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Read Huawei's Hongmeng operating system: 5G eve The future of the ecological glimpse

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Where does Hong Meng’s name take, what does it mean?

This naturally forms a gas that represents the original form of the world, so it was called the "Hongmeng era" in the earliest era.

"HarmonyOS, based on the micro-kernel full-distribution distributed OS, Hong Meng's meaning in Chinese may have a meaning of open-minded, the closest English word is Genesis, the meaning of open-minded," while Hong Meng English named Harmony, is also the meaning of hope to the world Come more peaceful and convenient.

In a short one-hour speech, Yu Chengdong described Huawei's strategic blueprint for the future and all aspects of the Hongmeng OS that everyone is most looking forward to.

What is the ability of Hongmeng to change the future?

"With the era of full-scenario wisdom, Huawei believes that it is necessary to further enhance the cross-platform capabilities of the operating system, includingSupporting the full scene, the ability to span multiple devices and platforms, and the ability to cope with low latency and high security challenges, thus gradually forming the prototype of Hongmeng OS. ”

In this paragraph of Yu Chengdong, it is revealed that Hongmeng OS has been in the early stage of development, and its core positioning is completely different from our daily use of Android and iOS. The original intention of Hongmeng OS is to exist in the future, to meet the full scene smart experience, and to make a seamless connection between devices and devices.

In order to achieve a beautiful design, Hongmeng OS has four technical characteristics to meet the conditions of the future.

Distributed architecture first login to the terminal OS

Hongmeng OS has a distributed OS architecture, which uses a public communication platform for distributed data management, distributed capability scheduling and virtual peripherals. In addition to developers can shield the underlying technology implementation of distributed applications, making it more focused on developing their own business.

The benefits of such a cross-terminal publishing application are not only at the developer level, but also the end consumers will take advantage of the features of this architecture to enjoy a seamless experience of each scene.

Hongmeng's operating efficiency: rapid response, natural and smooth

Many of the operating systems that are familiar to you today are based on the Linux kernel. The kernel code data is huge, and it is very difficult to achieve seamless linking of distributed architectures.

Hongmeng OS solves this problem by using two techniques: deterministic delay engine and high-performance IPC.

Before determining that the delay engine performs the task, it can allocate the task execution priority and time limit in the system to perform scheduling processing, so that the task resources with the highest priority are guaranteed to be scheduled with the highest priority.The application response delay was reduced by 25.7%.

The compact structure of the Hongmeng microkernel has greatly improved the performance of IPC (incoming communication), and the communication efficiency of the process is 5 times higher than that of the existing system.

Hongmeng's security: a new microkernel, security upgrade

As a newly designed microkernel, Hongmeng OS has high security in addition to low latency. The basic idea of ​​microkernel design is to simplify kernel functions, and to implement system services as much as possible in the user state outside the kernel, and to enhance security protection between services.

The microkernel itself provides only the most basic services, such as multi-process scheduling and multi-process communication. Hongmeng OS applies microkernel technology to the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to reshape trusted security through formal methods.

The formal method is to use mathematical methods to verify system security from the source, which is an effective means without loopholes. Traditional verification methods, such as functional verification and simulation attacks, can only be selected for verification in a limited scenario, while formal methods can verify all software running paths through the data model.

Hongmeng OS is the first to use the formal method on the terminal TEE, significantly improving the security level. At the same time, compared with the code volume of the Linux macro kernel, the micro-core of Hongmeng OS is only one thousandth, which greatly reduces the attack rate.

Hongmeng compatibility: one development, multi-end deployment

Finally, why is it that in the future, Hongmeng OS will realize seamless inter-terminal collaboration and one-time development of multi-terminal deployment.

These are all based on Hongmeng OS using multi-session development IDE, multi-language unified compilation, distributed architecture Kit provides screen layout space and interactive automatic adaptation, support control drag and drop, preview-oriented visual programming, so that developers can be based on the same The project efficiently builds a multi-end automatic running app.

Realize the last development, multi-end deployment, and realize the sharing ecology between devices.

Huawei's Ark compiler is the first to replace Androidvirtual machineA static compiler for patterns that provides developers with a one-time development environment for compiling high-level languages ​​into machine code..

In addition, the Ark compiler will support multi-language unified compilation in the future, which will greatly improve development efficiency.

The development of Hongmeng OS is not simply a simple operating system, but also based on ecology. The key to ecology lies in applications and developers.Yu Chengdong said that in the future of continuous improvement and improvement, as long as we are willing, we can alwaysMobile phoneEnable Hong Meng.

How will Hongmeng OS affect us?

For consumers:

For consumers, the emergence of Hongmeng OS is undoubtedly in the Google ecosystem,appleEcosphere andMicrosoftThe new forces between the ecosystems, although there is no actual experience, but in the future envisioned by Huawei, the scale of the Hongmeng OS ecosystem is far beyond the three original ecosystems.

With open source attributes and the ability to adapt to all-platform multi-devices, consumer devices may not be constrained by system barriers.

In the past, our mobile phones, computers,TVCars use different ecosystems, and the interconnection of ecosystems requires complicated interface opening, certification and other processes. If Hongmeng OS is successfully applied in various fields, then for consumers, each device is based on a system. The level of communication will be more immediate and comprehensive, and achieve a seamless and intelligent life under the blessing of 5G technology.

For developers:

For developers, the release of Hongmeng OS is undoubtedly a new field, but in the Ark compiler, Kit development cross-terminal application blessing, a development, immediate deployment of multiple platforms.

In the speech, Yu Chengdong emphasized that the application of Android Ecology migrated to Huawei Hongmeng OS, and the development workload is very small. It is very convenient for developers to build ecology.

On the other hand, Hongmeng OS cross-device, open source attributes, it also means that it is facing a huge market, it can be desktop level, living room level, IoT level, or even car, developer deployment The application platform is more and more extensive, and a unified development platform undoubtedly further reduces the development cost and development difficulty threshold.

What is the first device equipped with Hongmeng OS?

Hongmeng OS seems to be far away from us, but in fact the first device equipped with Hongmeng OS is very close to us. At the 2019 Huawei Developers Conference, Glory Smart Screen will be the first device equipped with Hongmeng OS and will be on stage to meet you.

Smart Screen is a future device equipped with Hongjun 818 chip, independent NPC and Hongmeng OS.

The screen is the core of modern interaction, and the smart screen is the form of the future device. Just like the mobile phone becomes our personal center today, the birth of the smart screen may be a family center, which may open the era of smart connected life of our life, with Hongmeng OS The blessing feels the true full scene smart life experience.

With the deepening of ecological construction in the future, more and more equipment may be based on the platform of Hongmeng OS.

For mobile phone products, whether it will be equipped with Hongmeng OS, Yu Chengdong said that he can use it at any time, but because of ecological reasons, he will continue to support Google's Android ecosystem, giving priority to Google's Android operating system.

Since the system itself is an open source attribute, it cannot be ruled out that in the future, developers will port the Hongmeng OS to the mobile device.


The birth of Hongmeng OS is undoubtedly a landmark event, but just like its name, Hongmeng OS is also in the stage of “Hongmeng”. In what equipment, in what form will it affect and benefit our daily life? We will wait and see!

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