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Huawei Wisdom Screen: Will the enlarged wisdom be the future of the big screen?

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Huawei Wisdom Screen

This year is the first year of 5G commerce in China. From the 5G license issued in June to the listing of many 5G products, the development of 5G can be described as rapid. On the other hand, IoT has gradually become a major trend of intelligent life in the future, and a variety of smart homes are showing blowout development. When 5G and IoT are brought together, Huawei's smart screen is playing a pivotal role in this period of time, which is also a very appropriate time.

As the strongest mobile phone manufacturer into the big screen brand, Huawei intelligent screen will assume the role of the second center of the family. Huawei Smart screen is an important terminal for the intelligent strategy of Huawei's whole scene and the layout of "18 N" three-lap structured products. Its function is richer: AI eye, screen interaction and other ecological layout based on IoT, is the intelligent interaction center of the family. The idea is to magnify the function of the phone to the screen and return the screen to the core of the family.

Start 65 inchesThe workmanship smells like mobile phones

Huawei Smart Screen's first product is a 65-inch screen, which is believed to be a comprehensive survey of the market and consumer demand. Driven by display technology, large screen products have become the inevitable choice of the market, compared with 55 inches and 70 inches, 65 inches has become the mainstream choice of the market. This is the right direction to choose 65 inch screen as the core equipment of living room entertainment.

The thickness of the panel is the same as that of Huawei's P30 Pro phone.

In the aspect of body workmanship, the smart screen is also exquisite. The frame is polished, and the very narrow frame also brings a good screen proportion. Huawei smart screen uses two-stage design, the thinnest part of the fuselage is 6.9 mm. From the actual photograph, the fuselage thickness is the same as Huawei's P30 Pro mobile phone thickness, which can be regarded as a "thin" type for a LCD screen.

Huawei Smart Screen "Thin" Panel

Of course, Huawei Intelligence Screen also adds the necessary interfaces of traditional large screen products, such as HDMI, USB 3.0, video input, network input, SPDIF, wireless input interface, etc. Considering that as a networking product, most functions can be accomplished by wireless networking, Huawei hides these in diamond backs and panels. The heat dissipation window at the connection also makes the back look more concise to some extent.

Back interface

In addition to the HUAWEI logo, there are two circles on the back of the fuselage, one is the bass speaker, the other is called passive radiator. Through Huawei Histen sound effect algorithm, it performs very well in the bass part.

Two circles on the back of the fuselage

Beyond the screen and the border, Huawei's Sondbar is the most prominent in appearance. It is integrated with the fuselage. Visually, it is more concise and space-saving.

Huawei Intelligent Screen Sound bar

In addition, according to Huawei's official introduction, this Sound bar is polished on aluminium alloy with 13440 sound-producing holes, which are not only beautiful, but also perfect for sound effects.

Little art show

In the middle of the speaker, Huawei Intelligence Screen has added Xiaoyi Dazzling Screen, which can change color according to different working conditions when booting and playing music. Below the speaker is the bladed base of Huawei Smart Screen, which is more stable.

There will be glorious effect after boot-up.

New Plays of Smart Screen: 1080P Video Call, AI Fitness, AI Kids

Before the release of Huawei's smart screen, Huawei emphasized many times that this is a smart screen product, not a smart screen product.televisionIt's the future of television. So, after the smart screen strips off the functions that smart TV can do, what different experience can it bring to users?

As for the functions of Huawei's smart screen, you can understand that it is an enlarged "mobile phone". Not only does he have functions on his mobile phone, but it's also very interesting to interact with Huawei's projection screen.

Liftable camera

The biggest bright spot of Huawei's smart screen is the liftable camera above the screen.

Huawei's smart screen is equipped with a camera that supports 1080P video calls. As popular as mobile phones, the camera also uses a lift design. Auto-hiding without booting can better protect the privacy of the family; secondly, this camera supports 1080P video calls, even in darker environments, it can take better results.

But big screen cameras have limitations after all. If the TV is wall mounted, will the camera only take pictures of my forehead? Apparently, engineers are aware of this, and to avoid this problem, Huawei Smart Screen will have a downward inclination of about 10 degrees after the camera rises in wall mode to ensure the best video picture.

The camera will have a downward inclination of about 10 degrees when it is raised.

At present, Huawei Smart Screen supports large-screen call screen, large-screen call phone, mobile phone call screen. You can also say "Xiaoyi Xiaoyi, I want XX video" to Huawei Smart Screen directly by voice, and the big screen will automatically dial video calls.


On the spot, we had a video call with another colleague (Huawei smart screen calls mobile phone), walking and chatting.

Ordinary camera shooting distance is fixed, if you want to adjust the position of people in the middle of the screen, mobile camera is needed, but traditional TV cameras generally can not move or rotate, and Huawei smart screen unique intelligent portrait locking technology, so that the camera can also recognize people intelligently without moving, so that people can be recognized intelligently. The display is always in the middle of the screen. Experience the flexibility that traditional TV cameras do not have.

In addition, Huawei smart screen uses high-quality low-light camera, which can be seen in dark environment. When there is no light in the living room at night, the camera will make up the light intelligently and take a clear picture in normal light.

AI Fitness Model

Another way of playing AI Wise Eye adds a human-computer interaction mode. For adults, AI fitness can let you enjoy the professional like private teaching in the gym.

In the process of using, open AI Fitness App, the camera will automatically rise, users can see their fitness posture on the screen, and can compare with video action. It's different from what we do with some videos. AI fitness is like having your personal trainer around. Through Huawei's special intelligent body joint recognition technology, if the action is not in place, intelligent voice reminder corrects the other through this interaction, it can also increase the interesting to a certain extent, and the fitness will not want to be lazy. In addition, Huawei has developed 10 sets of dozens of fitness videos in cooperation with Beijing Sports University. In the future, Huawei will continue to cooperate to develop more professional fitness courses.


If the action is not in place, the "coach" will correct the mistakes.

In addition to the children's model, I believe that parents are very headache about watching TV for their children. Nowadays, many TV sets are equipped with children's mode, but most of them just turn on the low-blue-light eye protection function without much novelty. But Huawei's children's model of smart screen still has many differences, the main factor is the addition of AI.


Open the Children's Model

For children, turning on AI Kids is equivalent to turning on two "protection" functions. On the one hand, it is low-blue-light eye protection function to avoid children watching TV for a long time and at close range. On the other hand, push customized content for children, so that parents are more assured.


When children are too close to the screen, the attention distance of the playback prompt will be automatically closed.

When the child mode is turned on. Huawei Wisdom Screen automatically enters a special low-blue-light eye protection function. In addition, it can also intelligently identify the location of children and remind them when the children are too close to the screen. For example, when the children are too close to the screen, Huawei Intelligence Screen will automatically stop playing. If you sit in an inappropriate position, you will be promptly reminded.

And when children want to quit the mode, they need to calculate a question. If they can't quit, intelligent voice is forbidden when answering questions, so as to prevent children's voice from directly searching for answers.

Huawei Wisdom Screen also specializes in grading children's content, choosing children's preferences and eliminating violent and bloody content. In short, with Huawei Wisdom Screen's children model, parents are more worried about watching TV for their children.

The Neural Center of Smart Home: A New Interactive Way between Mobile Phone and Large Screen

Huawei smart screen projection mode is divided into two kinds, one is the complete mirror projection of mobile phones, the other is DLNA image, video projection. The former is to project all the content displayed by your mobile phone onto TV, while the latter will only project pictures or videos displayed on your mobile phone in full screen mode on TV to avoid leakage of sensitive information.


Touch Screen: Paste Mobile Phone and Remote Controller

Here I want to talk about the "touch screen" function of Huawei Smart Screen. Paste it on the back of the remote controller of Huawei Smart Screen and Huawei P30 Pro. The screen of the mobile phone is synchronized to the large screen. Whether it's a game or a movie, it can be thrown on a 65-inch screen. Vertical screen content similar to video is also fully compatible, which is a good experience.


Mobile screens are projected onto Huawei Smart Screen

In addition, Huawei Smart Screen can dynamically identify different user operating scenarios, such as mirror projection under ordinary desktop and most applications running. But in some scenarios, such as playing Huawei videos, viewing pictures and other scenarios, you can dynamically switch to DLNA projection screen.


Mobile Telephone Transformable Remote Controller

I know there will be some people who want to ask about the effect of video games. According to Huawei's official data, the smart screen of Huawei supports 1080P 60 frame projection.

As for delays, we can clearly tell you here that the Hongmeng system does a good job in low delays. Official data show that the delay can be controlled in 50 to 100 milliseconds. The actual experience is much lower than that of other smart TV screens.

So for playing games, it's a matter of circumstances. Games such as Glory of the King and Peace Elite, which require relatively high operational requirements, can be played on the screen, but more or less will have some impact on alignment. However, games like "The Legend of Stone" and "Dota" which do not require a high level of operation are still very good to experience when they are projected onto the big screen.

The special connection mode allows more interaction between the mobile phone and the large screen. Huawei Share can share transmission speeds of up to 30MB/S at extreme speed. Officials say it takes only 20s to transmit 600 photos. When photos and videos occupy most of the storage space in mobile phones, mass high-speed batch transmission is a bright spot of Huawei smart screen.


Smooth operation of projection screen

In addition to screen projection, Huawei Smart Screen also has a smart screen control function. The projection screen is to project the mobile picture onto the TV, while the intelligent control screen is the opposite. It can project the TV picture onto the mobile phone, and then manipulate the TV by operating on the mobile phone.

Here, the mobile phone has copied the function of the remote control and can switch channels through the touch of the mobile phone. The most noteworthy thing here is that remote control of smart screens, not only in the LAN, but also support remote control screens (mobile phones as touch screens). If parents from different places complain that the newly bought "big screen" at home will not be used, smart control screens can let you control the operation of large screens at home in different places on the mobile phone.

Another interesting mode is the exclusive mode, which is to transmit the large screen voice to the mobile phone. It is suitable for people who often watch the ball late at night or in the morning. It can not only meet the normal volume of the ball, but also not disturb others.


Exclusive Mode

In addition to interesting multi-screen interaction, Huawei Smart Screen can also become the nerve center of smart home and the control center of IoT. Users can control the smart screen through voice.


The devices connected by smart home control terminals can be displayed on the smart screen and support one-click linkage.

Huawei Intelligence Screen has built-in voice assistant skills. It also has the ability to pick up sound in the far field. Besides querying weather, sports events, encyclopedia knowledge and searching film sources through voice, you can also control the smart screen itself and the smart appliances that support Huawei HiLink protocol. Furniture control is realized in one sentence. For example, when we get home from work, we can open it through Huawei's Wisdom Screen.Air conditionerOr even letSweep the floorThe robot cleaned the room once.

In addition, the smart screen also supports the voice assistant mode of the breath screen. This means that even if you don't watch TV, as long as the smart screen is in the breath screen standby mode, the voice assistant will be on standby at the same time.

In this way, the smart screen can replace the original smart speaker in your home and become the control center of your home.


Rich Video Resources

In the content part, Huawei Smart Screen directly integrates Youkumei, Mango TV and other mainstream content platforms into the system, and users can directly access these platforms without downloading their applications separately.

Returning to the Essential Quality Measurement of Large Screen: High Gamut Color Restoration Accuracy

From the details of the earliest exposure, Huawei smart screen positioning is a "high-end" product. So in the quality part, Huawei Smart Screen also performs well.

As for the quality of Huawei's smart screen, it can be summarized as the full gamut display of quantum dot light source. From the era of touch-screen mobile phones, the display effect and color reducibility of the screen are the performance that consumers and manufacturers pay more attention to. As we all know, the bigger the gamut, the more colors the display device can display, the richer the colors that pictures and videos can display.


The average value of color reducibility is 1,17, which is better than most large screen products.

Huawei Intelligent Screen uses quantum dot light source as backlight to realize full gamut display, which makes gamut coverage up to 100% NTSC (the larger the gamut coverage, the brighter and fuller the color), and 72% of ordinary TV gamut coverage.

According to the measured results, the color gamut of sRGB is 100%, that of Adobe RGB is 95%, that of NTSC is 92% in most countries of the world, and that of Huawei smart screen is rich in color.


Huawei Wisdom Screen4KHD source

From the actual experience, the first 4 K resolution and 65 inch screen, with 4 K chip source, can indeed bring a good picture experience. In addition, we also downloaded a 4K chip source, by connecting to the external hard disk to play. The Swan 818 chip on the Smart screen does not have any pressure to decode in the face of 4K local video, even if you drag the progress bar at will. Yes, HDR10 H.LGSupport, let yourXboxOne X and PS4 Pro have a better use. And 100% NTSC's wide gamut can also make the sky bluer, grassland greener and flowers more brilliant.


Huawei Wisdom Screen

Sina Comments:

It is undeniable that Huawei Smart Screen is definitely the product of the IoT era.

Convenient and clear video calls, more convenient screen sharing, remote control that can help the elderly and children at home in time, message management, smart home and other functions around family life, all enable smart screen to become information sharing center, control management center, multi-device delivery. Mutual centers seem more imaginative.

It is believed that the new concept of social interaction and various ways of human-computer interaction will be the development direction of smart home large screen terminal in the future.

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