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Baidu cloud heavy release 20 new products accelerated AI industrialization

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On August 29th, “ABC SUMMIT 2019 Baidu Yunzhi Summit” was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The conference was based on the theme of “AI Industrialization, Accelerating Industrial Intelligence”. Yin Shiming, vice president of Baidu and general manager of the intelligent cloud business group, said that the fourth industrial revolution is taking place in China. This intelligent revolution is evolving from the infrastructure stage to the industrialization stage. Baidu Intelligent Cloud ABC will boost the AI ​​industrialization era, accelerate industrial intelligence and achieve smart China.


Yin Shiming, vice president of Baidu and general manager of the intelligent cloud business group: artificial intelligence is entering the industrialization process

At the scene, Baidu Smart Cloud and 6500 customers and partners witnessed Baidu Smart Cloud's latest transcripts and the latest AI industrialization results. In terms of transcripts, with ABC and “Cloud + AI” as the core strategy, Baidu Smart Cloud has grown rapidly in the past year. The number of users and revenues have doubled, and traffic and servers have tripled, making it the number one cloud maker in China. At the same time, Baidu Smart Cloud is in the field of “single cluster 10,000 servers”, “machine learning open source platform”, “telecom scale large-scale intelligent customer service” and other technologies, products and applications. One.


Baidu intelligent cloud is growing at a high speed, and the industry is the first in many fields.

In terms of AI industrialization results release, Baidu Intelligent Cloud is the first in the industry. AI Industrialized Intelligent Formula: Artificial Intelligence Industrialization = (Intelligent Computing * Intelligent Application) ^ Intelligent Ecology:


Baidu intelligent cloud industry first artificial intelligence industrialized intelligent formula

That is to say, intelligent computing and intelligent applications are mutually promoted. The realization of exponential development through intelligent ecology will realize the industrialization of artificial intelligence; under the leadership of AI industrialized intelligent formula, Baidu Intelligent Cloud will release 18 new intelligent computing products, including complete autonomy. The research and development of "Baidu Kunlun Cloud Server", let China's best AI run on the self-controllable AI chip, showcase the smart application built with the head customers: CCTV network "AI editorial department", jingle Science and technology intelligent quality inspection workshop, Chongqing Meteorological Bureau intelligent weather system, State Grid intelligent customer service, also issued a smart call secretary, AI has 24 hours to help you answer the phone, AI is going to the industry to achieve scale application; Baidu smart cloud Pushing the industry's first complete artificial intelligence ecological alliance & mdash; & mdash; Baidu Industry Intelligence Alliance, is to let the artificial intelligence industry outbreak the growth power that individuals do not have.

“For the industrialization process of artificial intelligence, intelligent computing, intelligent application, and intelligent ecology are the three key elements. “Yin Shiming said.

In terms of intelligent computing, the intelligent computing panorama of Baidu Smart Cloud debuted.


Baidu Smart Cloud debuts smart computing panorama

It has a basic core, six engineering platforms and three sets of practical methodologies, which become the intelligent foundation of AI industrialization. A basic core is “more comprehensive coverage, higher flexibility, higher cost performance, safer compliance, and easier operation and maintenance”. For the five major characteristics, the six engineering platforms, Tiangong and Tianji, cover big data engineering and AI. , video cloud, Internet of Things, blockchain, cloud and other sub-fields, to solve the technical environment, development path, resource requirements and other problems for enterprises.

Together with the “Internet architecture, data intelligence, model factory”, the three methodologies provide knowledge assistance. The intelligent computing product panorama will help customers to make intelligent changes, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and enable customers to focus more on business innovation and enhance business market competitiveness.


Baidu Smart Cloud released "Kunlun Cloud Server", based on Baidu's self-developed China's first cloud full-featured AI chip "Kunlun"

The 18 new smart infrastructure products released by Baidu Smart Cloud each have their own characteristics:

Cloud scene area:"Baidu Kunlun Cloud Server" based on Baidu's self-developed China's first cloud full-featured AI chip "Kunlun", the computing power is nearly 30 times better than the latest FPGA-based AI accelerator, let China The best AI runs on your own server;

Storage area:In the newly released "archive storage" storage of 1GB of data for only 1 month, only 0.015 yuan, which is the lowest price of Chinese storage products, is the industrial dividend brought by Baidu's leading technology;

Security area:“Host Security Enterprise Edition” has hybrid cloud security protection, which enables smarter real-time protection against malicious code;

Operation and maintenance field:“Cloud Consultant Cloud Advisor” can launch offline expert services with one click, so that enterprises can not only easily go to the cloud, but also use the cloud;

Video editing field:“4K Video Processing Solution” is the industry's first solution to support HDR (High Dynamic Range Image) 4k video transcoding and video bit rate compression to over 60%.

Blockchain field:The Skylink platform expands the blockchain from the technology platform to the enabling platform, and publishes the “trusted identity solution” and “trusted data solutions”, which solves the series of problems such as privacy leakage, suitable for joint credit reporting and federation. Application scenarios such as modeling.

In terms of intelligent applications, visual intelligence, dialogue intelligence, and data intelligence have become the largest areas of AI landing applications in China. In the field of visual intelligence, Baidu Smart Cloud's visual intelligence solution focuses on the important upgrade of media, urban comprehensive management, and industrial visual capabilities, making work and life more interesting, safer and more efficient; in the field of dialogue intelligence, continuous upgrading, Let the dialogue intelligently integrate, omnichannel, and understand you, ABC intelligent customer service is becoming the vanguard of AI industrialization. Data intelligence allows data to begin to cross borders and merge, and applications will have new insights and cognitive capabilities to make predictions and decisions more automatic and accurate.


Smart call secretary, AI has 24 hours for you to answer the phone

For example, in the field of dialogue intelligence, Baidu Intelligent Cloud's ABC Robot platform has become the partner's preferred solution. More than 40 partners use the solution to create a variety of robotic products for government, education, medical, banking, retail and transportation. In the big scene.

At the Baidu AI Developers Conference in July 2019, Baidu Smart Cloud and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank launched the first “digital person” in the financial field. She brings new services to her clients with her professional financial knowledge and deep understanding of user needs. At the Baidu Yunzhi Summit on the 2019, Baidu Smart Cloud announced the opening of the digital platform, hoping that more industries can customize their digital people, help companies build brand IP, serve thousands of people by one person, and digital people realize from 1 to The progress of N.


Baidu Smart Cloud announces an open digital platform, hoping to allow more industries to customize their digital people

At the scene, CCTV, Chongqing Meteorological Bureau, State Grid, Jingyan Technology, Intel, Dell, Gino Rescue and other partners shared the intelligent upgrade stories in these three areas:

CCTV's newly created AI editorial department uses Baidu Smart Cloud's media video solution to sculpt up to 2,000 minutes of programming in two minutes, greatly reducing the threshold for creating video content.

The manufacturing enterprise Jingyan Technology from Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, used the intelligent quality inspection equipment built by Baidu Intelligent Cloud Technology to solve the pain points detected in the past mainly by “eyes + magnifying glass”, and can detect 33 kinds of 6 parts at the same time. Defects, the rate of missed detection is controlled within 0.1%, and the return on investment of equipment is 6.5 times that of traditional models. The cost reduction of enterprises is significant, which not only prevents the transfer of the manufacturing industry chain, but also better protects the national manufacturing industry. Three years of grinding one & ldquo; inspection & rdquo;, from the 2017 trial landing to 2019 scale application, Baidu intelligent cloud intelligent quality inspection has been used in dozens of industries.


Baidu Yunzhi Summit will be connected to the fine-grained technology factory workshop. The left side is the manual quality inspection workshop, and the right side is the intelligent quality inspection workshop.

The Chongqing Meteorological Bureau has created a “Smart Weather” system jointly with Baidu Smart Cloud, and it is no longer unpredictable to use Cloud + AI to make “God”. The forecast accuracy rate in the two hours has increased by 40%. The time for sending the disaster weather warning information in the summer of 2019 has been increased from the original two hours to nine minutes to help the citizens avoid disasters earlier. Accurate weather prediction, AI is accelerating.

With the AI-assisted Gino rescue, you can race against the typhoon and carry out rescue activities. In the summer of this year, "Litchma" typhoon registered in Zhejiang less than an hour, Gino rescue received 295 rescue requests, using Baidu intelligent cloud AI products, Gino rescue dispatched 300 in 40 minutes Multiple vehicles traveled to 37 counties to carry out rescue operations, and the efficiency and accuracy of the rescue was greatly enhanced.


Baidu Smart Cloud released 20 new products and accelerated AI industrialization

In addition, Baidu Smart Cloud also assists enterprises in the financial, logistics, customer service, robotics, agriculture and other fields to complete the industrial intelligent upgrade, reduce costs and increase efficiency. “Intelligent applications are the key factors in AI industrialization. From visual intelligence, dialogue intelligence, to data intelligence, when data can be safely and compliantly and openly and cross-border, industry students can dig more and can standardize and scale replication. The scene, smart applications will be everywhere, & rdquo; Yin Shiming said.


Baidu Smart Cloud partners share the story of intelligent enterprise upgrades. From left to right, Jia Xiaoping, Chairman of Gino Automotive Group, Huang Chang, Global Head of Supply Chain, Zhao Lei, General Manager of CCTV, and Customer Service Center of State Grid Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu Xingping and Director of Chongqing Meteorological Bureau Gu Jianfeng

In terms of intelligent ecology, Baidu Smart Cloud announced the launch of the industry's first complete artificial intelligence ecosystem [mdash; — Baidu Industry Intelligence Alliance, and the sub-ecological navigation club for the manufacturing industry. At present, Baidu Smart Cloud has thousands of partners in the industrial intelligent ecology to jointly build an industrial intelligent ecosystem.


Baidu Smart Cloud launches the industry's first complete artificial intelligence ecosystem: Baidu Industry Intelligence Alliance

“The success of the partner is the success of Baidu Smart Cloud. Not in the air, not afraid of virtual, Baidu Smart Cloud will work with all customers and partners, Dream it, Believe it, Achieveit! “Yin Shiming said.

At the conference, Jason Grebe, global vice president and general manager of Intel Cloud Platform and Technology Division, was also invited to attend and delivered a keynote speech. He mentioned, “In the past ten years, Baidu Smart Cloud has been leading Intel’s latest technology. An important partner of Intel.

Recently, we have a number of cooperation results gradually: Baidu deployed the second generation Intel ® Xeon ® scalable processor in the data center, which is the first customized processor for data center and cloud; Baidu is based on Intel Proton Data Center persistent memory, build an in-memory database for its information flow services, providing users with more efficient and smoother personalized content; using Intel ® Ao Teng ™ data center SSD and Intel ® QLC 3D NAND The SSD's Baidu ABC storage offering provides high-performance storage for new HPC applications. In addition, Intel and Baidu, as well as other global leaders in cloud services, have become founding members of the Linux Foundation's Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC), a new industry group. ”

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