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Installation Test of High Performance-Cost Game U Core i5-9400F

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Today, I'll take a look at the i5-9400F from the practical point of view.

i5-9400FSpecification interpretation


CPU can be said to be the core key to installation. It is important to learn more about the configuration of nine generation Core i5 / 9400F parameters through the specification table before selecting CPU.

Based on the mature 14nm process, the ninth generation Core i59400F adopts Coffee Lake architecture, has 6 core 6 threads, the basic frequency is 2.9 GHz, the Rui frequency acceleration can reach 4.1 GHz, the three-stage cache is 9MB, and the memory supports DDR4-2666,TDP power consumption of 65W.

From the point of view of specification parameters, i5 / 9400F single core performance is good. The tail mark of "F" indicates that the processor is not equipped with integrated graphics card, and we are free to choose independent graphics card to match it.

I5-9400FInstallation suggestion


I5n9400F, as a middle-end desktop processor, 6 core 6 threads is enough to meet the multi-task requirements in daily work and learning, and the single-core processing ability is enough to meet the basic needs of 3A games on the market at present. At present, the processor sells for only 1000 yuan, which can be said to be an introduction game CPU. with a positioning price of 1000 yuan.


(Z370 motherboard)

From the point of view of installation, choose nine generations of Core i5-9400F, a thousand yuan entry game CPU to install, there are many choices of motherboards to match, such as Z370, B360, H310. Here I recommend Z370, of course, B360 is also a good choice; memory matching, I still recommend that you choose 16GB memory, although some students think that. 8GB is enough, but from the point of view of the game, I still think 16GB is the most appropriate choice; because i5-9400F has no core graphics card, so we have to choose an independent graphics card to use. Here I suggest that you choose NVGTX16 department, and the students who have the conditions directly choose NV RTX20 department will certainly get better game effect. As far as the choice of hard disk is concerned, 512GB is recommended.SSD1TB HDD is enough to meet the volume needs of the current game.

I5-9400FThe actual performance of the game is good.

According to the installation suggestion I mentioned above, the basic configuration of my game experience is to choose i59400F CPU, with 16G memory, independent graphics card choose NV GTX 1660, hard disk heat dissipation for 512GB SSD 1TB HDD, uses ordinary air-cooled heat dissipation, display resolution is 1080P, the basic configuration of my game experience is to choose i59400F with 16G memory, the independent graphics card chooses NV GTX 1660, the hard disk heat dissipation for 512GB SSD 1TB HDD, uses the ordinary air-cooled heat dissipation, the display resolution is 1080P.

In the choice of the game, because I am keen on the first person shooting game, so this time I chose "Call of Duty 12: Black Action 3" and "Rainbow 6". For the chicken game you are keen on, I chose "Infinite Rule".

< call="" of="" duty="" 12:="" black="" action="" 3="" />:


In the case of "medium" special effects, the actual experience of entering the game lasts about 30 minutes, the frame rate is stable between 100 and 120 frames, up to 127 frames, the fluency is very good, and the picture fineness is relatively in place.

< rainbow="" 6="" />


Another first-person shooting game, Rainbow 6, has a stable 30-minute experience frame rate of 100 frames under the "very high" special effects.

The Law of Infinity:


In Tencent's pheasant game "Infinite Law", the actual experience frame rate of 30-minute game fluctuates between 70 and 90 frames, and the effect is also good from the point of view of fluency and screen fineness.

I5-9400F without nuclear display has more advantages than i5-9400F.


I 5 ≤ 9400F is nuclear-free, and the performance-price ratio is more prominent. From the current performance of nuclear display, it is OK to deal with some small games, but in the face of 3A masterpieces is very difficult, gamers often need to buy a unique display to match, for gamers to show more chicken ribs. After removing the nuclear display, the price is naturally lower than the standard version, and even compared with the eighth generation processor, the price of the ninth generation Core i5 / 9400F is now more cost-effective, so from the point of view of performance-to-price ratio,IntelNine generations of Coolui i5 9400F can not be ignored.

The power consumption of i5-9400F without nuclear display is easier to control. In fact, the power consumption of the core display itself is not low. After the removal of the core display, the processor has reduced a lot in terms of voltage and current as well as power heating. In this case, the processor can also stay in high frequency for a long time, bringing better performance experience.

Nine generations of Core i5 / 9400F have 6 core and 6 threads, which can not only support the demand of single core high frequency in games, but also shoulder the requirement of multi-task and multi-processing in daily work. The core utilization of the seedless version is higher, and the design drawing, video editing, live game broadcast and other tasks are not only efficient but also relatively low power consumption. Because the cost is reduced, players can improve the performance of motherboard, heat dissipation and power supply, which leads to the improvement of the overall performance of the platform.


(PassMark test data)

The Nine Generation Core i5 / 9400F has performed well in large 3A games with outstanding requirements for single-core performance, and its 6 core 6 threads are sufficient to cope with similar document processing, video production, picture editing, web browsing and other tasks in daily learning work. According to the test data obtained by foreign CPU test website PassMark, i5 ≤ 9400F is much cheaper than i5 ≤ 9400 in terms of single core performance score and comprehensive score because of the high utilization ratio of non-kernel display, but the price of i5 ≤ 9400F is much cheaper than that of i5 ≤ 9400, and the performance-price ratio is very high.



Whether from the specification analysis, from the measured results of the game or the test data of PassMark, the nine generation Core i5 / 9400F is smooth without Carton in the case of high or medium special effects, the details are also in place, the overall level is maintained, and the single core performance is more prominent.


(PassMark website data)

At present, the price of Intel's ninth generation Core i5 / 9400F is in 1000 yuan. Combined with its actual performance, the performance-price ratio is still more prominent. The performance-price ratio of i5 / 9400F on PassMark is 86.41 points, which can be said to be a very high score. As a thousand yuan introduction game CPU, Nine Generation Core i5 # 9400F to start the game installation can really bring a good experience.

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