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Why do Internet bosses love to sing.

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Author: dawn Chen Qi

Big man likes to sing, 55-year-old Ma Yun once again picked up the microphone.

On September 10, at Ali's 20th Anniversary Party, Ma Yun announced his official retirement, using Wang Feng's rock song, "Life in full bloom," as a farewell song. Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong announced another era with a < you="" raise="" me="" up="" /> pick-up stick.

Among the Internet moguls, Jack Ma is the one who sings the most in public. From the majestic "I love you China" to the rock golden song "the sea and the sky", to Faye Wong's classic "Legend", to the debut single "Wind clear", Ma Yun succeeded in turning himself into a cross-border singer.

Singing is the reflection of the heart, singing is the real person set up by the big man.

Pay attention to feelings, reflect the pattern, idealism, which is Ma Yun's intuitive impression left to the public. This kind of person is reflected in his choice of songs, as well as in Alibaba's development in the past 20 years. In fact, in addition to Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Li Yanhong, Ding Lei, Zhang Chaoyang, Jia Yueting, Feng Xin and other Internet tycoons, they have all sung in public. Their choice of songs is not the same, interpretation techniques also have their own characteristics, the timing and popularity of the performance, is closely related to the development of their company.

The song of the big man provides a clue to the outside world, so that we can see the mystery of the development of the company.

01 Cross-border singer: Jack Ma


On May 10, 2013, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Taobao, Ma Yun announced that Alibaba CEO, would be replaced by Lu Zhaoxi. He would only serve as chairman of the board of directors and withdraw from the management of the company's daily affairs.

At that celebration, Ma Yun affectionately sang "I love you China" and "friends" two songs, causing the staff chorus. Also since then, Ma Yun began his cross-border song king trip.

In 2016 Yunqi Congress, Ma Yun sang a nostalgic Chen Eason nostalgic style "long time no see", but also sang the rock and roll golden song "the sea and the sky" in Cantonese. At the Yunqi conference the next year, Ma Yun appeared in the final stage, wearing cowboy clothes and sunglasses, singing Legend, < unchained="" melody="" />, "I finally lost you", "when I miss you." four songs.

Also in 2017, Gao Xiaosong, who works for Ali Grand Entertainment, co-authored by Ma Yun and Faye Wong, sang a "Feng Qingyang" single, which sparked heated discussion on the Internet. This single is also the theme song of Ma Yun's film meritocracy.

From impromptu singing at his own convention to recording albums with stars, Jack Ma has officially completed a cross-border from entrepreneurs to supersingers.

Ma Yun prefers rock and roll. Beyong's "the Sea and the Sky" is a work of the golden age of rock and roll in Hong Kong. Xu Wei, a famous rock singer, was invited by Jack Ma to Ali's 18 th Anniversary Annual meeting and sang Blue Lotus Live. These two songs, full of freedom, dreams, ideals and other elements, exude the taste of idealism, and Ma Yun's temperament is very consistent.

In Ma Yun's public speech,

Ma Yun is good at lyricism. He has both "I love you China" this kind of direct expression of feelings, but also "legend", "long time no see", "when I miss you" this slightly sad sensibility. Of course, friends and true heroes, which are suitable for chorus and morale, have also been sung by Ma Yun many times.

In fact, after Ma left CEO in 2013, his work focused on corporate culture, values and organizational building. So in Ma Yun's song, he can't see the fighting scene, nor can he hear the inspirational chicken soup story, because his vision has gone beyond the specific scope of business.

Ma Yun and Wang Fei's chorus "Feng Qingyang", on the other hand, more directly and vividly portrays Ma Yun's manhood.


< you="" raise="" me="" up="" /> Live video click(original) textWatch.

This is not the first time Zhang Yong has sung this song. On January 25, 2017, on party after the annual meeting of the Organization Department of Alibaba Group, he also sang "You raise me up >. Sing a song, sitting in the front row of some Arians found that Zhang Yong's eyes glowed with tears.

This is rare. In the impression of Ali, Zhang Yong is rarely emotional.

02 people set up reversal: Ma Huateng Li Yanhong


Unlike Ma Yun, a large number of entrepreneurs are reluctant to appear in public, and the low-key introverted Ma Huateng and aristocrat high achiever Li Yanhong are the representatives of such entrepreneurs. They often come out to sing for the purpose of breaking or strengthening people.

The clock goes back to January 24, 2015. Baidu holds its 15th annual meeting at the Beijing Capital Gymnasium. Employees are waiting for Li Yanhong to come on stage. He is about to perform drum "General order" and sing "Men as self-improvement".

Click on the live video of "General's order" Men's self-improvement "(original) textWatch.

Missed the opportunity of mobile Internet, burning money O2O to do bad operation, negative news, core business challenges, transformation AI, Baidu left behind in BAT, Li Yanhong has been struggling in the past two years.

On August 20, 2019, Baidu, which experienced the departure of Hailong and adjusted its internal structure, released Q2 results, with revenue of 26.3 billion yuan and net profit of 2.4 billion yuan in the quarter, and revenue rose 9 percent from the previous month. Baidu, which fully released negative signals from Q1, finally handed over satisfactory answers in Q2.

At the earnings meeting, Robin Li released it again in an internal email

From today's point of view, Li Yanhong fulfilled his promise, men should strengthen themselves. But in addition to Ma Dongmin, Lu Qi ran away and left Hailong, and not many people were able to stand up for Baidu. General order is still there, Li Yanhong may need to sing a song "friend". Is Shen Douhui Li Yanhong's hope? It will take time to answer the question.

If Li Yanhong sings for the purpose of strengthening the perfect person, then Ma Huateng completely broke his low-key introverted people. In 2018, Produce 101, a women's group program invested by Tencent, frequently brushed the screen. Ma Huateng led executives to jump up the theme song "pick me > at that year's staff meeting in order to give the program a platform.

That night, Ma Huateng relied on

In addition to the platform for the entertainment sector, at Tencent's 2018 annual meeting, Ma Huateng changed and became a hip-hop boy. He wore a hat of Honor of Kings peripherals, sunglasses, a gold necklace, and affectionately sang hip-hop style "at least you."


Ma Huateng sings "at least you"

Ma Huateng is not unreasonable for Honor of Kings platform. Tencent's game revenue grew by an average of more than 35 percent in the four quarters of 2017 compared with the same period a year earlier, thanks to Honor of Kings. As an important carriage of Tencent revenue, Ma Huateng's attention to the game business is self-evident.

In the choice of songs and the interpretation of the program, Ma Huateng is not as impassioned as Li Yanhong. Whether it is < pick="" me="" />, or at least you, Ma Huateng is intentionally or unintentionally highlighting a product of the fire that year to cheer up the business department. In the performance style, dazzling cool, fashionable, young, is the common feature of Ma Huateng's two performances, which is consistent with the product tonality advocated by Tencent.

There is no aimless performance, everything for the service of the business. Ma Huateng broke his own low-key introverted people, but strengthened Tencent fashion cool people. This is a reversal, but also an extension.

03 small capital feelings: Ding Lei Zhang Chaoyang


Ding Lei and Zhang Chaoyang were selected into China in the portal era.

In 2013, NetEase's music product NetEase Yun Music launched a new MV, Ding Lei as the male lead singer mirror. In this single called "take me to fly", Ding Lei wears headphones and interacts affectionately with Lin Zhiling, the female lead singer. This song is composed of Lin Zhiling and Zhou Jielun. The picture is beautiful and lyric, with a Zhou Dong style of Chinese style.

Unlike Jack Ma and other big guys who like to be presumptuous in public such as the annual meeting, Ding Lei is a fresh route with small capital as soon as he comes out. In MV, Ding Lei has not many lines, but he is serious enough.


"take me to fly." Ding Lei Lin Zhiling

In fact, this song is the theme song of NetEase game Datang unparalleled 2, Ding Lei sang for the first time, and it was also an event in which the most senior game executives in the game industry participated in the production of the game at that time. The song starts in NetEase cloud music, propagandizes NetEase game, a song also propagandizes NetEase's two products, Ding Lei can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

Many people say that Ding Lei is a businessman and never makes a loss-making business. The song is more like a purposeful business act than a performance.

But to some extent, this song also reflects Ding Lei's preference for products: exquisite, affectionate, tonal. The song is a fresh and aesthetical route of literature and art, although the propaganda is game products, but not noisy and not noisy. This is very in line with the tonality of NetEase's products. Whether it is NetEYun music, or NetEase Yan Xuan, have a strong product power, high user stickiness, that year in the subway brushing screen NetEYun music review is an example.

By contrast, Zhang Chaoyang's interpretation of the song is much more self-obedient.

Zhang Chaoyang once participated in Hunan Satellite TV's variety show "Daily upward", in which he sang Zhang Shaohan's "Dear that is not Love". Unlike most big guys, Zhang Chaoyang chose the song as a series of love themes, neither to see the four sides nor to see the ideal of freedom. In fact, he became famous when he was young and sat on fame and fortune. He also revealed that his hobbies are not about golf and luxury goods, but more about mountaineering, yoga and health.

A pleasant detail is that Zhang Chaoyang was going to sing``Blue Lotus>'' when the program was recorded, but it wasn't right to sing two words, so it's not love.


"Honey, that's not Love." Zhang Chaoyang

But Sohu is really on the line. In the portal age of 20 years ago, both Sohu and NetEase were industry giants, when BAT had yet to emerge. Two years later, Netease was still active in the front-line, with a market capitalisation of more than $35 billion, but Sohu's market capitalisation shrank to less than $500 million.

In the past, for a long time, Zhang Chaoyang was regarded by the industry as deviating from Sohu's management center.

He is in the eyes of the staff.

In that "Daily up" program, Zhang Chaoyang danced a dance step with the host. Some people commented: Zhang Chaoyang jumped very rhythmically, but did not step on the beat. This is very similar to Sohu's several transitions in recent years, whether in the media business, or social products, have not been able to step on the right node.

Blindfolded running: Jia Yueting Feng Xin


A month later, Feng Xin also sang Wild son at the first annual meeting of the storm. Feng Xin finished singing and said,


After Feng Xin sang "Nozi", Feng Xin also evaluated Letv at the scene.

Jia Yueting and Feng Xin

Click on the live video of Nozi(original) textWatch.

In the song "Wild Zi", the three words that appear most often are 14 times.

In addition to singing the song together, the two controversial Internet moguls have a lot in common. They are all Shanxi people and have also enjoyed post-IPO highlights; the two companies have some similar business models and the same embarrassing TV business.

It is 2019, and fate has brought similar endings to the two companies that meet, but the two leaders face them in different places.

The two didn't escape.

05 every song is set up on behalf of a real person

The man of the big man was set up, hidden in all kinds of songs of the big men.

Ma Yun loves rock and roll, plays cross-border, a song "Fengqing Yang", sings the free and easy to shake off the hand cabinet; Ma Huateng sunglasses windbreaker, plays dazzling cool, hip-hop dance step jumps out of Tencent in the cultural entertainment product Hercules battle meritorious service; Li Yanhong a gold armour, the rhythm feeling super drum point, like the battle horn, has played Baidu's self-improvement counterattack war; Ding Lei heavy products, talk about feelings, beautiful MV, delicate dialogue, showing the product power of NetEase; Zhang Chaoyang trembling dance steps, soft lingering song, convey Sohu lost an era; Jia Yueting and Feng Xin, stepping on the dream, with a "wild", blindfolded run with the wind crazy dance.

A big man who can sing is not necessarily a real big guy, but he must be a more real big guy. The development of the Internet, so that more and more talented people, there is a stage for display. Their songs and performances, to some extent, subverted the stereotype of the founder of a giant company, making the big guys richer and more vivid. This brings closer the distance between the big man and the public, but also makes the image of the big guy more flesh and blood.

Of course, each big guy has his own style and preferences, as well as different motivations and needs. Each of their public performances, either on a whim, out of careful planning, or out of an opportunity to proactively publicize.

But in any case, the big man is not far away. Peel off the gorgeous shell, return to the nature of commercial value, everyone has the opportunity to become a real big guy.

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