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Late Ark Compiler Open Source: Huawei's "Crime and Punishment" of Catching Ducks on the Shelf

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And from 9 August to 11 August 2019, 2019HUAWEIAt the developer conference, Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong officially released Hongmeng OS, and Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei's consumer software business, said the ark compiler was about to open source.

The news is of great significance to developers as well as to ordinary users, which means Android apps will enter a faster and more efficient era. According to Huawei's official test data, the Ark Compiler can increase Android app execution efficiency by 29 percent, system operating fluency by 24 percent, system response performance by 44 percent, and tripartite app operation fluency by 60 percent.

The popularity of Ark compiler and Hongmeng system can be seen from the ticket sales of its developers'conference. It is reported that there were more than 5,000 developers and more than 1,500 partners in ecological construction. It is said that the admission tickets were sold out early before the opening of the conference, which eventually disappointed millions of eager netizens.

Ark Compiler in HuaweiMobile phoneThe huawei ark compiler will officially open source in august, said xiao ran, huawei's vice president of strategy and industry development, at the china open source summit in shanghai in june.

But when many developers looked through the autumn water and waited to unveil the mystery of the ark compiler, it was unwittingly by the end of August, and developers did not wait for the Ark compiler to officially open source.

Therefore, before the ark compiler was officially released, it has been widely complained by countless netizens and developers, and criticized and questioned by various industry media and practitioners.

Until Aug. 30, Huawei officially announced a date of Aug. 31. Also promised, in the early hours of August 31, the boat compiler carried out part of the open source. However, from the August 31 open source situation, the ark compiler because the published source code is not complete, and many netizens joked as "mortgage open source."

It is reported that the Ark Compiler was originally intended to be released with EMUI 9.1 and then began to gradually deploy the layout, along with the compiler and other development components. But because of the public opinion environment and the development trend of the political situation in China and the United States, Huawei first released some plans that have not yet been fully realized to stabilize the confidence of its partners and the market.

Although the official said that its relevant layout had started five years ago, there were still many netizens who questioned the boat compiler "catching ducks on the shelf" and "rushing to the horse". What's more, they changed the public statement of "August Open Source" to "August 31 Open Source" and "Zlibc Posting Wrong Open Source Agreement" by knowing and self-Media platforms. ” Details such as news and questions were amplified, and Huawei was criticized and penned with the help of the title.

In fact, Wang Chenglu, the software president of Huawei's consumer business, once said that Huawei would gradually open source in August this year and is expected to complete all its open source plans around November. Although the first part of the code was officially released on the last day of August, it did not break its promise to the public.

However, from the details of its open source part, the Ark compiler does not seem to be perfect in detail and part of the technology. Even on the day of the open source, some of the code was withdrawn a few minutes later. People have to wonder whether the Ark compiler is ready for open source.

It is reported that Huawei's ark code is not currently released on the open source community Github, because of the Github platform, Huawei can not expect to build a joint open source platform with Github, so Huawei has built its own open source platform. Therefore, for Huawei, whether it is the temporary construction of open source platform, or the promotion of other open source related work, time is very tight.

Haste to get on the horse, it is hard to escape the suspicion of transitional marketing

At the domestic launch of the HUAWEI P30 series, Huawei announced that with the support of the open source ark compiler, Android apps have changed from running while explaining to running directly, with a 40 percent increase in efficiency. This claim has been questioned by many netizens because in the 5.0 era, Art was used instead of the old Dalvik, to replace the supported applications with AOT instead of JIT, that is, directly running machine code instead of runtime compilation, the disadvantage is that the installation speed is slow.

Although the Ark Compiler is open source, its execution efficiency may indeed be improved compared with ART, and ART is open source, no one said its copycat, but Android launched ART as early as five years ago, Huawei has reduced this technology of Android to a backward technology running while explaining, which is obviously a marketing technique, let experts. See, will inevitably make it over-marketing, confusing right and wrong suspicion.

As a result, some developers said that as far as Huawei's disclosure is concerned, the emergence of the ark compiler is more like a gimmick selling HUAWEI P30, that is, it has only publicity significance.

In fact, with the help of hot topics of system and technology, hype and sales of hardware has become a routine used by Huawei. In April, for example, Huawei announced that the Ark Compiler was open source, but it sold the terminal P30 on loan. Then it released Hongmeng OS in early August. At the developer's conference, Huawei promoted the terminal smart screen extensively.

Subsequently, on Aug. 31, Huawei announced that the Ark compilation framework code was officially open source and was paving the way for the sale of the terminal Mate 30 in mid-September. A series of moves, showing Huawei's market-oriented marketing strategy.

However, the application of these high-tech products, ultimately to reach the hands of users, whether it can be as perfect as the publicity, remains to be verified.

Therefore, what the industry questions may not be Huawei's high-profile marketing means. But as an influential technology company, an open source compiler, but the basic framework is still riddled with holes, forced by the pressure of public opinion, catch the duck on the shelves. Moreover, it is described as a technological revolution that brings gospel to consumers.

In any case, such a list of actions, it is difficult to escape its compiler hastily launched, but transitional marketing suspicion. Therefore, it is inevitable that it has been criticized by the industry, developers and so on.

An immature compiler can unravel the trade blockade of the United States?

No matter how magical the compiler is, some people believe that Tencent and Huawei have not been good friends. Then, even if the ark compiler hugs, open to the outside world, it is difficult to make the goose factory open to it infinitely.

Most of the apps developed by Tencent will not fit the compiler, so for most users who are using Tencent WeChat, QQ has no more scenarios to expand, and its practical significance will be minimal.

Some users posted data on a variety of mobile phones, pointing to Huawei's so-called ark compiler, which did not bring about a earth-shaking change in the speed of the phone. The Ark Compiler's so-called rewriting of Android architecture, which can greatly increase the speed of mobile phones, also seems to be overstated.

Over the past period of time, Huawei has experienced a period of extreme and dark days. News of Huawei's blockade by the United States and the Emperor is also coming out one after another. Huawei's announcement that the Ark Compiler was open source seemed to be a formal declaration of war against Google's Android. But in fact, whether it can snipe at the trade blockade of the United States Emperor, we might as well analyze it.

First, is the Ark Compiler good or bad for Android or Google? Without the Sino-US trade war and the US crackdown on Huawei, the Ark Compiler would be absolutely good for Android and Google, because Huawei's attitude is very clear, and it has to use Android.

For Huawei, the Ark Compiler can make Huawei differentiate from other Android phones and create technical barriers. Thus, without the Sino-US trade war and the US crackdown on Huawei, the Ark Compiler would be good for Huawei and Google.

But in view of the current external political environment, huawei's current release of ark compiler code, the level of ark compiler presented, to what extent reflects the level of ark compiler, how much energy the ark compiler has not been released? We don't know whether it's a reservation or a confession.

These may have Huawei's strategic thinking, but what is the relationship between the Ark Editor, which has been touted higher than the sky, and whether it will be completed after its mortgage is open source?esthetical Amazing posture? This is all about Huawei's negotiations with Google, even Huawei's negotiations with the U.S. government, as well as Huawei, Google's negotiations with the U.S. government.

Second, logically, Google, the world's IT giant, has no reason to ignore any optimization plans for Android, one of the biggest sources of traffic in its business, and turn a blind eye to its flaws. Unless it's a technology that even Google ignores and is worthless.

So, Huawei wants to get out of Android's ecosystem and rebuild an open system ecosystem through Google's technological omissions, based on the fact that Android can easily improve its performance by 60%? It seems a little unrealistic.

Since the value of this development is small, or it is difficult to be the chip that Huawei and Google can negotiate, it is expected to use this unformed compiler to snipe the long-standing trade blockade of the US and to deal with the restrictions on the business expansion of Google to China. I'm afraid it's a dream. So, for this technology that may not have too much practical application value, it is interpreted as being related to the patriotic selling country, and it is necessary to support its related products, which is misleading in nature.

Of course, Google and Huawei have their own advantages. Huawei is an expert in communications, base stations and 5G, while Google is recognized as an Internet giant, and Huawei is looking forward to it in terms of operating system and other applications. Therefore, they can sit down and negotiate, and not as some netizens analysis, Huawei to build an ark compiler, will be tied up with Google, the two sides are old and dead.

In that case, the initiative in the trade war still lies not in Huawei, nor necessarily in Google, but in how the U.S. government balances multi-stakeholder relationships. Therefore, there is no need to exaggerate the influence of the ark compiler too much. In fact, Huawei faces passive trade constraints that cannot be changed by just one compiler.

Ark compiler: Huawei's wishful plan for creating Hongmeng system ecology?

In the era of smartphone market has basically covered the global user background, mobile phone operating system has already appeared.appleAndroid's market share is evenly divided. Although in the design and manufacture of smartphones, there are similar.,millet Hammer technology and other rising stars, but mainly hardware development, in the operating system, basic software environment development, etc., are completed on the Android open platform, which also led to the homogenization of Android products is very serious.

Huawei, known for its glory in mobile phones, as a leading technology company in terms of globalization, naturally sees market and business opportunities, and this opportunity is Huawei's ark compiler, which has been brewing for five years. It is reported that it is directly involved in the development of as many as thousands of technical personnel.

It is clear that the ark compiler is not the end of Huawei, nor is it open source. Because within the Android camp, there are too many manufacturers covetous, hoping to dominate the world. Huawei, as the top player in the Android camp, naturally wants its limelight to overtake the Android leader.SamsungBeyond the irrevocable Apple iOS. On the other hand, it is not difficult to see its good intentions by looking at its layout of the ark compiler and Hongmeng system.

However, according to the data, the Ark compiler belongs to the bottom compiler, which means that it needs to overcome all kinds of complex difficulties, system engineering, a great test of a company's comprehensive R&D strength. It is said that Huawei has invested hundreds of millions of real gold and silver in addition to several expert teams and thousands of developers. Behind its public appearance, it naturally has the sweat of its team, and has a long dormancy at the strategic level.

Internal and external problems: embarrassment in the Marketing of Ark Compile

In Google's partnership and antagonism, in addition to the intervention of the American government, there is also technical entanglement. For example, some senior developers believe that without Google's suite, most foreign applications face the real problem of not changing the code and not being able to open it without recompiling. Therefore, no matter how powerful the ark compiler, it can not solve this practical problem, that is, how to run many foreign applications without the authorization of Google technical framework is basically impossible.

Moreover, because Android is open source, Google does not ban, nor does it ban Huawei from using, at best some of its packages. Therefore, even if the ark compiler, Hongmeng system can one day be used by various mobile phone manufacturers, for the foreign market is also no different from chicken ribs.

Because in foreign countries, Samsung and millet have partitioned most of the software market. And other small and medium-sized manufacturers, because they adapt to the Ark and Hongmeng, will have to pay and Android system and Google related applications opposed, thus facing tremendous pressure on technology development, application software level operating pressure, and so on. This is the realistic problem that Huawei has to face when it tries to unite many software manufacturers to build a new Hongmeng system ecosystem.

Moreover, from the situation of domestic copycat 10 years ago, we can see that the imitation and replication ability of domestic mobile phone manufacturers can be said to be the most in the world. As a result, they prefer to install their own hardware-compatible software systems on their phones. Instead, it uses the fully open source ark compiler to become Huawei's vassal.

Moreover, in the case of the fact that the ark compiler of Huawei is still not mature, even in the situation where the future is uncertain, the small and medium-sized mobile phone manufacturers and software vendors are betting on the ark compiler, and the risk is relatively uncontrollable.

Moreover, huawei's development of such compilers and systems, with some "selfishness ", shows that either its folding screen or the so-called new system cannot be separated from the chip, and such compilation adaptation is custom-made by huawei kylin, which seems to be just a way to open its source, its original intention does not seem to be to moisten everything, the sun shine.

In addition to small and medium-sized mobile phone manufacturers and software vendors, large-scale software enterprises have their own ghosts, which are unlikely to be included. On the contrary, it will become an insurmountable obstacle to Huawei's open source promotion of Ark Compiler.

For example, Xiaomi in China,VivoIn 2005, OPPO,ZTE, Ali each had its own technical power, when who used the ark compiler, there was no doubt that he conceded defeat in the development of this field. However, according to the current market pattern, there is little such possibility. Well, as long as the domestic mobile phone giants still stand, Huawei hopes to build a moat through the Ark Editor and Hongmeng system, which is ultimately a castle in the air and difficult to land on the ground.

Moreover, from the actual market feedback after Huawei Ark Compiler announced open source, there seems to be a sense of "thunder, thunder and rain". The greater market feedback is that its claimed Android application fluency will increase by 60% after compiling with Ark Compiler, but many users have not realized it, and currently adapted to it. There are only a few dozen application manufacturers.

Many people may not have noticed that following Huawei, ZTE also launched a product called Dayu Compiler. Lu Qianhao, general manager of ZTE's marketing strategy, said on Weibo: "good horse with saddle, top configuration in the industry, system in depth optimize the conscience of the industry," Lu Qianhao, general manager of ZTE's marketing department, said on Weibo. The innovative Dayu compiler improves the fluency, stability and agility of long-term, heavy-load multitasking operations. " ZTE's originator also highlights the undercurrent in the software optimization layout.

Although ZTE's compiler is not as highly publicized as Huawei's Ark Compiler, it has attracted much attention, but at least it shows that when Huawei lays out its Hongmeng system ecology, other mobile phone manufacturers and software manufacturers have started to fight for each other.

But in this battle against the ecology of smartphone software, who will eventually become a hegemon, commander-in-chief? Huawei Ark Compiler is not without this possibility. However, it is not ruled out that Huawei will eventually be unable to win and go abroad because of the constraints and constraints of the major head mobile phone manufacturers in building the spring and autumn dream of Hongmeng system ecology.

In your opinion, if the Ark Compiler can not return to technology itself and compete with the international and domestic giants, but only use the technology Xiaobai to look up to this seemingly tall technology, thus consuming the people's national feelings to hype concepts and market on the basis of momentum, so that it has no reason to support a technology with uncertain future. After all, it will be a dream of Huangliang.

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