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Tencent's first comprehensive open source Roadmap

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"Tencent Open Source promotes the R&D model of"open, sharing and joint development", actively participates in the construction of open source communities at home and abroad in the form of sponsors and contributors, establishes open source management offices at home, and sets up corresponding management committees for each open source project; actively participates in open source community cooperation with the outside world, and continuously contributes to open source community projects. Patch, and export industry standards. At the same time, Tencent has also increased its investment and become a platinum member or sponsor of many internationally renowned open source organizations. Through participating in international collaboration, Tencent will exert the scientific and technological influence of Chinese enterprises and become an active Chinese force in the community.

Tencent Open Source Road Map

Based on code openness and community operation, Tencent Open Source Route has continuously deepened Tencent's existing technological capabilities through the "three-step" open source plan, and promoted the development from closed isolation to collaborative opening to community open governance.

Specifically, the first step isInternal Open Source Collaboration。 Firstly, pull through the internal projects and organizations, through the way of small team operations or cross-departmental large team operations to coordinate the promotion, in order to optimize the allocation of resources to centralize advantages to seek technological breakthroughs. Subsequently, Tencent set up a screening mechanism to open up the code. The second step isOpen External Code。 Optimizing design and code structure, expanding landing scenarios, effectively utilizing external contributor resources to achieve resource integration, and building technological influence. The third step isCommunity Open GovernanceAt this stage, we should pay attention to four aspects: large-scale technology promotion and application, developer ecological system construction, community leaders and leadership training, and the optimal allocation of R&D resources in the whole society.

According to Du Junping, Tencent Open Source will focus on IaaS, container and cloud native, database, big data and AI, middleware, IoT / edge computing, small program ecology, etc.

Establishment of Tencent Open Source Management Office in China

Since 2010, Tencent has started to test water and open source. Good projects will be widely used across teams, departments and businesses, thus accumulating the foundation of open source. Since 2016, Tencent has been releasing high-quality projects from internal open source on GitHub, and Tencent's open source has gradually entered a fast-paced era.

With the deepening of Tencent's open source work, a variety of problems have come up. There are not only some common problems of open source enterprises, but also some contradictions under the special open source culture. After many years of open source practice, Tencent has formed a set of mature open source mechanisms, including organizational structure, specifications, platform tools, etc. It will share valuable governance experience generated in the process of open source, provide reference for more teams, thus expanding ideas, achieving lean management and collaborative development.

To this end, Tencent has set up an Open Source Management Office, which consists of three organizations: Project Management Committee, Tencent Open Source Alliance and Open Source Compliance Group. Tencent's Open Source Strategy is transmitted from top to bottom, and the source technology ecology is landed from bottom to top. At the same time, through the open open source evaluation platform, we can incubate and cultivate excellent independent open source projects.

In addition, Tencent Open Source Management Office also provides developers with opportunities to cooperate and exchange with open source foundations and open source communities at home and abroad, effectively feedback excellent projects to the community, and establish a technological ecosystem with open source as the core.

External devotion to open source communities

In addition to optimizing the internal open source mechanism, Tencent has been actively involved in various international open source communities, increasing investment in the field of open source, participating in international collaboration methods, becoming an active contributor to open source communities, and giving full play to the scientific and technological strength of Chinese enterprises.

In terms of Apache Foundation participation, Tencent led the release of Hadoop 2.8.4, 2.8.5 and Spark 2.3.2. It is also a core contributor to many projects, including Hadoop, Spark, Flink, HBase, Hive, MXNet, Parquet and so on.

After years of accumulation, TenDB Tencent game has integrated four core features submitted to MariaDB database into the main version of MariaDB.

In terms of the participation of the Linux Foundation, Tencent has contributed two major projects to Linux, Tars and TSeer, and Angel, an AI open source project, to the LFAI Foundation (formerly known as the LF deep learning Foundation).

Last year, Tencent Cloud contributed 40 patches to the KVM kernel, and for the second consecutive year, Tencent Cloud ranked on the KVM Global Open Source Contribution List and became the only cloud manufacturer in China.

At the beginning of this year, Tencent Cloud officially released four core technology projects at the infrastructure level, covering data centers, networks, andThe serverAnd the field of automation platform, and announced that the four major technology projects will all contribute to the open source OCP community.

In addition, Tencent has acquired platinum membership or sponsorship status from OpenStack Community, Linux Foundation, LFAI Foundation, MariaDB Foundation, Apache Foundation, etc. While actively participating in the construction of open source community, we should provide more active support for open source projects.

Independent and open source has yielded fruitful results

Up to now, Tencent has opened 75 projects, covering cloud computing, Tencent games, Tencent AI, Tencent security, small programs and other fields. These projects are open to the outside world after testing by Tencent's star businesses and large number of users, with more than 600 participants contributing.

Star is a collection of open source projects on GitHub. The more Stars there are, the more popular the project is. So far, Tencent has acquired more than 220,000 Stars in GitHub.

Specifically, there are 5 projects with more than 10,000 Stars, 15 projects with more than 5,000 Stars and 23 projects with more than 3,000 Stars. This shows that Tencent Open Source project has attracted much attention from developers, and proves the high quality of the project itself and the technical strength of Tencent.

Tencent has always maintained a healthy and good interaction with the community. The closure ratio of issue and PR of its open source projects is very high. Take Tinker as an example, which is an open source project of Wechat terminal. It releases an average version every month. The issue solution rate is over 99%. TARS, an open source infrastructure, also maintains an average of two months to release new versions, reaping thousands of individual developers.

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