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Intel 18 core fever new U also: AMD tearers laugh without saying

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The feast of desktop enthusiasts is on the table again.AMD's third-generation thread ripper is eager to try, 7nm, Zen 2, PCIe 4.0 are stable, it depends on whether it can break through 32 core 64 threads, Intel's Cascade Lake-X also appeared one after another. .

Intel released the second generation of scalable Xeon Cascade Lake in April this year, and the next-generation desktop enthusiast Core X series will also be derived from it, but in essence it is 14nm process and Skylake architecture, the core number is still up to 28 , but only improved in technical specifications.

Now, there is a version in the GeekBench 4 test database.Intel 18 core 36 thread new products, the device identification string is “GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 85 Stepping 7& rdquo;, it is Cascade Lake-X, and the current Skylake-X series corresponds to  GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 85 Stepping 4”.

This new product has no specific model, only detected as "Intel 0000”, obviously an engineering sample, andThe detected frequency reference 2.19GHz and Turbo frequency 3.28GHz is obviously wrong, because the single-core and multi-core performance is 3.4% and 7.4% higher than the current 18-core, 3.0-4.4GHz flagship Core i9-9980XE.


There is also a 10 core 20 thread, frequency 3.4-4.6GHz, which is 200MHz higher than the current Core i9-9900X 3.5-4.4GHz, but the benchmark is 100MHz lower, which is naturally not accurate.


obviously,Cascade Lake-X has no essential changes, or continue to increase the frequency(The three-level cache has not changed or the 18 core corresponds to 24.75MB), and the frequency of the four-channel memory is expected to continue to rise.

But I don't know if the thermal design power consumption can continue to be controlled at 165W, and I don't know if there will be more core higher-end models, because now it is still completely unrecognizable in front of the AMD Ripper family.

Also worth noting is the model name. The 10th generation Core that has just been released has been numbered with five digits and letters. The Core X-9000 series is also on the top. Is the next generation flagship called “ldquo;Core i9-10980XE”?


In addition, after the lifting of the ban on July 7, AMD's Ruilong 3000 processor has been on the market for more than a month. Based on the 7nm Zen2 architecture, the Ruilong 3000 series has greatly improved single-core performance and multi-core performance. The 3700X can perform more than the Core i9-9900K processor.

From the performance point of view, the Ruilong 3000 series has basically achieved the same level as the Core Duo processor, and even the weakest game performance in the past has followed, and the overall situation is still slightly different, but considering the price advantage of the Ruilong 3000 series. This single-core performance gap is not a problem.

From another perspective, the processor is not only good performance, low price can win, market sales is also an important issue, it depends on the vendor's channel control capabilities.

The Planet3dnows website recently recorded changes in the Ruilong 3000 processor one month after its launch. The main consideration was price and availability. They summarized a table as follows:


In general,Ruilong 5 3600, Ruilong 5 3600X and Ruilong 7 3700X These more mainstream processors are in very good supply, there is no shortage of goods, and the price has started to decline compared with last month, of which Ruilong 5 The 3600X price has fallen by about 10%.

The price of the Ruilong 7 3800X processor has dropped by 5.4% in the past month, and the supply situation is also relatively good. There is no obvious shortage of goods anyway.

The main problem is still on the Ruilong 9 3900X processor, which is the first 12-core game processor. The price of 529 euros (including tax) is also relatively high-end, but the supply problem has not been very good, the report said that the goods are on the shelves. The delivery time is also about 6 to 16 days.

According to the feedback from the dealers, the delivery volume of the Ruilong 9 3900X is sometimes only 20% of the booking amount, and the situation of supply shortage is still obvious.

Compared with the domestic situation, the Ruilong 9 3900X out of stock should be a global problem, and AMD's supply chain has to work harder.


The media also re-tested the Ruilong 7 2700X, Ruilong 7 3700X, Core i9-9900K, and the results came to a surprising conclusion:


The Ryzen 7 3700X with Zen 2 architecture has a single-thread performance improvement of 11.7% and a multi-thread performance increase of 18% at the same frequency compared to the previous generation Zen+ architecture Ryzen 7 2700X.

The performance improvement brought by Zen 2 architecture optimization is quite obvious. It took only one year to improve performance so much. AMD's efficiency is amazing.

At the same time we can see thatThe single-threaded performance of the Ryzen 7 3700X is 3% higher than the Core i9-9900K at the same frequency, and the multi-threaded performance is 9% higher.

this means,Intel's previous micro-architecture advantages no longer exist. Now IPC is AMD's Zen 2 is relatively strong, and Zen architecture multi-core interconnect is more efficient, multi-threaded performance improvement ratio Zen architecture is better than Intel's current Skylake-based Coffee Lake is going to be higher.

The Skylake micro-architecture was really good, but it would have been surpassed if it was four years old. What Intel has left is that their 14nm++ process can pull the frequency high to cover up their processor performance. The energy consumption ratio has long since been thrown away with the 7nm Zen 2 .


With the single-threaded performance of the Zen 2 architecture,The game performance of the Ryzen 7 3700X is also significantly improved compared to the Ryzen 7 2700X, which is about 10% higher than the same frequency. The increase in game performance is not as large as the CPU performance.

This is mostly caused by the memory controller being externally connected to the I/O core, which causes the memory delay to increase. The gap between the Ryzen 7 3700X and the same-frequency Core i9-9900K has been reduced to about 6%, which is not small with the previous generation Zen+. progress.

AMD Zen 2's co-frequency performance has surpassed Intel's Coffee Lake. AMD has been working in the CPU market for several years, launching three generations of Zen architecture processors, and the processor performance generation is better than the first generation.

In contrast, in the past few years, although the CPU architecture has changed for three generations, it is essentially Skylake. IPC has not changed since 2015, but it is constantly stacking cores and increasing the frequency.

Although Intel still uses Sunny Cove's 10nm Ice Lake processor, it may not be able to see it in the desktop market next year, and AMD should be able to come up with Zen 3 with 7nm EUV technology as scheduled next year.

At present, the retail market in the world has seen the growth of AMD processor shipments even surpassing that of Intel processors. Intel will not be able to grab the AMD market if it does not pay attention to the desktop market.

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