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Samsung Galaxy A80 Assessment: Don't let innovation stay in the imagination of epoch-making products

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That's why we often see subversive and bold innovations in Samsung's products. For example, pioneeringcurved surfacescreenMobile phoneThe first Galaxy Edge, such as the world's first folding screen phone Galaxy Fold and so on. The Galaxy A80, which is about to go on sale on July 19, is designed by Samsung's first 180o dazzling screen to achieve a true full-screen. Samsung obviously thinks differently about the full screen than the common solutions on the market. "dare to think and dare to do it."

Start our evaluation.

1. Appearance: It's the first time I've seen such a full screen. It's more than amazing.

Samsung Galaxy A80 uses a 6.7-inch FHD Super AMOLEDScreen, display effect is amazing. On the front, Galaxy A80 achieves a screen with no openings, no water droplets and no gaps, and the screen proportion reaches an astonishing 93.8. Although we have seen the true full screen shape with full front screen, such a high proportion of screen data is the first in the smartphone market.

With the development of technology and continuous iteration, several difficulties encountered in the realization of full screen are being overcome one by one. For example, optimize the screen structure and reduce the lower border. For example, screen fingerprints instead of traditional fingerprints and so on. Of all these difficulties, the front-end camera has always been the most difficult to overcome. Nowadays, the mainstream designs are water drop screen and lifting front-end camera with mechanical structure. However, each has its own shortcomings. The front view of the droplet screen is not added, and the corresponding pop-up design has smaller space, which will sacrifice the imaging quality of the front-end camera.

Samsung Galaxy A 80's 180 °dazzling shot cleverly solves this problem. It not only ensures the viewing of the true comprehensive screen, but also ensures the high imaging quality of the front and rear. As far as the comprehensive screen shape is concerned, it is difficult to say which one will become the mainstream in the future, such as digging screen, water drop screen, mechanical front camera and so on. However, Samsung Galaxy A80 180 °dazzling screen has a good consideration of design and function, which is a very meaningful bold attempt.

But such a design is not easy to implement. First of all, lifting and rotating is a very precise mechanical structure, which needs to be designed repeatedly and tested to ensure its reliability. Second, sensors and speakers that should be placed at the top of the screen also need to be changed. Samsung Galaxy A 80 uses hidden sensors and screen sound technology to achieve zero occupation of positive space.

The front camera of the Samsung Galaxy A80 is a combination of lifting and rotating, and the structure of the lifting lens is obviously more complex than the lifting lens that has already appeared on the market. When selfie mode is started, three lenses automatically pop up and flip to the front. Under such a complex structure, the imaging quality of the three lenses has not shrunk. The three lenses are 48 million pixel main shot and 8 million pixel ultra wide angle lens 3 D depth of field lens.

The back of the Galaxy A80 fuselage is made of glass and is designed with large radian corners to create a lustrous and shiny texture. This one is space black, in addition to peach gold, moonlight silver two color options.

The 6.7-inch screen is already relatively large, but thanks to the ultra-narrow-edged full screen and large arc rounded corner design, the Galaxy A80 is comfortable to grip and does not feel constrained to hold.

In terms of functions, Samsung Galaxy A80 is all-in-one. It is equipped with optical fingerprint function, which hides distance sensor, light sensor and fingerprint sensor under the screen. Avoid opening of fuselage and damage of fuselage integrity. As far as user experience is concerned, offline fingerprint undoubtedly fits the user's normal operation logic best. We also see that the flagship aircraft generally also uses the fingerprint identification technology under the screen.

Galaxy A80 also has NFC capabilities, supports Samsung Pay, and provides a convenient mobile payment experience. The mobile phone is used as a bus card to take the subway, bus and other public travel tools. It can be said that the flagship aircraft should have some functions, Samsung Galaxy A80 are many.

2. Performance Measurement of Qiaolong 730G-Full Frame Play Mainstream Large-scale Hand Tour

A Brief Analysis of Qiaolong 730G

Samsung Galaxy A80 carries Qualcomm Qiaolong 730G mobile platform, while Qiaolong 730G positioning quasi-flagship, has many flagship features, and the game experience has been targeted optimization and enhancement. Lulong 730G adopts 8nm process, which achieves a better balance in performance and power consumption. Here is a brief introduction to this mobile platform and through the actual performance test, use the data to see its performance.

Qiaolong 730G integrated Kryo 470 CPU, including two performance cores and six efficiency cores, can use Arm Cortex technology to do intelligent scheduling for these eight cores, the performance is 35% higher than the previous generation. In GPU, it adds some functions of Elite Gameing, and the rendering speed of integrated enhanced Adeno 618 GPU is 15% higher than that of Qianlong 730. Paragon 730G pays more attention to game performance and optimization, which is also the main difference between Paragon 730G and Paragon 730. In addition, Qianlong 730 is the first mobile platform to adopt Spectra 350 ISP, which supports independent design of computer vision ISP (CV-ISP), saving four times the power consumption. Supporting multi-frame noise reduction,4KHDR and 48 megapixels, etc. It's very helpful for the camera to take pictures.

But in fact, the most important upgrade of Qiaolong 730 Series platform lies in AI. With the fourth generation Qualcomm AI engine (the same generation as the flagship platform Luan 855) and the Hexagon tensor accelerator specially used for AI processing, the AI computing power of Luan 730G has increased by two times compared with the previous generation.

(2) Performance test of An Rabbit

The following is the running score data obtained by Antu Rabbit.

Samsung Galaxy A80 scored 200000 in the rabbit performance test, so what does a 200000 score mean and what can be done?

In the performance comparison of a 600/700 series of Qiaolong chips released by Antu Rabbit, we can see that there is a big gap between Qiaolong 700 series and Qiaolong 600 series, compared with Qiaolong 600 series chips, there is a significant improvement. It conforms to the positioning of its quasi-flagship.

In the data of Antu Rabbit, the data of Jiaolong 835 were carried.milletSix runs are divided into 211,000 runs, that is to say, the performance of Qianglong 730G has reached roughly the same level as that of Qianglong 835. However, Qiaolong 730G has many flagship features of Qiaolong 855 platform. The actual experience of millet 6 is still smooth enough, and the performance of Qianlong 730G is enough to deal with the daily use of most users, and play mainstream hand-games smoothly.

(3) Test of Peace Elite Game

Next, we also test the Samsung Galaxy A80 through the popular large-scale hand tour "Peace Elite" to see the actual performance of the 730G in the game scene.

Peace Elite has a maximum frame rate of 40 frames per second. In 30 minutes of the game, Samsung Galaxy A80 maintains full frame operation with only 0.95 fluctuating frames. Fluent and stable. On the premise that the performance can be used, the power consumption advantage of Qianlong 730 is obvious compared with that of Qianlong 855.

After 30 minutes of the game, Samsung Galaxy A80 consumed only 8 power, while Red Devil 3 and Black Shark 2, which carried the Miaolong 855 platform, consumed 13 and 12 respectively. It is noteworthy that the battery power of the two Qiulong 855 platforms is higher than that of Samsung Galaxy A80, and the Red Devil 3 is equipped with 5000 mAh high-power batteries.

To sum up, Samsung Galaxy A80, which is equipped with the Luan 730G platform, has enough performance to run large-scale hand tours smoothly. And the power consumption advantage is obvious, which can provide longer endurance.

3. Photography - Falling in love with 48 million high pixels

On the camera side, Samsung Galaxy A80 uses a 48 million pixel main 8 million pixel ultra wide angle lens D depth of field lens. In terms of parameters alone, Samsung Galaxy A 80 cameras have reached the current quasi-flagship level. In this part, we look at the camera performance of the Samsung Galaxy A 80 by taking a sample.

Let's look at the first sample.

This photo has clear details and sharp font edges. The transition between light and shade and reality is natural, with a sense of hierarchy. It has a good picture texture.

But in fact, the previous one is only a small part of the 48-megapixel image taken by Samsung Galaxy A80. It was actually the first time I took a picture in 48 megapixel mode, but it really shocked me. 48 million high-pixels have no fear of cutting or repairing. Even if you just want to intercept a small part of the picture, it still has good detail expression. This is particularly practical in actual shooting, it almost allows users to tailor at will, gives users more imagination space, can give full play to the creativity of the photographer. I love you.

Looking at another picture, the 48 million high-pixel detail is amazing, and the veins of the leaves (taken from the original image) are also clearly visible.

It is cloudy and rainy, and the light is not very good. Samsung Galaxy A 80 still has a high picture purity while maintaining a certain exposure. The water near, the bridge in the distance, the reflection of willows in the water, are very clear and natural.

In the darkness of the room, shooting luminous objects is actually a high light ratio environment. But Samsung Galaxy A80 not only clearly recorded the floor lamp shade, but also recorded some details of the dark lamp pole, reflecting a higher tolerance. It means that in some complex light scenarios, it is not easy to overexpose or underexpose, and record the details of light and shade at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy A 80 cameras offer real-time virtual features, pictured above for photos taken using real-time virtual images. The photographed characters stood out and clearly jumped out of the cluttered background. And virtual, transition natural, there are no obvious smear marks and virtual and real alternating lines.

This is also a real-time virtual sample, Samsung Galaxy A 80 real-time virtual effect is very natural. This is also very practical in the actual shooting. In some scenic spots, shopping malls and other places where the flow of people is large, real-time virtual use is very much, it can not only make the main body stand out, but also make the picture more storytelling and higher sense.

Samsung Galaxy A 80 supports wide-angle mode, making it more visible and suitable for shooting large scenes. These two are taken for the same location and can be compared with the range of the picture below.

It has become a common practice in the industry that many products sacrifice the imaging quality of front-end cameras in order to achieve a higher screen ratio. The rear camera is as beautiful as a picture, and the front camera is ugly as a dog, which is too common. Samsung Galaxy A80's 180 °dazzling shot is designed not only for the full screen, but also for the imaging quality of the front camera. The three photos shared before and after mean that you can also take 48 million high pixel selfies, professional real-time virtual selfies, and real-time virtual videos.

The camera also offers cute photography, where you can create a cartoon character similar to your image. Once created, it can be used to take photos, take videos, and so on. Cartoon characters will track your facial movements and expressions in real time. Now when we browse Douyin, we often brush some "big head dolls", and you can do whatever you want with this big head.

Some interesting features can only be considered as icing on the cake, for the camera, the most important thing is the quality of the picture. Samsung Galaxy A80 impressed me with its 48 million high-pixel super-resolution and natural real-time virtualization. It has the strength comparable to the SLR camera. And in terms of color restoration, the photos taken by Samsung Galaxy A80 are neither light nor bright, they are just the right shape.

4, the main points are supplemented

In other respects, I would like to add that:

Samsung's Galaxy A80 battery capacity is 3700 mAh, combined with the excellent power control of Qiaolong 730G, the Galaxy A80 has excellent endurance performance beyond the general flagship model. Moreover, it also supports 25W fast charging, quick return of blood, and more likely to say goodbye to flight anxiety.

The Galaxy A 80 also uses Dolby panoramic sound to provide a better sense of immersion in music and video scenes.

Samsung Galaxy A 80 features a comprehensive configuration, in line with its quasi-flagship product positioning.

5. Summary

The market pattern of smart phones has been very clear, the competition of several major head enterprises is becoming more and more intense, and Samsung, which has the ability to integrate the whole industrial chain, has obvious advantages in the competition. I believe only Samsung can realize the 180 °dazzling design of Galaxy A80, and bring mass production to the market.

By testing and using, we also actually feel that the Galaxy A80 has a very high degree of completion, not a future product that can only be present in the PPT. In the aspect of camera imaging, the 4800 million pixels of the Galaxy A80 provide excellent resolution and detail. The photo taken in real time is comparable to that of a single block. For imaging standards, it's enough to take a photo of the flagship.

With enough performance, excellent endurance and complete functional configuration, Samsung Galaxy A80 gives users almost everything they can. It is cool, practical, high-profile and pragmatic. In the highly homogenized mobile phone market, Samsung Galaxy A80 gives us a rare sense of novelty.

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