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Xiaopeng actually lost to Internet thinking

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Xiaopeng and Xiaopeng old car owners are not having a good time these days. 2020 the price of the new Xiaopeng G3 is slightly lower but the continuation of the car is too strong, so that the old G3 owners who have just picked up the car and have not yet picked up the car want to cry and perform again.


If we stand in the perspective of electronic products, upgrading and price reduction are the absolute principle to ensure sales. The new Xiaopeng G3 will sell for between 143,800 and 196,800 yuan after comprehensive subsidy in 2020, and will last 401 km to 520 km according to configuration. The price of the old model is 158,800 to 198,800 yuan, and it lasts 356 kilometers.

Unfortunately, the old G3 went on sale at the end of last year only half a year ago. The new G3 was officially delivered at the end of August. In short, it is the rhythm of mobile phone upgrade and price reduction for new models in half a year.

Xiaopeng G3 is not a mobile phone after all, and the starting price of Internet-minded mobile phone is less than 143,800.

The consequences of provoking an old car owner are quite serious. Internet discussion of the two generations of bidding has completely moved towards emotional, such as comparing the old G3 price with the new G3 price, widening the price gap, ignoring the pre-market pricing concessions, the actual price of the first batch of old car owners will be lower than the paper price.

However, the endurance performance of the G3 between the two generations is indeed unavoidable. Among the 2200 Xiaopeng G3 520 models, a new square ternary lithium battery of Ningde Age is adopted. Its energy density reaches 180 wh/kg, and its working temperature ranges from minus 30 C to minus 55 C, which is enough to cope with high temperature or extremely cold extreme environment. The old Xiaopeng G3 battery suppliers are Bike and Xinwangda.

When the comprehensive performance of a pure electric vehicle strides 500 kilometers, the experience of a single journey of an electric vehicle is not much different from that of a fuel-fired vehicle. In 2018, if you want a pure electric vehicle to win 500 kilometers of comprehensive endurance results, enough to base itself on the top of the pure electric vehicle food chain. Jaguar I-Pace, Porsche Taycan and Boss Jia's FF91, 500-kilometre maximum range all need to be deliberated and discounted.

Only a year later, more than 500 kilometers of vehicles have sprung up, including Polestar 2, Ulai ES6, Baiten M-Byte and Audi Q4 e-tron, which have crossed the 500 kilometers of endurance threshold one after another, and the number is increasing, with the overall increase of span reaching 100 kilometers.

The iteration speed of battery technology is fast enough to almost catch up with the definition of Moore's law. In a certain period of time, the energy density of battery is increasing rapidly, but the cost per unit area is declining. This also reflects the relationship between Xiaopeng's old G3 and the new G3.


Xiaopeng G3 old car owners'demands can be divided into three categories: replacing batteries for the old G3, replacing the new long-term G3 free of charge, and returning the car directly. These three points seem to be difficult for Xiaopeng to achieve. He Xiaopeng once said in an open letter that due to technology, safety and regulations, the old G3 can not be upgraded, and it is impossible to replace and return the car free of charge. He can only give three years to buy any model of Xiaopeng, and can get an additional 10,000 yuan of exclusive subsidies.

If the owner buys, there will be no beginning. He Xiaopeng put down his attitude and made positive feedback for the first time. Through open letters and dialogue with the owners, he and Lei Jun responded to millet users on micro-blog as a routine, with Internet thinking of rapid dissemination and immediate change of feedback. Sometimes such a response can not guarantee all-round coverage, resulting in a point-by-point overview, deepening the negative effect of misunderstanding.

The difference is that Lei Jun does not care.

Big Internet companies and traditional automobile companies have made official price cuts for products after a period of time, which are both reasonable and vigorous. It is useless to shout grievances. Behind big brands is confidence in brand value, but also has a strong technical base as a support, such as the following one.


There is no belief in the new brand, and there may be exaggeration and confusion in the first sale process. For example, the old owner of Xiaopeng G3 reacted before placing the order. He had heard that Xiaopeng G3 might increase its price, and that there would be no new cars in the near future. Finally, he made a purchase decision.

Even if Tesla cut prices, there are old owners who come to express their dissatisfaction and big banners, but after a few months, they return to Tesla Forum and see more news that they choose to forgive.

Xiaopeng's Internet thinking and product technology iteration are all right. However, few people can accept that the Internet and Moore's law promote battery technology upgrade, performance improvement and price decline a little faster operation. This has been appreciated in advance by the owners of the Tesla Model series, who have spent millions of dollars on it.


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