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The International Mathematical Olympiad China team regained the first six players after four years and won the gold medal.

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Figure from WeChat public "Love Top Platform"

Top 20 IMO official website screenshots of 2019 IMO

Since the first IMO campaign in 1985, the Chinese team has won 20 times in the group.

According to the Chinese partner "Love Top Platform" of the event, this is the second time after the lapse of 20 years, "the tie-up first" appeared on the IMO. Previously, IMO had only two "hierarchy first" in history, namely the United States and the Soviet Union in 1986 and China and Russia in 1999.

On July 16th, the 60th IMO competition was officially opened in Bath, England. A total of 621 players from 112 countries or regions participated in the competition. This is also the largest number of contestants in the past years. At present, Chinese teachers and students have not returned to China.

It is worth noting that the IMO website shows that the entrant's personal score is 42 points and the individual gold score is 31 points. In China, two full-time players were born, and six players won gold medals. This is the eighth time that Chinese players have won all gold again.

The score of IMO China team in 2019

According to the "Changjiang Daily" report, the two full-fledged players are Yuan Yu from WISCO No. 3 Middle School and Xie Baiting from Yueqing Zhilin Middle School. Among them, Yuan Hao is a student of the WISCO No. 3 Middle School competition class. After reading this year, he was sent to Yaoban University of Tsinghua University.

The score of the IMO China team in 2019 is from the WeChat public account "Love Top Platform"

In February of this year, the topic of the #Mathematical Competition of the Chinese team, the whole army was overwhelmed, and it was on the microblogging hot search list. However, in this competition, six Chinese contestants won 4 silver and 1 bronze, and the word "all-in-one" was exaggerated.

Many netizens expressed dissatisfaction with the results, and even the reasons for the loss, and beforeeducationThe Department canceled the Olympic Games and the entrance to the school. However, some netizens found that the Chinese players were almost killed by the third question. In addition to one student who scored 1 point, the other 5 students scored 0 points. Therefore, it is speculated that the loss may be due to the lack of preparation.

For the reason that China has not won the first IMO for the past four consecutive years, which caused a decline in performance, the professor of mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who won the 41st IMO gold medal in the middle school period, said to the observer network, "This In the past few years, students have not had the obvious advantages in the competition. I think this may be a temporary problem. It is normal for the performance to be ups and downs in the short term. It does not indicate too many problems at present."

He also pointed out that on the other hand, especially in the United States, we have seen more efforts in the Olympic Games in recent years, and the training system is more systematic. Many American Chinese children are engaged in the training of mathematics competitions. The descendants of these immigrants are at a high level, no less than students trained in the country. This also makes the competition in the international Olympics competition more intense. In the international arena, the students we have cultivated in China are not only facing foreign students, but also challenges from overseas Chinese.

In fact, the US team's 2019 IMO transcript shows that Chinese players or team teachers do not account for a large proportion.

US team's 2019 IMO score

In June of last year, despite the mistakes in Chinese translation of math problems, Chinese students who had crossed the ocean to participate in the National High School Mathematics League (ARML) adjusted in time and won the international group championship for the seventh time on June 2, local time. . Due to the nature of the competition and sponsors, the international team does not compete with local students.

Zhou Yue, the head of the Chinese team, said to the observer network that "many people have misunderstandings and feel that American children do not learn mathematics. In fact, it is really not. These excellent children in the United States are very talented and hard at learning mathematics. ”

She believes that for students, they can also develop their independence and independence when they go abroad: "Some students can take care of their own affairs, and some students may leave their parents for the first time. Well, it’s a bit overwhelming at once."

“Every time we bring students to participate, we hope to cultivate their independent ability in life. The parents’ concerns are understandable, but we also hope that parents can do less for their children, learn to let go, let the children learn to be their own. Responsible for things. This should be an important lesson for life to learn sooner or later."

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