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Stop running Informatics Olympic League and launch New Certification by Chinese computer Society

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On August 16, CCF announced that for some reason, the National Youth Informatics Olympic League NOIP (Popularization Group and Improvement Group) sponsored by CCF has been suspended since 2019. This makes many parents and students who are going to take part in this competition at a loss for a while, and all sectors of society are also speculating about "some reason".

The cause was at the end of January this year.educationThe Ministry issued a public list of national competitions for primary and secondary school students in 2019. It intends to approve 31 national competitions of science and technology innovation, discipline, art and sports. However, the name of the informatics Olympiad (NOI) did not appear in the list of the five major disciplines.

NOI started in 1984, and in September 2000, China held the first international informatics Olympiad, which had a good international impact. At the beginning of 2001, the Ministry of Education formally issued a document, which clearly proposed that athletes who won five first-class Olympic prizes (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics) in high school can be sent to university without trial.

In the subsequent development, NOI was hailed as the "peak competition" of informatics, and became the highest level competition for middle school students in the field of Informatics in China. From 1984 to 2019, 36 competitions were organized. Every year, senior high school students are selected to participate in the International Informatics Olympic Competition (IOI) through a series of events and activities such as the National Youth Informatics Olympic League (NOIP), the National Youth Informatics Olympic Competition Winter Camp and the International Informatics Olympics China Team Selection. Every year, hundreds of students get the chance to enter the major famous universities in China.

NOI has popularized computer science knowledge to a large number of young people because of its competition rules. It has also provided motivation and new ideas for information technology education courses in primary and secondary schools throughout the country. It has also trained and selected a large number of talents. Many students who are interested and talented in the field of Informatics stand out.

Nevertheless, NOI competitions with other university disciplines have also become a knocking brick for high school students to open the doors of famous universities. Some students only participate in the competition in order to get the university admission notice, and even some students spend a year or two preparing for NOI, giving up the study of other disciplines, can be said to be desperate.

The NOI Scientific Committee has written a report on the proposal to cancel the first prize of the provincial informatics Olympiad to go to university, which fully states the reasons against linking the results of the informatics Olympiad to the college entrance examination. The report submitted to the relevant departments has not received enough attention. After that, the Oscar continued to expose scandals. Although there have been no problems in NOI national competition, there have been "money points" transactions in provincial competition areas.

The 29th NOI was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in 2012. This is NOI's last competition directly linked to the college entrance examination escort. At the end of 2010, the Ministry of Education announced that it would adjust the additional points of the college entrance examination. One of them is the students who won the first, second and third prizes in the national final of the Olympic Games for middle school students (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics), and no longer qualified for admission and escort in Colleges and universities.

But the game did not lose its appeal. Reporters saw on the spot that as soon as the competition was over, admission teachers from 13 famous universities, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Renmin University of China and Shanghai Jiaotong University, came to the scene early and began to issue pre-admission notice. Almost all the second-year high school athletes who won gold and silver medals in this competition were admitted by Peking University and Tsinghua University free of examination. Gold medalists of other grades can also retain the qualification of escort.

The Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University subsequently announced on its official microblog that Tsinghua University had made remarkable achievements in enrollment in the 29th National Youth Informatics Olympiad. Tsinghua University enrollment team composed of admission office and computer department went to the scene to select high school students with excellent competition results and comprehensive quality. Of the 34 gold medalists, 28 will enter Tsinghua for further study, and all the top 14 students will be admitted by Tsinghua University.

This kind of "robbery" is consistent with the original intention of the CCF and NOI Scientific Committee: the subject competition is not linked to the college entrance examination results and delivery, so that colleges and universities can independently select the required talents through independent enrollment.

In the era of mobile internet, the attraction of NOI continues to rise, with more than 150,000 students directly participating in the competition in 2018. Du Zide, secretary-general of China Computer Society, introduced that CCF insists on training students'abilities of programming and algorithm, communication and expression, etc. Based on which, the selected national team players performed well both inside and outside the IOI 2019 venue.

The 31st International Informatics Olympic Competition (IOI2019) was held in Baku, Azerbaijani, from August 4 to August 11. 327 athletes from 88 countries (regions) participated. Four Chinese athletes won three gold medals and one silver medal.

At the end of 2018, the Ministry of Education standardized national competitions for primary and secondary school students, requiring contest organizers to submit declaration materials, including a "commitment letter to hold national competitions for primary and secondary school students". The letter of commitment includes the following requirements: "the unit and the Contractor shall not charge students, schools for cost, cost, activity fee, registration fee, accommodation fee and other name fees, so as to achieve zero fee", "the results of competitions and competitions shall not be used as the basis for enrollment in primary and secondary schools".

However, CCF did not declare the informatics Olympiad. Du Zide explained the reasons. Compared with other knowledge-based and theoretical competitions, NOI competitions have higher costs, including equipment costs, network costs, system maintenance costs and so on. The cost of NOI competitions exists objectively. The Institute belongs to a non-profit organization, without any state funding, and the Institute can not apply for the country. Home financial support, because this is only a study of spare time students choose their own scientific activities.

Therefore, NOI did not appear in the competition list published by the Ministry of Education earlier this year. However, the Ministry of Education subsequently issued a bulletin that it intends to add NOI to the national competition for middle school students in 2019. In July this year, the 36th NOI was held as scheduled in Guangzhou No. 2 Middle School.

In the CSP-S/J registration notice just issued by CCF, the parent CSP is the computer software capability certification launched by CCF in 2014. The goal is to solve the problem that computer majors can't program, and to provide the basis for enterprises and universities to select professionals. The evaluation of CSP focuses on the basic data structure and programming language, algorithm, as well as computer programming and debugging.

The first batch of enterprises participating in CSP certification includeHUAWEIBaidu, Alibaba, Jindi, 360,MicrosoftTencent, Jinshan and other eight large companies, as well as 13 well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, National Defense University, Harbin University of Technology, and so on. These enterprises and universities signed a contract at that time and promised to take part in the certification to a certain level, they could get preferential employment of enterprises or the treatment of exemption from the postgraduate entrance examination for computer majors in Colleges and universities. After five years of operation, the number of enterprises and universities accredited with this certification is increasing, and the number of students participating in this certification has reached 100,000.

Nowadays, the age range of CSP for college students extends upwards and downwards.

In issuing the CSP-S/J registration notice, CCF reiterated that "CSP-J and CSP-S are voluntary computer science activities for interested people, aiming at promoting the popularization of computer science, letting more teenagers and non-professionals contact and learn computer science, and helping them choose computer as their career in the future." 。 CSP certification is not included in the administrative track. It is not recommended to take CSP results as the sole basis for career promotion and promotion. It is not recommended to participate in CSP certification with a utilitarian attitude.

China Youth Daily China Youth Network reporter contacted du Zide, confirmed that the organization of CSP-S/J, title types, selection methods are roughly the same as NOIP, through the NOIP selection to participate in NOI and IOI.NOI fees can be cancelled, but the contestants' transportation, accommodation, catering and other costs are still borne by the contestants themselves. CCF will provide financial assistance to students who do have difficulties in their families.

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