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Is the university's "knock-on brick" gone? After the suspension of the NOIP competition, the Chinese Computer Society introduced alternatives

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Source: China Computer Society, Editor: Zhang Jia

[Introduction to Xin Zhiyuan]Last month, the CCF website announced that

In the middle of last month, the Chinese Computer Society (CCF) released its official website and Wechat Public Number.《CCF Announcement on Suspension of NOIP CompetitionThe full text of the announcement is very brief with only one sentence:

As soon as the news came out, many computer students, practitioners and former NOIP contestants were surprised and puzzled. What exactly caused the CCF not to disclose, but the outside world speculated and


Just yesterday, CCF released the CCF Registration notice for hosting CSP-S/J, and netizens speculated that it was NOIP's.

CSPCCF Computer Software Capability Certification, which focuses on the actual programming ability of software developers.CSP-S/JCSP non-professional level competency certification is a voluntary computer science activity for interested people. It aims to promote the popularization of computer science, let more teenagers and non-professionals contact and learn computer science, and help them choose computer as their career in the future.

According to the introduction, CSP non-professional level is simpler than professional level, divided intoCSP-J(entry level, Junior) andCSP-S(Senior) Two levels.Both involve algorithms and programming.。 Anyone can sign up. CSP-J and CSP-S hold two rounds respectively: CSP-J1, CSP-S1, CSP-J2 and CSP-S2. The authentication methods are on-site authentication and non-network authentication. To participate in the second round of CSP-J/S, the first round must be attended first, and only those who have reached a certain score can participate in the second round. In 2019, the first and second rounds of CCF CSP-J and CSP-S will be held in October and November respectively.Registration time:The deadline is 24:00 on September 6-26, 2019.Registration website:Http://rg.noi.cn/Authentication process:


Certification form:The first round was divided into two groups: CSP-S1 and CSP-J1. The first round of CSP-S2 and CSP-J2 had excellent results.Authentication method:

  • The provincial certification points authorized by CCF in electronic version are used for both sets of certification questions. The provincial certification points print paper questions according to the situation.
  • The first round of certification is mainly written examination, and CCF will select a few provinces to authenticate by computer test. The second round of certification is machine test.
  • In the second round of CSP-S2, there were two certifications, and the final results of the participants were the sum of the two certifications.
  • The second round of CSP-J2 certification, a total of four topics.
  • Certificates can take part in both CSP-S2/J2 tests.

Certification fees:

  • The first round CSP-S/J group: 50 yuan per person (excluding board, lodging and transportation).
  • The second round CSP-S group: 480 yuan per person (excluding board, lodging and transportation).
  • The second round of CSP-J group: 260 yuan per person (excluding board, accommodation and transportation).

Certification Test Points:

Provincial certification points are set up by provincial certification organizations of non-professional level authorized by CCF.

  • The first round of certification points: set by the head of provincial certification organizations, the number of each certification point should not be less than 20 people.
  • The second round of CSP-S2 and CSP-J2 certification points: in the same city. CSP-S2 and CSP-J2 certification test points must be approved by CCF. The certification results of unapproved certification points are not recognized.

The organizer is still the original NOIP organizer. CSP-S/J wins prizes or fails to qualify for college escort.

Network transmission, the Chinese Computer Society has authorized the original NOIP provincial and municipal sponsors to be CSP-J/S certification units, so it can be inferred that the sponsors of CSP-J/S are still the original NOIP organizers.


Secretary-General of CCF and Researcher of Institute of Computing, Chinese Academy of SciencesDu ZideThe circle of friends forwarded the CCF notice and commented:

After the suspension of NOIP competition, there was a small disturbance in the society. Some people asked: Why did it stop? Answer: No money! Many parents call and ask: Without NOIP, what will our children do? Answer: Don't be impatient later! No, here it is! Sign up now! If you ask: Who, who and who approves? Ask: Who, who, who and who? Now let's tell you the final answer: If your child is not received, no one can approve it. If you're not sure, don't take this one. Suggest taking the Computer Level Examination. That's acceptable. By the way, that's not free.


At present, the biggest difference between CSP-S/J and NOIP is probably thatCan you get the qualification of College escortNop is of great significance to contestants and is regarded as a university


According to Wikipedia, NOIP is an informatics contest and popularization activity for middle school students in China. Its sponsor is CCF, the Chinese Computer Society. The Society was founded in 1962. It is a national first-level society with an independent corporate body. It belongs to the Chinese Association of Science and Technology. It is a promotion of computer academic progress and technological success. The academic organization of fruit application.

CCF officials say the purpose of NOIP is

The official definition of NOIP is that the nature of the competition is

At present, contestants can choose to use C, Pascal three programming languages, the initial language test questions are different, the rematch test questions are the same. The specific content is reflected in the outline of the competition.

Examination forms are divided into preliminary and secondary competitions; according to the participants, they are divided into popularization group (mainly junior high school) and improvement group (mainly senior high school) but not limited to grade. It is slightly more difficult to improve the group than to popularize the group. Beginning this year, the preliminary contest will be changed from written test to computer test.

NOIP is of great significance to contestants, who generally regard NOIP as a university.

Before 2011, the Chinese college entrance examination paid more attention to the winners in all kinds of Olympic competitions.

According to the current regulations of the Ministry of Education on the selection conditions of students on escort in the Measures for Recruitment and Delivery of Higher Learning Institutions, all the senior high school graduates who have won the first prize of NOIP have the qualification of escorting them into higher learning institutions. This year, there are also many outstanding students who are escorted to the Yao class and the Intellectual Class in Tsinghua through the informatics competition.

In the future, we still have to ask whether the CSP-S/J first prize can be guaranteed to enter colleges and universities. But as Du Zide said:If your child doesn't get it, it's no use for anyone to approve it.

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