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Ming repair mobile phone for accessories! Exposing Three Big Cats in Mobile Maintenance

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Truth-seeking monarch falls twice a monthMobile phoneThe experience of the screen (repaired and fell)... But the latest news has caught Zhenjun's eye:

The original news simply says:

Reporters undercover two major domestic mobile phone maintenance platforms, "geek repair" and "flash repair chivalry", in the "maintenance Engineer assistant" status for several weeks after an undercover investigation, reporters found that behind the mobile phone maintenance of a disassembly, a low-cost assembly, refurbishment parts in the name of "high quality" and "original factory quality", were replaced. Client mobile phone.

In addition, engineers in the maintenance process, there are also "digging" behavior, deliberately exaggerated.partsOne of the problems was over-repaired, and the replaced parts were sold to new customers in the name of "original parts".

Here are three big cats in the mobile phone maintenance industry.

1. Replace the screen with the difference screen.

In the report, two consumers replaced their mobile phone screens through Flash Xiu Xia and Geek Xiu platforms respectively. As a result, problems occurred many times in a month and repaired them.

One consumer took his mobile phone to a third-party platform for identification and was told that the screen was an assembly screen, not an original accessories. This is not consistent with what maintenance personnel call "high quality screen" and "original quality".

In the report, about the mobile screen, the reporter mentioned two concepts:Assembly screenandPressure screen。 The former refers to a screen assembled entirely from non-original components. The latter refers to repressing a domestic external screen on the basis of the original internal screen.

What's the difference? In fact, it is divided into internal and external screens, the outer screen is usually glass panel bracket, the inner screen is the remaining backlight original, touch pad and liquid crystal module those, I believe many people are broken "outer screen glass", but was asked by the repairman to change the "screen assembly", the assembly is also three layers of glass, the outermost layer of glass, the middle touch board, the bottom display screen.

It seems that the original pressure screen is still conscientious? But these can not be regarded as "original screen" and it is impossible to talk about "original quality".

The first cat is greasy:

When repairing the broken screen, the maintenance personnel first use the lowest quality assembly screen as the original screen to fool customers, and then complain about the poor quality and replace it with the original pressure screen, not with the real original screen.

News mentions: If customers doubt the quality and source of spare parts, maintenance personnel will not say the original parts, but will say "original quality" or "strictly selected quality" spare parts, and promise 180 days free quality assurance to prevent customers from questioning.

2. Renovate the old screen and replace it with the next customer

There is such a passage in the news report:

Qiuzhenjun asked some friends, theirIPhoneWhen you go to the repair shop after shattering the screen (just broken glass), the owner will do it.They were fooled into changing the "screen assembly"That is to say, the display screen should be replaced together with the intact one, and the little white in the unknown may be fooled.

Originally, it was only a change of glass outside. As a result, the whole screen was replaced, and possibly a poor assembly screen. Not only did it cost a lot of money, but the display effect and touch experience of the mobile phone became worse.

The key is to sell your spicy chicken screen is not the key to making money for the black-hearted boss, your original screen is the sweet baboon in his eyes.

Blackheart stores will cut the broken glass in your screen assembly, leaving the main valuable display screen, and then press a piece of domestic glass, a "original pressure screen" is ready.

In the case of the iPhone X, the cost of assembling the screen is about $400 and selling it for $1299, while the original pressure screen can sell for thousands of yuan, but only $50 for pressing a glass.

The boss sells you a assembly screen, takes your original screen to make the original pressure screen, 1299 / 400 1000-50,At least 2,000 yuan!

It's a profitable business! According to the public data, the owner of Flash Xiu Xia is Hangzhou Weishi Technology Co., Ltd. which was founded in 2015 and is currently valued at more than 1 billion yuan. It has deployed 40 service operation centers in 30 major cities, serving more than 10 million users.

Not only did Flash Xiu Xiu and Geek Seminar recycle the original screens of customers, but Qiu Zhenjun found that there was a similar situation in Shunfeng's overhaul and repair organizations.

The second is cat fatigue:

Black-hearted merchants will not only fool you into replacing inferior screen assemblies, but also covet your original good screen. So when we understand the composition of mobile screen, we first judge whether the glass is broken or the inner screen is broken. Only when the glass is broken, we will tell the maintenance personnel to change the outer screen only, and supervise to avoid it. Steal the beams and pillars and replace them with rotten timbers. The interior screen is also broken. It is suggested that it be repaired after the official sale.

3. Exaggeration of Fault Induced Maintenance of Mobile Phone

Every consumer in a pit is confronted with a black-hearted boss who is good at scaring people, and so is mobile phone maintenance.

Maintenance personnel in the process of overhauling mobile phones, really found other faults, informing consumers to replace parts is also considered for consumers, this is called the normal "digging sheet", but some abnormal digging sheet, judging that you are small white, that is, lamb to be slaughtered.——"There's something wrong with your cell phone."

The third is cat fatigue:

Black-hearted businessmen use consumers'information asymmetry.Exaggerate the malfunction of the mobile phone and constantly induce you to replace the inferior parts he sells.Then the low-cost components and refurbishments you get on your mobile phone will soon cause quality problems, forcing you to keep repairing and paying.

After paying the IQ tax, eating dumb loss, mobile phone failure may also delay. For this reason, Qiu Zhenjun suggested that mobile phone failure may best be to the official after-sales repair or ask industry people to see, not easily listen to black-hearted business fools.

Consumers are really too hard.Zhenzhenjun laments that if you often read tweets from real laboratories, you would not be so easily deceived.

However, Qiuzhenjun should condemn these black-hearted manufacturers for making excessive profits and harassing consumers, hoping that the relevant departments can crack down on such acts severely.

Lawyers say:

Pan Xiang, partner of Guangdong Zhongan Law Firm and arbitrator of Shenzhen International Arbitration Court, said:

1. Platform maintenance personnel intentionally use the concept of "original quality screen" to blur the difference between "original quality screen" and "original screen" when providing maintenance services. What causes consumers to change is the wrong perception of the original parts, and induces consumers to buy services.

2. Exaggerate, will not have quality problems of accessories also fictitious quality defects, thus misleading consumers to replace;

3. In the case of consumers'ignorance, stealthily change the original factory accessories in mobile phones;

4. The source of replacement parts is unknown and there is no quality assurance.

These acts are suspected of being false and second-best regulated by the Product Quality Law. They also violate the provisions of the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law. They constitute fraud against consumers, and should bear the civil liability of paying back one compensation and three compensation according to law.

Market supervision departments should strengthen supervision over the disorder of mobile phone maintenance industry, strictly punish it, break the hidden rules of the industry, let consumers clearly consume, and safeguard consumers'legitimate rights and interests according to law.

Fortunately,"Flash Xiu Xia" and "Geek Xiu" also responded in time:

"Flash Xiuxia" apologized and issued a notice that the company has terminated its cooperation with the material supplier, and the engineers and management of the operation center have seriously dealt with the irregular operation.

According to a statement issued by Geek Repair, the platform accessories are from regular manufacturers and internal investigations have been carried out to address the issues mentioned in the report.

Although the two businessmen apologized, they also admitted that the phenomenon of using non-original parts to steal good screens from customers would not be known, but those roadside shops would certainly have.

So we can either take good protective measures to reduce cell phone damage, or buy accident insurance to reduce the cost of repairing mobile phones, local tyrants can change it at will.~

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