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The Application of China's Satellite Navigation system to the ground and accelerate Beidou is not just "Navigation"

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In early August, the Beidou Intelligent Creator Program, which was directed by the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office and hosted by Chihiro Location, was launched for the society and formally opened a package of Beidou's precise space-time technological capabilities to the outside world. This is regarded as another accelerated landing of Beidou application in China.

As of August 28, the program has received applications from nearly 500 Beidou intelligent creators, including Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Southeast University and other colleges and universities. China Youth Daily reporter found that Beidou-based technology applications are pouring in, but these applications are not familiar with the "navigation" function, but such as intelligent triangle, airport gear and other things connected to the "new face."

This is likely to be the latest trend in Beidou applications. Chen Jinpei, a CEO at thousand fathom location, said the general public may not need to know the exact location of individuals, but machines and objects that serve humans need and can play a huge role in improving human production efficiency.

In fact, on the day of the Beidou Intelligent Creator Program, academic and industrial cafes including Lu Mingquan, professor of electronic engineering at Tsinghua University, Xu Ying, doctoral supervisor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chief Scientist of Chihiro Location Integrity and Feng Shaojun, member of the British Society of Engineering and Technology, came to the scene to serve as a "platform" for it. Recruitment letters from society read——

"in the era we are about to live in, every machine has become more 'human' as a result of digital upgrades. Like humans, machines need to know where they are and what time it is. But the difference is that they need to know more precise space and time coordinates in order to have higher capabilities. "

Chen Jinpei told reporters that high-precision positioning, which is one of the differentiated services of other global satellite navigation systems in the Beidou region, such as GPS, may have been said to have fewer Beidou applications before, but in the future, Beidou high-precision applications will not be less. "The car is good today,Mobile phoneWhether it's a drone or a drone, people develop only 5 percent of their own demand for precision space-time, and more than 95 percent of innovation based on precision space-time has not been inspired. "

For example, the "gear" of the plane. Many people often fly, but may not have noticed the gear.

Like cars on the ground, in order to avoid car skidding, a baffle should be placed in front of the car when the car is parked in the parking space. However, it is not easy to manage an airport with hundreds of wheels. Due to the difference of flight density, aircraft type and operator's physical strength, the hidden safety hazards such as missing gear, late gear and out-of-gear often occur.

"what we want to do is that the information about the airport gear can be automatically uploaded to the cloud platform without the need for operators to check the gear one by one. Where the gear is located, whether it has been removed by others, and whether it is in normal use and other information, the cloud platform knows. " Wang Wei, general manager of Haiwei Science and Technology, said.

His technology company has developed an intelligent wheel gear based on China Beidou Yami-class high-precision positioning service and other Internet of Things technologies. This technology can not only upload the position of the gear in real time, but also upload the information of the upgrade status, the withdrawal status, the posture, the power, the temperature and so on. Backstage managers can see the information of all the gear in the airport at a glance.

"We used GPS more often, but the airport gear has higher requirements for high precision positioning, so we consider switching to Beidou. Now debug down, compared with the original drift results have a great improvement. " Now, Wang Wei's team is also preparing to extend the system to airports and railway stations everywhere.

In his view, after the arrival of 5G, the application scenario of the Internet of things will change dramatically. "the use of the Internet of things is bound to exceed that of the Internet, because the Internet is aimed at individual consumers, and the Internet of things is industry-oriented."

A small triangular warning board can also epitomize the development of Beidou's precise space-time capability.

In the traditional scene, when the vehicle fails on the road, the driver will put a triangular warning sign behind the car. The relevant regulations require that when the driving vehicle fails to move, a triangular warning sign should be placed behind the vehicle for the first time, the urban road should be placed at least 50 meters behind the vehicle, and the expressway and highway should be placed at least 150 meters behind the vehicle to remind the rear vehicle to avoid a second accident.

In 2018, Qianxun location developer made a small transformation of the triangle warning board, built-in Ami-level Beidou high-precision positioning service and communication module less than 1 meter. This triangle warning board "shake one's body and change one's position", can realize Ami-level positioning and upload its own position. By transferring data to the Golden Map System, Golden Land The map can quickly mark the location of the accident on the map, more timely and broader reminders of nearby vehicles to avoid early.

According to the intelligent triangle development director, thousand fathom location website business director Gao Ze, due to the use of high-precision positioning, Amap can accurately capture the location of the triangle warning sign, identify the lane direction of the accident, "for example, whether the direction is north to south or south to north, optimize the navigation route, convenient for users."

"In fact, there are many traditional industries like triangle warning signs manufacturers, and the manufacturing threshold is not high, but if they do some'micro-innovation', like intelligent triangle warning signs, they may be able to change themselves from'Made in China'to'Made in China'." Gao Ze said.

Chen Jinpei said that the development path of the Internet of things is divided into three stages: "connection", "perception" and "intelligence". 5G will make the connection of the Internet of things more stable, and the perception ability of finer granularity to the location will also be one of the necessary conditions of the Internet of things.

"At present, the field of innovation and entrepreneurship knows high-precision positioning, not necessarily the development of the Internet of Things. Understand the development of the Internet of Things, but do not understand high-precision positioning. But in order to make the Internet of Things, it is necessary to have a precise sense of location. Chen Jinpei said that in the future, the high-precision positioning represented by Beidou, China, will become a real human helper just like 5G.

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