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Night coding to dawn? The father of Python is nocturnal, PHP founder 24 hours online

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Great God programmer, night coding to dawn?

A good person named Ivan Bessarabov ("Ivan") just counted the git commit time distribution.

Including the father of Linux, the father of Python, the author of Go language … …


Ivan considered the time zone and kicked out the code submitted by the multi-person cooperation.

The results were very interesting and found several different species: normal humans, night beasts, and … … perpetual motion.

This caused a heated discussion among netizens, and Hacker News has more than 600 points:


Normal human

Normal humans usually work during the day.

However, in the programmer's amnesty, this species is not common.

Author of the Go languageRob Pike looks like a very normal human:

(The first column is time and the second column is the number of lines of code.)


The repo of the Go project shows that Rob's working hours are concentrated between 9 am and 5 pm, towards 9 to 5, very healthy.


Although I sleep for 5 hours a day, it seems that I am coding in my spare time, but in short, the organization identifies him as a normal human!

The following "normal humans", the style of painting begins to be a bit different:


This comes fromLinus Torvalds, the father of Linux:


Working during the day, no problem. However, the code of the great god has erupted from 7:00 in the morning, and this momentum can last until eight or nine o'clock in the evening.

The sleep time is shortened by one hour longer than the one above, not to be in a daze.


This is simply a fighter in normal humans.

According to friends, Linus may beForcedBecome a normal human, before he has children, he is also a nocturnal night creature.


Other people's styles are like this:


this isAuthor of FFmpeg Fabrice BellardThe working hours on this project are really the more happy the night.

What's curious is that this big sister is going to fall asleep and feel inspiration to pick up the code and submit the code ……

Night beast

There is no scientific reason, but the secret structure of the programmer's body structure may have changed.

The proportion of night creatures among them seems to be higher than normal humans.

For example like this:


this isBrad Fitzpatrick, author of LiveJournalSubmission on the memcached project.


Daxie madly stunned for a night, and the inspiration sprang up. When the sun was shining, he went to sleep with satisfaction.

Brad also has a code contribution to the Go language, and his style is even more wild on this project:


Chris Lattner, author of the LLVM compilerIt is also a well-deserved night beast. He worked at Apple and Tesla and now joins Google.


His code submission time is as long as this:


Everyone else is going to nine to five, this is probably the late nine to five bars … …

After studying so many big brothers, Ivan’s brother will not let go of that person.Merciful dictator.Father of Python Guido van RossumAlso poked on the night beast certification.


This code submission time seems to say: a good day starts in the afternoon, the night is the real coding time!


As for the night beasts, why are you submitting the code 24 hours a day, probably they wake up like a cat and wake up during the day ……

Perpetual motion

In addition to day trips and night trips, there is also a species called White Nights, which submits codes more than 24 hours and there is no significant fluctuation in capacity.

“The world's best language”The founder of PHPRasmus LerdorfIs an excellent representative.


Since the first version of PHP could not be found on GitHub, Ivan counted the founder inPhp-srcSubmission time on the project:


It can be seen that the more excited you are at night, the less energy you have during the day.

However, in this species, there are individuals with more productive capacities.

The following picture shows two web frameworks, and their authors, namedSebastian Riedel.



Are based on the Perl language framework

This is his timeline for submission in the Mojolicious framework project, and the numbers are about to explode:


High-yield time is still concentrated in the night.

But even the lowest capacity mornings 8 and 9 have more than 100 rows.

Ivan’s statistics are here and I can’t help but marvel:

This timetable is crazy. Good about his productivity.

In this way, each species has its own fighter.

Strong fighting power is difficult to distinguish.

Who likes to write code on weekends?

Ivan's observations were reversed by Lattner, one of the famous night walkers and the author of the LLVM compiler.


He made a suggestion that it might be interesting to divide the weekdays and weekends into two data sets for analysis.

So Ivan reallyContinued an article.

Because there are five working days, two rest days. If the daily capacity is evenly distributed, it should be 71.4% in the middle of the week and 28.6% in the weekend.

Then, the proportion of submissions over the weekend exceeds28. 6%If you do, it means you prefer to write code on the weekend. On the contrary, it is more inclined to write code on weekdays.

As a result, Linus (the father of the Linux family of the Japanese family)19. 3%) and the father of Go language Pike (9. 7%), areWorking dayProduction capacity is more abundant.

Understandably, after all, sunrise, sunset and rest, busy midweek, weekend rest are the natural law in the eyes of ordinary people.


Night walkersIt's different. There's van Rossum, the father of Python who likes working days.(10.2%Lattner, author of the LVM compiler who likes to submit code over the weekend(27.3%(2) The results of the study are as follows:1) The results of the study are as follows:1) The results of the study are as follows:1) The results of the study are as follows:1.

Permanent MotorsWhat about it?

Lerdorf, the founder of PHP, is one of the most famous programmers tested, with the highest percentage of weekend submissions.30.3%This is the case.


Riedel, the fighter in the perpetual motion machine and author of two Web frameworks, submits at weekends.26.2%This is the case. Only slightly less than 26.8%.

Overall, perpetual motion may beMy favorite weekend workA species.

The voice of doubt

So here comes the question.... On the Hacker News discussion board, 187 comments poured in less than a day, and many questions were raised.

For example, the top floor is a netizen named Dahart, he said.You can't easily equate submission time with working time:

I asked the team to avoid submitting code at night, on weekends, or shortly, because there were other staff who needed it. This has been the case for at least 15 years.

In addition, Twitter user @JDevlieghere said,The submission time is related to the GIT mechanism:

I ran the LLVM myself and found that the code submission time was delayed by several hours.

Lattner, LLVM author, echoes this question.

Still undeniable,Code submission timeIt's a very good observation angle.

One More Thing


Dule music is not as good as Zhongle music. Brother Ivan has open source code. He warmly invites you to explore the species of Big Brother together.

What are fat friends waiting for? Come and decrypt the coding time of the big domestic man.

For example, I heard that Zhang Xiaolong, a programmer in Guangzhou, likes to smoke late at night and write code. He enjoys the tenderness of the night with music. I don't know if it's still like this now.

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