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Huawei Hu Houkun: Five G Patents 20% Business Innovation Speed up Five G Development

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Over the past 10 years, a total of $4 billion has been invested in 5G; the third is the depth of investment. In the research of 5G, Huawei not only makes products, but also actively participates in the formulation of standards in the early stage. At the same time, it runs through the basic research of 5G, from chips to materials, from heat dissipation to algorithms and so on.

He disclosed that Huawei currently has more than 2500 basic 5G patents, accounting for 20%. At the same time, in the third phase of the field test of IMT 2020, Huawei is far ahead, ranking first in the industry in several key indicators.

Hu Houkun believes that it is not only advanced technology, simple equipment use, reducing the cost of operators to introduce, making it easier to popularize, but also one of the keys to speed up 5G commercial.

Huawei's 5G base station performance is 20 times higher than that of 4G, but its weight and volume are greatly reduced, which greatly reduces the cost of deployment. Now a 5G base station can be deployed in two hours, saving nearly half the time compared with a 4G base station.

With the opening of 5G in China in the first year, the global 5G network has begun to deploy on a large scale. Hu Houkun believes that the network has laid the foundation for the development of 5G, but business traction can make 5G blossom everywhere. Business innovation around 5G is the key to the healthy development of 5G. Through cross-industry cooperation, Huawei effectively combines 5G technology with industry needs and incubates 5G new applications with operators and industry partners.

Hu Houkun said that China's 5G has set sail, and Huawei will make every effort to work with partners to promote industry cooperation, so that the development of 5G will truly add bricks and bricks to the digital process of thousands of industries. (Zhang Jun)

Following are the main points of Hu Houkun's speech:

This year, I think you have a special and profound feeling like me, that is, 5G really came. In the pavilion, we see a variety of 5G content coming from the network, terminals and applications. Indeed, in the past year, great changes have taken place in the global 5G development.

Today, I want to talk to you about how to promote 5G development in the future.

Huawei fully supports Chinese operators to build 5G

First of all, I would like to report Huawei's achievements in 5G business. Before that, I would like to thank the global operators for their trust and support in 5G. By the end of June, we have signed 50 5G commercial contracts worldwide, leading the industry with a total shipment of 150,000 base stations. From Europe to the Middle East to Asia-Pacific, many operators around the world have actively started 5G network deployment.

I am particularly pleased that China, the world's largest mobile telecommunications market, officially issued a 5G license on June 6 this year, making China truly enter the 5G first year. I believe that China will certainly play a positive role in the development of 5G in the world.

Technological innovation is a "marathon": 5G investment is early, more and deeper

Why are so many operators willing to choose Hua5G products? We believe that an important reason is Huawei's long-term sustained investment in 5G.

In Huawei, we believe that technological innovation is like a marathon, with speed and endurance. Huawei's investment in 5G also upholds this concept, which has three main characteristics.

The first is to throw early. We started research on 5G in 2009, when 4G was just starting to be commercially available.

The second is to throw a lot. Over the past 10 years, we have invested a total of $4 billion on 5G.

The third is the depth of investment, which is also our distinguishing feature from friendly businessmen. When we started to do 5G, we didn't even have standards. A lot of things had to start from scratch. In the research of 5G, we are not only making products, but also actively participating in the formulation of standards in the early stage. At the same time, we run through the basic research of 5G. From chip to material, from heat dissipation to algorithm, many aspects need us to explore from scratch.

It is because of such sustained and in-depth investment in 5G R&D that Huawei is very leading in 5G technology. We have more than 2500 basic 5G patents, accounting for 20%. At the same time, in the third phase of the field test of IMT 2020, Huawei is far ahead, ranking first in the industry in several key indicators.

The technological innovation of 5G is not only embodied in the advancement of technology. In my opinion, it is also one of the keys to make the equipment easy to use, to reduce the cost of introducing it to operators, and to make it easier to popularize.

Huawei's 5G base station performance is 20 times higher than that of 4G, but its weight and volume are greatly reduced, which greatly reduces the cost of deployment. Now, we deploy a 5G base station, which can be completed in two hours by two people. By contrast, it saves nearly half the time compared with a 4G base station.

It is our technological innovation that has enabled Huawei to gain extensive support from global operators in the 5G business process.

4 G Watches Video, 5 G Watches VR/AR

There is no doubt that 5G networks have begun to be deployed on a large scale. So, where should we focus on the development of 5G in the future?

We believe that the development of 5G is based on the network, but it must be driven by business. Network has laid the foundation for the development of 5G, but business traction can make 5G blossom everywhere. Therefore, the next stage around 5G business innovation is the key to the healthy development of 5G, because only more business innovation can promote the performance of the network to be effectively improved; and only more business innovation, can operators gradually get returns in 5G investment, and promote 5G business into a virtuous positive cycle.

Everyone knows that in the 4G era, video is a very popular personal application, such as short video service, which has become a traffic killer today, and also contributes a lot of revenue to operators. So in the 5G era, what applications can we expect?

I think that in the 5G era, based on 4G video applications, applications will become more colorful. If in the era of 4G, video applications are more reflected in the limited bandwidth business of VOD, then in the era of 5G, we will see more interactive and wide bandwidth video applications.

5G makes live broadcasting more imaginative, 5G backpack makes live broadcasting

We often say that 4G changes life and 5G changes society. There is no doubt that the greatest value of 5G business innovation will be reflected in the impact on vertical industries. In this regard, we are also pleased to see some successful explorations.

The first one is about the media industry. Everyone knows that in the media industry,televisionLive broadcasting is a very important source of income. But under the traditional conditions, the transmission of live TV signal mainly depends on microwave and satellite. I believe all of you here are familiar with it. You can often see a big live car on the live broadcasting site. Under these conditions, the cost is very high. We have estimated that it will cost 50 million to 80 million RMB to buy a live broadcasting vehicle, and it will be deployed several days in advance.

5G has brought some revolutionary changes to live broadcasting. This is a 5G backpack. It has a 5G CPE inside. It is very light to put in the backpack. It can also be easily placed on the roof of the car or on the desk, or even on any live spot. Its cost is only about 10,000 yuan. With this magic box, the whole effect of live broadcasting is completely different. You can take it to the nearest place to the subject, plug and play, without waiting. Because the space is very flexible in the whole venue, it can shoot the most dynamic and real live pictures.

Have you seen this year's live 5G-based dragon boat race? How did this work? In the past, tens of millions of broadcasters needed to be prepared several days in advance, and tens of thousands of yuan were paid for the use of the broadcaster every hour. In this way, when there are few sponsors for the Dragon Boat race, no one wants to broadcast it live. So when you watch the Dragon Boat race, it is often a fixed seat, a very monotonous angle. It's a big discount to change the live picture by pulling closer and farther from the fixed position.

Now with 5G backpack, all dragon boat competitions in the future can be broadcast live from the economic point of view. We can put this machine on the edge of each boat, dragon boat moves, the machine moves with it, so that you can see the most vivid picture from many angles, 5G makes live broadcasting more imaginative.

5G Makes Electricity More Efficient, Patrol Inspection Walks "Core" without Walking Legs

5G also has a preliminary application in the power industry. 5G has large bandwidth and low latency. It can match many application scenarios in the power industry, such as power grid protection, UAV patrol, and intelligent meter reading. Here, I would like to introduce UAV inspection. Under traditional conditions, patrol inspection is carried out manually, with a maximum of 4 kilometers per day. With 5G UAV, on the one hand, flight control of UAV can be carried out through 5G network, on the other hand, high-definition video images can be sent back to the command center in time through 5G network, and the daily patrol distance can be increased to nearly 15 kilometers. This makes the whole inspection efficiency greatly improved, and greatly reduces the risk of personal safety.

5G Makes Mines Safer and Mining Vehicles Drive in Office

Let's look at the application of 5G in a mine, which is a rare earth mine in Inner Mongolia. Everyone knows that the climate in the mine area is very bad, and the site environment is very complex. These mine trucks often operate in an unsafe environment. We have seen a total of 30 miners in this rare earth mine. Each miner has four drivers and two shifts. There are also many difficulties encountered by mine operators.

The first is the frequent occurrence of safety accidents. The natural conditions of the mine are very bad, and even the most sophisticated drivers will inevitably have safety accidents. The second is inefficiency. Even the most experienced drivers can only run at 10 kilometers per hour, which is the required safe speed. The third problem is the high cost. Each driver costs 250,000 yuan a year, an average of 20,000 yuan a month, which is probably the most expensive driver in China. Even so, no one can be recruited because the conditions are too harsh and nobody wants to go.

Nowadays, 5G helps them solve many problems. The driverless mine car equipped with 5G network saves 1 million RMB for each driver. In addition, the speed of the vehicle can be increased to 35 kilometers, which greatly improves the efficiency. Because of the unmanned driving, the economy has been greatly saved and the casualties have been avoided. As you can see, 5G brings enormous economic and social benefits to the mining industry.

Beyond Communication, 5G Becomes the Base of Digital Economy

From the case just now, we can see that the development of 5G is in the critical period of digital transformation in all walks of life in China. With the development of China's industrialization, it is moving from mechanization and electrification to automation, digitalization and intellectualization. It can be said that 5G technology comes at the right time.

On the one hand, 5G can provide large bandwidth and low delay on the basis of traditional connection. Slices are provided for different applications. This new feature enables it to adapt to a variety of complex industry application scenarios. Undoubtedly, 5G technology really provides a powerful connecting base for intelligent society.

At the same time, we also see that in the process of intellectualization in all walks of life, a lot of new technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, large data analysis, and edge computing need to be used. These new technical means, precisely because of the support of 5G, will greatly increase the application scenarios, application efficiency will also be greatly improved.

With 5G support, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and edge computing will truly unleash their power and be ubiquitous. The integration of 5G and these key technologies will greatly accelerate the digitization and intellectualization process of all walks of life. In this sense, I believe that the role of 5G in promoting China's digital economy is beyond doubt.

Exploring new applications of 5G and building new ecosystem of 5G

The key to the successful development of 5G is to effectively integrate 5G technology with the needs of various industries. Through cross-industry cooperation, we can better understand business scenarios and business needs. In this regard, Huawei has also made its own efforts.

In 2016, we established the X Labs platform to incubate 5G new applications with operators and industry partners. For regional industrial cooperation, we opened 5G Open Lab in Korea at the end of May, the first 5G open laboratory in the world. Through these cross-industry platforms, so far, we have carried out more than 100 5G industrial cooperation projects with our partners, actively exploring and practicing in smart grid, new media and other industries.

On June 6 this year, China ushered in a crucial day. China's 5G licence was officially issued. It can be said that we have officially entered the first year of 5G development. As a Chinese company and a 5G leader, Huawei is very excited about this and also has a great responsibility.

China's 5G has set sail. We will make every effort to join hands with our partners to promote industry cooperation and truly make the development of 5G contribute to the digitization process of thousands of industries. We will certainly make positive efforts. Thank you!

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