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ExFAT in Linux is Microsoft's Trojan Horse

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Dr.: Roy Schestowitz is a software engineer, interdisciplinary researcher and advocate of fair competition.

[Abstract]Microsoft and its push(media insiders)are spreading Microsoft.

The TECHRIGHTS website has come to realize that the serious penetration of Linux, if not at all, has come to light.

The father of free software, Richard Stallman (RMS).

I am extremely sorry that access/access to source code (and permissions to modify, run, and redistribute) is no longer enough for software freedom. This couldn't be more obvious on Linux. In addition, openness (which I think is a term I coined more than a decade ago) poses a huge threat to software freedom (yes, the threat now is greater than ever). We're losing the fight... We're giving up control. It's all about control.

Microsoft is not using

Microsoft is not usingIt did the same for Yahoo, Nokia and Novell.

Microsoft likes Linux,. We're glad to see a lot of Linux sites refuse to believe Microsoft says what it says.

Steve R., Linux Questions, Linux community. Write:

Fido_dogstoyevsky replied as follows:

Many of the comments we have seen are generally consistent. Unless someone asks a proprietary software endorsement organization like OIN to comment.

I should know; the chief executive of OIN called me years ago and told me that Microsoft's blackmail against Linux involved exFAT patents.

As an organization that advocates software patents, OIN will not actually invalidate these patents. It has never even tried, such as in the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB). In one word, the image of OIN has been in my mind over the years

What does the Linux community (the vast number of users and developers) actually think of all this? Take a look at the comments here; big-talking Microsoft people can't refute honest, frank and unpaid ideas.

Microsoft has made a lot of money from exFAT blackmail; it is likely to earn as a result of the major OEM patent agreement signed many years ago (even during the helm of Nadella)

Obviously, it may be inevitable that Microsoft helpers like Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman are willing to help. Although Greg

Michael Larabel, on Phoronix, attacked Greg, which is friendly to Microsoft (and the former Novell), for speaking for Microsoft, but again because

After Microsoft approved the public specification for supporting exFAT on Linux and eventually released the file system, the existing out-of-tree Linux driver code was quickly put on the mailing list for review, hoping to be included in the kernel.

The existing out-of-tree exFAT Linux driver was inadvertently leaked by Samsung a few years ago, but was cleaned up as early as 2013. Microsoft has never entered the main line because of uncertainty about Microsoft's exFAT patents and the company's previous failure to publicly allow Linux support for the file system.

Earlier we wrote about the plan and related patent issues, and we mentioned in another previous article that Microsoft's agenda was driven mainly by Microsoft's push who pretended to care about Linux (which had previously attacked Linux for years). Microsoft News Editor Bogdan Popa (has been promoting Microsoft for more than a decade.) once again, we prove our point.

At the same time, we have noticed some superficial and touted articles. This article is called Microsoft.

https://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/3080947/microsoft-exfat-open-source-linux-kernel), but the article is later called

No, the real intention is to control Linux. That's two different things. How about this article (https://www.dailyhostnews.com/microsoft-announces-addition-of-exfat-in-linux-kernel)? According to Phoronix, this is bad code, so why add it? Shouldn't Torvalds be publicly shelled? Was he afraid to speak freely because of recent events? As far as we know, he did not mention this word.

The articles that have been touted in the press are still more than common, as are the types of articles mentioned above. There is a press release from Paragon Software (we've seen them a few times this week). Paragon has long been making a profit from Microsoft's patent for Linux, and now it wants to make more money. We found a lot of touted articles later in the day. Microsoft fully controls the sound in this area (few people are lazy to read the message). The reaction of the real users and developers of GNU/ Linux does not seem to be important.

Ryan Farmer is the former most valuable expert at Microsoft, (MVP), who ran counter to Microsoft more than a decade ago and became a regular on our IRC channel, and he has a lot to say about it.

Last night he asked me:

MinceR joked in response at IRC:

I showed him about Microsoft getting into the second.

Yes, it did happen!

Ryan said:

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) should not have granted these patents.

Ryan concluded that:

Many OEM vendors have paid Microsoft for exFAT patents. Now that there are no big manufacturers left to squeeze profits, Microsoft

This is actually a publicity stunt!

Links to the original English text:Http://techrights.org/2019/08/30/the-exfat-deception/?Tdsourcetag=s_pcqq_aiomsg

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