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Is your iPhone fast charging?

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Although Apple has added fast charging to the iPhone since the beginning of the 8 series, the attached "Five Fortunes and One An" charger has become the last stumbling block for the iPhone to embrace fast charging.

As the name implies, "Five Fortunes and One Ann" is Apple's original 5V 1A charger attached to each iPhone package. Its maximum output power is only a pitiful 5W, far from the power requirements of the 18W fast charging of the iPhone, which ultimately leads to the fact that the apparently fast charging of the iPhone can only endure slow charging speed, and the time is blank. Waste.

Of course, some people know that the iPhone supports fast charging, but for a variety of reasons they are still using the original 5V 1A charger, such as:

1. "It's not clear how fast fast fast fast filling is. I think 5V 1A can cope with it."

2. "Fear that fast charging will shorten the battery life of the iPhone."

3. "Due to the current market price of fast charging chargers and USB-C data lines, we do not want to invest additional costs."

4. "It is considered that the fast charging charger is not portable without the original charger, and it is difficult to carry it with you."


We just got Anker recently.PowerPort Nano* PD ChargerI also want to talk with you about "the things about the fast charging of the iPhone".

How fast is 18W fast charge?

18W Fast Charging is really fast, but it depends on how you understand it.

I charged the iPhone XS Max with Apple's original 5W charger and Anker PowerPort Nano and PD charger respectively, and got the following charging data curve:

As can be seen from the chart data, the gap between fast charging and slow charging is particularly obvious in the charging stage of 0%-50%. It takes about 90 minutes to fill the XS Max with 50% power using the original 5W Apple charger, while using the Anker PowerPort Nano/PD charger rule.It only takes 30 minutes.Spending less than an hour is also the most significant part of Fast Charging.

Because in the case of full charge of 0%-100%, fast charge of 18W takes nearly 140 minutes, which is not much faster than that of 5W, which takes 200 minutes. The main reason for this phenomenon is the mechanism of lithium battery: when the battery power reaches about 90%, it will enter trickle charge mode, and then the charging speed will increase. Degree will slow down to protect battery safety. As can be seen from the chart above, Anker PowerPort Nano and PD chargers charge about 90% of the power for the iPhone XS Max, and the last 10% charge slows down a lot.

Therefore, to fully exert the ability of fast charging, it is also "a small number of times".When charging, you don't have to strive to fill the iPhone completely, so you can save the trickle charging time from 80% to 100% and maximize the speed of fast charging.

Will fast charging affect the battery life of the iPhone?

Many new contacts with fast-charging iPhone users often have questions about battery life: Will the battery strike one day when a large amount of current is pumped into the iPhone in a short time?

In fact, strictly speaking,Scientific use of fast charging will not affect the battery life of the iPhone.

IPhone uses lithium-ion battery, its working principle is that lithium-ion Li moves between positive and negative electrodes of the battery. In the process of charge and discharge, the positive Li is dissociated to the negative electrode through electrolyte and embedded in the negative carbon structure, the more Li is embedded, the larger the battery capacity is. On the contrary, the negative electrode Li returns to the positive electrode through electrolyte.

In normal fast charging, due to the existence of protection mechanism, the iPhone can limit the charging power, thus ensuring the safety and life of the battery. There are two main reasons that really affect the battery life of the iPhone:

1. Charging the iPhone in high temperature environment;

2. The excessive discharge of the iPhone resulted in the damage of the carbon structure of the negative electrode, and the failure to insert sufficient lithium ions resulted in the reduction of battery capacity.

Apple inOfficial DocumentsIt said:``Charging the equipment under high temperature environment may further damage the equipment. When the battery exceeds the recommended temperature, the software may limit charging after the power reaches 80%. Storing the battery in a high temperature environment may cause irreversible damage. ``It is especially important to keep the equipment from being in a place with an ambient temperature above 35°C, otherwise the battery capacity may be permanently damaged. ♪

Generally speaking, the optimum temperature for charging and discharging of the iPhone battery is between 0 and 35 C. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the heating of the battery when using fast or slow charging. Once the temperature of the battery is too high, the charging should be stopped in time, and the protective jacket of the mobile phone should be removed to fully dissipate the heat of the iPhone.

In addition, regular manufacturers will also set up some protection "checkpoints" in fast charging chargers. For example, the Anker PowerPort Nano_ PD charger mentioned in this paper can automatically adjust the current size while improving the compatibility of chargers based on PowerIQ 3.0 technology. In addition, there are five safety protection measures: over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection and anti-interference protection.

Fast-charging chargers are not necessarily "giants".

Because of the larger current and voltage, the internal components of the fast charger are also more complex than those of the ordinary 5W charger, which leads to the large volume of the finished product, which is also one of the reasons why a person is unwilling to use the fast charger.

However, with the development of technology in the past two years, more and more fast chargers have gradually become "small". For example, the Anker PowerPort Nano and PD chargers tested in this paper have almost the same volume and weight as the original 5W chargers of Apple. They can almost reach the level of "fake and true" and make you enjoy "light" relaxedly. 8W fast charge.

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