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Middle-aged woman WeChat shakes a chat and is cheated. Helped and deceived.

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Be cheated of 16,000

Ms. Li, who is in her 40s, usually likes to chat online. In July 2018, she waved through WeChat and met a man named Wang, who claimed to be the head of Hainan. The two of them talked very speculatively. They had a good sense of hate and night, and soon they developed into nothing. "good friend". In the meantime, the two have had several large-scale video chats.

After about a month of acquaintance, the man surnamed Wang began to "do bad luck." First, the workers had an accident and needed money. After that, they drove the car and needed to compensate the other party. Every time he encountered troubles, Wang said that his money did not come together, and Ms. Li continued to lend the other party 16,000 yuan.

On the agreed date of repayment, Wang did not mention the money. Ms. Li reminded him several times. Wang turned his face and claimed that she had photographed her indecent photos and videos while chatting with Ms. Li. Send money to these photos and videos online. Finally, Wang simply pulled Ms. Li away.

Help and be deceived again

Ms. Li knew that she had run into a liar, but she did not report the case to the police because of her feelings.

At the same time, she did not learn the lesson, but continued to search for "sounds" on the Internet. Not long after, Ms. Li also made a shock to know Zhang, who claimed to be the police of the Shangrao Public Security Bureau in Jiangxi.

Ms. Li and the other party talked about their experience of being deceived. Zhang immediately said that he had friends in the police field in Hainan. He could ask someone to catch this liar and recover the 16,000 yuan that Ms. Li was cheated.

When Ms. Li had been a little wary, she sent Wang’s WeChat information to Zhang, and Zhang first helped to check people. Except for Ms. Li’s surprise, in a few days, there was a self-proclaimed Hainan police officer who added Ms. Li as a friend with WeChat, and said that Wang, who defrauded Ms. Li, was actually surnamed Zhu, 23 years old, and sent a few more. Zhu’s photo.

When Ms. Li looked at the photos, she really deceived her own Wang, and immediately dispelled the wariness of Wu.

Wu told Ms. Li that Zhu had been arrested and waited for the court to decide, but Zhu deceived a lot of people, and the money was spent almost. Ms. Li wants to get back her own 16,000 yuan and needs 10,000 yuan to handle the case. Funding." Ms. Li calculated the account, spent 10,000 yuan to get back 16,000 yuan, and then 10,000 yuan to the other party, I did not expect it to be mud cows into the sea, and finally Zhang and Wu have been black.

Under this time, Ms. Li couldn't help herself, and quickly reported the case to the criminal police team of Xinghua District of Taiyuan City Public Security Wanbai Branch.

Wanli catches suspects

After listening carefully to Ms. Li’s statement, police officer Liu Yan immediately concluded that the so-called Jiangxi police Zhao and Hainan police Wu should be the same person. So I rushed to Hainan to capture the 23-year-old Zhu Jing, a Qujing man from Yunnan, and rushed to Jiangxi to capture the 26-year-old Leping City.

The Yunnan man Zhu who defrauded Ms. Li’s 16,000 yuan did not have to mention it. She said that Zhang, a man from Jiangxi Leping, knew that after Ms. Li’s deceived experience, she felt that she could take advantage of her, and she used another one.Mobile phoneNo., also registered a WeChat, pretending to be Hainan police Wu Mou on the grounds of "handling funds", defrauding Ms. Li's 10,000 yuan, which is exactly the same as police officer Liu Yan.

So, how did Zhang find out the true identity of Zhu and get his photo? It turned out that Zhang first passed Zhu's WeChat and found Zhu's QQ number. After adding Zhu as a friend, he knew Zhu's real name from Zhu's QQ dynamics and stole the photos.

At present, both Zhu and Zhang have been criminally detained on suspicion of fraud.

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