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Deep|C.Yun Village Back to social energy net of cloud music to kill the next round?

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Sina science and technology Zhang Zeyu

One month after its release, Netease's cloud music App reappeared in the public eye, not only on the microblog hot search, but also on the top of the App Store free application list.

Although unable to add new downloads, but during the off-shelf period, NetEase Cloud Music is not idle, directly.

At the beginning of this year, three social Apps failed to challenge Wechat. How big market can NetEase Yun Music leverage? Where is the future of music socialization?

Not satisfied with the circle of friends

In fact, NetEase cloud music is not just beginning to socialize, as early as the establishment of Ding Lei defined it as

Zhu Yiwen, the online cloud music CEO, also has some experience in the social aspects. Prior to the planning of the cloud, Zhu Yiwen was responsible.

Song lists, reviews and UGC content generated by users have also become a unique scenic line of Netease cloud music. Even with limited copyright, it can still have a large number of loyal users.

From the first day, NetEase Cloud Music hopes to immerse the relationship chain.


Initial version of Friend Interface

Netease Yun Music's social ambition is far from being satisfied with being a circle of friends. Since this year, it has made many attempts.

First, at the beginning of the year, at the end of the annual listening report, a new one was added.

Matching chat seems to make NetEyyun music taste the sweetness. In April this year, it began to push private letters to some users.


After a small test, the NetEase music has taken a larger action and will always be called by the use

In the new version, Yuncun directly replaces the function of friends, and the content selection has changed from the original circle of friends to the recommendation information flow based on strangers. The information flow looks more like a fast-hand or small red book, but in the form of browsing, it is similar to tremble, so it can keep sliding to get new content.

NetEase cloud music calls the content of Yuncun Mlog, similar to the fire Vlog, is just music as the main carrier. Text music and video music are supported in content to meet the needs of users to create expressions and communicate discussions.

In order to attract users to participate, Yuncun also designed some discussion topics. If users choose to get more recommendations, of course, if they are not satisfied with the recommended topics, they can also create their own new topics, and there will be overall recommendations of topics in the information flow.

Sina Technologies found that the number of participants in the recommended topics varied from hundreds to thousands of people. In browsing, the highest number of participants was found to be more than 5000, while the highest number of Mlogs was nearly 4000.

In addition, Yuncun will also magnify the user reviews originally for the advantage, set up a heat evaluation wall at the top of Yuncun, select 10 heart-provoking reviews every day, accompanied by the corresponding songs, users can also continue to comment on these heat reviews. Sina Technologies found that as of 18:00, nearly 90,000 people had completed punching on August 1.


Does Yuncun have commercial considerations when using recommended information flows? Insiders said that at this stage to meet user needs, do a good job of content.

Antennae extend into the video field

Not only have there been many attempts in music, NetEase Yun Music has also extended its social touch to the field of video.

At first, the video function only appeared in the friends'dynamic, but in the 5.0 version updated last March, the video became the first-level label, which caused great discussion among users.

In terms of knowledge,

As for the strategic position of short video, Ding Bo, vice president of NetEase Yun Music, has said that the listening peak of short video and audio is different, the time period is different, and the two behaviors of users are relatively independent, so they will not affect the listening habits, and the way of short video can improve the user's activity.

Netease did not publish relevant data on short videos, but according to Sina Technologies'observation, millions of videos are not rare, and the highest number of broadcasts is more than 6 million. However, the content quality of short videos is uneven. Most of them are the second creation of network videos. Many of them are the clips of major satellite TV programs and concerts. The copyright issue is questionable.


But short video can bring very limited advertising revenue, if you want to reduce the loss, you must think of some more direct way, Netease cloud music thought of live broadcasting. We should know that in 2018, the revenue of live broadcasting accounted for more than 70% of the total revenue of Tencent Music Group.

In October 2018, LOOK Live was officially launched, not only adding tags to videos, but also launching a stand-alone App. In the online microblog, LOOK said that it would provide more professional growth path for musicians and more pure communication platform for fans and friends around the musicians'singing performance, musical instrument performance and so on.

According to the user behavior survey, 56% of the live users have watched live music broadcast, and nearly 9% of the users have watched live music broadcast for the first time. From the point of view of platform attributes, music platform has certain advantages in the corresponding categories of live broadcasting. But at present, the App is not very popular, ranking 133 on the App Store entertainment list, with only 152 scores, mainly relying on Netease cloud music traffic support.

NetEase also gave great expectations for the live broadcast business. During the 2018 Q4 conference call, Ding Lei said,

The Future of Musical Societies

For music platform, it will take a long time for users to make profits only by paying for music. For this reason, Cool Dog and Cool Me have their own live broadcasting platform. QQ music has a short video display, shrimp music and other users also show dynamic, but few platforms like NetEasy Cloud Music do all kinds of social attempts.

What are the prospects of social music? The online music social market, including online K-songs and live music broadcasting, will reach $37.37 billion in 2018, and will continue to grow at a high speed in the future. It is estimated that the market will exceed $50 billion this year.


Apart from the proven models such as live broadcasting, is it reliable to make friends through music? At the end of 2018, the music competition App, the main singer, rose to the top of the App Store social networking list. It was easy to play and attracted a large number of users in a short time.

But in February this year, App Suddenly came off the shelf because it contains hidden functions, violating Apple's payment principles. Only two months after the successful recovery, the encounter was once again offline, and this time it was offline all over the Internet. As of publication, Sina Technologies has not found the encounter in the App Store.

In April this year, the National Network Information Office launched a special rectification work on instant messaging tools to conduct in-depth inspection and testing of all kinds of instant messaging tools from the aspects of application presentation, service orientation, business model, registration mechanism, information content, group management and so on. The first batch of clean-up and shutdown

The tightening of regulation has also cast a shadow on music socialization. If the user content is not effectively regulated, problems will easily arise.


Real market feedback also proves that Zhu Yiwen's judgment is correct. Whether from the level of user activity or cash flow, social interaction has a certain improvement for music App.

However, the ambition of NetEasy Cloud Music is obviously not the current situation. In the conception of NetEasy Cloud Music, it is the original intention of the product to help users discover and share music. There are many places that music can be explored as a form of content, and social exploration is ultimately around music.

With the functions of Yuncun and making friends coming online, people can see more possibilities of music socialization, but some netizens are worried about whether they will make a noise.

Nowadays, more than 130 million people live online. How can we tell good social stories? What are the prospects of music socialization? There are still many hurdles that need to be crossed one by one.

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