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Huawei bright sword, Hong Meng sheath

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Huawei Mall

Hongmeng is an operating system independently developed by Huawei. The English name Harmony, at the meeting, Huawei announced the Hongmeng system open source. At the developer conference tomorrow, the first terminal device equipped with the Hongmeng operating system, the glory wisdom screen will be unveiled.

Huawei said that theyNot doing another Android, another Linux, but the next generation operating system. This is a distributed operating system based on microkernel for the whole scene. From the official introduction, Hongmeng OS has four technical features, including:

The distributed architecture is used for the terminal OS for the first time, which enables seamless collaboration across terminals and satisfies the entire scenario.
The system is smoother, the application response delay is reduced by 25.7%, and the process communication efficiency is increased by 5 times compared with the existing system;
Architecture level trusted security;
One development, multi-end deployment, and cross-terminal ecological sharing.

Of course, at this stage, it is only the publication of pure information, and the terminals that have been officially commercialized have not yet been seen. Hongmeng just showed the tip of the iceberg.

When talking about the original intention of developing Hongmeng OS, Yu Chengdong said: "With the arrival of the era of full-scenario wisdom, Huawei believes that it is necessary to further enhance the cross-platform capabilities of the operating system, including support for full scenarios, capabilities across multiple devices and platforms, and low response. The ability to delay and high security challenges has gradually formed the prototype of Hongmeng OS."

He said thatThe starting point of Hongmeng OS is different from Android and iOS. Hongmeng should be born in the future.

In other words, even without today's "discontinued" crisis, Huawei will launch the Hongmeng system. However, the US "ban" has accelerated it. According to Huawei's previous plan, Hongmeng will be released next spring. Today, Under special circumstances, I had to show up in advance.

The biggest significance of Hongmeng’s emergence is to make up the biggest “vulnerability” of Huawei’s terminal business..

A few days ago, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei admitted in an interview with the media that Huawei currently has about 4,000 vulnerabilities and can make up 93% by the end of the year. Liang Hua, chairman of Huawei, said that after the United States imposed sanctions on Huawei, Huawei reviewed the main products to see which ones can maintain supply and what cannot. There is no guarantee that the supply will be revised. It is not very important (business) may give up. Huawei's business mainly includes connectivity, computing, and intelligent terminals. Liang Hua said that connectivity and computing are now almost the same, mainly because of the big hole in the terminal products.

Now, after the alliance between Kirin and Hongmeng, the waist of Huawei's consumer business has finally risen.

"Even if the US company completely cuts off the supply, Huawei's consumer business can continue to operate normally. A Hongmeng will fill all the holes."

According to Huawei’s plan,In 2019, Hongmeng system will be mainly used in smart screen products. It will be used in domestic PCs, watches, wristbands, car machines, speakers and earphones next year.

Yu Chengdong’s statement,If Android can't be used one day, Hongmeng OS can appear at Huawei at any time.Mobile phoneon.

However, Yu Chengdong also said that considering the relationship with Google, as well as the system ecosystem and the interests of developers, Huawei is still willing to choose to cooperate with Google.

Although the system already exists, the ecology is still a "big pit." The construction of ecology requires a process. To this end, Huawei has launched a series of attractive plans for developers.Zhang Pingan, president of Huawei's consumer business cloud business, revealed that Huawei's application share will be tilted toward developers and subsidies for developers.In the middle of last year, Huawei launched the “Starlight Program” for developers, announcing “zero share” to benefit developers. Zhang Pingan revealed that the $1 billion subsidy of Huawei's "Xingyao Plan" will be directly used in the developer's account for developers' consumption. At the same time, the application's revenue will be returned to the developer.

Mobile operating systems have also been a plot for many giant companies, includingMicrosoftWindowsPhone,SamsungTizen and Ali YunOS, etc. Today, Windows phone is broken, Tizen is only used in a small number of Samsung products. Although YunOS once occupied 7% of the domestic mobile operating system market after strategic investment in Meizu, it has become the world's third largest mobile phone operating system, but it has not ended.

Compared with Microsoft and Ali, Huawei has the advantage that it is already the world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer, and has a rich product line of PCs, wearables, smart speakers and smart screens. Last year, Huawei shipped more than 200 million smartphones.

Yu Chengdong believes that Huawei is easier to build an ecosystem than Microsoft and Ali. "Not modest, we can let the Huawei mobile phone users across the country carry the Hongmeng system overnight. And the developer has to migrate the application from Android to Hongmeng, it may take a day or two to complete.. ”

In the Chinese context, "Hongmeng" has the meaning of opening up the world. China's information industry has generally been considered to lack the "core" and "soul" for many years, that is, the lack of independent research and development capabilities of chips and operating systems. At present, Huawei's Kirin series chips have been able to basically meet their own needs. Now Hongmen is really coming. Huawei seems to be breaking this spell.

Behind Huawei’s ability to “reinforce the soul” is Ren Zhengfei’s extremely visionary and precautionary plan. In 2012, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said in an interview with the media, "If they suddenly broke our food, the Android system will not be used for me. The Windows Phone 8 system is not used for me. Are we stupid? Already?"

Hongmeng has been in charge since 2011, and the functional kernel 1.0 has completed technical verification in 2017. In 2018, Huawei Hongmeng core was applied to the terminal. Huawei’s investment in Hongmeng is very large, Yu Chengdong revealed.After the US “ban”, because of the need to improve the entire system in a short period of time, Hongmeng experienced a large-scale “blitz” stage, and its manpower input was close to 4000-5000 people..

At the same time, Huawei's continuous high R&D investment over the years has provided conditions for independent research and development. At the semi-annual report at the end of July, Huawei Chairman Liang Hua announced that this year's R&D investment will reach 120 billion yuan.

Today, Yu Chengdong ushered in the 27th birthday after joining Huawei. On his personal social platform, he reviewed the history of joining Huawei for more than 20 years. From participating in the development of the first digital program-controlled switch, to creating wireless ETS products, creating the Huawei 3G pre-research team, serving as the 3G product line director, president of the wireless product line, president of the European region, president of the strategy and marketing system, chairman of the terminal company / consumption The CEO of the business, Yu Chengdong, said that along the way, the deepest memory is the hardships at all stages. He says,The joy of success is very short-lived, and the challenges are always one by one.. ”

Yu Chengdong has been in the Huawei terminal business for seven years. He said frankly that he had thought about retirement before. After the war between China and the United States, there were still many things that could be done. This is very meaningful for our country in the future.

"The challenges are always one by one" is also the portrayal of Huawei. And Huawei seems to always be able to "take down" one challenge after another.

Text | Sohu Technology Yang Jin

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