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Gree "opens and tears" Oaks, has been brewing for many months? The latest response from both sides came.

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The reporter learned that at present, the special investigation team composed of the two-level market supervision departments of Zhejiang Province and Ningbo City has already been in place, and relevant investigation work has begun.

CCTV financial reporters continue to track! What is the latest response from Oaks today? Regarding the question of whether Gree has unfair competition, what does Gree say?

Oaks: No response from the regulatory authorities until the investigation is completed

It is understood that the executives of Os Air Conditioning did not sleep last night, in the study how to respond, the general manager cold phone calls constantly, at first Oaks did not intend to be interviewed, after more than two hours of communication, at 3 pm, the company finally agreed The general manager, Leng Yu, accepted our interview, but by 5 pm, the company changed its attitude, saying that the state market supervision and management department has already filed a case in the case. Before the investigation is completed, the company will not respond, and it is observed during the company. The employees here are working fine.

It is understood that the eight air conditioners reported by Gree are still sold online and have not been removed. The company's people said that their online sales are still normal.

Competition has been around for a long time Gree has repeatedly reported Oaks air conditioning

Last night, the Ox Air conditioning responded: Gree Electric reported false reports to the public security organs, and said that just as the "6 / 18" air conditioning sales season came, Gree used slandering means, which was an obvious unfair competition. How does Gree respond to this? Gree Electric said that in recent years, Gree Electric has received complaints from a number of consumers, reflecting the quality of Ox air conditioning is not up to standard, and the same power of air conditioning, the price of Ox air conditioning is 30%-40% lower than similar products.

Li Mingjing, deputy director of the legal affairs department of Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd.: We are also very surprised why their products can be sold so cheaply. In addition, some consumers or shareholder investors of the company also mentioned the problem of power consumption. So, we bought the model on the market and did some testing.

Gree said that they had reported to the market supervision bureaus in Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Guangdong and other places a few months ago. Some products that failed the initial inspection are in the process of further re-examination.

Li Mingjing, deputy director of the legal affairs department of Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.: Some local regulatory authorities have concluded that the test is unqualified, but because the legal procedure also allows the application to retest, so before the retest results are not available , did not announce to the outside world.

Li Mingjing, deputy director of the Legal Affairs Department of Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd.: For those employees who originally worked in our technical department and now work in the technical department of the competitors, the technical secrets of the enterprise, between the enterprise and the enterprise We are more concerned about this kind of competition. Therefore, it was a relatively sensitive matter to see that their employees were promoting others' products. After testing these products, they found that the original products were also unqualified, so they reported them.

News background: Gree repeatedly sued Oaks air conditioner

In fact, Gree and Oaks are not the first time to compete on air-conditioning patent infringement. It is understood that Gree repeatedly sued Oaks air-conditioning "infringement of utility model patent rights", which shows the deep grievances of Gree and Oaks.

Gree Electric appealed to the court on the grounds that a series of air-conditioning products produced by Oaks infringed on its three patents, although the Oaks expressed its dissatisfaction with the judgment. However, the Guangdong Higher Court final judgment determined that the company’s infringement was established, and should immediately stop selling infringing air-conditioning products and compensate Gree’s economic loss of 2.3 million yuan.

In June 2017, Gree Electric also filed a lawsuit against the Athena series of air conditioners issued by Oaks in violation of Gree's patent rights.

In November 2017, Gree Electric infringed the patent rights of Gree Electric Appliances due to the unauthorised production, sale and use of eight models of air-conditioning products of Gree Electric Appliances by Unexal and Guangzhou Jingdong Trading Co., Ltd.

As a result, Gree requested the court to order Oaks and Jingdong to immediately stop the infringement and demand that Oaks compensate Gree Electric for economic losses and reasonable use costs of 40 million yuan.

In this regard, Aux said that the Gree Electric Appliance patent right has been partially invalidated by the Patent Reexamination Board. The patent right is in an unstable state. The technology used by the company's responded products does not fall within the scope of the plaintiff's patent protection, so it does not constitute infringement. .

However, in this case, the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court found that more than 10 air-conditioning products, including Oaks Goldman, Speedman, Geek, etc., infringed the integration of Gree electric water tray, double air duct air conditioner, air conditioner The three patents, such as the indoor unit, sentenced Oaks to compensate Gree Electric for 46 million yuan in economic losses. The amount of this judgment also set a new record for the amount of compensation for patent litigation in the air-conditioning industry.

Increased competition in the air-conditioning industry

From the relevant data, in recent years, competition in the domestic air-conditioning industry has intensified, and brand concentration has further improved. According to the "2018 Air Conditioning Market Analysis Report" released by the National Information Center, the sales volume and sales volume of key cities in 2018 decreased by 10.6% and 7.6% respectively, and the proportion of the whole year showed a trend of low and middle.

Under the influence of various factors, the overall industry presents three major trends: further optimization of products, intensification of brand competition, and innovation drive. Gree,beautifulThe top ten brands consisting of Haier, Hisense, Chigo, Oaks, TCL, Changhong, Kelon and Galanz have a market share of 95.17% in 2018.

The top three brands in the industry, Gree, Midea and Haier, achieved contrarian growth. The market share increased to 71.17%, up nearly 3 percentage points year-on-year. The brand concentration continued to strengthen, and the extrusion of other brands was more obvious.

The industry believes that the threshold of the air-conditioning market will increase, and small and medium-sized brands that do not have strong overall competitiveness may eventually be eliminated by the market.

The report believes that the Matthew effect of Hengqiang, a strong domestic air-conditioning industry, will continue.

Financial Encyclopedia: What is the energy efficiency rating of air conditioning?

Gree will point the finger at Oaks' air conditioning energy efficiency rating, then what is the energy efficiency rating? What does this number mean?

At present, the first-class energy-efficient fixed-frequency air conditioner achieves a cooling capacity of 3,500W and only uses 0.97 degrees per hour. The energy-efficient fixed-frequency air conditioner of the third-class energy-saving air conditioner requires nearly 1.1 degrees of electricity per hour, and the Aux is air-conditioned according to Gree. The energy efficiency ratio is calculated by 2.68, and the same cooling index is achieved, which requires nearly 1.3 degrees of power consumption.

For example, according to the use of 5 hours a day, 100 days in the summer to calculate, a summer down, Oaks this type of air conditioner will cost about 167 degrees more than the current level 1 energy efficiency air conditioner, at a price of 0.7 yuan per kilowatt hour, will cost about 117 yuan. If the average life expectancy of household air conditioners is 10 years, the extra loss caused by an air conditioner will be as much as a thousand yuan. "

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