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Google Web Designer 6.0 is officially released

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Through the code view of Google Web Designer, you can create CSS, JavaScript, and XML files. In addition, the view also uses grammar highlighting and code auto-filling functions, which can make code writing simpler and fewer errors.


After creating content, you can use Google Web Designer's adaptive layout tool to style content for multiple screen sizes, and then publish your final document with clear HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Google Web Designer also provides a component library that you can use to add galleries, videos, maps and other functions to your website and advertisements. Google Web Designer is free to download and use.

Google Web Designer has launched a new version! Five features have been added and 15 problems have been corrected. For more details, see below.

Download Google Web Designer 6.0:


Update Google Web Designer

If you are connected to the Internet, Google Web Designer will automatically update at startup. You can alsoDownload the latest version.

New features in version improve code view

  • The design view panel and toolbar are now automatically hidden, allowing you to view the code in a wider area.

  • With the new Files panel, you can browse and open other files in your project folder.

  • Use the mini map to briefly view the code and quickly navigate.

  • Collapse and expand the code block.

  • The code completion suggestions are automatically displayed as you type.

Event panel layout

  • The Events panel now displays information in resizable columns.

  • You can reorder events by dragging them to a new location in the list.

Adaptive image focus

  • Set a focus so that the key parts of the image are always visible so that they are not clipped when the image is resized.

Interactive video

  • The Video component lets you add hotspots that appear on your video.

  • Set an ad insertion point to find or trigger an event at a specific time during video playback.

Modify keyframe rules in the CSS panel

  • You can now view and directly modify CSS animation keyframe rules in Design view.

New template in version

Dynamic remarketing for Google AdsThe following 2 templates have been added to the template category:

  • Responsive Dynamic Remarketing Travel Block Details

  • Responsive Dynamic Remarketing Travel Pennant Details

Other noteworthy changes

  • The document label now shows a longer file name.

  • The ad verification tool will display a warning that the map component will be stopped soon.Support from Google Fusion Tables.

Issues and improvements made in version and improvements to components and runtimes

  • [Star Rating] Fixed a problem with the rendering of "star" components.

  • [YouTube]Show titleAttribute has been removed becauseShowinfoParameter has beenDeprecated.

  • Fixes an issue where the Properties panel cannot be updated to display custom component properties.


  • [Publish to Display & Video 360] Fixed an issue where the "Creative Name" field was enabled when no advertisers were selected.

  • [Publish to Display & Video 360] Now, when you unlink and clear the settings, the Publish button in the Publish dialog has been disabled.

Timeline and animation

  • Fixed an issue where packaged and unpackaged elements could not update the animation selector.

  • Fixed an issue where crashing occurred after selecting a keyframe and then dragging while holding down the Shift key to select another keyframe.

Work area (panel and interface)

  • Fixed an issue with saving a workspace with an empty name.

  • The Document Label Overflow drop-down list now shows the full file name.


  • The Ad Verifier now displays the correct size limit for ads created with the App Promo Install template.

  • Fixed an issue that crashed when opening a file containing a specific image URL.

  • Fixed an issue where dynamic data binding was not saved for children of elements that had text modifiers applied.

  • [Publish to Display & Video 360] Fixed the following issues:CreativeThe field is enabled when no advertisers are selected.

  • [AMP] Now you can view and modify inline style rules in the CSS panel.

  • [AMP] You can now use animated paths in AMPHTML ads.

Known issue

  • Customize Google Web Designer elements (gWD-video,Gwd-audio,Gwd-iframe,Gwd-pagewithGwd-pagedeckReferences may not work as expected. Learn howUpdate your reference.

  • Timeline animation events (such as pause or loop playback) do not work properly when you open a .html source file directly in your browser. This problem is expected because timeline animation CSS is generated when previewing or publishing a document. Solution: Use the Preview button; or publish the document locally and view the published file in a browser.

  • Image files that lack a file extension and contain a dot in the file name cannot be imported into the repository. Temporary workaround: Add a file extension (such as .png) to the file name.

  • Outdated video drivers may cause a black screen to appear at startup. Please try to update the video driver. If it doesn't work, disable GPU rendering before restarting - by exiting Google Web Designer and following the instructions for your operating system below:

    • Windows: to the registryHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareGoogleWeb DesignerSettingsAdd a nameDisable-gpu-renderingDWORD32 value and set this value to1.

    • Mac:to~/Library/Preferences/com.google.WebDesigner.plistAdd a nameDisable-gpu-renderingAnd the valueYESBoolean line, or run in the terminalDefaults write com.google.WebDesigner.plist disable-gpu-rendering -bool true.

    • Linux:to~/.local/share/google-web-designer/preferences/settings.confAdd a nameDisable-gpu-renderingAnd the valueTrueLine. (in case[Settings]Some don't exist, you will need to create that part first. )

  • When the advertisement is relaunched on Mac Safari, the first video source file should be. MP4 format in order to play the video automatically.

  • Only when the zoom ratio is set to "stretch", will the gradient background fill effect of the picture appear.

  • Only four panels can be included in the same group/label at most.

  • If you use a network proxy, a white screen will appear at startup. Please followThese instructionsChange your proxy settings.

  • Mac Chrome, Opera, IE: When autoplay preview is enabled, the Play button cannot be used normally in Google Web Designer preview. Temporary Solution: Remove localhost from the web site and use it insteadFile::///

  • Linux: only cannot drag and drop files from the file system into Google Web Designer. Temporary solution: use File

  • Safari Desktop Browser does not support downloading iCalendars files.

  • It is impossible to use multiple "map" components or "street view" components, or to use both "map" components and "street view" components in the same advertising material.

  • Linux only: After Google Web Designer starts a browser (Chrome or Firefox) for preview purposes, it must shut down the browser before it can shut down the Google Web Designer.

  • Linux only: When switching applications, Google Web Designer sometimes loses focus and cannot use keyboard input. Temporary solution: Adjust the size of the Google Web Designer window to refocus the application.

  • Linux only: If the renderer crashes and a white screen appears, please set it in the Google Web Designer settings sectionDisable-gpu-renderingSet asTrueThen, to~/ Local/share/google-web-designer/preferences/settings.confAdd a nameDisable-gpu-renderingAnd the value isTrueOK. (If[Settings]Part does not exist, you will need to create this part first.)

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