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Gree Electric Technology Department: Oaks air conditioner spends nearly 5 kWh a day

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What is the concept of more than 200 watts? In an hour, you may need to spend more than 200 watts of electricity. On that day, if you drive 24 hours, it may be close to five kWh, and it will be 4.8 kWh. ”

The following is a record of the media meeting:

Reporter: We took the video and introduced it to ourselves before speaking.

Legal Department: I am ZhuhaiGreeDeputy Minister of Legal Affairs Department of Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., my name is Li Mingjing. Below I will briefly introduce some of our complaints about Oaks. For more than half a year, we have communicated with investors, communicated with consumers, and communicated with our company’s customers when we learned about Oaks.air conditioningThere are two kinds of performance, the first is that the market price is very low, and the second is that the power consumption is relatively large. However, we think that power consumption is a more subjective feeling for consumers. He has a lot to do with the habits of consumers, the working conditions of air conditioners, and the time of use. We have always been concerned about the information. So at the beginning of this year, we saw a video about the air conditioning in Oaks and other industries. In the inside, they said that the cooling and heating efficiency of their air conditioners is not bad, and the price is very low. In conjunction with the situation we learned earlier, our technical department did some testing. At that time, because there was no clear model to determine which model and which model, so we are also the mainstream models on the market, I bought some tests. The test found that these models are inconsistent with the mandatory standards required by national laws and regulations, and specifically have not yet reached the threshold of market access.

We initially questioned the result itself, because we were afraid of making mistakes, although our own company's laboratories also have national qualifications. In view of this situation, we have commissioned a qualified third-party agency to do some testing. The results of the third-party testing are consistent with the conclusions of our tests. The Oaks air conditioner did not meet the national mandatory energy efficiency standards, and the conclusion was unqualified. After discovering this situation, we reported the situation to the local regulatory authorities. The time is still relatively early, because the state complains that it has a jurisdictional requirement that the products produced and sold can be governed in his administrative area. Therefore, in the neighboring provinces, such as Hunan and Hubei, and, for example, Anhui and Henan, we have found this situation, so the company has made real-name complaints in the cities and counties where these places are located. The relevant state administrative agencies also accepted our complaints and also tested these models found on the market.

As of now, the information we have learned is that some of the administrative agencies' first test conclusions are also unqualified, which is the same as our own test and the results of the outsourcing third party test. In this case, the administrative agency may also receive a request from the other party for re-examination. This is completely reasonable in legal proceedings, so the related products are currently being re-examined.

In late May of this year, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the Ministry of Water Resources, and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a document on the investigation and investigation of the country's virtual energy efficiency water efficiency label. After seeing this document, we feel that we are very concerned about and attach importance to this matter at the national level. This matter has been paid attention to as early as half a year ago. This is also a very important reason for promoting our report to the National Bureau. At this time, we officially launched this report to the National Bureau. Of course, this report was also followed by the mass media and many consumers.

In this process, one aspect of our complaint was decided by the state's documents. After we saw it, we felt that the country was determined to be bigger. On the other hand, we found that the quality of the products is unqualified, which has infringed the interests of consumers, undermined the competition order between the industries, and undermined the national environmental protection regulations for energy conservation and emission reduction. As a company, we have the obligation and responsibility to accurately report the relevant situation to the relevant authorities of the country. We feel legally legal and we have such rights. But for the consumer, in this process, if the product is really identified and the conclusion is unqualified, then his own rights will be violated. For consumers, consumers are a vulnerable group. Air conditioners are a very professional product. The average consumer can only judge the basic information such as energy consumption and power of air conditioners by some numerical values ​​on the product nameplate. It is impossible for every consumer to send air conditioners to relevant qualified testing institutions for testing, and then communicate with manufacturers to protect rights. This possibility is very small, consumers do not have such capabilities, and this It also takes a lot of time, money, and so on.

Therefore, we have initiated such a complaint after comprehensive consideration. The basic situation is like this. This is inconsistent with the high-quality development of the enterprises required by the General Secretary. Therefore, we also attach great importance to it. We hope that we can drive the entire industry and make a check and change on the quality of air conditioners and the energy efficiency label of air conditioners. A colleague from the department will introduce it.

Reporter: You introduce it from the technical point of view, what are the unqualified?

Technical Department: I will introduce myself first. I am the deputy director of Gree Electric Household Air Conditioning Technology Department. My name is Wang Xianlin. This time about the test of the Oaks air conditioner, we found the problems of unqualified energy efficiency test in the process of comparison, and then we carried out a detailed analysis of this product, why is there such a situation. The first one found that its energy efficiency and the value of the deviation are very large during the test, including the third-party test report that we announced, and its energy efficiency value is very large with its nominal value. The gap, and has been significantly lower than the national threshold for air-conditioning access threshold 3.2.

Another point is to say that this deviation, it is not said that the production is produced under normal circumstances, we all know that the product may have certain processing error in the manufacturing process, this serious deviation deviation range of the Oaks air conditioner It is not normal. As far as we can see the second-level energy efficiency products of their nominal 3.59, the actual measured only 2.68, the actual energy efficiency deviation has reached 25%, and the national standard allows the deviation is 5%, so it is inside This gap is very large.

Oaks confuses consumers to achieve their own cost control goals, or to increase their own profits. The other one is the product we tested this time. It is true that they are very strong in promoting their own technology, and then the price is very low. As a result, the product that was bought back is really far from our own propaganda.

And another problem that this manifests is that we have bought a lot of models. Now it is announced that there are eight models. In fact, we have tested more than a few models, but these eight problems are too big, and the energy efficiency is not Qualified, and they all deviate very much. Many products are under the national energy efficiency standard line. This shows a problem. From a technical point of view, this may be a kind of time when it is his own design. Intention to do this.

We have such a speculation, of course, one thing is that everyone just saw the two products of the Aux air conditioner configuration level two and three levels. According to the truth, the same thing can not make different energy efficiency. Than, this problem appears on the materials. In general, the configuration of a high product configuration is different. Condensers, evaporators, and the selection of compressors or motors may use higher energy efficiency or some of the better quality of this product.AccessoriesBut we found that the two products are exactly the same. Oaks puts two things that are obviously the same, and they can't do the second-level and third-level energy efficiency. They are labeled as one level, one level three, one price for selling two, and one for three. We feel that this kind of sense of mission as a technology is indeed an unacceptable situation.

Reporter: The difference between the values ​​of 3.59 and 2.68 is less than one.

Technical Department: This price should be available online. You can find the price of the second-level product and the price of the second-level product should be at least a few hundred dollars. The energy efficiency ratio is 3.59 and the actual measurement is 2.68. Seeing that it is close to 1 point, that is, we use the same amount of cooling, for example, it is nominally 3,500 watts to see, it may be that there is actually more than 200 watts of power here. What is the concept of more than 200 watts? In an hour, you may need to spend more than 200 watts of electricity. On that day, if you drive 24 hours, it may be close to five kWh, and it will be 4.8 kWh.

Reporter: That is to say, the target is 3.59, the actual is 2.68, and then the difference between you is an hour, and it is clear that it will cost about 200 watts.

Technical Department: Yes, 200 watts of electrical energy. This is the difference. It is not the result of this deviation in the process of the manufacturing process, we actually measured more models than these eight models. In the course of the test, we found through analysis that if the standard deviation of energy efficiency is not particularly large, we understand that there may be deviations. This is completely understandable, so we have no reports in these models. Put the relevant models of this situation inside, although he may not be qualified in our own tests, but not included, the inclusion of the deviation is relatively large, in this case, not a general experiment If the deviation of the environment and process equipment is caused, and where it is to be tested, there may be no substantial change in the conclusion.

Reporter: The ones we tested were those that accepted the report. The customer bought it. Only Oaks has such a problem. Do other brands have it?

Technical Department: The scope of our testing only detects the air conditioning of Oaks.

Reporter: From Gree's point of view, it is from Gree to do such a thing, is it as a company to report another company to do such a thing, what will be more positive for the whole industry?

Legal: At least the first time you may know this information will be concerned. The first is to see Gree that this Oaks may have some models of products that are not qualified, then will pay attention to whether there is such a problem in their products. First of all, I think self-examination is very necessary. Secondly, for Oaks, does his air conditioner meet the national mandatory standards? Is it a qualified product? This requires administrative law enforcement agencies to give consumers to the market and Give Oaks a fair evaluation and statement. From the current point of view, the administrative law enforcement agencies have been actively involved, and we also expect to have a result as soon as possible.

Reporter: For example, the Zhejiang Bureau took some tests and finally confirmed that there are problems. Then those who sell have problems, then we suggest from the recommendations, how should the rights of these consumers be protected?

Legal: Now we see a lot of comments on the Internet, because after this incident was launched, many consumers are also spontaneously commenting on this matter, and this question is the same as your question. From the perspective of administrative supervision, if the administrative agency says that these products are circulating in the market, it is determined that it is unqualified. If such a conclusion emerges, it may face a manufacturing and sales, and these enterprises face the punishment of an administrative agency. Then, if it is a criminal responsibility, the crime of producing and selling fake and inferior products may be transferred to the judicial organs for further investigation. For consumers, the rights to protect people through civil transactions are definitely in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law Product Quality Law. Through the return of litigation or other channels, I feel that it should all depend on the conclusion of the identification test. What kind of conclusion, because we now see our own testing, including the commissioning of third-party testing, this can not be used as a basis for administrative enforcement, but only a situation we have.

Reporter: As for what they have reported, what do you think?

Legal affairs: That is their right. The state should protect them from reporting. This right is available to anyone. We also report and express a claim. This is clearly protected by national laws. We also feel that if the dispute is resolved through litigation. We are also involved. Through the procedure of the law, everyone can say clearly what they want to say and get recognition from the public and consumers. Then our purpose has been achieved.

Reporter: When we complained to various provinces, it is basically the eight models or other.

Legal: Since we have tested, we see that the difference between the eight models and the nominal value and the nameplate is very large. From the opinion of the technical department, it is the deviation of the general process production. It is not said that there is So large, so if it is a general deviation, then we can certainly understand the individual products, individual models have such problems, if the deviation reaches this level, we think that any model of Oaks may be in circulation in the market. The risk of the same problem.

Technical Department: From the results, we have just asked you this question, we believe that its quality control process should be problematic. As far as this product is concerned, it should not leave the factory. The unqualified product belongs to such a product that violates the national restrictions. You circulate it to the product, and now from the current situation, our purchase is also Random to buy, not to say that I went to a specific place to buy a lot of such, is to buy randomly, and the third-party testing agencies they also randomly bought, just the model we just removed, we bought it after the original Did not move, please notarized by the notary public, the seal is placed there, everyone open it, the second level is the same as the third level, and no one goes to deliberately find this difference, to find out specifically A very low-efficiency place with low energy efficiency to detect. Without this, we feel that this is indeed in the industry. This phenomenon is very abnormal.

Reporter: One of the things I just talked about is the second-level energy efficiency and the third-level energy efficiency. Just one point is that there are two levels, one level and one level, and the contents are the same everywhere, right? We have just demolished it on the spot, but because we are not professional technicians, we can only look through the naked eye, and it may be the same. But from a professional point of view, if the second-level and third-level are different, what aspects will they be reflected in?

Technical Department: In fact, you can go online to see, now there is a lot of data, secondary energy efficiency, it will also mark its own parameters, for example, how many cooling capacity is, how much power, there is a very obvious What is the energy efficiency ratio? This is a specific difference. The other one is, for example, the weight of the fuselage nominally. These parameters can be clearly seen on the Internet. You can know by comparing the two products to an obvious one.

Reporter: For example, the weight just looked at 32.5. You also take Gree's product as an example. How much difference should he have in a second-level third-level?

Technical Department: We should have a few kilograms difference, at least the weight of the external machine may be a few kilograms.

Reporter: I can find it.

Technical Department: Yes, you can find it, you can go online to see, Gree's second-level and third-level products to compare, and then you take out his product to compare, it should be. Maybe other companies should have such an idea, but I believe that if this company belongs to the kind of better reputation, it pays more attention to its own quality.

Legal: We are not deliberately comparing the two brands of products, we just compare the two energy-efficient products, he himself to himself.

Reporter: Actually I talked to people from other brands about this. They support you to do this.

Guest: This has not been communicated.

Reporter: Everyone does not want inferior products to appear in the market.

Legal: In fact, the models we tested are not limited to these, but if we test ourselves and the test results are unqualified, we have to distinguish between the deviations that are unqualified, if only the subdivisions are subtle. The deviation is the deviation of this fluctuation in the production process, we will not tangled at all, that is to say we tested more than eight models, I think this expression is very clear.

Reporter: How many units have you measured? How many units have been tested by a third party, is there a number?

Legal: We may have forty or fifty units. More than a dozen models of products. We have purchased more prototypes and actually tested more than a dozen models. Now the external testing is mainly limited to those products that we think are very risky now. There should be a third party. Anyway, we have announced that eight reports are definitely worth testing. There are also some tests, but those reports are not made public, and they are not announced.

Reporter: That is to say, it is not up to standard, but we have not announced it.

Technical Department: From our analysis point of view, it means that you may say that you directly said that he went to do this deliberately. As long as we feel that there is such a subjective rule that there is no standard, we have already (tested).

Legal: We are exactly the content of the eight reports detected by the third party and our own measured content. This is highly consistent, and the conclusion is the same. We only reported it to the outside world.

Technical Department: Because there is a characteristic, that is, we buy the machine from the Internet randomly, and then it is also a third party to go to the notary, the notarization is completed, and then go to the inspection, these two, it has a A large randomness, you only have two random representations that are very good and consistent. We think that this kind of randomness may be very regular. It may be that he intends to do this. This kind of, if he said that this test may have some deviations from the reports of third-party tests, these deviations may cause misunderstandings. I think this may not be so strong for the outside. force.

Reporter: You just talked about virtual high energy consumption. Then this document is just said that the National Bureau has such a document, and then we are based on this...

Legal Affairs: The promotion of complaints to the National Bureau is closely related to the documents. Before we saw this, we did not want to go to the State Bureau to complain, and all of them complained according to the law in accordance with the regulations. The Market Supervision Bureau also investigates and handles according to law.

Reporter: Then where is the energy hazard?

Legal Affairs: Hazard is divided into three aspects. The first aspect is for consumers. If you are a virtual standard, the fact is that the product is definitely unqualified and does not meet the national mandatory. The product cannot be on the market. Circulation, consumers buy such products, causing damage to consumers' rights and interests. In addition, the original intention of setting up energy efficiency in the country is to promote the national environmental protection and energy conservation policy. Through some other illegal means, this policy has been circumvented, and the products that fail to meet the standards have been circulated in the market, which has also impacted the national environmental protection and energy conservation policies. And challenges. The third is the benign competition between enterprises. Others are asking us why Gree’s products are expensive, so you can’t sell them as cheap as Oaks. We can’t do it, but if it’s broken, The normal market competition rules, even breaking through the bottom line of the market competition rules, and taking out such products in the market to circulate and compete with us, this has caused bad money to drive out good money, which is for normal and honest production and management. Enterprises, then the products I sell are up to standard, but the reverse is not recognized by the market in this process, mainly in these three aspects.

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