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Huawei "black technology" finally unveiled, in addition to Cyberverse, there are more heavy news

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August 11th is the third day of the Huawei Developers Conference and the last day of the conference agenda. Huawei Fellow, Camera Chief Engineer Luo Wei officially announced thatHuawei launched a new virtual reality fusion based on Huawei maps. "Digital Reality" Black Technology ExperienceCyberverse. Luo Wei said that the Cyberverse released this time is a new world of digital evolution that is seamlessly integrated with reality.


Huawei released AR technology service based on Huawei map Cyberverse (Source: Fayerwayer)

Huawei said that the Cyberverse name comes from Cyber ​​and Universe. simply put,Cyberverse is a service based on spatial computing algorithms and AI recognition technology to create a virtual reality and super visual experience.. A bit similar to the Microsoft Hololens platform, based on the terminal hardware products and Huawei map data, based on the integration of 3D maps and virtual reality, linking users, space and data through spatial computing, bringing new interactive modes and subversion to Huawei mobile terminal users. Sexual visual experience.

It is reported that,Cyberverse will be widely used in pedestrian navigation and other application scenarios, such as subways, high-speed rail stations, shopping malls, places of interest, etc., to use digital experience to change people's lifestyles.


Cyberverse application scenario (Source: Fayerwayer)

Luo Wei said at the press conference that Cyberverse has four core competencies, including full-scenario space computing, super-high-resolution map HDMAP, strong environment understanding and immersive virtual-realistic rendering.

By the end of 2019, Huawei will launch a developer beta at five prestigious locations across the country, and it is expected that Cyberverse experience will be available in 1,000 locations by the end of 2020. In the context of the full implementation of 5G networks, Cyberverse will better serve users.

Regarding the developer's ecological construction and related features of Cyberverse, Wang Yue, chief innovation officer of Huawei Consumer Cloud Services, said thatCurrently, Cyberverse already has open interfaces, including 3D Map, data access, etc., and has also launched developer recruitment activities.. He stressed that what kind of service experience consumers ultimately need, Huawei needs developers to help.

In addition, in the outfield of this conference, many media and developers noticed that Huawei's technical team demonstrated a number of hardware black technology products, including millimeter wave technology demonstration, high-precision indoor positioning and 5G millimeter wave technology demonstration.

The first is Huawei's update of millimeter wave technology. Through the front camera and multiple distance sensors on the demonstration device, you can gesture the air to control the device, play the pause song and adjust the volume at will, or use Doppler pulse technology. Heart rate and respiratory heart rate are measured on a mobile device.

There is also Huawei's high-precision indoor positioning technology. On the first day of the Huawei Developers Conference, Zhang Ping, president of Huawei's consumer cloud services business, mentioned that Huawei's map business has started testing and was released around October this year. The demonstration is to find your location through wireless signals and cameras. Huawei Map has already displayed the indoor flat map data, and then find your location through GPS and other proximity sensors with a positioning accuracy of 1-3 meters.

Regarding low-latency projection screens and under-screen fingerprints, yesterday’s glory president Zhao Ming mentioned at the strategy conference that the glory wisdom screen can reach 60 frames of projection technology, but the results of this demonstration are far beyond imagination, through mobile phones. The device plus wireless Bluetooth handle can realize wireless low-latency projection in the same LAN. In addition, the fingerprints on the screen are not the same as those of other mobile phone manufacturers. Based on multiple sensor cameras and infrared optical transmission technology, the fingerprint of the LCD screen can be easily realized. The advantage of this is that the OLED screen can be thinned. . Coupled with the 5G millimeter wave technology and the technology bonus of Baron 5000, Huawei demonstrated a number of hardware black technology.

Earlier, the South China Morning Post said that Huawei has been committed to the research and development of new technologies, set up an independent laboratory, and is managed by Huawei's senior management team, and continuously invests in research and development, rather than seeking rapid returns on products. At the moment,This technical demonstration gave more users confidence, and it is very remarkable that Huawei can make such excellent technical achievements under the environment that Huawei is suppressed by the US.

Distributed and global are the core of this year's Huawei Developer Conference

At the Huawei Developer Conference, “distributed”and“global& rdquo; is the two words mentioned by Huawei executives, but also the future development of the global developer industry.

Distributed, as the name implies, is a software system built on top of the network. Because of the nature of software, distributed systems are highly cohesive and transparent. Therefore, the difference between a network and a distributed system is more in high-level software (especially operating systems) than hardware. For example, the Hongmeng operating system is a full-scale distributed OS based on the microkernel. In fact, in addition to the microkernel, the full scene distribution is the highlight.Through the developer's code in the Ark compiler, multi-platform interaction is realized. One product can be used not only on one device, but also from a smart screen to a smart hardware product. This is what Hong Meng OS wants to do..


In addition, EMUI10, Huawei glory screen products are the same,For developers, this kind of operation can greatly shorten the development time. Compared with different auditing and online policies on iOS and Mac, Huawei hopes that developers can start on their platform instead of the App Store. in. Apple is also aware of this, and it continues to reduce the gap between desktop and mobile operating systems, shorten the time to review applications, and reduce the chances of developers repeating development.

At present, HiSilicon has a series of chips such as Kirin, Baron, Hongjun, Lingqi, and Kunpeng, covering many semiconductor fields such as mobile phone processors, IoT chips, and modems. Due to the impact of the US, Huawei had to further improve its control over core components and reduce potential risks. In addition to the open source plan of Hongmeng OS, Huawei hopes that by the time of the release of Hongmeng OS 3.0, it will independently research and develop independently through software and hardware, and integrate developer application resources to form a Huawei self-developed and innovative operating system with full scene collaboration.

In addition, mentioning the world is one of the businesses to be carried out by Huawei's terminal market. It is precisely because of the saturation of the domestic mobile phone market.Huawei has already deployed mobile devices, tablets and other terminal devices to overseas markets such as Europe and South America. Huawei's EMUI can be used overseas, so that business people and overseas users can enjoy the service experience of Huawei products.

On the first day of the developer conference, Zhang Ping also pointed out that such business is also based on globalization, and through the joint development of 5G commercial and consumer businesses, to create a global network experience service. However, due to the US policy, the overseas market is shrinking slightly, and the big strategy returns to the Chinese consumer goods market and services are globalized.

This Huawei Developer Conference can be said to be an important demonstration of Huawei's milestone. Through the Hongmeng OS, Glory Full Screen, EMUI10, Cyberverse and hardware black technology products, the company will display powerful technology research and development, terminal products and Huawei developer resources. Wait for more than "hard power".

One More Thing: Huawei also released heavy news

In addition to black technology news, Huawei executives also revealed the news of Huawei's latest flagship SoC and Mate 30 phones in these two days.

According to the technology website 9to5Google, at the EMUI10 media communication meeting of Huawei Developers Conference, Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei Consumer Business Software, revealed thatKirin 990 chip and Huawei Mate 30, Mate 30 Pro will be listed in Europe as early as September 19.


At the same time he also mentioned thatThe new Huawei Mate 30 series smartphone will be launched with the Kirin 990 processorProvides higher efficiency and performance. Earlier, it was reported that the Kirin 990 may adopt an autonomous architecture design scheme, not Arm, and this release may shorten the release time of the Qualcomm flagship chip and make its debut.

Although there have been rumors of breaking news, Huawei executives confirmed this news, it is still surprising, and Wang Chenglu revealed the news, so that Huawei's new machine release time and related news is more accurate.

Earlier, it was reported that the Huawei Mate 30 series may be equipped with two 40-megapixel front-facing cameras and a rear circular camera array, which is much better than the “Yuba” model. On the system, Huawei's consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong mentioned in the keynote speech on the first day of the developer conference that he believes Huawei's terminal equipment, that is, smart phones, prefers to use the Android operating system instead of Hongmeng OS. Wang Chenglu also said that the Huawei Mate 30 series mobile phone will be launched with the Android Q-based EMUI10 operating system.


Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei Consumer Business Software, delivered a keynote speech on the first day of the Developers Conference (Source: Huawei Official)

At the EMUI10 sub-forum of Huawei Developers Conference in the past two days, Huawei's official team also showed more details of EMUI10, including new design of camera interface, adding third-party filters, and intelligent linkage. Based on the code processing of Huawei Ark compiler, it will be able to smoothly switch between EMUI10 and Hongmeng OS. It is reported that the Huawei P30 series device will open the beta version of the beta program on September 8th, and the Mate 20 series phone will also open the EMUI10 beta.

It is worth mentioning that foreign media previously pointed out thatDue to the suspension of cooperation between Huawei and Google, the new EMUI10 will disable the Google GMS service and fully enable Huawei's own maps, browsers, app stores and other common applications to ensure the normal use of Huawei mobile phone users..


Huawei Mate 20 series mobile phone (Source: 9to5Google)

Regarding the specific details of the use of Hongmeng OS and 5G terminal prices, Yu Chengdong said in the media group interview on the first day that all the flagship machines of Huawei and Glory will support 5G network mobile phones, and 5G mobile phones will be higher this fall. The scale will be transferred to 5G next year, and the overall price will be less than 3,000 yuan. Yu Chengdong also said at the glory wisdom screen strategy conference that two independent brands, glory and Huawei, would take the top two in the Chinese market and occupy two seats in the top four in the global market.

And this is an important signal, meaningKirin will launch a new flagship SoC in the second half of this year, not only against Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, but also Samsung Exynos 9825, MediaTek G90, etc.The simultaneous launch of SoC and flagship mobile phone products is very obvious.

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