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The new version of iPhone pre-sale hot: the change party is caught up in the Yellow Bull Party to give up its entry into the market.

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Apple Online Store (China)

At the same time, in the face of the new versionIPhoneThe scalpers, who have always been on the rise, are no longer active. Some people say that they have given up admission ahead of schedule.

01 the law of "true fragrance" is reproduced, and some of the new iPhone are robbed by madness.

Sino-Singapore Jingwei (micro-signal: jwview) learns from Tianmao that on September 13, the pre-sale night of the new iPhone 11 series opened, and the turnover exceeded 100 million yuan in a minute.

In addition, Tianmao data show that sales of the first day of pre-sale of the iPhone 11 increased by 335% compared with the iPhone XR. The night green of the iPhone 11 Pro was snatched up and Apple's official flag was replenished four times a night.JD.COMThe data also showed that pre-sale sales of the iPhone 11 increased by 480% year-on-year. Only five minutes after the launch, the new products of the iPhone 11 Pro series were sold out.

After the launch of the new product on September 11, the number of reservations for the iPhone 11 series reached more than one million on the Jingdong Platform. The most popular Apple products were the dark green of the iPhone 11 Pro, the black of the iPhone 11 and the purple of the iPhone 11.

Although the pre-sale of the new iPhone is encouraging, according to industry chain sources, this year's first orders for the 11 series of the iPhone are at least 10% less than 2018 models. Apple is "cautious" because it worries about the lack of innovation and limited user acceptance of the iPhone 11 series.

Similarly, according to industry chain sources, in the first batch of orders for the 11 series, the iPhone 11 accounted for 60% of the orders, while the iPhone 11 Pro accounted for only 10%, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max accounted for 30%. The proportion of orders for subsequent production may be adjusted, but the general distribution will be the same.

02 "Cattle" abandoned admission ahead of schedule: not planned to do so this year

From the current pre-sale situation, the stock of the iPhone 11 series is relatively adequate. Apart from the dark-night green of the iPhone 11 Pro, the green and purple delivery time of the iPhone 11 takes 2-3 weeks or longer, all other products can be delivered on September 20, the official launch day.

The optimistic pre-sale situation has impacted the cattle market to a certain extent. A seniorMobile phone"Cattle" to Sino-Singapore Jingwei said: "Looking at the current situation this year, the new iPhone (cattle) market industry will not be too good, so I do not plan to do this year. Now the green one needs to wait a little while. The rest is in stock. No one can pay for it."

However, the "cattle" also said that the specific situation depends on the day of the official sale on September 20, "it is not surprising that there is a break, after all, there has been a precedent before."

Another mobile phone, Nanguo (a pseudonym), said he was still observing the situation, but felt that the market was not optimistic. "This year, the price of the new iPhone is more appropriate, the stock is sufficient, plus some interest-free activities by stages, so it is better to see the pre-sale situation now. Especially in the delivery volume, it has a great impact on us. Nan said.

Nanguo also said that the attention of the cattle market to the iPhone has long been less than the "crazy" of that year. "When the iPhone 7 came out, someone asked for a cell phone plus 10,000 yuan, but now it's impossible. People are not so obsessed with the iPhone as they used to be. Now the technology of the iPhone is really ordinary. Many domestic mobile phones do better. Nan said.

Source: Idle Fish App

Zhongxin Jingwei has noticed that on the second-hand trading platforms such as idle fish, users have begun to resell the new iPhone products they have booked. Among them, there is a price increase of 300 yuan, some are willing to sell at the original price, and some are even willing to reduce the price by 100 yuan. However, under the above commodity information, there are few messages for inquiry.

An insider of an anonymous e-commerce platform said to Sino-Singapore Jingwei that many platforms this year have adopted staged interest-free activities for new products of the iPhone, so the above-mentioned resale users have the suspicion of cash-outs. "It is also not difficult to explain why some people are willing to pay 100 yuan cheaper than the official website."

03 Difficult Choice: Can I buy an iPhone without 5G?

Because some domestic mobile phone brands have launched 5G products one after another, some netizens expect Apple to announce the progress of 5G products before Apple's autumn conference. But they were disappointed.

In interviews with China, Singapore and Jingwei, some users believe that the iPhone 11 series is not only less innovative, but also does not support 5G, which has led them into the "buy or not buy a new iPhone" tangle, and some even simply postponed the idea of a new one.

An iPhone 7 user told Sino-Singapore Jingwei that he had plans to replace the new machine, but was currently struggling. "The new iPhone doesn't support 5G. If I start now, when the 5G signal is fully available next year, will I have to buy another 5G-enabled iPhone then?" The user said.

According to industry analysts, no 5G may have an impact on the sales of the 11 series of the iPhone.

Research firm IDC predicts that Apple's iPhone sales are expected to fall 15% this year. IDC points out that 5G will take the lead in making Android profitable because Android phones are ahead of Apple in launching 5G smartphones. IDC predicts that Android will account for 87.4% of the 5G smartphone market by 2023, while Apple's iOS will account for only 12.6%.

Apple may be aware of this, too. In terms of pricing, the iPhone 11 is a thousand yuan cheaper than the previous generation, better equipped, well stocked and cost-effective. A recent report also shows that the pre-order for the first weekend of the 11 iPhones is better than Apple's expectations, mainly due to the moderate price, which promotes the renewal of old users.

Industry insiders pointed out that for users who want to change planes, there is no 5G new iPhone to buy or not to buy, but also need to be analyzed from several aspects: this year, 5G is still in the pre-commercial/commercial stage in China, the number of cities covered by 5G network of the three major operators will exceed 50; it is expected that by 2020, 5G in China can truly achieve scale. Commercial, then the domestic 5G network may cover hundreds of cities; and 5G will really usher in large-scale commercial period of time will be 2021-2027, when millions of magnitude of macro base stations and tens of millions of magnitude of small base stations, will achieve coverage of all cities and counties.

Guo Mingpi, an analyst at Tianfeng International, previously reported that all three new iPhones will support 5G next year (2020). This means that users will be able to use the iPhone in 5G commercial scale.

A communications industry analyst, who declined to be named, said to Sino-Singapore Jingwei that at present 5G signals are unstable, coverage is low, and terminal products are still in their infancy, far from reaching the level of user-friendly experience. In the long run, it's better to get the 5G version of the iPhone in place next year.

Li Nan, a former senior vice president of Meizu Technologies, believes that the launch of the iPhone 11 can be regarded as a transitional solution when Apple's 5G lags behind. But he suggests that consumers can wait and see for a while, and wait until Shuang11.

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