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QC4 PPS is all available, Meizu 16Xs charging depth evaluation

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Due to historical problems, most of Meizu's mobile phones use MTK PE fast-acting. They are not cold to popular PDs and QC fast-acting on the market. Recently, Meizu's new 16Xs mobile phone, I believe you have seen a lot of mobile phone evaluation, but little is known about its charging performance. Will this phone surprise us when it comes to charging performance? Today let's make a specific evaluation of the charging performance of 16Xs.

I. Opening the box

Meizu 16Xs packages use hard cardboard boxes in the form of sky and earth covers. The boxes are very solid. Pure white packaging, the surface is covered with tiny raised particles, the front is printed with Meizu blue 16Xs, in addition to no other elements, very simple.

The back side of the packing box is provided with a sticker with full technical parameters, and a reflective anti-counterfeiting label is also arranged in the lower right corner of the packaging box. We got the machine with a production date of 2019.05.25, and the version is 6GB RAM 128GB ROM. There is a prompt on the package that can only be used with the original charger. Don't you charge me like that? Let's look down.

Open the package, including: Meizu 16Xs mobile phone, UP0920 charger, USB-A to USB-C data line, a card pin, a manual.

The white TPE material USB-A to USB-C data line is attached randomly.

The random USB-A port charger with light gray "MEIZU" LOGO printed on the front is much smaller than other chargers of Meizu.

Charger bottom screen printing:

Model: UP0920

Input: 100-240V-50-60 Hz 0.5A

Output: 5V/2A, 9V/2A

Manufacturer: Jiangsu Chenyang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Using POWER-Z FL001S meter to detect the charger protocol, only PE fast charging is supported. Is it true that mobile phones only support PE fast charging?

The 16Xs front side continues the 16-series consistent design style, with the upper and lower symmetric frames, and the visual effect is excellent. The front is equipped with a 6.2-inch polar full screen with a resolution of 2232×1080 and supports screen fingerprints. The mobile phone is equipped with QUALCOMM 675SoC, with 6GBRAM as standard, with a maximum of 128GBROM. Only the Samsung 3t2 ultra-small camera module with the front 1600W pixels can be seen on the forehead. The rest of the sensors are hidden design, and the top part is the micro-slit earpiece.

Meizu does not use the common bangs and water drop screen, because of the limited cost can not join the pop-up camera, but Meizu has made a top-down border design, which is very OK at this price.

The back design of Meizu 16Xs is similar to that of the previous 16s. There is MEIZU LOGO in the center of the back plate, and Chinese assembly and Meizu design are written below. After adding 4000 mAh capacity battery, the plastic rear case was used to control the weight of the fuselage. The weight of the fuselage was only 165 G. The texture of the back shell is good. Looking carefully, we can see that there are hidden vertical stripes.

One of the highlights of this 16Xs, the 16 series carries 3 photos for the first time. The camera is located in the upper-left corner of the backplane and is slightly protruding. It is configured as a 4800W pixel Samsung GM1 main 800W pixel ultra-wide angle lens 500W pixel depth of field lens, with a flash below. The flash does not use the Meizu penetrating circular flash, some regrets.

The bottom of the mobile phone from left to right is: speaker, USB-C data interface, microphone hole, 3.5mm headphone hole. Because of the plastic border, the antenna band also disappeared.

The power button and the volume button are located on the right side of the fuselage.

There is only one noise-reducing microphone hole at the top.

There is a SIM card slot on the left border.

II. Testing

1. Compatibility testing

Meizu 16Xs packaging box marked that only the original charger can be used. Can't other chargers be used to charge it? And the original charger only supports PE fast charging. Doesn't this phone support other fast charging? To know that the previous Meizu PRO5 and PRO6 Plus support the fast charging of PD, the next edition will do a compatibility test to find out whether Meizu 16Xs can use a third-party charger to charge and support which fast charging protocols.

(1) Charger

The Apple 30W PD charger (A1882) is used to charge Meizu 16Xs. This Apple charger only supports fast charging of PD. The current charging voltage of Meizu 16Xs is 8.93V, current is 1.81A, power is 16.23W. The Meizu 16Xs supports fast charging of PD.

Using USB-C port to support PD3.0, PPS, QC and PE protocol, Beth 1A1C charger charges Meizu 16Xs. Current voltage is 7.98V, current is 1.81A, power reaches 14.48W, and quick charging is successfully started.

Beth's charger supports so many protocols. What kind of protocol is the Meizu 16Xs handshake with it? Next we need to use the power-Z KM001C upper computer function to monitor and analyze its charging.

While charging Meizu 16Xs with Beth 1A1C charger, the host computer is used to monitor the charging protocol. It is found that the charging voltage is switching to 0.02V, which conforms to the fast charging characteristics of PPS. Meizu 16Xs shakes hands with PPS charging protocol when using chargers that support PD3.0, PPS, QC and PE protocols.

UsemilletThe 1A1C PPS charger charges Meizu 16Xs with current voltage of 8.01V, current of 1.81A and power of 14.50W. It also successfully opens the PPS charging protocol.

When charging Meizu 16Xs with a QC fast charging compact meter QC3.0 charger, the current voltage is 8.8V, the current is 1.69A and the power is 14.92W. It even supports QC 3.0 protocol.

Use hammer 18W QC4 charger (CD106) to charge Meizu 16Xs, this apple charger supports QC4 fast charge (QC4 fast charge = USB PD 3.0 PPS fast charge QC 3.0 fast charge), Meizu 16Xs current charging voltage 7.86V, current 1.81A, power 14.23W, turn on fast charge.

It is a surprise that Meizu 16Xs still supports QC4 fast charging when the QC4 fast charging mode is turned on.

Meizu 16Xs original charger "UP0920" with PE fast charging protocol is used to charge Meizu 16Xs. The voltage is 9.47V, the current is 1.55A, the power is 14.76W, and the current charge of 16Xs turns on PE fast charging.

Meizu 16S original charger "UP0830S" with PE fast charging protocol is used to charge Meizu 16s. The voltage is 9.25V, the current is 1.59A, the power is 14.73W, and the current charge of 16Xs turns on PE fast charging.

Meizu MX6 original charger "UP1220" with PE fast charging protocol is used to charge Meizu 16Xs. The voltage is 8.06V, the current is 1.81A, the power is 14.63W, and the current charge of 16Xs turns on PE fast charging.

Meizu 16th Plus original charger "UP1220S" with PE fast charging protocol is used to charge Meizu 16Xs. Voltage is 9.42V, current is 1.56A, power is 14.71W, 16Xs is currently charged to turn on PE fast charging.

Meizu PRO6 original charger "UP0830" with PE/QC fast charging protocol is used to charge Meizu 16Xs. The voltage is 8.23V, the current is 1.81A, the power is 14.91W, and the current charge of 16Xs turns on PE fast charging.

(2) Mobile Power Supply

Use ANKER A1275 PD mobile power supply to charge Meizu 16Xs, voltage 9.05V, current 1.57A, power 14.22W, turn on PD fast charging.

Using millet PLM12ZM PD mobile power supply to charge Meizu 16Xs, voltage 8.86V, current 1.59A, power 14.15W, turn on PD fast charging.

Meizu M10 mobile power supply is used to charge Meizu 16Xs, voltage 7.7V, current 1.81A, power 14.01W, open PE fast charging.

Charge Meizu 16Xs with Best Grand Wood Mobile Power Supply. Voltage 8.31V, current 1.77A, power 14.74W. Open QC 3.0 fast charge.

Use Huamei M10 mobile power supply to charge Meizu 16Xs, voltage 8.31V, current 1.79A, power 14.89W, open QC 3.0 fast charge.

(3) Car filling

Use MOMAX UC8 car to charge 16Xs with USB-C port. Voltage is 9.28V, current is 1.52A, power is 14.17W. Open the PD fast charge.

Use MOMAX UC10 car to charge 16Xs with USB-A port. The voltage is 7.99V, the current is 1.77A, the power is 14.2W, and the QC 3.0 fast charge is turned on.

Charge Meizu 16Xs with USB-A port, 8.26V voltage, 1.81A current, 15W power, and turn on QC 3.0 fast charge.

Charge Meizu 16Xs with USB-A port, 8.54V voltage, 1.75A current, 14.97W power, and turn on QC 3.0 fast charge.

Xiaobian made the above compatibility test data into a table, you can see that the compatibility of Meizu 16Xs is good, can shake hands with these test equipment to open fast charge, you can make a reference.

2. Charging Test of 0%~100% Electricity

Xiaobian uses original charger of Meizu 16Xs, 24W QC charger of Lexus, Beth 1A1C 30W PPS charger and Apple 30W PD charger to charge Meizu 16Xs mobile phone in the whole process of 0%~100% electricity. The upper computer records the data and makes the following table.

First of all, let's look at the power change of the original charger of Meizu 16Xs when it charges the mobile phone. It can be seen from the figure that the power will rise to 14.36W in a straight line shortly after charging, and the power shows a gradual upward trend. At 48 minutes of charging, the power will rise to the highest power of 16W. Then the power will gradually decrease when entering the constant voltage stage, and the whole charging time will be 2 hours and 1 minutes.

Then is the power change of the 24W QC charger charging Meizu 16Xs mobile phone. It was not long before the charging power rose to 14.24W and gradually increased, reaching the highest charging power of 15.61W at 55 minutes of charging, then the power began to decline, and the whole charging time was 2 hours and 7 minutes.

Look at the Best 30W PPS charger. The power change curve of this charger when charging Meizu 16Xs is almost the same as that of the 24W QC charger when charging Meizu 16Xs. The maximum power of this charger is 15.57W and the whole charging time is 2 hours and 7 minutes.

Finally, the performance of Apple 30W PD charger Charger 16Xs: the highest power is 15.59W, the whole charging time is 2 hours and 7 minutes.

Meizu 16Xs supports PE, PD, QC, PPS fast charging. According to our test, no matter what kind of fast charging protocol is used to charge it, the charging speed is almost the same. The half-hour charging capacity is about 37%, the one-hour charging capacity is about 76%, and the whole process takes about 2 hours. The power curves of the four fast charging protocols are highly consistent, which means that charging a fast charging product casually has a good effect.

Summary of Charging Head Network

As far as possible, the 16Xs of the Miao Family ensures the balance of the configuration. All aspects of the design follow the 16-series family rules. The small-size, symmetrical full-screen, mid-range SoC4000mAh large-capacity battery, this year's popular three-shot design makes the phone more of daily use, which is not much higher than the previous generation, while 165g weight and open multiple quick charging protocols can be said to be the flash point of this charming family 16Xs.

For chargers, Meizu has a USB-A charger of UP0920 for 16Xs, with maximum power of. This charger does not support any other fast charging protocol besides PE fast charging protocol, such as QC and PD which are common to us.

On the other hand, the situation of mobile phone is completely different. After testing, Meizu 16Xs supports a variety of charging protocols such as QC4.0, PD,PPS,PE and so on. The maximum power can reach 16W, and it takes 2 hours to fill.

Since it supports a variety of charging protocols, it also means that the compatibility of Meizu 16Xs will be very wide. Unlike the previous Meizu mobile phones, most of them can only use their own chargers and mobile power supply for quick charging. The choice of Meizu 16Xs is limited. Whether it is the original charger of their own mobile phones or most of the PD, QC chargers, mobile power supply and car chargers sold on the market, it can be applied. To achieve a good charging effect, Meizu 16Xs can be said to be the most compatible mobile phone in the history of Meizu charging, solid Meizu charging performance "real flagship" mobile phone.

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