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Ma Huateng's Attendance to Yunnan International Intelligent Tourism Conference: Building Yunnan Model of Digital China

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Tencent Science and Technology News, May 21 afternoon, the 2019 Yunnan International Wisdom Tourism Conference opened in Kunming. Ma Huateng, chairman and CEO of Tencent's board of directors, delivered a speech on the theme of "Promoting Intelligent Literature Travel and Building Digital Yunnan".

On the scene of the conference, Ma Huateng gave speeches on three core issues: first, how will the cultural tourism industry change in the second half of the Internet? Second, how Tencent extended the digital experience accumulated in the cultural tourism industry to other areas to become a breakthrough in the development of digital economy and the construction of digital Yunnan; and finally, how to view the innovative technological belts such as artificial intelligence and 5G? Development opportunities and potential risks.

Looking forward to cutting-edge science and technology, Ma Huateng stressed

The following is the factual record of Ma Huateng's speech:

Promoting Intelligent Literature Travel and Building Digital Yunnan

Good afternoon, distinguished Mr. Wang Xiaofeng and Governor Ruan Chengfa, distinguished guests:

Governor Nguyen is a product manager with his own traffic. He talks about it and demonstrates it with a variety of cases, videos, and mobile phones.

On both sides of the scene, Tencent provides AI simultaneous transmission service. This is Tencent's attempt to realize AI simultaneous transmission from Wechat speech recognition to AI lab translation technology. Governor Ruan has boldly applied our products on such an important occasion, and I am very grateful.

One-machine tour is a milestone in the transformation and upgrading of Yunnan's cultural tourism industry, and it is also a key battle in the second half of Tencent's transition to the Internet. With the rapid development of China's digital economy, the digital technology represented by cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence has gradually matured, and the application scenarios in business activities are becoming more and more abundant, which brings new opportunities and challenges to the digital transformation of traditional industries. In the second half of the Internet, the main battlefield is the industrial Internet. Based on this judgment, Tencent made strategic adjustments, put forward to take root in the consumer Internet, embrace the industrial Internet, set up cloud and intelligent industrial clusters, and act as digital assistants in all walks of life.

Cultural tourism industry is one of the earliest and deepest vertical areas in the digital transformation. Tencent has spared no effort to help the development of Yunnan cultural tourism and has benefited a lot. Here, I would like to share some observations with you around three issues. The first question is how the cultural tourism industry will change in the second half of the Internet. The second question is how to extend the digital experience accumulated in the cultural tourism industry to other fields and become a breakthrough in the development of digital economy and the construction of digital Yunnan. The third question is how to look at the development opportunities and potential risks brought by AI, 5G and other innovative technologies.

Science and Technology Help the Transformation of Culture and Tourism Industry

In the era of industrial internet, digital technology can help the cultural tourism industry to improve its quality and efficiency, transform and upgrade from aspects of enhancing experience, retaining memory, disseminating culture and ensuring security. There are three key words in it: new tools, new means and new guarantees.

Digital technology provides new tools for improving the tourism experience. In the digital age, scenic spots are no longer limited to mountains and rivers, and tourism is no longer a card visit, but a continuous social interaction. Governor Nguyen just demonstrated

Digital technology provides a new guarantee for the overall security of online and offline. Safety is the bottom line of tourism experience, public service and digital economy. Tencent's seven security laboratories have accumulated a lot of technology in network security, and have launched security solutions for many industries, including the cultural travel industry. These black technologies are not only defensive, but also can take the initiative to solve social problems that could not be solved in the past. Tour Yunnan one-click complaints, provide personal safety guidance for tourists, provide all-weather protection for data, provide digital intelligent tools for managers, and ensure safe and clear network space.

Promoting the Construction of Digital Yunnan by Taking Wenlu as a Breakthrough

From a more macro perspective, taking cultural tourism as a grasp, promoting the development of digital economy and improving the level of public service can form cross-sectoral and cross-sectoral digital management capabilities, and help the construction of digital Yunnan. There are three key words in it: demonstration board, drill ground and barometer.

Firstly, the cultural tourism industry is a demonstration card of Yunnan digital economy. According to the calculation of Tencent Research Institute, Yunnan ranks 11th in the whole year of 2018, and is a model digital student in the southwest region. Tourism is a characteristic and pillar industry in Yunnan. Yunnan has a high degree of tourism digitalization. Digital tourism ranks two places higher than GDP in the whole country and has a good foundation for development. Continuing to deepen and expand can set up a model card for the development of digital economy in the whole province.

Finally, the cultural tourism industry is a barometer to test the level of digital government affairs. Serving tourists is connected with serving local enterprises and residents. The tools developed by the digital development of cultural travel can serve tourists, as well as local enterprises and citizens. Let the data run more roads, so that tourists and the masses run less errands, is to improve

Digital Yunnan has been preparing for one year, and initial results have been achieved. According to the estimate of Tencent Research Institute, the total index of digital Yunnan increased by 75% year-on-year, and Kunming's digital industry index entered the top 20 of the country. In the future, Tencent will actively cooperate with Yunnan's goal of building a world-class tourism industry, assist in building smart tourism and global tourism, turn Yunnan's unique humanistic and natural scenery into high-quality digital assets, and build a model of digital China in Yunnan.

Looking forward to the frontier technologies such as 5G and AI, emphasizing the good of science and technology

Finally, I would like to share with you our judgment on the next wave of technology. In the next two or three years, 5G large-scale commercial will gradually spread out, supporting 1 million devices per square kilometer to connect to the network at the same time. This large bandwidth, low delay, high reliability network, will send all kinds of applications driven by artificial intelligence to thousands of households. The threshold for the transformation and upgrading of various industries will continue to be lowered, and the development of the industrial Internet will enter.

In terms of innovation capability, today's China has come to the forefront of development. Without painstaking efforts in basic research and key technology, digital economy means that it is difficult to build high-rise buildings in the sand, let alone realize the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and promote high-quality development. Tencent has set up artificial intelligence laboratory, quantum laboratory and robotic laboratory in the past two years, bringing together the top talents in various fields to explore the frontier science and technology. In order to have a foothold in the long-term development, we have jointly sponsored the Science and Technology Exploration Award with well-known scholars to encourage and support young scholars to work hard in the fields of basic science and cutting-edge science and technology.

In terms of value concept, give science and technology positive values, advocate science and technology for kindness, is a top priority. Science and technology into thousands of households, into the daily life of the people, bring convenience and risk. The cornerstone of the development of digital economy is to integrate the values of goodness into technology and into the line of code. To this end, Tencent proposed

Thank you.

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