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Mobile phone life is getting worse and worse? That's because you have always ignored it

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The answer is: "It should be right a long time ago, but it must not be right now." Why do you say this?Mobile phoneThe development of the battery began to talk about it.

Lithium battery era is coming, don't take deep charge and discharge as a good thing

Historically, mobile phone batteries have gone through three phases: nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lithium batteries.

Nickel-cadmium batteries are the earliest used in mobile phone batteries. The disadvantages of nickel-cadmium batteries are very obvious. First, the capacity of nickel-cadmium batteries is very low. Secondly, nickel-chromium batteries have a memory effect, that is, the mobile phone batteries that the elderly people often say must be used up. The reason for charging.

Finally, the two metals, nickel-chromium, have a great impact on the environment, especially chromium metal, which affects soil and water quality. So this battery is almost extinct now.

Nickel metal hydrogen batteries are the successors of nickel-chromium batteries. The capacity of such a battery is larger than that of a nickel-cadmium battery, and since it does not contain chromium, the battery is less polluting to the environment.

However, this battery has a self-discharge phenomenon, and the battery also loses power after being turned off. So this battery has also been eliminated.

And now we use the third generation mobile phone battery, that is, lithium battery.

Lithium batteries have significant advantages over the first two types of batteries. First of all, lithium batteries do not have the memory effect of nickel-cadmium batteries, so there is no need to run out of refilling.

Secondly, the lithium battery has a higher operating voltage and can store a higher energy per unit volume. Therefore, the battery capacity of a large capacity is also very small, not only that, the lithium battery still has a long life, and the better lithium battery can be charged and discharged more than one thousand times.

Finally, the ability of lithium batteries to adapt to temperature is stronger than the above two, so it is safer than the previous two.

Do not look at lithium batteries have so many benefits, but there is a behavior that will greatly reduce its life, that is, deep charge and discharge.

Because the lithium battery is also a chemical battery, it is inevitable that there is a problem of battery aging. To make a very vivid analogy, the battery life is like telling you how many times it can react completely. A deep charge and discharge is like a complete reaction, which will maximize the maximum. Loss of battery life.

When the lithium battery ages, the resistance of the battery will increase, so the power that the battery can provide will also decrease.Further, the capacity of the battery itself becomes smaller, so the battery becomes less durable, that is, the battery has a capacity decay, and this attenuation will increase as your usage frequency increases, which is why we feel that the battery is becoming less durable. One of the important reasons.

So the next time I hear the family advise you to put the electromechanical device clean and recharge, you must give them a knowledge of this science.

Charging and maintaining the middle way, don't think your mobile phone has been fast charging

Since we can't charge and discharge deeply, how should we charge it? In fact, it is very simple. It only needs to do its antonym, that is, shallow charging.

And this degree of control is very particular, because the lithium battery is very low damage to the battery at very low or very high power, so in order to maintain the battery, you must keep the battery's power level within a range. .

From the figure we can see that 100%-25% (black) has the fastest capacity loss and the shortest life, 85%-25% (green), and 75%-65% has the slowest capacity loss and the longest life, so if Taking into account the battery life and daily availability, if you do not pursue long battery life, try to keep the battery percentage in the range of 30% to 80%, which will extend the battery life.

Just controlling the battery capacity is not enough. I don't know if you have noticed such a problem. Many manufacturers will focus on the fast charge speed promotion. "Charging x minutes available x hours", instead of how long it takes to fully charge .

The reason for this phenomenon is that most mobile phones do not always use the maximum power to charge when charging to ensure the battery life.

Some like the charging protection function of the 360 ​​battery guards of the year, using fast charging at 0%~80% of the power, and charging at a lower speed when charging 80%~99%, and 99%~100% Trickle charging when the power is on, but the settings of different manufacturers are not the same, let's take the iPhone as an example~

The iPhone uses a two-stage charging design, which uses fast charging when charging the electric charge to 0%~80%, and uses the soothing current charging in the last 20% to protect the battery, so use the fast charging as little as possible. It is also a way to maintain the battery.

For the maintenance of the battery, the temperature should also be moderate, the fast charge rate is too high, it is easy to cause the battery to overheat, too cold or overheating will affect the battery life, but in fact, the recent rise of wireless charging, if you do not choose to heat the better charging The board will also have a sudden decrease in battery life due to overheating.

Not only is it too cold and overheating during charging, it will cause the battery life to decay. This is especially true when using it. For example, using a mobile phone while charging can cause the battery to overheat, so try not to let the battery heat up, and avoid high temperature or extremely cold conditions. Using a mobile phone will also greatly help battery maintenance.

So, in summary, the way we can maintain the battery is as follows:

1, try to avoid deep charge and discharge(in case you can charge at any time)

2. Try to keep the percentage of electricity in the range of 30% to 80%.(in the case of not pursuing long battery life)

3, try to use slow charge instead of fast charge(In the case of not using the mobile phone urgently, and without charging the treasure, there is no need to charge the treasure, but also thanksappleThe company provides us with 5V1A slow charge)

4, try not to let the battery heat, do not use it while charging, and avoid using the phone in high temperature or extremely cold conditions(Sometimes adjusting the phone case may also make the phone's temperature not so high)


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