted time. I don't need new features.

Reporter:Have you always preferred CNBG business?

Ren Zhengfei:No, to whom do you like to scold, and how do you not like to scold him? Yu Chengdong was also mad to be scolded.

Reporter:How to see the growth of CBG business?

Ren Zhengfei:After all, it is an auxiliary industry. Its purpose is to make money and bring money to CNBG to help it dominate the world. CNBG charged when it got the money and occupied Mount Qomolangma. Even if there is no grain seed, it is right to occupy the peak. That is the principle, not preference.

Reporter:I think Yu Chengdong himself is very capable.

Ren Zhengfei:I didn't say he was incapable. The media are all talking for Yu Chengdong. You call him on the spot.

Reporter:You will give a summary of the development of CBG in recent years.

Ren Zhengfei:When we affirm a department, we should not give priority to praise, but correct its incorrectness and make it go the right way. Our internal self-criticism is very strong, and sometimes there are quarrels within the executive board, which lead to consensus.

Yu Chengdong:I hope the boss will give more support. Some of his words may be misunderstood and misunderstood by everyone. Some people will go crazy with our boss's words.

Ren Zhengfei:Yu Chengdong, your waist pole is not upright today.

Reporter:You set CBG $150 billion?

Ren Zhengfei:They set it up by themselves, and it certainly can't be achieved.

Reporter:You still have high hopes for them.

Ren Zhengfei:People need to enter the saturation curve. They drive on the saturation curve, and the gap between catchers will gradually narrow. For example, two movies in one second are very difficult, but the gap between the next one and the two movies in one second is not big, the technology investment is very large, and the gap is not big. The climbing stage leads very fast, and the saturation curve is hard to say. Therefore, we can not be sure in the future.

Thirty-nineReporter: I have done some peripheral interviews before on the issue of equity. Huawei employees are very concerned about a problem. Over the past few years, Huawei's stock has been rising. They have bought a large number of Huawei's internal shares, and they have made great profits. But now they are concerned about a problem, the uncertainty of the future is increasing, assuming that the company encounters some problems, will dividends and earnings have some impact?

Ren Zhengfei:Of course, because buying internal shares is voluntary, withdrawal is voluntary, the mechanism is open, not bundled. Huawei's internal equity earnings will also decline. Our Blues first criticized the company for "over 30% dividends for 30 consecutive years, and when do they want to share out"? Therefore, every year I criticize the executive board for its excessive profit growth and insufficient strategic investment. Their review last year was on my desk, and I haven't approved it yet. Trump has sanctioned this year, and our profits may be reduced a little.

Reporter:Must we share both joys and sorrows?

Ren Zhengfei:We understand the minds of some employees, who can take away what belongs to them.

Reporter:As you mentioned earlier, as long as capital is not allowed in, what kind of future development path can be discussed. The issue of capital is sensitive. There have been various rumors before.

Ren Zhengfei:Don't believe the rumors. There will never be any capital to come in. This is the consensus of all the top people in our company. We fight for our ideals, not for money.

FortyReporter: Which department is responsible for the operation system? Will open source attract some developers in the future?

Ren Zhengfei:I can't tell which department is in charge. Let's try it. It's not very difficult to make an operating system. It's difficult to build an ecosystem. How to build an ecosystem? It's a big thing. Take your time.

Forty-oneReporter: Yesterday I visited the equity room. I was also shocked that Huawei Company and its employees are highly bound by their rights and interests. You only have 1.4% and only one veto. Now many founders have the same rights or share more power. What is the essence of your influence in Huawei?

Ren Zhengfei:At the beginning of this year, we completed the voting to elect a new shareholders'representative union. After more than a year's gestation, we voted one vote at a time. Having been brewing for more than a year, why don't the society know? I don't know why employees are so secretive. If he elects the representative of the shareholder, he can't represent the stock. He is the representative. One person, one vote, votes on the company's decision. The board of directors votes by the number of votes, and the executive board operates on a daily basis under the authority of the board of directors.

Forty-twoReporter: Ren has never used the veto power. Do you really want to use it at some point, or what situation in the future can you use the veto power by one vote?

Ren Zhengfei:Originally, there was a deadline for my veto to expire, but when we passed the new constitution, we happened to encounter the British de-Europeanization incident. If a democratic vote like de-Europeanization was adopted, the fate of an enterprise might be buried. So we retained the veto power, which is temporarily under my control. When some of our teams quit and the core elite team forms a small group, I give up my personal power and transfer it to the core elite team composed of seven people. When major problems arise, I veto it. Business matters generally do not need to be used.

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