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Huawei Lu Yong: Huawei's 5G patent is the world's number one.

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“Only this long-term, high-intensity focused R&D investment will ensure that we continue to lead in such a high-tech industry.”

Lu Yong said that Huawei should provide more than 16,000 5G standard experience in standard patents, and replace it with A4 paper by nearly 10 meters. Huawei's 5G patent ranked first in the world, accounting for 20%. All companies in the United States account for less than 15% of 5G core patents.

"China believes that we have the largest 4G network in the world, and we have every reason to believe that China will also have the world's largest 5G network." Lu Yong believes that such a large market space and cyberspace, enough capacity and support for us The scale of 5G, I believe that 5G can make China truly realize the digitalization of thousands of industries, and truly realize the transformation of 5G digitalization.

Lu Yong said, "Huawei should be said to be another wave of turmoil today, but from my personal understanding, in fact, Huawei's internal 180,000 employees seem to be like the hurricane in the hurricane. We are very calm. We are the kind of bean sprouts. Bean sprouts, the gratin sauce of the gratin."

The following is a record of Lu Yong's speech: (from People's Daily Online)

I am very honored today to have such an opportunity to stand on this rostrum and share with you some of Huawei's views on 5G and the digital economy. Professor Lu actually mentioned Huawei many times. I am very touched and thank you very much.

Huawei should say that it is another wave of turmoil today, but from my personal understanding, in fact, Huawei's internal 180,000 employees seem to be like the hurricane in the hurricane, we are very calm. We plant the bean sprouts of this kind of bean sprouts, the grinder sauce of the bean paste. Just like the 5G coverage of the entire campus of Guizhou Expo, the 5G coverage of the entire network with Guizhou Unicom is Huawei's work, and we have also ensured the security of the entire park.

When it comes to 5G, I will also take this opportunity to introduce you to Huawei. In the past 30 years of development, Huawei believes that it is mainly due to two developments. One is our long-term customer-centric and strive-oriented. We are not staff-oriented, we are based on the struggle.

At the same time, the most crucial point is that every year, Huawei has an unwritten rule, and each year will produce 10% of annual income, focusing on rigid investment in research and development. This is why Huawei has such a sigh of relief when it happens that we can continue to serve our customers.

Last year, Huawei's total revenue reached more than 720 billion yuan, but our R&D investment exceeded 100 billion yuan last year. That is, in all the companies in the world last year, Huawei's R&D investment ranked fifth. The top four are Samsung, GOOGLE, Microsoft and German Volkswagen. Research and development investments like Intel and Apple have been surpassed by Huawei. Therefore, only this long-term and high-intensity focused R&D investment can guarantee that we will continue to lead in such a high-tech industry.

At the same time, Huawei’s global patent application last year was also the world’s number one and the first among all companies. At the same time, we started the development of Huawei Cloud in the past year. In the second half of last year, in addition to the equipment terminal developed from the communication industry, we also released the world's first artificial intelligence chip, which truly allows one industry, each enterprise can enjoy the labor. The inclusive benefits brought by intelligence can make it affordable for everyone, use it well, and use it with confidence.

At the same time, Huawei is also a fast-growing manufacturer of intelligent terminals. It should be said that Huawei's terminals are also benefited from Huawei's long-term research and development. Last year, Huawei's terminal shipments exceeded 200 million units. This year has had some impact, but we think this difficulty is temporary.

One point I want to talk about now is China's communication industry. From the blank of 1G, to the breakthrough of 2G, to the catch of 3G, to the synchronization of 4G, we can proudly say that we can be in the 5G industry. Achieve global leadership. As a communicator, I have been with Huawei for 20 years. I think it is also a moment of pride and pride. Of course, we also face a very big challenge, which is from external challenges.

China's communications industry, whether it isMobile phoneWe are all ready for the chip, the device. Therefore, as an old communication person in 5G, we are very proud that we have achieved breakthroughs and leads at one point in the global high-tech industry. Of course, because our lead may suffer Some other blows. We believe that the future 5G will bring about several changes. Just now, Deputy General Manager Liang Baojun mentioned that 5G is not a continuous innovation. 5G will bring about some changes. We believe that 5G mainly brings five revolutionary changes. Including all online, seamless experience, full cloud, smart terminal, joint platform.

Now our VR glasses will be dizzy when playing for a while. At this time, 5G will really play a role. We can now do it within 15 milliseconds, which is equivalent to turning the future helmet into an audience, and the real game is dyed. In the cloud, this can really achieve cost reduction. The VR helmet is very light and consumes very little power, so it must be a disruptive development.

Speaking of the cloud, when it comes to 5G, we think about the future of the mobile phone may be a Transformer, because our mobile phone, when connected to the cloud through the 5G network, we can fully meet the needs of daily office. If you are using Huawei's latest mobile phones, you will find an APP application called Huawei Cloud Computer. Your current mobile phone can also be used on 4G networks, but there may be an experience with the fast bandwidth network provided by 5G in the future. The difference.

At the same time, it will be the future of mobile communication workstations, because we have the ability to use the GPU on the cloud, and the computing work is all on the cloud. At the same time, the 5G terminal will become a very good terminal, through the combination of the cloud and the realization of high-quality experience. Through smart terminals and broadband networks and cloud utilization, we believe that the combination of cloud value and 5G value will generate more new formats.

Connected platform and seamless experience, 5G is not only fast, it is a revolution, now the network is more connected is the connection, the future network must be a platform. We believe that 5G's future network must be a platform, it is not just a pipeline, everything can be networked, all applications can be shipped, which means that the future terminal system will be redefined to create a truly seamless experience. .

We think that from now on, 5G network deployment speed is far faster than 3G and 4G. In history we can know that this is the first time that the terminal is the CP and the mobile phone, and the network is mature. In the 3G era, when there is a network, the real business driver is not a mobile phone. At the beginning, there is an Internet card, and 4G is also the same. In this case, the development of 5G truly achieves end-to-end consistency and synchronization. There are more than 40 companies in the world. Of course, this amount is not big enough. In the second half of this year, we will expand with the launch of other companies' chips, including Huawei's terminal phones.

The growth of 5G users is also very fast. We think that the development of 5G, because we just mentioned the synchronous transmission from the terminal to the network to the mobile phone, we think that it can be achieved in about three years. Therefore, the acceleration of 5G, including the United States and South Korea, has already been commercialized.

As Huawei did something at 5G, it also gave everyone a share. Huawei should provide more than 16,000 5G standard experience in standard patents, and replace it with A4 paper by nearly 10 meters. Huawei's 5G patent ranked first in the world, accounting for 20%. The 5G core patents of all companies in the United States accounted for less than 15%, but the Huawei family exceeded 20%, and we reached more than 2,570.

In terms of solutions, from 2009 to 2018, we continued to invest nearly 2 billion US dollars in 5G technology research and development. Huawei has been doing 5G for nearly ten years. We have invested in the development of technical standard products, from devices to terminals to chips to modules, and built a comprehensive end-to-end 5G solution.

We are confident that the industry's end-to-end solutions will lead the business for more than a year. For example, the 70980 chip we are using now, and the 5G chip used in the base station are all released in series, so we are really ready for the 5G.

As the world's leading 5G supplier, we have received 42 commercial contracts worldwide, and the number of base stations shipped has exceeded 100,000. This is still in China, but it has exceeded 100,000 in the case of the trial network.

This picture is the 5G industry application mentioned by both of us. In the process, we have done a lot of work. We know that 5G is more than just 2C. It is more about going to 2B and going to various industries. As a personal understanding, why did you mention the United States, why the United States is so important, and I want to share my personal understanding.

At the end of the 19th century, when electricity came out, what was the main thing about electricity? Household electricity. But in the early 20th century, when electricity went from household electricity to industrial electricity, there was a great company GE that had been brilliant for a hundred years. 2G, 3G, 4G basically achieve personal application, but the strategic positioning of 5G far exceeds the content carried by the original communication.

This is why many countries are really competing in the 5G as a strategic level. We have done a lot of cooperation. At the beginning of this year, I went to Changchun with Deputy General Manager Liang Baojun.TVThe total station jointly released 5G+4KLive content, there are a lot of 5G, just mentioned the medical treatment includingeducationWait, 5G technology must be the trend of the future, and various industries have a lot of applications in power, medical, education and so on.

When we signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with CCTV and the three major operators, we had a story behind it. We used to do a very small thing. When a TV reporter broadcasts a sports game, he will take a video camera. There is a scorpion behind, this scorpion will pass the signal to the OB van and pass it to the command center through the OB van.

A responsible technical leader of CCTV said that 5G has no application in this scene. One of our engineers replied that it can be because our low latency and large bandwidth can cut the dice, so a small change, we photographers do When you broadcast, you are free to choose a position, not in a fixed position. This greatly enhances the effect of the broadcast and the effect of the audience.

I want to express the view that the application of 5G in all walks of life depends not only on operators and manufacturers, but on the large number of these customers and managers in the industry. They really understand its needs, but he may not Understand 5G, 5G must be fully integrated with operators, manufacturers and customers, in order to truly achieve the full application of 5G in the industry.

China believes that we have the largest 4G network in the world. We have every reason to believe that China will also have the world's largest 5G network, such a large market space and cyberspace, sufficient capacity and support for our 5G scale scenario. 5G can enable China to truly realize the digitalization of thousands of industries and truly realize the transformation of 5G digitalization.

Of course, in Guizhou today, I also talk about Huawei's cooperation with Guizhou. In fact, there are a lot of cooperation in 5G, Huawei and Guizhou, maybe Chairman Chen also knows that we signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in 2016. Last year, the secretary and governor of Guizhou Province took the right to Huawei and signed another. In the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, Huawei and the Gui'an New Area also cooperated to build the data center of Huawei's South, and also placed the global IT training center in Guizhou.

We are not only on the hardware, but also develop digital capabilities with Guizhou in terms of talent development. We cooperated with the three parties of Gui'an New Area and Guizhou Unicom. We released the results of the 12G application scenarios of 5G. At the same time, with the support of Guizhou Unicom in January this year, we are the first all cities in the country to realize the 5G trial commercial. One province.

What is Huawei's focus on the development of 5G? Huawei focuses on smart terminals, network connectivity, cloud computing, and ICD technology. But we also hope that with our partners, there is a saying that we are alone and fast.

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