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One-button overclocking operation is simple Intel pushes EasyOC overclocking tool

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What is a one-click overclocking?

Intel's nine-generation Core Duo flagship processor i9-9900K has been overclocked to 7.6GHz by liquid nitrogen cooling technology.

(i9-9900K overclocking 5.5GHz test screenshot, picture from chiphell)

Seeing the high-end players of DIY God toss the overclocking CPU, the little white players used to watch the drooling, but now don't worry, Intel has launched an official one-button overclocking tool, EasyOC, which is easy to operate, even if it is Xiaobai users can also easily achieve overclocking.

EasyOCHow to use one-click overclocking?

It is very simple to use EasyOC:

The first step is to go to the Intel OneKey Overclocking Tool EasyOC official website to download it. It has been updated to version 2.1.11:Click direct

The second step is to install the downloaded "EasyOC One-Key Overclocking Tool". What needs to be explained here is that the precondition for one-key overclocking is that the CPU model does not lock the frequency, that is, with the word "K", the one-button overclocking function is also built on the Intel Nine-generation Core K/KF series and the seven-generation/eight-generation Core K Based on the series, and the system environment must beWindows10 64-bit. Otherwise, it will prompt "The current CPU does not support overclocking" and terminate the installation.

(One-click overclocking required hardware and software environment)

The third step is to open the installed "EasyOC one-button overclocking tool". The software will display the dial interface when it is not overclocked. The frequency pointer indicates the real-time frequency of the CPU and dynamically swings. The green part represents the default frequency range of the CPU, and the gray part represents the new frequency range that the CPU can reach after overclocking. Click the one-button overclocking button to perform the CPU overclocking operation. After the overclocking is successful, the gray part will turn orange, indicating that the CPU can reach the new frequency range. Click the one-button recovery button and the CPU will return to the pre-overclocking state.

(The picture from left to right is before overclocking, overclocking, overclocking)

We use the computer host equipped with Intel's 9th generation Core i9-9900K to perform overclocking test in 64-bit Windows 10 environment. It can be clearly seen from the screenshots before and after overclocking. The i9-9900K uses the "EasyOC one-key overclocking tool". The CPU frequency has been increased to 5.3GHz.

(Compare after overclocking before overclocking)

Why do you want to overclock with one button?

When it comes to one-click overclocking, in addition to the beliefs and spirit of DIY, whether it is high-end players or ordinary users of DIY, the ultimate goal is to achieve better performance. When using a computer every day, whether it is playing games or multi-tasking such as batch compression, reading and writing, copying, etc., the computer will encounter performance bottlenecks, and the intuitive feeling to the user is the computer jam.

In the face of the above problems, if you don't want to waste money to upgrade the hardware, and there is no technical strength like the god of DIY, then Intel's official launch of this "EasyOC one-button overclocking tool" is a suitable solution for everyone. Just like the nitrogen acceleration in the game "Need for Speed", one-button overclocking allows the CPU to work at high frequencies, which instantly improves processor performance.

to sum up

Through the above analysis and actual measurement, I believe that you have already experienced the convenience of the "EasyOC one-key overclocking tool" and the strength in CPU performance improvement. Although we all know that changing the processor clock frequency can damage the processor and other system components, or shorten their service life, it may also reduce the stability and performance of the system, but the "EasyOC one-button overclocking tool" does not improve the CPU. The voltage, which is a performance upgrade and resource squeeze in a safe range, can be said to be very safe. It is worth mentioning that Intel has reached a cooperation agreement with Ningdu, Climbing Brothers, Jingtian and other complete machine manufacturers, and directly set a one-button overclocking button on the chassis. Just click this button to start “EasyOC”. One-click overclocking tool" for overclocking, which is more convenient for small white users.

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